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76  Astral Chat / Welcome to Members Introductions! / Re: How the heck are ya :) on: October 30, 2019, 08:22:10
I am saying the saying wrong how ever it is coined but the idea is that if you are rich and healthy you donít need divine interventions and so you donít pray and you are content with life the way it is not searching for anything more. The poor the weak and the severely unhealthy are in need of spirituality, therefore they seek the Holy Spirit and know him well. Thatís not always the case and not even the whole story or my or anyoneís story I would imagine but the way you said that it made me think of it.
77  Astral Chat / Welcome to Members Introductions! / Re: How the heck are ya :) on: October 30, 2019, 08:16:49
EscapeVelocity, what you said about most of us having to experience great sorrow or great pain to experience great wisdoms and profound states of being reminds me of the saying, Ď god does not speak to the rich and the healthyí or something to that affect. To truely need divine intervention is to meet the divinely spiritual. Idk how much of that is true,. But who ever said it definitely didnít say it because it was just something smart to say...
78  Astral Chat / Welcome to Members Introductions! / Re: How the heck are ya :) on: October 30, 2019, 08:08:32
EscapeVelocity, thank you for your words. Words are such a powerful thing ive learned. They express intent. And thatís the name of the game isnít it? Iíve thought about coming to people here when I was in the thick of it, and truly, I needed intervention. Help of some kind, any kind. All these supporting words and helpful healing people were here. I feared then I was such a mess I couldnít quite commit to reaching out. Now that Iíve fully integrated everything, it has been one year and I feel I am ready to not only seek the help of others when I need it again, but feel it is safe to share what Iíve been through, without scaring others from experiencing their own journeys. I found the good in the bad and I believe now that I have defeated fear of the unknown and see life doesnít end with the flesh, the only direction I can possibly take and look at myself in the mirror with pride everyday, is to spread the evolving message of love life death impermanence passion rebirth you name it.

    I believe if I was given the choice now, between living my life to a ripe old age with the world carrying me on high, with reverence and love, but to get there I would have to turn my back to even one person that truly needed spiritual guidance or help from me or just someone period no matter my specific skill set personally.. Or,.. die immediately and painfully knowing I stood for what I believe is right in serving my fellow man or woman when they needed someone and it was the right thing to do, I would do it. Thatís how the ppl are controlled. If everyone together knew that life didnít end with life on earth, and that consciousness was fluid, the world would be a beautiful place. It IS a BEAUTIFUL place but it could be better.
79  Astral Chat / Welcome to Members Introductions! / Re: How the heck are ya :) on: October 29, 2019, 22:51:53
Thank you nameless, this place has been of insurmountable value. When i was young my father was diagnosed with ms and stopped walking and my mom who wasnít happy most of her life, took the opportunity to leave. So I quit high school as a freshman and started doing things to take care of us because me my father and my younger brother became homeless. We found a cabin with a wood stove for about three hundred a month because itís all we could afford after a few months on the streets and then one studio apartment finally when he got his disability after a few years we all split up but stay in touch. I even see my mom sometimes.

  I took all of this in the worst possible way, I began drinking myself to death at an early age. Four years ago I had a baby boy, a year after that is when I had my first obe. Once I began having regular experiences I encountered some very negative beings that may or may not have been negative parts of my own psyche manifesting but thatís for another topic. Either way whether spiritual in nature or subconscience, I confronted this being and afterwards I lost the urge to drink alcohol and all the other drugs I was using I quit gambling I quit looking at pornographic materials. This being had been disguised as family members and different disguises in my dreams and when The dynamic of my sleep life changed and I was bringing my consciousness there with me I was now able to stand up for myself, versus the tragic consequences of trance logic. After I would realize this isnít real I donít have to put up with it the dream would disappear and transition to something else and the transition usually left me back in my sleep logic state but no more evil things going on. Itís as if, the realization that I wasnít under anyoneís control exposed this being or part of me that was victimizing me would flee. A lot of times I wouldnít remember it happened even until hours after being asleep and it would hit me like a freight train as if the memory had been intentionally buried.

One night, I got out of body really quickly and easily and went out my bedroom door. My bathroom door is straight across and I realized the light is on in there and there is something going on in there.. I open the door and there is my youngest brother as a very young child. He has a torso model of my father with no arms as a young man it is bald and has a strange white powder on it. This is not normal I have never seen anyone I know in the astral I am taken aback but not frightened yet, I have a Chrystal clear mind. This all happens very quickly, I open the door instant recognition, I say questioning, Ďblank?í My brothers name and instantly this gross effigy of my loved ones transforms into a large man in a pinstripe suit he has a skull for a head encrusted with beautiful gems and jewels. He grabs the inside of my elbows and I fly back through my bathroom and bedroom doors back into bed where my body lie. This entity is furious, he says to me I control you! You sin for my pleasure! I am your true father! I will devour your soul! I tell him you are not welcome here and have no power over me! And I am shook awake by my fiancť who was woke by me yelling in bed and vibrating.

 Before this event, I was drinking myself to death using drugs and doing all kinds of horrible things and no matter how hard I tried I couldnít stop. I was on a one way track to an early grave and a horrible legacy of me in my absence as a drunk no good drug using gambling violent loser. I stopped having reoccurring dreams of this entity he usually appeared as the clown from Steven Kings it, he would do horrible things to women and children and even my loved ones and I was afraid to sleep most of the time other times I think he was pretending to disguise himself as my family members or people close to me and the fact that I was in sleep logic state it was very easy to be fooled. Once I began bringing my consciousness with me I was able to expose this negative aspect of my psyche and or demonic spirit, all I know is that after that happened about two and a half years ago I have quit drinking gambling using evil drugs and using pornographic material over night. I was killing my liver and I could feel my body shutting down and now I am better than I have ever been and I am truely happy for the first time in about ten years since I was a child. This place has helped me so much I cannot explain what it has done for me. I plan to be here regularly and try to help as many people as I can. My case I have never heard of anything like it, apart from cinemas, but it was nothing haunting my waking life it was a dream scenario and an urge to seek instant gratification in whatever form it takes. That is the real evil of the physical world. Thanks again for reading and I hope to get to know each and every one of the good people/ souls here.

Nameless you have helped a lot, actually. A lot of the people have helped a lot by just being here everyday and giving me something to read and fixate on when honing in on becoming out of body. I had to obsess over getting out in order to do so and Iím hoping this second time around after a hiatus I will be able to do so without such intense daily routine of engrossing all my time in senses in everything that is non physical reality in order to go there regularly again.
80  Astral Chat / Welcome to Members Introductions! / How the heck are ya :) on: October 29, 2019, 15:13:05
Hello astral pulse members, I am dark. Iíve tried making an account several times and for one reason or another that I am not aware, it never worked. Itís a rush and joy to be here!

      So, first off, I been lurking around these parts for the better part of three years. There is sooooo much information in the archives,. My head could spin. When I had my first spontaneous out of body experience, I knew that I could never go back to who I was before. It only lasted about three or four seconds, and yet, in those few seconds I experienced, simultaneously, more contradictions to the continuity and basic principals of my so called reality than I was willing to just chalk up to the simple phenomena I was aware of. Basically, I wasnít able to assuage this experience the same way parents will tell their children, Ďitís ok sweetheart, your just dreaming. Go back to sleep. I knew that fundamentally there was something more to what just happened to me than I or others will be readily able or willing to admit.

    Since then I have thought of nothing else and spent every moment of every day there was extra time outside of my regular work and family time to meditation and sleep. And even then when I wasnít, I was thinking of it. I began having experiences of hypnogogia and the other signposts associated with a successful exit. Finally I was having these strange experiences of getting out of bed and kind of slumping myself onto the floor and the dresser and such in the strangest fashion. As if I were a meat marionette, and the talent just had a seizure lol.

   I would after a small time of that go on to inching myself out of bed sometimes getting stuck sometimes I would have a view of my doorway as if my head were stuck where it is, except, I had the physical sensation of getting up and touching things around me by remembering where things in relation to my bodies physical location. Sometimes when I get stuck I try to force myself out and it literally Sears with pain wherever the resistance is. I learned to change my point of view, forget about the trouble spot and twirl the situation on a different axis so to say, in order to get out.

    After I would say about a month of getting out of bed and getting snapped back to bed and getting out again over and over and over and keep in mind this is without waking. As if itís homework, and until I can do it with a certain amount of confidence or have touted enough practice, I just got to go out of the room. Things had been really tough really hard to move this whole time. Once I got a certain distance from my body it became much easier to move my limbs, hell, even began flying without a problem. I had a bunch of experiences not all of them good. I was getting out of body atleast once a week for about two years.

  I have quit astral projecting for about three or four months maybe a little more not counting the ocaisional spontaneous exit. I am now integrated everything I have experienced and ready for a renewed interest. O B E saved my life and I will go into more of that another time. I have gained so much from this site that I want to pay it forward and maybe I can help someone that is having a rough go of it as well. Thanks a lot for anyone that will read this, and god bless!

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