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Messages - David Warner

did you watch the whole video and pause at different spots for the detailed descriptions?
did you visit my web site and download the audio journal?

probably not, but that is okay..

click on the video link to the youtube video, everything is 100% documented. also, visit my site and you can
access the audio journal.

Date: October 02, 2008
Time:  8:56 AM – 10:09 AM
Subject: Experiment 1 Take 7

Author:David A. Warner
© Copyright 2008

Video Can Be Viewed here:
Video Link:

This is a short brief description of video experiment, recording my physical body during the out-of-body experience.

Video Cameras
XV6700 HTX Pocket PC
Sharp VL-AH50 View Cam Hi8
Sony DCR-SR80

Type: Dream to OBE and False Awakening

Body Temp Begin: 97 degrees
Body Temp End: 97.6 degrees

Room Temp Begin: 69 degrees
Room Temp End: 70 degrees

OBE Bullet Points

Saw dads best friend "Big john" in casket and daughter during the dream
which awakened me became conscious and entered the mind awake body asleep

Big John passed away on July 20th-2010.

Knew when I was in trance, kept calm, relaxed and deepened the
state. Also knew I was video taping.

Rolled around on the water and excited the body. Felt vibrations

Used mouth during the OBE hoping cams would pick up me murmuring making

Found myself in the physical bedroom where I currently reside in
Jenison, MI - not my parents home

Went threw bedroom door, upstairs and outside front door.
Door started shutting and willed the door to not lock me in. Made it through
Daylight outside, saw everything w/o any discrepancies. Felt as if it was late March

Saw bluebird on the tree - big fat in physique
Dreary day with cloud coverage.
Jumped into air and transcending and lost consciousness.

Quickly took my temp and verify room temp


I have been projecting for over 20+ years now. I have run the gambit on different experiments - north-south-east-west, blankets, cloths, food, crystals, exercise, dogs barking, sleeping in a car, you name it. It does not matter.

You are the one that only prevents limitations in being able to project or not. If you think you can't project because of a blanket, warmth, cold, noise or what ever the case may be you are dis-illusioned.

I encourage you to focus on which really matters and that is being driven, not giving up, finding your technique and having extreme patience.

It is all trial and error.



Do you honestly think that research, reading, educating yourself, taking time with journals, statistics, being patient when the chance comes is not part of the picture?  If so, then you are on the right course towards projecting. Otherwise, this is something that is not a overnight success and there is NO magic pills.

I hope that I don't come off sounding rude or condescending but in all honestly it all takes time. Reading, educating yourself and taking slow steps to success. This is what the forums are for and the on-line community. Sure there is a lot of posts to go through but it is well worth reading and learning from others who are successful or first starting out.

You have a whole lifetime of reading, practicing to do and it just does not end when you have a few OBES under your belt. You keep it going and before you strengthen that ability to project weekly. You keep on educating by reading different religions, near death experiences, performing research, running the whole gambit.

I say this not just to you but to everyone what 'IT REALLY TAKES' to be a consistent projector.

Hope this helps...:)



Please read my sticky topic "why I can't project" at

I have done so much in the lines of chakras, crystals, energy work, mantras etc.. til I am blue in the face. I am not saying that these didn't have positive effects and assisted along the to being able project. However, it all comes down to is pure iron will to project. Finding the way and sticking with it vs throwing in the towel. Now, reading your first msg you gave in and months later tried reciting the vowels etc.. Had the vibrations, energy flowing through you and didn't complete a successful exit. It in itself is accomplishment and did a good job.. Almost there...

Notice that all this took place in the trance state MWBS mind wake body asleep.. What you did is watch yourself fall to sleep with recitation. It wouldn't matter if you said the ABC's, or sing your favorite song during this time. This is what you need to focus on and stick to it.

Also, there won't be over night success. It takes hard disciplined work and consistency. Think about it as training for the olympics. Never give up!

Good job and keep up the work.. You will get there..


Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Alcohol
January 13, 2011, 19:38:34
well so far I am up to 4 OBEs in the last couple of weeks... not bad for abandoning the bottle..:)

but seriously, I do appreciate it the kind words and help.

like anything in life - does not mean it to be alcohol, can be food, drugs, exercise - anything obssevive will hinder progress. take it in lightly and not over do it...

will i have a drink again,of couse but want to do it in moderation and if i decide to get three sheets tot he wind, want it to be fun and not dark!


I devote countless hours/years viewing the data on NDE's and comparing them to my OBE's. The similarities are incredible, only difference that I come to conclusion are: NDE is critical and spiritual beings are there present. Also, the theme of pure love, universal knowledge is immediate to the NDE'r.

For OBE, the components are there mental telepathy, 360 vision,tunnel, bright light etc. The assistance from spiritual beings are less because we are in a queue of wait. It takes energy, patience, and practice to reach into the higher levels and more depth to connect.

Suggest you visit the top leading web site on Near Death Experiences at . The author Jeffrey Long who I have socialized with before has done a excellent job for presenting NDE cases. He also recently published a NDE book based all on statistics from his research "Evidence of the After-Life".

I am 100% certain that science will ever be able to expose and lift the veil showing concrete validations of life and death. Survival here and there-after. There will always be skeptics, scientific theories, prove this to me mentality etc. However, for those who take the time, deepen their level of OBE and actually experience the awareness. Perform their own research, documentation and educate will arrive at life does exist outside the physical body and there is a God.

I will be releasing a new video that I used three cameras for right/left and front viewing of the physical body during the OBE state / sleep paralysis. Verified before/after physical body + room temp. Last, connected stethoscope hooked up to my body to record breathing and the beats to audio via laptop. This will be available soon on my web site

I can well assure you from previous recordings that I have done in the past with video - during the OBE there are very brief moments you might open your eyes. I have only seen this on the tail end of when the OBE experience is ending that my eyes open and you can tell I am in the trance state spaced out.

We live in a world where technology is at our disposal so make use of it and see for yourself what your physical body looks like during the OBE.


Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Alcohol
January 05, 2011, 17:29:26
Quote from: Fresco on January 05, 2011, 12:49:17
^^^ Interesting David.

I too noticed better vibrations when I refrain from alcohol.  I'm convinced AP is associated with hormones.  If you have healthy hormone levels you can project better, but alcohol dampens testosterone making AP attempts much harder IMO

yah, so this year I am abandoning the bottle and focusing on quality projections. I also have too many things going on with my book writing, project that will be BIG for astral pulse, radio interviews, guest speaking etc.. can't be in the gutter and expect to be on top of the game...

Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Alcohol
January 05, 2011, 01:07:45

Speaking from experience and documenting my statistics with alcohol and projecting. If its done in moderation "lightly" one can project w/o no problems. However, if there is a serious social abuse of the alcohol than it can interfere and become a problem. Not just a spiritual but to the physical body - mind, spirit, body and soul.

For three years from 2005 - 2007, I stopped and quit drinking all together, not even a drop on new years eve. When I started up projecting full force and cared here is my totals and break down for each year that I experienced.

Yearly Statistics   Total

No Drinking   
2005   61
2006   113
2007   102

Now, from 2008 - 2010 I did my fair share of drinking and over indulging. 2008 + 2009 numbers are still impressive for projecting but 2010 totals, the effects of the alcohol didn't really mix well. It completely weared me down to the point I just didn't care anymore. Why did this happen - well lost my mom back in 2008, a few misfortunes in life after and trying to recover from. So easily to slip down that hole and before ya know it... where did my projections go?

Social Drinking
2008   88
2009   73
2010   40

It's kinda of funny in 2010, I really didn't care if I projected or not. Just tired of it all, burned out and wanted to focus on physical matters. Not that there is nothing wrong with it - but I have been projecting since 1987 and I tell ya getting out into the astral and higher planes - nothing here in the physical it being alcohol, pot, drugs can ever come close - period! I would rather project than drink!

So anyways, for those who question the effects - take the time and see for yourself. Do the work and document your results vs. reading a post or two and drawl your own conclusions. Drinking a couple glasses of wine or a few beers won't limit you. But drinking to your fullest potential will hinder your experiences. You can still have some awesome experiences but to really RAISE the bar that I have over the years in constant weekly projecting - light moderation should be practiced.

Good Luck and be careful out there - don't want any Astral DUI's....: )


it exists... does take time, patience and persistence...

OBE doesn't come over night - it takes time and complete total dedication.

I like tests and validations and I would like to encourage others to help the creator of this topic. What can it possibly hurt?

Anyways..... a lot of good information for everyone to asorb and teach each other.

I am a computer technician if that means anything..:)

But honestly, when I started out organizing the data, I wanted to see a (clear) picture where I was with this all. I was tired of throwing darts and missing that it made more sense to put some sort of tracking to see where eveything fell.

I have mentioned this in previous posts before but here is a better idea of tracking that would be good for other to incorporate into their daily OBE lives. This has been on-going since 2005

This shows my best days for project. Monday and Friday.

WeekDay Statistics   
Sunday              53
Monday              66
Tuesday   47
Wednesday   34
Thursday   34
Friday   56
Saturday   34
Total   324
Times of *when* my OBES occur
Time Statistics   Sub-Total
12:00 AM - 12:59 AM   1
1:00 AM - 1:59 AM   1
2:00 AM - 2:59 AM   9
3:00 AM - 3:59 AM   15
4:00 AM - 4:59 AM   8
5:00 AM - 5:59 AM   11
6:00 AM - 6:59 AM   19
7:00 AM - 7:59 AM   28
8:00 AM - 8:59 AM   45
9:00 AM - 9:59 AM   65
10:00 AM - 10:59 AM   58
11:00 AM - 11:59 AM   55
Total   315
12:00 PM - 12:59 PM   32
1:00 PM - 1:59 PM   16
2:00 PM - 2:59 PM   5
3:00 PM - 3:59 PM   0
4:00 PM - 4:59 PM   3
5:00 PM - 5:59 PM   0
6:00 PM - 6:59 PM   0
7:00 PM - 7:59 PM   2
8:00 PM - 8:59 PM   2
9:00 PM - 9:59 PM   0
10:00 PM - 10:59 PM   0
11:00 PM - 11:59 PM   0
Total   60
How many OBES per year since 2005. Now, I have been projecting since 1987 w/o fail but never recorded the data like I do now. On the average, I would say that I have been out-of-body over 2,000 + times in my life.

Yearly Statistics   Total
2005   61
2006   113
2007   102
2008   88
2009   73
2010   25

The next one is important.

Experience Types

MISC (Dream with OBE)

Dream to OBE

False Awakening

Full Wide Awake OBE

Now, I know that this data is used for tracking and not relevant to validations.. But it is because you will start to see trends along the way, methods to help better assist with reaching those validations etc.

I will pull a few pages from my book that I am working on right now "Invisible Light" for this thread group to read up on. To show that these validations are real and not just mind tricks. There is so many times that these sort of experiences happen I can finally say and back this up with my data I have recorded vs heresy.

Chapter IV

In many out-of-body experiences of the near-death patients it has been confirmed that the events reported is shifting in and out of conscious physical awareness. When the patient who flat lines  on the operating table for 30 seconds in their experience spiritual time does not exist, it is in the now stand still, past, present, future exist all at once. When the patient returns to the physical time orientates itself and is now in synchronization to what we are accustomed to. 

It’s truly a difficult feeling to grasp and what the spiritual side feels like while we are so chained to physical time. The more one does project, learn about the trance state and can shift their conscious into the soul body, the feeling is easier to understand and how time does not exist. Conducting experiments with audio and video equipment is just another way to give the researcher a better idea and understanding what the differences are.

On October  22, 2007 a few twenty years later..:) I conducted another video experiment. This time I was successful without having to face the same challenges that I did back in 1993. I still had a few trials with failed attempts with capturing the OBE but it didn’t take me long to nail the recording and experience. What was interesting in this experience is that it produced couple of validations and how my three Scottish terrier dogs connected with me during the OBE.

Here is the experience
Date: October  22, 2007
Time:  10:15 AM – 10:20 AM
Subject:  The Bravest Face

OBE Journal (Validation)
I started tracking validations, coincidences, and synchronicities since July 14, 2005 based on my out-of-body experiences (OBEs). Here are the results as of October  23, 2007—broken down into three categories:
Classification Type

This is not the first time that I have had an out-of-body experience, which validates physical and spiritual correlation. In this particular experience there is no question or doubt that can be argued as “coincidence”. With careful precision of video and audio recording, there is honesty and allowing the experience to naturally occur. My detailed accounts are hard to ignore or suggest that it’s a brain fabrication of just lucky odds.
Many people that I communicate with about the research of OBEs ask if our consciousness survives physical death. I find that if we try to put the scientific “prove it to me” hat on and ask for proof, when the skeptic should be proving it for one's self. Being open with a sincere heart and doing the work one's self is the key to success that will unlock that question. I have invested over twenty years to this research and state with confidence we will survive physical death.

But again I stress to the reader, skeptic, beginner to advanced projectionist you have to do the work yourself and give it fairness. By the way, just having one or two experiences will not cut it and is not fair. Produce the OBE a couple hundred times and experiment, record the data and statistically track it. Once you give it fairness but also still challenge it as well – you will start to see the needle pointing more towards the validation of life after death survival.

October  2007 had not been the greatest for projecting in comparison to last year. I was able to project twenty five times in October  2006 and, this October , I was barely able to pull three OBEs out of the hat. There has been a lack of energy, due to changes in work with computer upgrades and recovering from this last summer’s house projects.
No matter how many experiences one has, quality rules over quantity. In this experience that I will share, I was able to video tape, communicate with my three Scottish Terriers “Leroy Brown, Kya, and Spirit” and obtain an OBE precognitive validation.

A few weeks ago, I asked for a sign, turning inward with prayer and honesty. I didn’t go looking for the sign, as it arrived unconditional this month and found me. The first sign occurred where my wife, Katie, and I met a couple attending a Christian workshop where there were metaphysical instructors. The second sign arrived when Katie and I were driving with the GPS guide “Tom Tom” to the metaphysical instructor’s home address. We didn’t arrive at the location intended, but at a foster care home called St. John’s in Grand Rapids, Michigan. My wife had a volunteer assignment a week before at St. John’s home but unfortunately this assignment was cancelled. We eventually found the metaphysical instructor's home, just a quarter mile down the road in a condominium park ironically having the same street name.

The sign that occurred this morning was an incredible gift and definitely left me stunned—receiving validation. A few days prior to this OBE, I was doing a radio interview on a show called APSR Productions and talking with the interviewer, 'Old Hip'. The question was asked from 'Old Hip' about videotaping your physical body during an OBE and how animals would respond. I explained to the radio host from past OBEs, I found on various occasions that my dogs would pick-up on my presence. They would start to bark and eventually this would lead to me being pulled back to the physical body.

So, this morning, I awakened early at 7:30AM to be with my wife, Katie, and see her off to work. It’s been a long time since I have been up early and watching my wife leave for work. I decided to conduct this experiment with the video camera recorder aimed at my bed and inviting my Scottish terrier dog, 'Leroy Brown', to snooze with me while trying to achieve the OBE. I actually had no faith that anything would come of this since my energy was low and the lack of OBEs, this month, were bleak.

I went back to bed at 8:30AM and awakened at 10:24AM after a couple hours of sleeping. There were various times I would awake but immediately fall back to sleep. When the OBE false awakening finally occurred I didn’t realize that I had projected. My thoughts at the time were sluggish, but very clear, conscious and alert. Upon awakening I noticed Leroy moving closer to me and I started to pet him and rub his tummy. I felt uncomfortable with Leroy because he was rolling around, moving closer and I did not want to rub any lower. In one motion, I rose to my feet with Leroy noticing the other two dogs, Kya and Spirit, running ahead of me. All three dogs ran up the stairs from our basement bedroom into the front living room.

I followed the dogs and when I arrived immediately, I noticed one of the dogs, Spirit, urinated on the front living room carpet, which I wasn’t too happy about. I let the dogs out for a bathroom break and to play in the backyard. When looking outside the house, it was raining, damp, cold, overcast and gloomy.

Turning away from the doorway, I traveled back into the kitchen looking at the dinner table. I was looking at my work schedule with days scribbled signifying being checked off. One particular day that I was looking at and thought to be the current day showed 3:00PM with writing underneath. I looked away from the paper and looked back at it still showing 3:00PM.
It still didn’t register that I was out of body nor did I question my current status. I continued into the front living room watching the TV. I saw a stunt man sky-diving and landing on a jumbo jet cock-pit. Still, I didn’t think much of it and made my way downstairs to the front door. Opening up the door and looking outside, I admired the beauty of the morning day, then immediately losing consciousness returning back to the body.

When I had awakened, I knew that I had projected, but took a little awhile to process the information. I narrated the experience while the video camera was still rolling and also to mp3 audio using the pocket PC. Along with checking on the dogs, Kya and Spirit, they were in the kennel and there were no signs of accidents. Last, it wasn’t raining outside—only a bright sunny October  morning with slight cloud coverage.

I found it interesting how my three Scottish terriers reacted during this experiment, especially, when no sounds were present inside or outside the house to arouse them. I reviewed the video tape, which I’ve documented the sequence of events below as followed:

Video Camera Taping Sequence:

08:30AM - 10:16AM
Drifted to sleep in the basement bedroom along with Leroy Brown, my Scottish Terrier dog.

10:16AM - 10:18AM
The first two minutes, no sounds are heard in the house or outside, only snoring at times.

Leroy Brown briefly awakens and returns back to sleep.

Ten seconds later, noises can be heard from the upstairs. The two dogs, Kya and Spirit, can be heard rattling the cage.

Leroy Brown finally wakes up from the other two dog’s rattling the cage.

My head moves slightly.

10:19:12AM - 10:26AM
Awakened and narrated the OBE during video recording.

I tried once again going back to sleep and was able to project, but out of a dream becoming fully conscious of the spiritual world. In this particular experience my three Scottish Terrier dogs were not present. Geographically, I found myself riding down the street in a car, stopping at the neighbor’s home next door to my parents 200 miles from my current home. I opened the door, let myself into the home and became conscious while looking at my hands, then losing it and returning back to the physical. Reviewing the video for this run, Leroy kept sleeping and the other two, Kya and Spirit, were quiet with no noises in the house.

October  24, 2007 - The next morning, I conducted the same experiment with Leroy on the bed and the two dogs, Kya and Spirit, upstairs in the kennel. Videotaping once again, I was trying to place my consciousness into the trance state for this session. I drifted in and out of consciousness, but for the most part the two dogs upstairs kept rattling the cage—making it difficult for me to enter the trance state.

After a couple hours, I gave up trying to project because the dogs were making too much noise upstairs, rattling the cage. I decided to separate the two dogs from each other—wanting to have Spirit upstairs and Kya downstairs. When I opened the door to the kennel and only trying to let Kya out, Spirit immediately pushed herself through the door and escaped. Now, both Kya and Spirit were running in the house away from me while I started to chase after them.

Kya and Spirit ran from the upstairs to the downstairs with me trailing five seconds behind. When I finally reached the bottom of the steps into the basement, I looked towards my left and saw the two dogs cornered. Immediately I noticed that Spirit urinated on the carpeted floor. Frozen with chills running down my spine, I remembered in the OBE, Spirit urinating on the floor. I walked up the steps to the front door opening to find that it was raining outside just like in the OBE—leaving me stunned and in complete awe, silently praying to God and giving praise for showing me this validation!

Key Findings & Comparisons of Physical & Spiritual Validation

Leroy, Kya, and Spirit did not bark during the OBE, but acknowledged a presence on video and audio recording.

Dogs ran up / down the stairs.

Spirit urinating on the carpet floor during the OBE.
The weather outside was raining during the OBE.

Second time that I projected, the dogs were not in the OBE or in contact with me.

Viewing the work schedule and reading the numbers which didn’t change. The numbers remained static.

Five minutes before monitoring Leroy’s, there were no sounds inside or outside the house.

Time and duration of the OBE were in close approximation of each other.

The OBE was natural, not controlled scientifically and false awakening.

The OBE was precognitive, catching a brief window into the future.

Fact – record keeping, being consistent, open, and honesty has proven results for past validations. This experience was not coincidence due to past proven record keeping.

--- End of Experience

The end result is this: if you take the time, develop some sort of tracking scheme, do it whole heartedly and not skew or contaminate your results - it will come. Might take some time but it will present itself, be very hard to ignore it's legitimacy after so many occurences. It also shows too in the more one projects, you will see the same patterns, actions and how things are carried out. In other words, create a test in the astral world and execute it 10 times - then record the data to see what happened each time.

Also, just projecting in itself, getting use to the otherside and how it operates is something else. You really start to learn about the fluidity, workings and mechanics. You won't see random occurrences but static. These all count towards validations.

So in a nutshell Jay12341235 and others - do this work and then come back to me in a few years and tell me how this has helped. I did my research and work - now its your turn!



I skimmed through this discussion and from what I have picked-up is just this. You are trying to prove if the OBE is mental or a tangible reality by having validity of proof for yourself. I have spent years proving if this is real or not and my final conclusion is "yes".

How I arrived to this point is by experimentations I did myself, or by accidental OBE's that provided proof through precognitive experiences. Now, I am not one to jump on the bandwagon of the first experience and call it *validation* - that just does not work in my book. I spent roughly three years (2005-2008) on OBE validations and the breakdown is as followed:

Validations: 27 total
Synchronities: 15
Coincidence: 20

The data can be obtained from my web site:

Some validations took months to work on and others came by accident. The highest level of validations I can tell you is that the one's that came by accident were not forced. They all were natural w/o *trying to prove* OBE existence. Bringing other people in to provide you with proof is very difficult and complex. Remember that time is non-existent too. So you can or can't expect your results drop of the hat. I might be able to project to your computer desk, see objects a week or months later.

Now, I am not trying to persuade you not to take part in these experiments.. go for it. You will find long term and with patience that the validations will come to you w/o having other people do the work for you. Everyone wants the answer *now* if this is real or not. Give me the proof... if you want the proof chase it down but realize it will materialize for you when it is time.

Hope this helps.


Jub Jub long time...... hope all is well with ya and nice to see ya again...!

Pure in heart, working towards positive experiences and not focusing on greed, intent, hurting or pretending there is some kinda of power you have when projecting.


take your time and inch yourself out little by little - take small steps, not gigantic one's. It is scary out there the first time so relax and focus on positive.

not saying that these symbols, objects are invalid and can't help - maybe in the beginning it is good to experiment, but not long term using as a crutch.

back in the say i would use a crystal pyramid and place it over my 3rd eye while falling asleep. i tell ya, waking up in the morning with a pyramid mark on your face is rather embarrassing - try to explain that to your boss, teacher, or family... :)

yah... a lot of people get very wrapped up into objects, crystals, tapes, books that get inudated with all of this stuff thinking there is a magical pill. Now, please note that I am not knocking any of these at all because I did try a lot of them - how ever when I stripped everything down to the basic's it came down to myself doing the very hard work.

it is a process of trial and error - see what works and what doesn't - but at it's core "it is you"..


I tested many different sleep positions while in OBE, taking the time before/after upon coming back from the experience. It does not matter period North-South-East-West which works better. I have been able to project in riding cars, airplanes, during class, a t work - where ever.

Don't get wrapped up into esoteric mystic beliefs that positioning is the key to project. It is not or does the moon phases make a difference either. I went down that path many times believing that this item, or that symbol would make me a better project or was doing it for me. It all comes down to is self-will trial and error.

Good luck.


As a projectionist since the last 20+ years now three months of producing the OBE is a excellent goal, but please realize that it never ends. It is a always on-going training, never let up and provide yourself with goals and what you want to succeed.

I commend you for your day to day blog and you are going far - so keep up the good work, don't stop where your at. Importantly, keep in mind to focus on one goal when trying to project out there. It can be as simple turning on a light on/off or just simple flying in the astral. Don't inundate yourself - just keep it simple and lite when reaching that state. Too many people have a difficult time projecting because they want the world at first, that is very unrealistic way to go about it. I know you heard before the saying "learn how to crawl before you can run" - same applies. I would seriously look at one goal to achieve and you will succeed at leaving the body. Make very sure you start statisically writing everything down so you can see what works and what doesn't.

You are welcome'd to my web site which  you can review 20+ years worth of data, radio show interviews, videos, journal notes, you name it..

Keep it up and train for the olympics.

Just had to jump into and out my .2 into this discussion.....:)
Plus, it has been awhile so it will be good to start posting again!

Anyways, from reading previous posts in this thread is it cheating during the obe? I tend to feel from experience is that if that is your prime reason for leaving the body "yes" it is indeed cheating.

This is a touchy matter because everyone has their beliefs and different perspectives. I think the best way to look at this is: what you feel inside, is it hurting your healthy physical relationship, and most of all the energy - does it feel positive or negative. You have to make it clear with your significant other what is happening.

Anytime when you have a commitment between two physical beings (man/woman) and there is a bond, strength and love. Then a outside influence comes into play - then we react to competition, what does that person have that I don't etc.. The energy itself turns dark and negative which there is now pain.

Imagine this if you may, lets say you found out that your other was having a relationship with a blow up doll. Fantasy or not, mental or physical it will put a strain on the relationship if the other does not approve.

We don't need to look at religion to says it's conformity to prove right or wrong. Just observe the reactions of what your other accept or not.

I have been OBE so many times and in my earlier years, wasted so much energy of trying to "score" then focusing on the big pictures and that is "Love".


Let me interject here - just have to hop in on this discussion.

Before I express my knowledge and experiences in this discussion please read the following threads:


Now, these are not just only experiences I have had with solid validations. A few weeks ago, I had a experience validation not controlled that all four of my dogs were involved, weather conditions outside and with my wife in the OBE + Physical plane. What I am getting at is just this, anytime when I tried to control the experience obtaining proof or with expectation the results would be null. I do agree with the poster about emotions, expectations interfering by contiminating the end result.

The best way to go about proof is by letting it happen naturally w/o forcing the validation. Plan on the experience just being what it is and not being hell bent on proving if it is real or not. It will all come in time with patience, kindness, and w/o force.

Everyone is welcome'd to visit my web site for further research and experiments, validations, and stats.

thank you,


As of right now, I am working on writing my first book "InvisibleLight" and one of the chapters that I am penning as we speak is based on religions of the world and OBE's. Now, I am Christian and not a theologian so I want to make sure that parts of this chapter when discussing different religions are correct in context they way I have been studying and researching.

What I need from you if interested is to read over the parts based on your religious upbringing. So if you are Muslim, Native American Indian, Buddhist, or Christian all I need is proof reading on these sections.

You may contact me through my web site at or here in AP.

Thank You,

there you go with your accessment..:) now, don't smoke the weed and project with a clear mind.

yes.. visit my web site - and you can research my validations, coincedences, everything. if you review my previous posts you can read up on my research.

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It doesn't matter location, north-south-east-west how one projects and if the vibrations will
occur or not. I have personally projected in many unusual locations - airplane, passenger in a car, sleeping in a car at a truck stop, sleeping iparents, friends or my own bed. Sleeping outside camping, hotel room etc I was still able to project w/wo vibrations. Even after so many years of projecting, I will still have vibes every once in awhile. Most of the vibes will be noticable during the trance mind awake - body asleep state. There is no really getting around them except thru experience and experimenting on how quick you can exit the body...:)

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