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I skimmed through this topic and would like to comment on who's better, what method, this or that.

In a nutshell, both are excellent and you really can't compare apples to oranges. Each uses different techniques, flavors and teaches differently. Dig down and learn from both of them because you can use both practices to incorporate into your own methods and experiences.

Remember its not about quantity, or who is better than the other. It's about bringing together this information and sharing it so we can help others.

That is my .2 and hope this helps.

Thank You,

Hi Delfi,

Trust me, you don't want to make yourself scared into having vibrations. It is scary enough the first time you have that rush of energy electrocuting you!

The best you can do is relax yourself, let go but at the same time try to remain conscious as you drift towards the physical body falling asleep. It is tricky? (Yes) but after awhile you will feel that moment of brief consciousness while the body is asleep - now that is your ticket to OBE. During that phase, you will definitely experience vibrations and more!

This is something that will change your world forever!

Good luck,

thats the best way to go for results is tricking your senses and brain in random wake-ups. it's tough on the physical sleep pattern, but the beauty of making it to the astral is a gift!

don't waste your time on stuff you don't doesn't work.. in other words, if your failure have been in the mind-awake body state, focus all your energy on the sucess you had with entering the OBE from the dream state.

last, I would be vigilant with documenting your results, times, dates, experiments so you can fine tune it. otherwise, you will be randomly target shooting.

you will get the vibrations when your not expecting it... Imagine your physical body turning off, drifting into a deep hypnogic state, then awakening but to find your consciousness has shifted.

basically, it is like this:

1. relax, use technique method to release your physical body to sleep
2. specific amount of time goes by, your body, mind is aware of all events.
3. your mind awakes, but body is completely paralyzed and asleep.
4. once your deep into this awaken state, its not easy to open your eyes, awake, your deep in-between bodies. vibes occur here
5. focus on your exit technique.

The best advice that I can offer you is to remain cautious, observe and don't make quick decisions while in obe state. sometimes, when
we do make these choices out of fear we miss out and could have learned..

I know it's scary out there at times, just have to ask questions and feel the moment out.


Can you give more information about this post please? I am leaning towards locking this post and discussing the
part of "getting paid" with the other mods as a "advertisement".

Before we can make our assessment on this thread, please supply us with more information.

Thank You,


Less than a year huh? You are putting a lot of stress and worry on yourself along with obtaining un-realistic attempts that you think it will be a snap of the finger. There is no fast food service or a instant magic happy pill to projecting. I am not being rude here but honestly I see this so much that I need to offer my advice and wisdom of "why I can't project". Please take your time and review this post I created here and a transcript from my upcoming book.

You really need to paint a picture with statistics, trials, errors and write everything faithfully. Also, realize just because you punched the clock 8 hrs you will be rewarded. Projecting is training, just like a marathon runner, or someone studying to become proficient at playing guitar. It takes time not just six months!

When I first projected, my OBEs were at random, different times and I was tired as you were. But I did something about it and started tracking. Once I started the tracking dilgently and stopped expecting I was able to see a clearer picture of where, when, how, what, emerge as patterns. I then could focus on the bigger picture vs. random attempts. Some of my experiences once I am on the other side, depending on what I was trying to achieve would take months to years. This is not giving up but being persistent and realize that it all takes time and patience. If you don't have those core values, you might as well hang up your OBE wings. Stick with one technique that you know that worked in the past and focus all your energy on that.

Good Luck and be easy on yourself!


Oh the great debate on if OBE is the path to the devil. I also admire people who jump the gun and judge the book by it's cover vs. understanding and learning it's principals and why one would achieve such consciousness.

I have done years of research, read the bible, discussed this with my local pastor and many follower's of different believe systems. My wife was concerned, upset and thought the same as others. Over the years, my interest in helping others through hospice volunteering, running marathons for charities, playing music therapy for patients all comes from OBE. It is all based on intent and how you use the vehicle of OBE in helping others.

The bible states no where that soul travel, astral projection is the devils path and will lead those to burn in hell. Also, so many experiences and stories of lucid dreaming, communication with god, and miracles that are illustrated in visions, dreams in the bible. It is all one of the same! Then you get the people that say "no, it is not" - So you are telling me today, if I talk to God in a dream, OBE, trance state it is the devils work... but it is okay 2,000 years ago people of the time would receive these messages in the same state of awareness...

Best thing you can offer people is understanding, explain briefly and how it has made you better person. Demonstrate experiences from the bible and obe are the same and it does not take you down a dark path. Also, don't judge until you read the book from start to finish.

My .2


Marilyn Manson...: )

I actually filmed and recorded my physical body many times during the OBE. Key indicators that caught on tape were when the vibrations occurred, I would see my eyes flinch a little. I would also document the time I went to sleep and on immediate awake.

Anyways, in my first experiment that I performed back in early 1990's. The OBE was brief, about one to three minutes long on the spiritual side, but physical it was 10-15 minutes. I have also done work with my pets during my obe, also validating precognitive experiences. I have had experiences that lasted 30 minutes on the otherside, thought I would never return but did. When I awakened, I couldn't remember nothing but knew that I projected. Went to the bathroom and awhile 10-15mins past, there was a trigger and the OBE experienced dumped. Grabbed the tape recorder and narrated. When I pen'd the experience down to paper - it was 11 pages front / back...

Physical time is slower than astral time. What one minute in the physical is seven minutes in heaven...: )


I want to point out to you that OBEs are not pure imagination created by the brain. I have done many years of tests with trial and error to prove this phenomenon. In the beginning I was hell bent on proving to the world and to myself it was real. If I could just have one OBE to prove and then tell the world it's validity - everyone would start believing. After awhile of many failed attempts, I gave up and started focusing on just projecting, documenting the experiences and taking them for what they were worth.

Didn't see it coming but over the course of years, OBE brought me closer to spirituality, humanitarian work, volunteer with hospice and children in Africa mentoring. Also, brought me closer to God and my religion. Enough said, once I started to give up on the validating guess what started to happen? My false awakenings and full conscious wide awake OBEs started showing the signs of proof. If it was catching glimpse of the future, family member carrying out specific action, playing card experiments, and others. I couldn't ignore or deny because of the amount of tracking that I cautiously documented in my spreadsheets.

So my advice to you and other people trying to prove OBE if its real or not. First, you have to consider that these experiences do happen, otherwise we would not be here talking about them. Secondly, prove it to yourself but don't be in a hurry. Let the validations come to you vs. chasing scientifically and proving. Trust me, it will happen. Third, and most important you have to do the work, no one will do it for you. By having other people do the experiment and report their findings, this is just a sure way to fail. Prove it to yourself not for $$, commercial, or to save the world. It would not matter if you could project, validate everytime while in OBE. Be in a scientific study, reality show, Oprah  - people will still believe it is crap, hocus pocus and call you a new age band wagon out for $$$$ get rich scheme.

To demonstrate an experience that I had awhile back, please view this posting:

Bravest Face


Good Luck,

hanging off side of the bed towards the floor with my body positioned downward..

still never the less - scary! especially, when the wife is driving..:)

you are excited and that is excellent to see.. but remember this, it's not a race, competition and it is also
never ending of trial vs. error. so many awesome authors out there to read and where and what they have been through. don't get too wrapped up with technique after another. the best you can do is focus on a couple of techniques and only just that. otherwise, you will be too scattered when the time does come, which one to remember.

start writing down in the computer, spreadsheet, dates, time, what you ate, how much sleep, the type of experience. was there vibrations, and be detailed and journal the experience. once you start tracking,  you can see the clearer picture of where you are on the map and how to / when are your times for favorable projections.

it's all conditioning and training..

I was in the geographical location of the airplane.. Was able to go outside the plane trailing behind a few yards then snapped back in...

There have been other times while riding in the car, I would drift and find myself leaning up against the glass then falling through it into the road then being slammed back in the body of freight. Thinking that I was physically falling outside the moving car but come to find those false awakenings tricked me again!!

it took me three months to have my first experience - and when it hit there was no mistaking!

prior to the experience, i was trying to hard, forcing things to happen. you have to let yourself go and
not worry if  you will project or not. your body will know when it is ready along with your mind.

once you do let go and you keep persisting with exercise, reading, education of OBE... you will get there. I have
no doubts...

Quote from: astraladdict on July 29, 2011, 23:15:56
To keep it short and simple. 20 min after you wake up


yes and no - I have had many experiences hours after awakening, mostly from cat naps which produce the best results for me personally..

clothing, positioning, hot/cold, noises, geographic location - it does not matter period. I have projected in my car, airplane, in the hospital, upside down, different weather climates, longitude / latitude did not make any difference.
believe it - i even tried going to sleep with a pyramid on my third eye thinking I would project.... of course this was 20 some years ago..: )

it all comes down to having an iron will, determination, goal setting, patience, and training like you are going to run a marathon everyday.... like anything in life, it all comes down to is educating yourself, learning, and taking the time out to make it happen. figuring out what works for you.... learn, breath it, live it, build your world around it 24/7....

thats what it takes to project! - obsessed I am "yes" and have the quality and success over all these years. - its a beautiful gift to release from the physical body and fly......

all the best,


Please review the document thread here:

I have been successfull with the playing card and have the data, documents, to validate this. It did take awhile and when I mean "awhile" we are talking years to experiment. Not just a simple, I will project, put a card out physically and have instant success.

Good Luck,


You might find this helpful:

Remember, projecting out of body takes time, patience, practice and it is never ending. You were like me in the beginning even thou I took me three months to experience my first. I was started to feel skeptical and once I let go and didn't expect the experience, it happened. When it did - it was a HUGE wake up call and trust me - It is For Real!

Good Luck,


maybe it wasn't a earthquake or vibrations.. maybe it was your significant other "Shook you All Night Long" and you thought you were having a OBE...: )

its the vibrations friend... setup a video camera every night and record your physical body when you have the experience. nothing will happen except you'll see the physical body sleeping, but on the other (inner side) you'll feel vibrations.


The best time depends on a few factors. I did and still persist on documenting in a tracking database using excel as my template. For three years, when I was documenting my times that my OBEs occurred Sun-Sat, what I ate, how much sleep the day before, leading up to the experience. It is all valuable information. Many people who start out projecting go about this at random, aimlessly and wondering if and when the next experience will occur. Well, if you do what I did, document times, dates, stats you will paint a clear picture of when those best days, times are.

Please read topic: Why I can't project

You will see what I am talking about that will help you along the way.

Good Luck,

many people have difficulty just accessing the trance state.. so in all, just getting there is a HUGE step.... that is a goal in itself - even if it is premature and not completing the whole exit of the projection, never the less it's progress..

remember, slow steps...... its all about training and preparing...


It is about relaxing and observing the trance state. Sure it's exciting and you want to get out. Many people who start to project find a difficult time with being passive then lose the moment due to excitement. Just remember, you will always have many attempts at projecting every night when you goto bed. So don't think that this is the one for the world's record to go in the books. It takes time, patience and most of all goal setting.