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1  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Starseed Quiz on: December 23, 2002, 07:36:18
I ran across this a couple of days ago, and thought maybe someone else would be interested in taking the test and seeing the results.

If you score near, or above, 75, please consider participating in the Quest for Stargate ~ YOU are needed NOW!

How do you score?

40 + ... You may have some ancestral roots in the Pleiades
50 + ... You have some cousins out there
60 + ... They are 1st cousins
70 + ... You will be, or have been, contacted ~ do not be afraid -- it was for a family reunion.
80 + ... You will have a special place in the 5th world, prepare for it.
90 + ... Start preparing NOW! In some way they will connect you to your purpose.

Want to learn more?

For access to the complete manuscripts, field research trips, thirty other related ancient sites, individual and team studies of the information accessed from Stargate research, including incoming updated information from related discoveries; seminars & gatherings where the research and studies are transformed into real applications and activities; individual and collective study of the Star Kindred factor; applications for the unique potentials of the Star Kindred; Study of the prime symbols and the sacred alphabets related to communication with our cosmic cousins; transformation of the communication and related studies into various levels of real application, including the original Stargate portal work; plus many other activities too numerous to mention.

Join the Stargate Research team today!
 The Starseed Quiz
The following quiz will help identify how well prepared you are for the Quest.    (There are 100 quick questions)
 No  Yes   1) Do you enjoy thunderstorms?
 No  Yes   2) Do you have gray, green, or hazel eyes?
 No  Yes   3) Do you have higher/lower than average body temperature?
 No  Yes   4) Are you a sensualist ? (someone who likes touching/being touched)
 No  Yes   5) In general, do you have lower than average blood pressure?
 No  Yes   6) Do you enjoy being alone?
 No  Yes   7) Are you, above average, empathetic?
 No  Yes   Cool Are there blond or red hair factors in your gene pool?
 No  Yes   9) Do you occasionally (or, more often) sleep in the nude?
 No  Yes   10) Are you an avid reader?
 No  Yes   11) Do you have a more than average, negative reaction to humidity-heat?
 No  Yes   12) Do you feel you are different from those about you?
 No  Yes   13) Have you had doubts (especially, as a child) as to your parentage?
 No  Yes   14) Are you artistic/creative beyond the norm?
 No  Yes   15) Have you noted an unexplainable attraction to certain people?
 No  Yes   16) Have you noted an unexplainable attraction to certain animals?
 No  Yes   17) Have you noted an unexplainable attraction to certain felines?
 No  Yes   18) As a child, did you have an imaginary friend?
 No  Yes   19) Have you noted varying levels of "noise/ringing" inside your head?
 No  Yes   20) Are you a "night person"?
 No  Yes   21) Yet, take pleasure in sun bathing? (with care for delicate skin)
 No  Yes   22) Do you take special pleasure in touching materials, such as fluffy fur?
 No  Yes   23) Are you an "empath"?
 No  Yes   24) When alone & indoors, have you ever worked or studied in the nude?
 No  Yes   25) Are your feet more narrow than average?
 No  Yes   26) Are your hands longer and/or more slender than the average?
 No  Yes   27) Do certain places create a strong sensitivity for you?
 No  Yes   28) Do you see coloured lights when you close your eyes ?
 No  Yes   29) Have you ever experienced deja vu with a place?
 No  Yes   30) Have you ever experienced deja vu with a person?
 No  Yes   31) Do you have a blank space/or unusually high level of memory of your early childhood years?
 No  Yes   32) Do the stars hold a unique fascination for you?
 No  Yes   33) Does the water hold a unique fascination for you?
 No  Yes   34) Do you enjoy being barefoot?
 No  Yes   35) Do certain stones/gems have a strong appeal to you?
 No  Yes   36) Do crystals have a strong appeal to you?
 No  Yes   37) Have you ever swam in the nude?
 No  Yes   38) Do you have a fascination with ancient symbols?
 No  Yes   39) Do you believe in the natural superiority of women?
 No  Yes   40) Are you open (not totally accepting, open) to new ideas/concepts?
 No  Yes   41) Are you more spiritual than the average person?
 No  Yes   42) Yet, have problems relating to orthodox theologies?
 No  Yes   43) Do you like tapioca?
 No  Yes   44) Do you sense an impending moment of importance?
 No  Yes   45) Are you attracted to people with unusual eyes?
 No  Yes   46) Do you prefer non-restrictive clothing?
 No  Yes   47) Do you take special pleasure in owning/touching ancient objects?
 No  Yes   48) Do you have an above average urge to travel?
 No  Yes   49) Do you sense a need to prepare for an impending moment of importance?

You're Half-Way There!

 No  Yes   50) Do you feel a compulsion to complete an unknown project?
 No  Yes   51) Do you sometimes know how things work, without prior knowledge?
 No  Yes   52) Do you have a cloaked/or-special memory of an event when you were about age 5?
 No  Yes   53) Do you have a special fascination for pyramids?
 No  Yes   54) Do you have a special fascination for willow trees?
 No  Yes   55) Do you have a special fascination for hummingbirds?
 No  Yes   56) Do you have a special fascination for mushrooms?
 No  Yes   57) Do you have a special fascination for electrical storms?
 No  Yes   58) Do you have a special fascination for cats?
 No  Yes   59) Do you have a special fascination for archaeology?
 No  Yes   60) Do you have a special fascination for owls?
 No  Yes   61) Does the word Atlantis ring some sort of bell in your memory?
 No  Yes   62) Does the word Pleiades ring some sort of bell in your memory?
 No  Yes   63) Does the face on the cover of Strieber's books, Communion and Transformation, also ring that bell?
 No  Yes   64) Does the image of Stonehenge ring that proverbial bell?
 No  Yes   65) Does the image of cliff dwellings ring that proverbial bell?
 No  Yes   66) Does the image of the Sahara ring that proverbial bell?
 No  Yes   67) Does the idea of the deity as female seem like an acceptable concept?
 No  Yes   68) Does the image of Isis (of ancient Egypt) create a positive reaction?
 No  Yes   69) Does the image of Sekhmet create a positive reaction?
 No  Yes   70) As a costume, or mental image, do you sense pleasure from wearing a cloak or toga?
 No  Yes   71) Does the Amer-Indian concept of deity as Mother Nature (Changing Woman) seem acceptable to you?
 No  Yes   72) Do you have an urge to care-for/heal those about you?
 No  Yes   73) Do you believe there has been alien contact in ancient times?
 No  Yes   74) Do you believe there has been alien contact in current times?
 No  Yes   75) Do you sense the aliens have a positive purpose?
 No  Yes   76) Do you wish to make contact with an alien culture?
 No  Yes   77) Is green one of your favorite colours?
 No  Yes   78) Is purple one of your favorite colours?
 No  Yes   79) Does the current trend of society worry you?
 No  Yes   80) Do you sense a need to find others of "your own kind"?
 No  Yes   81) Do you take special pleasure in eating shrimp?
 No  Yes   82) Do you take special pleasure in eating scallops?
 No  Yes   83) Do you have an above average fascination with flying?
 No  Yes   84) Do you sense a special need to travel in the near future?
 No  Yes   85) Does the idea of walking within an ancient city excite you?
 No  Yes   86) On vacation, would you prefer exploring the past, over such vacation activities as golf or dancing?
 No  Yes   87) Do you think you would experience positive anticipation at attending an ancient ritual?
 No  Yes   88) Does the idea of exploring for crystals seem exciting to you?
 No  Yes   89) Does the idea of viewing ancient symbols & sites seem exciting to you?
 No  Yes   90) If offered a choice, meeting a celebrity, or a guru ~ would you choose the guru?
 No  Yes   91) If offered a choice of meeting a celebrity or an alien ~ would you choose the alien?
 No  Yes   92) If offered a trip on a cruise ship, or learning to heal ~ would you choose the lessons on healing?
 No  Yes   93) Is the thought that you might contain genes from aliens seem positive?
 No  Yes   94) Is the thought that you might be linked to Atlantis seem positive to you?
 No  Yes   95) Do you have a fascination for lizards and/or snakes?
 No  Yes   96) Do you sense that certain words contain memory triggers/energy?
 No  Yes   97) Do you like to test ideas & concepts?
 No  Yes   98) In looking at photos of the English Crop Symbols, did you sense a special message ~ that you really want to know?
 No  Yes   99) If there was an option, would you prefer to live in the past?
 No  Yes   100) Assuming that you saw Close Encounters of the Third Kind...did you sense a special feeling when you saw Devils Tower?

   Score:  You must calculate your quiz score manually.
Either you do not have a JavaScript-enabled browser, or you have disabled JavaScript in the Preferences menu (we suggest that you use the latest version of Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer).  

How Do You Score?
Prior to grading yourself (or using the auto-computed score), please note that though many of the questions may have seemed as obvious "YES" questions to anyone, it is quite possible for a truly "average" person to score with less than 30 YES's. In fact, as this test was in its final stage of creation, I had it given to a class of business majors ~ the class average was 43... Please also remember the frequent use of such words as "more/less than the average/norm", etc. On the other hand, if you grew up in a very conservative environment, that alone could be a reason why you scored lower than expected... And, of late, we have discovered that among certain advanced Star People who sense the impending shift of everything, the present/future does hold more excitement than any point in the past ~ and then, there is a sense of duty for the work that is to assist the shifting ~ if you chose the present over the past with question 99, for either of those two reasons, change your NO to a YES.

Some men, even some women, might be muttering "unfair" at the questions relating to female superiority & deity ~ those two questions are from the original prime personality-profile study (created in England, in the 1960s - the source of the quiz), and over half of those studied were men... Also, you might well concern yourself about a racial bias in the test ~ as referencing the questions regarding colour of hair & eyes. Those two answers-destined-to-be-quiz-questions were the only ones I excluded from the 1st stage of the quiz. Then, I sponsored a gathering of Star Seed people which happened to contain representatives of Asian & African gene pools.

I happened to reference the two questions I had excluded ~ and promptly received a lesson on "never assume" ~ each represented Asian & African who had scored high on the test, also had hazel eyes. So...allowing a point for every YES...

How Did You Score?

  Auto-Computed Score from above:  
40 + ... You may have some ancestral roots in the Pleiades
50 + ... You have some cousins out there
60 + ... They are 1st cousins
70 + ... You will be, or have been, contacted ~ do not be afraid -- it was for a family reunion.
80 + ... You will have a special place in the 5th world, prepare for it.
90 + ... Start preparing NOW! In some way they will connect you to your purpose.

If you scored near, or above, 75, please consider participating in the Quest for Stargate ~ YOU are needed NOW!

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st and seeing the results:

pray for peace.
2  Healing / Welcome to the Healing place! / Healing Needed on: September 28, 2003, 07:01:13
Just saw this...hope your mom is better now.  Some of these things take forever to go away.
Saying prayers and healing light to your mom.
3  Healing / Welcome to the Healing place! / Post-OP Healing request on: September 28, 2003, 06:51:06
Bless you.  That has to be very painful.
I pray you have quick and complete relief from pain.
Also for a complete healing of all your problems.
4  Healing / Welcome to the Healing place! / My Son on: September 28, 2003, 06:45:39
Hope Shaun is improving.
It's gotten here in the States that people feel they need to be with their loved ones to see they get decent care.
Sad to see what medicine has come to.
5  Healing / Welcome to the Healing place! / My Son on: August 22, 2003, 05:42:34
As a nurse, I have dealt with these ulcers (bedsores) a lot.  They are so difficult to manage.  Two things we had luck with was putting SUGAR in the crater.  Sounds unbelievable, but it sometimes works.  Also a clear plastic dressing (there are several brands..Tegaderm is one) is very good.  We saved a man's lower leg with this method.  Massage the area around the ulcer to increase circulation.  Good luck.  This is a heartbreaking situation for you...will be sending many prayers for his healing.
God bless.....dovelady
6  Healing / Welcome to the Healing place! / Please help my father's right foot on: July 19, 2003, 04:54:01
Sending prayers and White Light for rapid healing...also same to you for caring so much.
7  Healing / Welcome to the Healing place! / Thank you for the prayers.. on: June 13, 2003, 03:23:08
Sorry to be so long responding, but have had a few problems myself.
I hope you are getting good results from the silver.  I plan getting the stuff to make my own too.
Still saying prayers for you and a good outcome in your situation.
8  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Ouija boards on: May 26, 2003, 18:42:13
I have had a board for many years.  Always bless it and use white light.  My guides have talked to me for years via Ouija.
If any wierd stuff comes through, just quit.  Don't put up with any vulgarity, etc.  
I only had problems once, and that was about 30 years ago.

9  Healing / Welcome to the Healing place! / 5 months of headaches on: May 26, 2003, 18:03:40
Have you ever tried Chiropractic?  They have helped me in the past.

10  Healing / Welcome to the Healing place! / Healing for my back please on: May 26, 2003, 17:47:01
Glad to hear of your improvement.  It will be 2 years in Oct. since I fell and injured my coccyx.  That is very slow to heal, but is better.
The back surgery was not involved.  It was L4-L5 a spinal fusion.  Many years of lifting (I am a nurse) and the disc finally went bye-bye.
The lower back continues to improve.  Still have to take OTC pain killer at bedtime.  Heat helps also.
Thanks for the continued healing.  The prayers and healing I have received from people I don't even know is awesome.  I send a lot but forget that I should receive too...LOL
Thanks a lot.
My best to your mother.
11  Healing / Welcome to the Healing place! / Thank you for the prayers.. on: May 20, 2003, 01:37:21
So good to hear from you.  I hope you do well on the colloidal silver.  I have read many things about it, and used it some myself.
Daughter used it for toothache, and it helped.  
At present I am using it for a chronic ear infection in one of my little dogs.  Seems more soothing than the other meds used.
Have been off for a week or more due to a crashed computer, but glad it was able to be fixed.
My prayers are still with you and a positive outcome for your situation.
Hugs coming your way also.
12  Healing / Welcome to the Healing place! / Healing for my back please on: April 29, 2003, 06:52:32

Hope you are improving.  Still sending love, light, and healing your
way.  Let us know how you are.

13  Healing / Welcome to the Healing place! / My dad... on: April 25, 2003, 22:58:38
Am sending healing, prayers to the Creator, and abundant white light.
For you and family as well as your father.

14  Healing / Welcome to Healing discussions! / Rp eye sight healing on: April 25, 2003, 22:52:33
Thanks for the trouble.  I have bookmarked it.

15  Healing / Welcome to the Healing place! / Healing for my back please on: April 23, 2003, 04:08:15
Spike, I am more than happy to send healing your way.  I know how
the back problem can effect you. Fell nearly 2 years ago and landed
on my coccyx.  It still gives me fits.

I know this is off topic, but I think of your asked for
healing for her some months ago.  I finally had my own back surgery 2 months ago.  Big improvement already.

Sending prayers, healing and abundant white light to you.  Hope it

16  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / It's my birthday tomorrow 19/4 on: April 20, 2003, 05:41:54
As far as I am concerned, you are all next one will
be 70.  It shakes me up to think it, let alone type it.
Where did the years go?  Make them all count people.  I'm not
getting older, I just keep getting better. [Tongue]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FRANK  and I hope you enjoy many more.

17  Healing / Welcome to Healing discussions! / The ~herbal~ alternatives discussion section > on: March 29, 2003, 05:50:30
hi everyone,
just have to contribute about the garlic.
i was taking the 'statin' drugs for high cholesterol for several years. doctor said i would have to take them for the rest of my life.  i decided i didn't want to do that.
so, i just quit them and of course it went back to over 200.
well, i started taking more lecithin, added flax seed oil (1000mg. twice a day), but i didn't notice a lot of difference.  when i got a few extra $, i added garlic gelcaps (1000 mg. twice a day) and believe me i dropped the cholesterol from 216 to 146 in less than 6 months.
not bad for an old lady who has had 2 heart atacks, has a pacemaker and has smoked for about 40 years.  also have a bunch of other stuff wrong.....i am proud of that drop though.
BTW, i also do meditations, and try to keep peace in my mind and heart.
also, the cost of the few things i take, including vitamins, are much less (at walmart) than just one prescription of the statins.

18  Healing / Welcome to the Healing place! / For me.. on: February 12, 2003, 03:14:29
Dear Blossom,
I was just wondering how you are doing when I came in here tonight.
Very happy to hear you are doing this well.  Maybe we'll just have to increase the prayers.  
God bless you and keep getting better.  I think of you often.

19  Healing / Welcome to Healing discussions! / Rp eye sight healing on: January 30, 2003, 08:39:52
Have been interested in eyes for many years, since I have myopia.
I thought the world was coming to an end when I was diagnosed with
Glaucoma, but the drops have helped a lot.  Then after having surgery to correct a macular hole, then later a detached retina on the same eye, I had to have a lens implant for a cataract.  
In the last few years, I have been taking zinc(recommended 70 mg./day)
and bilberry, 1 cap per day, i still have not had to have the other eye done due to cataract.  Maybe adding the supplements will help your mothers eyes too.  Also recommended is "eyebright", but I have not been able to find that yet. Still have 20/30 vision in the eye.
Will send healing and prayers for you and your mother and hope it helps.
20  Healing / Welcome to the Healing place! / Help for a Tree on: January 30, 2003, 08:16:03
Have you ever tried sending healing energy through your hands?
Just open the chakras in your palms...rub your hands together, and as you pull them apart, you can feel the energy.  Then hold your hands over the plant, and direct the energy into the plant.
Have done this many times, and saved quite a few plants.  It is worth
a try.  Maybe you can save Nick.

21  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / War with Iraq ... an interesting alternate view on: January 25, 2003, 01:10:23
to Clandestino and RalphM:

These are the BEST posts.Insert

Whereas we all know that Hussein is a bad person, I don't feel all the Iraqi people should pay for his sins.
I deplore the thought of war.  We need to take plenty of time for the inspections to be completed before we take drastic steps.

I remember quite a lot about WW2, and the fear.  

When we find out conclusively that he deserves it, THEN bomb the b*****d![^]

22  Healing / Welcome to the Healing place! / Breast cancer concerns on: January 14, 2003, 02:22:39
Bless you and hang in there.
I went through most of that less than 2 years ago...didn't take the chemo.
Did they find any cancerous nodes in your disection?  I was lucky.
They did not find any in me...just in the small lump in the breast.
I feel that I am completely cured, but take a pill for 5 years.
Expect the best.  
I have already said prayers for you and will send you healing, hoping that it will help.
If you can meditate, do so.  Don't be surprised at the burning and itching that remains.  It is much less now, and the tissue is starting to return to normal.
Email me if I can be of support.

23  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Children Prophecy on: January 11, 2003, 04:27:31
Apparently James Twyman made some psychic contact with children around the world.  I have been reading his emails for some months now.
He feels we can heal the world with prayer.  These children are in contact psychically with each other.  
This man has made many trips to foreign countries, and conducts prayers in many places.  Just go to the site.  His early emails tell the story of how he came into contact with these children.
At present, he is conducting a spoon-bending course to raise people's power, so as a group they can conduct prayer to help heal the world.
Hope this helps.......dovelady
p.s. Supposedly, many of the children born at this time are psychic as well.
24  Healing / Welcome to Healing discussions! / Acupuncture with Reiki? on: January 08, 2003, 23:56:13
Has anyone used Reflexology?  It goes along with meridian or zone therapy.  
You can do it yourself...foot massage , and it works the meridians while you massage.  Just find the sore spots and massage...don't just rub.  
I have had very good results using reflexology.....and it is not invasive either.
I should think it would go very well with reiki.
Only massage the feet about every 3 days...don't overstimulate.


pray for peace.
25  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / interesting past life diagnosis for all people on: January 07, 2003, 03:23:10
 I do not know how you feel about it, but you were male in your last earthly incarnation.
You were born somewhere around territory of modern Austria approximately in 975.
Your profession was entertainer, musician, poet, temple-dancer.
Your brief psychological profile in that past life:
You always liked to travel, to investigate, could have been detective or spy.
Lesson, that your last past life brought to present:
Your lesson - to conquer jealousy and anger in yourself and then in those, who will select you as their guide. You should understand that these weaknesses are caused by fear and self-regret.
 Now you remember?

Don't know if I agree with this or not...I have had numerous regressions and this does not seem to fit in with any of them...but who knows how many we have had...


pray for peace.
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