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Messages - David Warner

that's what I'm here for and I'm glad that Major Tom found me!!

you can email directly at

Wow - I wouldn't want verification on something like that!  I did project last Monday and ran into this neighbor across the street where I lived with mom/dad back in the day. The guy told me he was murdered by his wife and his name was Bobby. How did your exp. unfold and what information did you obtain from it?

When I was younger (around 2-3) 1969-70 I exp. a projection but didn't realize it at the time and took if for a childhood memory that stuck with me. During other various times in my life leading up to 1988 I had faint projections but bordered on being drunk/false awakening.

It wasn't until 1988 that summer a friend introduced me to astral projection. 18yrs later I'm still projecting on/off, up until a few months ago I started to get very serious again. From 1988-1994 I was basically projecting almost everyday without fail and had alot of control over the hypnotic state.

Hey AP,

Good deal and thank you for correcting the link. I've been fortunate enough to have typed all my journals from paper into the computer. It took me almost a 1/2 year to do this and it was not fun. Now, I just record into my pocket pc by dictation and compress to mp3. I do find it easier but there are also pros and cons to this approach as well.

Keep up the good work with Franks approach in phasing method. I've not yet to try this but it does sound interesting. The best advice that I can give you with astral projection is never give up and try as many technique's that you can until you find something that works suitably for you.

Hey Fliesatnite,

Thank You for the info. and reply. I would imagine like anything else its balance and finding that time to project. Especially, with children if you can center your time around naps when they are young that would be the best bet.

When you do project at night - is it always nighttime or daylight for you? How long have you been involved and projecting?

thats okay - i was able to find the journals and other archives from that board. i appreciate it!

so how long have you been projecting?

Hello Astral Projectioners!!

I was wondering if raising a family and finding time to project has limited ones obe's?

My wife and I will be adopting a baby in the future and I started to wonder if this would have any baring on my projections? Not that I would make the choice not to adopt based on this, but would it make it difficult for finding the time?

The think for the most part what will be good is the break in sleeping. When the baby cries during the night, I can get up, attend to the baby's needs and return back to bed - hence astral project.

Your thoughts are welcomed Mon and Dads.

Yeah, its too bad that they closed down. They were definitely a great site and Renee was a excellent webmaster and friend.

I didn't realize if you did a search on tvos astral projection, you'll see alot come up from web site archives. --

Thank You,

Welcome to Members Introductions! / Thank You
June 30, 2005, 10:15:57
Major Tom and Kodemaster,

I appreciate the warm welcome!!

What ever happened to spiritweb?

Hello Astral Projectioners...

A friend of mine "Major Tom" who is a regular member of astral pulse bumped into me at the web site "Www.Astralsociety.Com". Major Tom told me about this web site and the forums so I decided to check it out. Major Tom and I go back a long way - back in the days of IRC, Alt.out.of.body, discussions with Robert Bruce on-line, when the internet was young... (1993 era). So its nice to be back in touch with a long lost friend... So much to catch up on!!

Just a little bit about me. - I'll try to keep it brief! (that never happens)

Anyways, been projecting for 17yrs now. The first 3-4yrs I was on fire projecting everyday, wrote the journals, communicated on-line with Major Tom, Robert Bruce and a whole host of other great people. During the rest of the years leading to present I've been on/off projecting during the years but not as serious as  I would like to have been. Basically, burned myself out on verification, writing the journals, and needed to focus on physical life.

Last few months I started to do some heavy posting at astral society's web site, involved in discussions and the projections started to come back.

Its great to be back projecting again, and I knew it just was a matter of time. So if I seem excited, flood the forums with posts asking questions, adding my .2, or putting my journals on-line for others to read - bare with me.. the freshness and excitement is there!!! Btw: I'm a IT professional and I'm a analytical thinker....  

My primarily goal is to help, learn, and explore together this reality and to hopefully make a difference.

I look forward to not just being a text message on your screen, but sharing our dreams together....

The Voice Of Silence