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1  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Car Accident, Turns into Lucid Dream on: June 30, 2007, 05:22:40
Quite an interesting dream you had there.  I don't think you would rate that as a highly conscious lucid dream though huh mate? Still talking to a cat and acting out your role in the 'script.'  grin

That's good that that you realized you were in a dream.  I've had these low level lucid dreams often in the past... I haven't had one in a while though. The question I suppose is what triggers produce a highly conscious lucid dream instead of a low level one?

I've only had one high level LD... and this happened when I was in a dream, then drifted out of it in this mental limbo... a kind of dreamless waiting area, then I suddenly shot back into the same dream scene fully conscious and felt a huge rush of energy. It was so exciting and amazing that I woke up a few seconds after 'hovering' around my basement and remembered it in rich, brilliant detail.

I really wish I could figure out the secret to highly conscious LD's.  What I experienced was really unintentional... at least I think.  I'm not sure how I could replicate going into the void again. Anyone know? shocked
2  The Astral Library / Welcome to Book Reviews! / The Urantia Book on: May 01, 2007, 01:01:22
Hey Everyone! grin   I just wanted to introduce the amazing Urantia Book to everyone who has not heard of it.  You can read the massive book completely for free at  There is also a discussion board at

I thought you guys may find this specific passage interesting. wink

"As mind pursues reality to its ultimate analysis, matter vanishes to the material senses but may still remain real to mind. When spiritual insight pursues that reality which remains after the disappearance of matter and pursues it to an ultimate analysis, it vanishes to mind, but the insight of spirit can still perceive cosmic realities and supreme values of a spiritual nature. Accordingly does science give way to philosophy, while philosophy must surrender to the conclusions inherent in genuine spiritual experience. Thinking surrenders to wisdom, and wisdom is lost in enlightened and reflective worship."

"In science the human self observes the material world; philosophy is the observation of this observation of the material world; religion, true spiritual experience, is the experiential realization of the cosmic reality of the observation of the observation of all this relative synthesis of the energy materials of time and space. To build a philosophy of the universe on an exclusive materialism is to ignore the fact that all things material are initially conceived as real in the experience of human consciousness. The observer cannot be the thing observed; evaluation demands some degree of transcendence of the thing which is evaluated."

***specifically from Paper 112, Section 2.
3  World Cultures, Traditions and Religions / Welcome to World Cultures, Traditions and Religions! / The Tenth Year (A.D. 4) on: February 19, 2007, 01:41:11

It was the fifth of July, the first Sabbath of the month, when Jesus, while strolling through the countryside with his father, first gave expression to feelings and ideas which indicated that he was becoming self-conscious of the unusual nature of his life mission. Joseph listened attentively to the momentous words of his son but made few comments; he volunteered no information. The next day Jesus had a similar but longer talk with his mother. Mary likewise listened to the pronouncements of the lad, but neither did she volunteer any information. It was almost two years before Jesus again spoke to his parents concerning this increasing revelation within his own consciousness regarding the nature of his personality and the character of his mission on earth.

He entered the advanced school of the synagogue in August. At school he was constantly creating trouble by the questions he persisted in asking. Increasingly he kept all Nazareth in more or less of a hubbub. His parents were loath to forbid his asking these disquieting questions, and his chief teacher was greatly intrigued by the lad's curiosity, insight, and hunger for knowledge.

Jesus' playmates saw nothing supernatural in his conduct; in most ways he was altogether like themselves. His interest in study was somewhat above the average but not wholly unusual. He did ask more questions at school than others in his class.

Perhaps his most unusual and outstanding trait was his unwillingness to fight for his rights. Since he was such a well-developed lad for his age, it seemed strange to his playfellows that he was disinclined to defend himself even from injustice or when subjected to personal abuse. As it happened, he did not suffer much on account of this trait because of the friendship of Jacob, a neighbor boy, who was one year older. He was the son of the stone mason, a business associate of Joseph. Jacob was a great admirer of Jesus and made it his business to see that no one was permitted to impose upon Jesus because of his aversion to physical combat. Several times older and uncouth youths attacked Jesus, relying upon his reputed docility, but they always suffered swift and certain retribution at the hands of his self-appointed champion and ever-ready defender, Jacob the stone mason's son.

Jesus was the generally accepted leader of the Nazareth lads who stood for the higher ideals of their day and generation. He was really loved by his youthful associates, not only because he was fair, but also because he possessed a rare and understanding sympathy that betokened love and bordered on discreet compassion.

This year he began to show a marked preference for the company of older persons. He delighted in talking over things cultural, educational, social, economic, political, and religious with older minds, and his depth of reasoning and keenness of observation so charmed his adult associates that they were always more than willing to visit with him. Until he became responsible for the support of the home, his parents were constantly seeking to influence him to associate with those of his own age, or more nearly his age, rather than with older and better-informed individuals for whom he evinced such a preference.

Late this year he had a fishing experience of two months with his uncle on the Sea of Galilee, and he was very successful. Before attaining manhood, he had become an expert fisherman.

His physical development continued; he was an advanced and privileged pupil at school; he got along fairly well at home with his younger brothers and sisters, having the advantage of being three and one-half years older than the oldest of the other children. He was well thought of in Nazareth except by the parents of some of the duller children, who often spoke of Jesus as being too pert, as lacking in proper humility and youthful reserve. He manifested a growing tendency to direct the play activities of his youthful associates into more serious and thoughtful channels. He was a born teacher and simply could not refrain from so functioning, even when supposedly engaged in play.

Joseph early began to instruct Jesus in the diverse means of gaining a livelihood, explaining the advantages of agriculture over industry and trade. Galilee was a more beautiful and prosperous district than Judea, and it cost only about one fourth as much to live there as in Jerusalem and Judea. It was a province of agricultural villages and thriving industrial cities, containing more than two hundred towns of over five thousand population and thirty of over fifteen thousand.

When on his first trip with his father to observe the fishing industry on the lake of Galilee, Jesus had just about made up his mind to become a fisherman; but close association with his father's vocation later on influenced him to become a carpenter, while still later a combination of influences led him to the final choice of becoming a religious teacher of a new order.

***Excerpt from the Urantia Book, paper 124
4  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Dream Journal on: January 20, 2007, 11:22:10
I have done it before, I just don't think it's for me.  Imo, I would rather just remember and express my dreams here rather than writing it down right after I remember it.  I think it's really a matter of keeping the whole idea in my consciousness and clarifying my concepts on dreaming and ld's.  How many ld's have you had? What was your best one?

I think I will have them in the future, I just have to be a little patient. Adios grin
5  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Dream Journal on: January 20, 2007, 00:43:32
Hey Lily Flowa!

Good Advice. It just hasn't really worked for me. I've been desiring to have ld's from years now. I have LeBerges new book and I had his old one a few years ago.  I think I just really like to sleep. That's my problem. Countless times I could have remembered my dreams in vivid detail if I just chose to stay awake. Except almost unvaryingly I choose to go back to sleep. It's just so pleasurable. lol My normal time span of sleeping is 10 to 12 hours... I sleep too much.

I'm not really sure what to do. I thought coming here and talking about it would help... but not yet. Let me try to recall some settings for my dreams. I had one in Maryland, which my family has a river house. I had one in this big store. I remember one on a river. I remember one in/on the ocean. I remember one in this prison type place. I recall one on this grassy plain like in Scotland or something.  I don't think I have too many happy dreams also. lol  But then again my emotional states in waking life aren't always positive. There is usually and underlying tension and anxiety throughout the day. 

I also think techniques for lucid dreaming are highly individual. Like one person develops a personal technique... and then they try to make it fit for everyone. I don't think it works like that.  There must be certain general drivers/causes as to why people have lucid dreams. I would rather find out the principles rather that focus on specifics... I know this because I have already failed many times trying to follow specific techniques. Know what I'm saying?
6  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Dream Journal on: January 18, 2007, 09:34:14
Yeah, that one dream definitely could of been a wish fulfillment dream. I am looking to eat healthier also, I was just thinking about that oddly enough. smiley

I don't really remember much from my dreams last night, all I really remember is that the setting of this one dream I think was in Nanjemoy, MD which is like rural area by the Potomac river.  I think that I was looking for something or trying to get somewhere. I probably have alot of dreams where I'm lost and trying to find somewhere, or trying to find something that I lost. I probably should of asked myself whether I was dreaming just being in rural MD because I'm hardly ever there. I was last there like two years ago.

Yeah... but theres something definitely blocking me having lucid dreams.  I think for one, is that when you have that barely waking consciousness in which you can remember your dreams... is that I force myself to go back to sleep because it's so pleasurable.  Another thing I think blocking me remembering more dreams is fear.  Like I'm lying in bed trying to remember a dream I was just in... and fear intrudes upon my memory.  I don't know... maybe I'm trying to hard... or maybe I'm afraid of remembering parts of the dream.  I think I may have inherited that fear from my parents and peers growing up. It does seem to be a common theme in our culture to suppress our dreams. Hardly anyone ever talks about their dreams anymore.

Oh yeah... another thing I learned last night... is that when you focus back on what you were just dreaming, you start to naturally go back into that dreaming consciousness and even that dream. I imagine LeBerge must of had that experience to which he then subsequently created that MILD technique.

Take care... anyone got comments?
7  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Dream Journal on: January 16, 2007, 23:44:27
Comments, questions welcome.

Last night I had quite an odd dream.  I dreamed I was in the backseat of my parents car, with both of them in the front seats.  I was with this girl who I liked a little bit a while ago, and I had to break this limitation of not showing public affection in front of my parents.  So I held her hand.  Right there, I should of definitely questioned whether I was dreaming. I hadn't seen this girl like in two years, and I was suddenly there in the back seat of my parents car with her. lol

I had this other dream the night before where I was in this big store, and I think I was looking for some type of medicinal herb, in paste form, which should of hinted I was dreaming also. I don't think there are many herbs in paste form, like in the bottle of toothpaste. lol  Anyways, I was looking down the aisle, I noticed something that really excited me. It was this energy product, I'm not sure if it was a drink, but it was in this cool looking cylindrical shape thing, but I think I thought it was too big or something and I was going to get a smaller version.  But I definitely thought it would be cool to drink like while running or something to up my energy.

Oh yeah, in the same store, I was cooking with that italian lady on the food network, I think her name is Giada.  Anyways I was cooking prosciutto and she said I put it on too soon. lol Of course, seeing Giada should of made me question if I was dreaming.

8  Integral Philosophy / Welcome to Integral Philosophy! / Absolute truth? on: July 01, 2006, 21:37:05
2:7.1 All finite knowledge and creature understanding are relative. Information and intelligence, gleaned from even high sources, is only relatively complete, locally accurate, and personally true.

2:7.2 Physical facts are fairly uniform, but truth is a living and flexible factor in the philosophy of the universe. Evolving personalities are only partially wise and relatively true in their communications. They can be certain only as far as their personal experience extends. That which apparently may be wholly true in one place may be only relatively true in another segment of creation.

2:7.3 Divine truth, final truth, is uniform and universal, but the story of things spiritual, as it is told by numerous individuals hailing from various spheres, may sometimes vary in details owing to this relativity in the completeness of knowledge and in the repleteness of personal experience as well as in the length and extent of that experience.
9  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / death of at least 1 on: January 04, 2006, 20:59:11
your dreaming of death and destruction because that is what you surround yourself with... is that not true?  Look at your avatar... read your signature... I'm not looking down on you... but what you focus on is usually what you get.
10  Magic / Welcome to Magic! / Real or Not?? Can anyone explain? on: December 30, 2005, 12:08:38
The second one was really interesting.  His really good.  Honestly... I think his palming the hamburger.... do you notice that you don't see any meat... it looks like all this is in it is lettuce.  I think he also has some really bouncy, flexible bread that can compress to a small amount.  I also think the camera guy is in on the trick and goes away from hand/hands at certain key points. The dominant hand that he uses to 'get' the hamburger from the poster is the 'flagger' he uses to distract attention from the other hand before he does it.  Then right before he goes to 'get' the hamburger... he puts it into the dominant one.  It's all reverse psychology.  Notice how he casually wipes his hands together at certain times?  He should work more on the whipping out sunglasses trick at the end. lol  

He has definitely put in alot of work on that stunt though.  Bravo.
11  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Interesting experience last week. on: December 30, 2005, 08:23:26
Yes... I've been reading LaBerge's new book... and this is usually what happens... you notice some peculiarity... some odditie... some 'dream sign' and you became lucid.  He also introduced me to the distinction of 'weak' dream signs and 'strong' dream signs.  I imagine it being daylight at night was a weak dream sign... meaning... it jarred your mind as to the reality of your situation and I would say the towers and pipes missing was the 'strong' one... the one that 'freaked' you out.

The next time you notice that the towers and pipes are missing... realize that your dreaming.  Next time you notice it being daytime at night... you are probably dreaming.  Post-hypnotic suggestions.

Awesome experience!  I hope you have more.
12  Integral Philosophy / Welcome to Integral Philosophy! / Can Humans be human without a God? on: December 19, 2005, 01:35:56
"Touching the infinite... his ways are past finding out"  I feel God changes so much... because we change so much.  Rather, our concept of God changes throughout our growth because of our progression in the social arena and the sciences.  Though our concept of Him changes... He does not change... "sooner or later... God will be comprehended as the reality of values... the substance of meanings... and the life of truth."
13  Integral Philosophy / Welcome to Integral Philosophy! / Why does the cancer/sida exist? on: December 19, 2005, 01:28:37
Like greenrat... I feel God is neutral to natural events such cancer and the like... not neutral in the uncaring sense... but in the sense that he allows it to happen because it is just the natural order as life is lived on this world.  If God intervenes in our earthly affairs... I feel it is a rare occasion.  I feel God is more interested in our spiritual affairs... a spiritual upliftment and soul-growth. Diseases and other evils will eventually be obliterated through progress in science and social advancement.  Some of my most educational and exhilarating experiences also entailed alot of anguish.  All of this time-space evil is temporary and eventually... through alot of pain... our planet will progress to a near heavenly estate... at least compared to the way it is now.  "God makes his sun to rise on the evil and the good... and sends rain on the just and on the unjust."
14  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Relaxation without Form on: December 11, 2005, 10:27:08
I decided to go for a state of relaxation without any special techniques... breathing, visualization, body awareness... nothing....  
whatever happened... I just let it be and feel natural.  In fact... that was the furthest I have been to the obe/lucid dream state in a long time... all by throwing away the form of how to do it and just willing myself to relax as far as possible.  Have Fun.
15  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Dream Ramblings on: November 22, 2005, 03:04:09
I seem to have alot of escapee dreams... like I'm in some type of prison... and theres a breakout.  lol  Even in real life... I'm always drawn to movies with those kinds of themes... for example... Shawshank Redemption.   Perhaps it mirrors my life... because I'm always looking for ways to crack certain codes... like making alot of cash in real estate.

Maybe... just maybe... if I realize that the next time I'm escaping or fleeing from something in a dream... I'm probably dreaming... and become lucid.

What are some of your lucid dream triggers?
16  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Can You speak with your subconscious will Lucid Dreaming on: July 22, 2005, 02:44:01
What if we are always communicating with our subconscious... or our deeper mind as I call it?
17  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / How do you lucid dream? on: July 15, 2005, 04:26:55
That's really interesting.  Maybe I'll cut down on my caffeine intake.   Shocked
18  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Some problems with WILD...........PLease help. on: July 10, 2005, 17:51:34
Try this... stay awake for 40 hours... then go to sleep in an upright chair... no bed.  Try as hard as you can to stay conscious as your body goes to sleep.  It will be intense but the hard part will be staying conscious because the imagery will be intense as you haven't slept in a while.

Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor and I make no claims as to the safety of such a procedure and I am in no way endorsing such a course of action.  All text is written for entertainment value only.

Like my disclaimer?   cheesy
19  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / my first "good" lucid dream on: July 06, 2005, 23:21:28
Sounds cool, my first highly conscious LD was kind of like that... except with mine... I was in a regular dream... then went into a black void... limbo, anyways... then suddenly vhoooooooom... i went back into the dreamscape i was just in totally conscious... lightning quick... huge shot of energy through my mental body... exhilaration.  You get my point.  lol

As to the obe question...  honestly... I still can't get away from the idea that obe's and ld's are one and the same.
20  Healing / Welcome to Healing discussions! / smoking on: July 05, 2005, 10:42:23
A little late... but thanks for the replies.  I did actually quit... I believe it must of been shortly after this thread in 2002.  Peace.
21  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Somewhat lucid(maybe) dream. on: July 05, 2005, 03:41:07
What you had is what is commonly refered to as a 'false awakening,' you wake up from a dream directly into another dream which you think is the physical.  If you lost your awareness that your dreaming... you really weren't highly lucid.  I'm sure I've had alot of those types... I forget them easily because their not very vivid.

The real question.... is how can we consistently obtain highly conscious lucid dreams?

Have any of you bought the Lucid Dreaming Kit selling on the net?
22  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / How do you lucid dream? on: July 04, 2005, 15:12:46
I think another reason alot of people don't have ld's is because of natural defense mechanisms.  It's almost like our deeper mind won't let us have them if we aren't ready for them.  Highly conscious LD's can be VERY intense and exhilarating... it does change you.  Other idea's?
23  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / How do you lucid dream? on: July 04, 2005, 15:09:42
Give this a try.  I'm sure you've heard of the teaching that most of us don't have ld's because we have the habit of always assuming we're awake... which of course is true when we are.... but then we take that assumption or habit into the dreaming realm where it's false.

Instead of always trying to 'check your reality' so it will spill over into dreams... why not just focus intently that you are awake.  If you observe people through out the day... we are almost never highly conscious that we awake as opposed to unconsciousness or sleep.  We get caught up in movies, books, conversations, food... etc.  

I suppose this is similar to reality checks... but not really questioning your reality... just focusing on your awake state.  Perhaps this is what it boils down to... awareness... most people don't have ld's because most people aren't even highly aware when they are awake.  I'm a guilty party too.  lol  I just feel I always have to rush or 'get things done' when I'm awake.

Then again... maybe beliefs also play a part.  I only had my first highly conscious LD after I read up on them and opened my mind to the possibility of having one.  Who knows.  Have fun.
24  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Hard to keep eyes closed on: June 22, 2005, 00:53:13
i agree... your not tired enough.   Try waiting until your exhausted... then instead of going to bed... go to some chair or something with no sleep-associations and try to project.  Let us know.  Have fun.
25  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Dog Race on: March 30, 2005, 12:47:49
Try it.  Maybe it will work.
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