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1  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / What's your opinion about Breatharian or non eating ideas? on: October 10, 2005, 23:43:52
Okay, you say to be open minded, which apparently you claim i am not.  this is a false statement.  i am open minded to possible realities.  And i agree there are myriads which exist.  But there are also those which don't, nor ever will.  I saw someone said "this is a spiritual post..."  this forum may be, but the subject at hand is of a physical nature with spiritual inquiry.  While the "spirit" (whatever your concept of that may be) has its qualities, so does the physical have its qualities.  Due to the fact that we are discussing the physical and biological laws, one must understand the limitations of those laws.  Spiritual advancement can only improve the body in ways which are physically possible. example...meditation cannot make you superman.  while it can improve the physical shell, and even allow one to perform what would otherwise be called impossible feats, it does have limitations.  Oh, and real quick, as for hitting a golf ball 200 what,  I've hit quite a few over 400 yards, and probably could hit it 5-600 with proper training,  but you cannot train your body to live without proper nutrition (in this case, any at all).  anyway, back to what i was saying.  some improvements are obvious, increased health and longevity, increased strength, increased sight, ect. ect.  Some even swear levitation is possible.  I honestly do not know for sure as i have never accomplished this, but it has been mentioned by mystics who practice long sessions of pranayama (its called Bhuchari-Siddhi).  this may be possible do to the change in energy levels, and atmospheric pressure.  As we can tell, spiritual progression can lead one into amazing advancements, but it does have limitations. amount of magick can make my left thumb appear on my forehead, and my right foot appear on my back and remain permanent.  the only way this is possible is by illusion which one projects into the mind of the observer so that they "see" it but isn't really there.  One said also that they breathe in the nutrients.  what nutrients?  i know that sunlight contains vitamin D, and there are others no doubt, but there's nowhere near enough nutrition in the air to support life on its own.  if this were the case, then sentient beings would not consume food in order to survive.  Yes i also understand that plants get a store of needed nutrition from the air...but that's because they absorb carbon dioxide and WATER from the air, as well as the sunlight.  But I'm sorry, you cannot live by just breathing.  go ask any scientist this, and they'll tell you the same thing.  and if you want to hear it from a spiritually enlightened man, ask the Dalai Lama, or Thich Nat Han.  if you mail them a sincere letter, I'm sure they will write you back.  And apparently my simplistic phrase caused some commotion, well the phrase was intended to do just as to show the simplicity of the answer to the question at hand.  Its no big mystery that you need to eat in order to survive.  Also it must be mentioned that if you are to travel to other worlds and planes, or as one mentioned "jump across the Atlantic"  one must do this astrally, and if what you want to accomplish is on the physical plane, then you must project to the physical plane.  However, you cannot perform these tasks while in the physical body.  whether or not you agree does not matter because no amount of wishful thinking is going to change this fact of life.
2  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / What's your opinion about Breatharian or non eating ideas? on: October 08, 2005, 23:30:42 eat you live, you dont you die.  plain and simple.  i dont have the exact time span for survival without food, but depending of body mass, fat stored ect. its something like a week or so.  anyone ever heard of starvation? hmmmm.  water also is a must, as the body is 80% water.  how can something survive when its denied that which it is?  impossible!  yes i said it impossible.  i know people like to say that "anythings possible"  uh, no its not.  for example, its impossible for me to jump to the moon and settle there in 3...2...1...NOW!  see, im still here, impossible just like its impossible the live without food and/or water.  as for bending the laws of  if it can be done, then its in accord with the laws of nature no matter what it cloning,  in full accordance with the laws of nature.  if it cannot be done, that is because it is against the laws of nature.  another misnomer is that it can be done if one has the right amount of faith...nope, wrong again.  true, if your Will is strong and in accordace with the laws of nature, then increadible feats can be performed, but not everything is possible no matter how much you may want it to be. So again... you eat, you dont, then you die.  plain and simple.
3  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / I'm just too damned nervous to project on: October 08, 2005, 23:06:09
first things first, you have to get over the fear.  if you manage to project while your in a state of fear, you will definately regret it.  my first time was actually an OBE, not fully astral, but its similar enough.  i was meditating in full lotus, and it just happened, i had thought i died and was snapped back. it scared the crap out of me.  but i got over the fear (you need to find your own meathods, no miracle cure) i personally did it philosophically, but thats just me.  any who, as i started exploring, the fear has just left, and this has been for i dont know how many years now.  so just remember, your getting there and your fears the only thing holding you back, and that is not very uncommon when starting out.  but under no circumstances whatsoever force a projection in a fear state...unless it could help you break it, but remember also that if successful it will not be a pleasant experience, as long as you know it will be as such and wont deter you further, go for it.  But personally, i would avoid that at all costs.  break yourself of the fear and you'll do fine.  theres nothing to be afraid of, i understand you cant hold any validity to that statement untill you gain first hand knowlege, but when you do you'll understand completely.
4  Magic / Welcome to Magic! / Enochian Magic on: October 06, 2005, 04:04:25
yes, the enochian system is extremely powerful if used correctly.  personally, i use a blending of enochian with various other types.  use of the language and keys, as well as modified existing rituals like LBRP or others.  as for the in depth rituals which utilize the tablet of union and so forth, i am not as experienced in these fields as i like to do them correctly and not in a crude manner. these things take time.  But in regards to your inquiry, yes the Enochian system can promote very beneficial results.  start off simple, and get a feel for it first.  when your ready, expand your horizons.  contrary to what many say, not all enochian rituals are complex...they definitely have a tendency to as you progress, but the system can be incorporated into many set practices.  the keys are definitely one of the big ones that comes to mind.  anyway, as with everything, use caution as enochian magick works differently than many others, well at least in its mode of transmission.  but like anything, do your research, and you wont be disappointed.  a lot of information is available on-line, so start there and expand.
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