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1  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: How to phase with Gateway Experience on: May 04, 2021, 04:50:45
The Gateway Experience series consists of maybe 30 sessions that offer a multitude of experiences that could involve many methods or points of access- Classic OBE, Phasing, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, remote viewing...etc. TMI doesn’t push any particular method and leaves it to the participant to discover what works for them. As you progress through the later courses, Guidelines, Lifeline, Exploration 27, Starlines...the technique of Phasing seems to become predominant; so in this sense, I feel that we move into the Frank Kepple Phasing method which is relatively the same as Monroe’s Quick-Switch method with minor differences depending on personal preferences.

So yes, you can. The trick is to be aware of both methods and go through the session observing how the experience unfolds and working with whatever sensations present themselves. For example- If you get vibrations or floating sensations then go with the Classic OBE exit; if the sensations are less physical and more visual, then forget the physical and follow the visuals as they develop.

It’s not that it’s that simple, but it is that straightforward a process. It requires repeated trial and error and certain factors like diet, rest or energy work can have effect on the results.
2  Healing / Welcome to the Healing place! / Re: Bad mistakes you can make.(Hope there is some cure) on: May 04, 2021, 04:20:59
I agree with the advice both LightBeam and Lumaza have given, and also agree that this will likely take some time and effort (intent) to reverse the condition. An additional idea might be that since this involves a lot of sensation in your chest- the ball, the uncomfortableness- this may be an indication that your heart chakra has slowed or stopped completely. In my case, it had not just stopped but a psychic healer suggested that she saw that I had placed a “protector” over my heart and chakra, further shutting off these emotions that gave me such pain. For me it felt like an anxious tightness and weight in my chest. The protector can be released by you with a conscious act of will, but that is best monitored and verified by a reputable healer.

I found out just how easy it was to confirm that my heart chakra was shut down: I was at the Monroe Institute and one night a few friends wanted to do pendulum exercises on one another, so I volunteered to join in. When my turn came, I lay down on the floor and a woman held the pendulum still, over each of my seven major chakras. The pendulum swung in active, rapid circles over all my chakras showing they were all quite active, until she put it over my heart region, and the pendulum moved very slowly in a small side to side motion...this was a very telling moment for me. Fortunately I was able to address the issue with a healer the next day, directed it to leave me and became educated on the idea of the “protector”. For me it was like a noticeable weight was lifted from my chest.
3  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Projection Journal ** Looking for help analyzing/understanding them! ** on: April 30, 2021, 02:56:36
an interesting effect I noticed as my NP awareness increased over time was that my recall of dreams/experiences that occur deep in sleep also increased significantly, although as you describe, the recall is often fragmentary and confusing.

My suggestion is not to doubt the messages gained through your NP experiences, but recognize and re-organize and expand your acceptance of your increasing range of experiences. And of course, certainly question them as to their authenticity and meaning. But this ‘incorporation of the message’ can take days, weeks, months or sometimes years. And sometimes it requires a secondary event to occur, to complete the message.

My own and what I think I see in your experiences, is likely involvement of independent sentient beings, but also involve messages from your subconscious, and your higher personal consciousness which may even involve several or more possible ‘alternate’ lives. These are highly personal experiences and ultimately only you can interpret them.

Inquiring with the NP about our personal ‘mission’ appears to be a tricky proposition. It has been for me. I haven’t been directly told by anyone, seems it is up to me to infer it from my life. Maybe that was a condition that I agreed to upon entering this life.

I really notice symbolism and metaphor in these experiences; that doesn’t mean I’m right, but that is just part of the method I use to interpret these things. In your exp GR, I think your interpretation is right on ‘don’t beg for food’ and ‘you need to go through the door’. Communication, sentences and words often get somewhat garbled in these deep states but maybe there’s a purpose to that, as well. Maybe it’s supposed to really make us think hard and dig deeper. The ‘name’ Amorphis reads more like amorphous which means vague and undefined, and fits with the unclear responses you are getting. Remnis in this context makes me think of the word ‘reminisce’, so maybe that is an idea to consider. Anella...I got no idea on that one except ‘messenger of God’ makes good metaphorical sense.

Finally, going back to your post about hooded, cloaked, mysterious figures; I think you would really enjoy reading Monroe’s two later books, Far Journeys and Ultimate Journey. These would shed further light on that earlier question. FJ takes you far off the common track with experiences that honestly I haven’t had myself or read in others accounts, but it’s still excellent and UJ gets back into more familiar territory and ties up his ‘mission’.

And as to the idea of ‘mission’, I have come to the same general conclusion as Lumaza has written: Many of us may just be Observers to the Human and Earth experience at this time. I ‘feel’ that there is more to my purpose and Observer is somewhat frustratingly a too limited answer, but there it is...for me at least at this moment.

Hope that gives some further ideas

4  Astral Chat / Welcome to News and Media! / Re: The Military's Intelligence Assessment of The Monroe Institute's Program on: April 24, 2021, 06:32:59
Like Lumaza and Erik said, I think the military assessment is quite good and instructive on many points, yet also displays a common problem with people analyzing what we do in the Non-Physical Realms: they only have a Physical-Reality mindset to interpret what we do. Now visiting various Realities, heavens and hells and badlands, performing retrievals and visiting deceased friends, visiting Focus 27 and the afterlife, trying to learn and understand the life/death cycle...probably not much there for the military or intelligence services to make use of for their immediate purposes.

With that said I will offer some of my own perspective on The Monroe Institute and my own opinions on some questions raised in omcasey's forum. First, I agree with floriferous' characterizations of the schism within the organization and his answers in his last post. And like Lumaza wrote, organizations evolve and change over time, not always with our understanding nor our agreement. I've been to 4 weeklong workshops now and enjoyed every one of them immensely and would absolutely recommend them. They are intense and challenging but I was not always as successful as I had hoped going in. But one of their tried and true axioms is- You may not get what you wanted or expected, but you will get what you need. The energy of the campus is high, clean and calm. The staff is friendly and the 5 Facilitators I had were excellent people and all very talented each in their own specialty. I did not ask each about his or her individual OBE talent, but two were obviously brilliant and all generally very knowledgeable; it seems like they have heard every kind of experience and can give good, solid advice on nearly any specific topic. My 'veggie-chopper' exp is just one example.

The initial Gateway Program is like a buffet that touches on many, many different aspects of psychic and NP experiences (including the Classic OBE), the central theme being consciousness expansion and with a normally full class of 24 people you are going to get lots of hits and misses on different experiences by different people. TMI strictly avoids pushing any dogmatic approach, as floriferous said, so that there is no 'front-loading' and everyone can be as open to the experience as it unfolds. Some may criticize this to a degree but it's what they have worked out over forty years and it works pretty well, IMO. Specific and more personal questions can be asked in private or at the many breakfasts/lunches/dinners with the Facilitators and in this way I cleared up many small points of confusion for myself.

Here is one-  Focus 10/MABA
When I tried learning to move into Focus 10/Mind Awake Body Asleep first from the Hemi Sync tapes (1995), then the CD's (2005), I could never achieve satisfactory results of what I was expecting; never achieved an OBE that way. At Gateway, I encountered the same problem so I quizzed a Facilitator and he explained that each Focus level is just a reference, there is no hard and fast target that says 'I've achieved F10!'...instead he suggested I think of it as reaching a low F10 state or a higher F10 state, but once I felt generally relaxed just go with it and do the exercise from there as best I can. That advice helped but it wasn't until I returned for the weeklong Lifeline course and we were moving into much higher Focus levels such as F22, 23,24,25,26 and 27 (the Park). It took me three days of six or seven sessions a day but I got there and actually connected with Helpers and began doing Retrievals. By this time I was realizing how I could be in a high state or low state of any level depending on many factors. Sometimes my vision and experience were crystal clear and other times I was almost blind searching through energies or even completely in the dark.

Sleep Paralysis- In Casey's forum the question was raised about it being necessary to feel physical paralysis or catalepsy in the Focus 10 or MABA state. My answer is no and no one at TMI ever mentioned it. My guess is that first, SP happens for me when I come aware from a dream state ending, meaning I've already been asleep. Moving into the F10/MABA state is done from the waking state. Also, I think it is plausible to suppose that the asleep state provokes the physiological response of catalepsy whereas consciously entering the F10/MABA state avoids this.

After 4 weeks at TMI I'm still no good at getting into what I feel should be a proper F10 state but it doesn't stop me from my experiences. I've asked many other students there, some can do it easily and some struggle like I do. Same with the higher Focus levels.

Another question related to moving into F10 and getting up physically and walking around. Yes, to see if you can maintain the state and how your perceptions may differ. Interestingly, later courses invite you to move into the higher (F27) states and in the middle of a session, sit up, turn on the light and make some notes. I was initially very reluctant to try this for fear of 'breaking the state', but once I did I found it surprisingly easy! I guess that it could be argued this is teaching us to bi-locate or at the very least understand dual consciousness.

The Classic OBE versus Phasing-
I realize now that as a child I was doing forms of both: Floating up out of my body like a ghost in the Classic fashion, and also various forms of Phasing such as WILDs and DILDs and endless variations. If I read correctly, Jay in the other forum only speaks of the Classic form and was disappointed that TMI did not stress methods specifically to recognize or achieve that state. It does happen but not for everyone, nor in the same way. Again, I think TMI wants to leave the experience as open as possible to what people will discover on their own. Now initially like Jay, I criticized this system as 'too open' and 'everyone finds their own truth' kind of pointlessness. I still partially agree with that criticism but after speaking with now several Facilitators, I realize that over forty years TMI has tried these various ways, considered these questions and through the Institute's evolution, found this to be the best direction.
    And just like Monroe naturally discovered himself, his experiences moved from the Classic OBE to what he called the 'Quick Switch Method' or what we now generally refer to as Phasing. TMI pushes not even this as dogma but leaves it to the students to naturally discover for themselves at their own pace. Maybe part of this purpose is so that the Facilitators stay open themselves, to possible new experiences or new information or insights that a participant may bring forward. TMI is there to continue learning as well.

The shift from the Classic OBE to Phasing obviously confuses people who have yet to experience it. Multiple energy bodies, are we not actually exiting, is it actually a movement inward into Consciousness? These are incredibly subtle and nuanced questions, but the issue does cause some confusion and outright friction. I think that TMI no doubt recognizes this and it's one more reason they stay away from the discussion, because it can just bog the whole program down into useless confusion. This fact was sort of crystalized for me when I went to Gateway. Out of 24 participants, I figured all 24 were expecting an OBE, but I guess I was wrong by maybe half. Very few talked about it and I realized they may have known of the idea theoretically but had not experienced it. So they had few reference points for what to expect much less what to look for in the sessions.
    By example, one lady and I had quickly become friends with during one of the first lunches; she had only recently began discovering her psychic abilities and was deeply interested in channeling, nothing to do with OBE. When we did the first OBE exercise and made our first attempt, I just lay there in the CHEC unit and got nothing, zip, zero, nada. After the session was lunch and she grabbed me by the arm and exclaimed at her wonderment of what had just happened! She had experienced her first OBE in what sounded like the Classical form: exited her body and floated around the campus in a state of fascination. Congratulations, I said (only slightly envious, lol). But I don't understand she said, I thought you were supposed to float out of your body like a spirit? Instead, I floated out of the top of my head like a wisp of smoke! I held her hand and said C-, as far as I understand, you just floated out of your Crown Chakra and that may be the best way you can come out. Nicely done! She didn't understand right then about Chakras or locations but she was so happy! I could sense her talent and I know she will be a powerhouse some day.

What Facilitators are still at TMI from the early days-
   Besides Joe Mcconeagle who guest lectures there from time to time and is a great guy, Joe Gallenberger is the longest serving and then there is Monroe's daughter Penny, and Franceen King, who developed the wonderful X27 course and was working with Bob up to his passing in 1995 on the Starlines program which was my last course SL1, when they closed for the pandemic. I was fortunate enough to have all three as Facilitators and they have my highest respect, as do the two others Paul Elder and Fred Rible who are incredibly talented and all wonderful souls.

A Related Sidenote-
   So by the time I was two days into my second course at TMI, Lifeline, I was getting very little and felt hopelessly unprepared for the next day as we were going to further explore Focus 27. Something I didn't fully realize until some kind fellow traveller explained it to me during my third program was that for many participants it can take the first two or three days to literally get your frequency up to the right level where you can cognitively operate, to get up to speed, as it were. Also this can force you to improvise and find a new way to get there, which many of us know is another method the NP utilizes. Adapt, improvise, overcome. So I did- Years before I had bought two of Bruce Moen's books from his Afterlife Series. I had quit reading halfway through the second book because I disliked and doubted his technique of Phasing which I forget if it has a specific name, but is basically described as 'priming the pump' or better, 'fake it 'til you make it'. Simply put, if you are getting nowhere then just start an imaginative visualization of arriving at your destination or starting a conversation with a NP individual, the idea being that the actual event would soon manifest itself...I didn't like that, it felt too artificial, too phony, it did not feel like how it should occur. I mistrusted that.
   Well, here I was starting Day 3 and little to show for it and now expected to move to Focus 27 and seek out a Guide for a Retrieval. So I gave it a try and imagined doing it, flying upward to 27 and to my 'special place', my seaside retreat, then shooting over to the Park and seeking a Guide. Guess what? It worked! Quicker than I hoped, the visualization took on a life of it's own and I was standing in the Park plain as day with a helper smiling at me asking why I was there. I said that I was there to do a retrieval and he looked me up and down, then asked shouldn't I have a Guide? Fumbling for an answer I said it truthfully, maybe I don't need one. Can I go anyway? He considered for a moment and then said yes. And I was off to a Retrieval and another absolutely confirming experience that left me nearly speechless and very emotional to the transcendent qualities of what can be experienced under the right conditions. But it had taken work and effort.
    Needless to say, I had a new appreciation for Bruce Moen and his books. Bruce's later books went on to include his experiences at TMI doing the first of Franceen King's newly developed Starlines courses and although my own experience was not to the extent of theirs, I think that I can generally attest to them. Absolutely incredible stuff! Cruising the Universe, stars and planets, black holes and communicating with ET's. My whole Starlines group is ready to sign up for SL2 when they reopen.


5  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Cannot enter vibratory state anymore? on: April 22, 2021, 05:54:21
Both Nameless and tides2dust make good points as to possibilities. I could wonder at several or more reasons why the vibrations diminish, from both my own experience and what I have read in much online reading. This is a question not entertained by any books I'm aware of, but it has been often reported and questioned now that we've had internet coms for so long...good questions are finally coming forward.

Similar to many others that I have read, was that my experience of the vibrations manifested strongly in my teenage years when I tried to 'raise' them; they became sporadic, yet calmer during my 20's and 30's; became still more gentle in my 40's and have basically disappeared since then. Sometimes i could make use of them to manifest an OBE, other times not.

I think that it is an indication that our individual and base 'frequency/vibration' has likely moved higher, as the relevancy of the vibrational stage appears to fade for us. My own 'vibes' just seemed to fade in intensity as the years passed. I first thought I was losing my ability, but now I think that my frequency had shifted upward to a point where the vibrations were simply not as noticeable...which may be your situation's a simple and natural progression.

Another related idea is that the 'vibrational stage' is closely associated to the classic, etheric idea of an OBE and the activation of the etheric body. The theory follows that as our 'resident frequency' moves higher, we eventually activate the next higher Non-Physical energy body which is the Astral, then the Mental...and the Etheric is somewhat left behind; thus the activation 'signal' of vibrations is also diminished and finally left behind. Moving into these states of awareness involves the concept of Phasing which results in near instantaneous transitions without the vibrations and floating out of body sensations...and this is the progression most people seem to follow, and it happens almost naturally, which is where you may be transitioning through right now.

Then there is the question of our Higher Self pushing us along, or also the interaction of outside 'helpers'...they are there, so just be open to it all. Go with the Flow. Like Nameless said: one of those ways to push us is to consider new techniques...for almost all of us it seems that once we get one technique working, it suddenly quits working and we have to try something new. What I call mysteriously-frustrating and's one of the most confounding seemingly universal concepts I've yet come across...

6  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: The Cat came back...(My lessons continue) on: April 07, 2021, 04:28:08
My whimsical rhyme to the side, your experience reads like a great exploration of transitions and planes/dimensions and the feel/think involved with each. You noticed a great number of subtle distinctions. Nicely done!

You should by now realize that you can accelerate the pace if you choose, or just let the natural pace proceed; it still does require to a degree your intent and impulse; otherwise your progress can drift nearly aimlessly, or stop altogether...don’t let that happen, keep a minimum pressure going forward as best you can...keep your sails set to the wind...given the prevailing winds of PR

7  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: The Cat came back...(My lessons continue) on: April 06, 2021, 05:24:22
 I am tempted/want to do a 'Cat in the Hat'

The cat jumped onto my back and drove me into the NP
Here and there I swear, that cat showed me everywhere
Far flung places and distance and faces, all of it fascinating and quizzical
'til morning was showing, my awareness groaning
the cat abandoned me to the Physical

Gotta' love the cat
8  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: First Conscious OOBE at 19 on: April 06, 2021, 05:03:55
If I must pinpoint my first conscious OBE, it was at the age of 23. I had experienced NP events since the age of 4, but not understood them nor placed them in relative context to one another; the jigsaw puzzle was just too large at the time. By 23, I had read some books and gotten some perspective but the 'natural ability' had apparently left me by that time. For some reason, at this time, I had a similar experience to both Nameless and T-Man; not much beyond just being aware of my 'etheric' exit and going 'out', chasing a lucid dream element.
My experience wasn't as thorough as either of theirs, but it was a confirmation of all I had read of the theory leading up to that point.
And yes, a mind-blowing event!

But like Nameless seems that the early twenties and PR Life intervenes and we forget about all this for awhile...
9  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Hallucinatory hell + claireaudience catastrophy + floating purple visitor on: March 28, 2021, 04:40:46
Great insights tides2dust, I concur!

Thank you!
10  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Hallucinatory hell + claireaudience catastrophy + floating purple visitor on: March 28, 2021, 04:36:50
Those experiences are fun, aren't they?...not...

I have had them multiple times and the two constants seem to be that I am really over-tired and the continuing, uncontrollable NP chaos that ensues. I like your description: you considered and tried different methods at dealing with, mitigating or even making use of the prevailing conditions, all to no avail. It has been the same with me. I tried moving out of body; I tried taking lucid control; I tried listening to the voices for a, zero, nada...undertow is a good metaphor.

For me it seems evident that personal and local psychic disturbance adds to this turbulence. And most of us have had plenty of that the last year and more.

It also likely 'goes with the territory' of becoming a NP explorer and opening/expanding our awareness to these psychic 'energies/streams'’s like getting caught in NP ‘gutter crap’...

But even in a chaotic experience such as this, I suspect you gained some nuanced insights into the 'borderline' NP experience...I can see a few, just the way I learned my own.

Last week, I went to bed early one night, especially tired. The instant my eyes closed I was in a semi-lucid dream with a group of people wanting to fight me. I woke immediately wondering what that dysfunctional sleep entry was all about. I lay back down and instantly re-entered my dream state with a small white dog snapping rabidly after me. WTF is this! I thought, I shouldn't be dreaming for an hour or more! Yet this miniature 'Cujo' was trying to shred me! I batted and kicked it away and woke up. I gave myself a minute to settle and lay back down. And there was Cujo Pequeno leaping at my throat again! This time I woke up as I realized I was actually throwing a pillow at him to smack him across the room! I sat there for five minutes, caught between the ideas of desperately needing sleep or re-entering this nasty, crappy dream state. Would I have to get up and wait a couple hours?

Fortunately, the next time I fell asleep it was uneventful.  

I would not be concerned about 'real, physical' damage...I have had many similar moments of worry. Most nights like this are just as we each described and mostly just really bothersome. However, some may or will become experiences of significant importance and challenge. Just be aware and confident in your own strength. We are not challenged with anything we are not ready to overcome.

11  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Projection Journal ** Looking for help analyzing/understanding them! ** on: March 24, 2021, 03:08:25
I can think of a few books that talk of the hooded/cloaked figure and speculate a bit on their true nature. Robert Monroe’s first two books Journeys...and Far Journeys. He sometimes could make out a face but not recognize it, other times the identity is hidden from him. One that escorted him many times, he referred to as an INSPEC, short for Intelligent Species. Kurt Leland, in his books Otherwhere and Multidimensional Human, received assistance from similar beings. Look for Leland’s website and in his AstralProjection Log you might find a reference.

They seem to show up for special occasions such as Lumaza’s Gatekeeper when we are introduced to a new dimension or new aspect of our higher learning; or to deliver important messages; or to bail our butts out of trouble, lol.

Often, it seems to me that they hide their identity for what I imagine could be a few reasons. The hood and cloak can also be to tone down their energy which can overwhelm our NP senses and distract from the purpose of their visit. Both Monroe and Leland reported this realization. I personally think it can also be a function of how ready and able we are to understand and interpret their energy and purpose and if it is unclear then our default perception could be that we actually ‘paint them’ in the cloak, hood and other words, if we can’t understand it correctly, then we camouflage it with something we can understand even if it’s just throwing a mysterious cloak and hood on it.
Just some ideas.
12  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Projection Journal ** Looking for help analyzing/understanding them! ** on: March 23, 2021, 05:47:48
I will offer a couple additional ideas to what I think Lumaza has insightfully pointed out. To me, ‘basement’ means subconscious. But your ‘feel’ of the situation is equally important, especially now as your experiences progress. In my interpretive model ‘basement’ or ‘moving downward by elevators/floors/levels’  can also mean moving lower in awareness or frequency of the current energy body. If you ‘feel’ lower energy or awareness, a kind of fog or ‘dumbed down’ in some way...then that indicates for me that I may be in a form of Simulation and the Instructor has forced this condition on me to test and develop my instinctive NP ability.

If you didn’t ‘feel’ that, then I go back to the idea that you are being shown an issue that resides in your subconscious, as Lumaza indicated.

The hooded/cloaked figure is fairly common when important information is being communicated. It could be a higher level Instructor and it is cloaked to not overwhelm you with its brilliance and power, which may only distract you. Or it could be hiding the fact it is your Higher Self, again not to distract you. So we often tend to misread it and infer evil of some sort.

I cannot explain the pain except that maybe it was ‘pressing the point on you’. Maybe the pain indicates an issue with the ‘right’ side of you you feel you always have to be right? Or maybe it has to do with the right side dealing with emotion, expression or creativity...just some ideas to maybe meditate on. Or ask for some clarification.

Complex and very stuff! You’ll work it out!

13  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Astral City - drab and mundane on: March 16, 2021, 03:49:49
I think that this is a very significant experience and a good indicator of your advancement to your present awareness. You recognized certain conditions on both conscious and subconscious levels. Well done!

You were presented with an underwater environment and you did not panic with the breathing issue. Breathing underwater is a huge first challenge and you passed it almost dismissively... Wow...nice... You dealt with the gun and white fish issue which may have been a subtle final challenge to your underwater challenge...and you handled that very well...adjusting the gun was also adjusting your awareness?...maybe an idea to consider...

Maybe "being bound by the rule-set" which I used to think of kind of actually where we move from the "Personal NP into the General or Community NP" we are still in the NP but there are certain, slightly tighter "reality" constraints...

Drab and mundane usually indicates that you should not pay attention here...this is an indication to move your attention elsewhere.

In your latest experience, you noticed many instances of this.

I will sit back and wait for your comment..

14  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Projection Journal ** Looking for help analyzing/understanding them! ** on: March 12, 2021, 05:45:55
Welcome to Dreams- today

15  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: One Step at a Time on: March 12, 2021, 05:08:46
I always just generally translated as hypnogogia the sensation of a small animal walking up and down my mattress or a being pushing on the bed, or the feeling of the sheets being slowly pulled down to my feet. It mystified or terrorized me as a child, and like you I ran crying to my parents who had no conception of what I was experiencing. By age 12, I had bought Monroe’s first book, applied his technique and brought on full body vibrations: earthquake, atom-smashing vibrations which scared the hell out of me. But they in no way explained the ‘cats and sheets’...many years later I have experienced vibrations so subtle that they felt like a ‘warmth’...

So I never understood the connection. If I understand your point, the ‘cat-walk’, the bed sheets pulling away, are manifestations of the vibrations that are so subtle that they actually feel manifest ‘outside’ of the body and move up and down the bed in waves, but we interpret them incorrectly.

Thank you Nameless, I think you may have given me the insight to a question I have been bothered with for over 40 years!

16  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Intergalactic Meeting on: March 12, 2021, 02:16:13
An interesting experience LB! This closely aligns with the work at TMI with the Starlines program. My initial visualization of a starship was a futuristic ovular shape trimmed in silver and golden-yellow.

Also, similar colors with the submarine/starship that Nameless and I sort of co-dreamed last year although the shape I interpreted was long and narrow like a pencil box.

Very cool!

17  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Projection Journal ** Looking for help analyzing/understanding them! ** on: March 12, 2021, 02:03:20
Interesting timing in relation to LightBeam’s intergalactic meeting experience the same night apparently.

Nice experience!
18  Metaphysics / Welcome to Quantum Physics! / Re: Let's Talk Blood Type on: March 11, 2021, 05:16:46
Expecting some more responses here... what would be a reason for not sharing...?

19  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: I Think We Are Missing Something on: March 10, 2021, 06:16:56
Agreed with all prior points; it is difficult to improve on what both Nameless and LightBeam have written. I will add my own personal perspective, hopefully without tripping too much over my own thoughts.

I am currently of the GOD Is All That Is perspective, always have been and I have been considering this question since about age four. Luckily, I avoided formalized religion and could consider the question fairly openly. Still, it is a daunting task and one I am still at an incomplete point on. If I had to choose a particular discipline, it would likely be Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism or some hybrid form, giving due credit to Hinduism for the Energy Bodies theory which I think shows itself in OBE and its expression.

With that said, regarding the question of GOD, I am kind of left at the point of the Tibetan Buddhists, who are working to clear their minds and experiences of all polluting ideas in order to reach a state of The Body of Clear Light, that affords them the opportunity to venture into the next after-death states as 'clear' as possible. And having a little alcohol issue, that is my personal battle and stoppage...nonetheless, my point is that I have no further reason at the moment, nor for the last fifty years, to 'understand GOD' at the immediate moment. Don't get me wrong, it is a reasonable idea to consider. But it also strikes me in the sense of many metaphors- How much energy should a 2nd grader expend wondering about his/her PHD Dissertation some 17 years in a possible future? A baseball team in the first inning, concerned about the ninth? I'm not talking about the exception, the genius 2nd grader or the triple grand slams in the first inning...I'm talking about the rest of us, the majority.

Accepting the idea that Enlightenment can happen for an individual in the next instant, the fact is that it probably doesn't and won't. So the rest of us are left to work at it, in very difficult circumstances and likely over many lifetimes, trying to carry the memories of our successes forward.

So personally, I see my advancement towards GOD or this GOD-State as a series of stages; like a 26 mile marathon, or better a triathalon with multiple conditions (swimming, biking, running)...and I have to run it in stages...I have to focus on completing stages. I might have the end result in mind- the finish line (GOD); but I have to break it down into stages to have any hope of achieving it.

Many of us on the Pulse have had a taste of the Formless States, or near to them, where we get an absolutely undeniable moment of that closer relation to what may be something of that GOD-State. It is Pure Love and a few moments of Bliss...we quickly realize that words and language cannot describe it properly. That also tells me that it is 'next level' and still far beyond our comprehension...and ability...but we are given the glimpse.

I still consider a kind of hierarchy to be involved, so years ago I actually quit thinking about GOD and started to pay more attention to the humans closer to me...Mother Theresa, MLK, Gandhi, Rumi, Jesus, Buddha...and many others... I may not be right about any or all of them, but they make me think...and maybe that is part of what I need to make progress.

And short of those great people, I guess my best personal efforts are just to slow down, observe and be a better, kinder person in my most immediate relationships. Sometimes I find little magical moments hidden within there.

20  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: shineling’s APs on: March 07, 2021, 02:24:50
These sound like great experiences shineling! In your language maybe it was for you to “learn how to handle the Life Stream” which may more accurately characterize our language description of “learning to Go with The Flow”...interesting!

The last experience with the children may very well have been a Retrieval. It is your feeling/intuition within this experience that holds the key to understanding.

Nicely done!
21  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Nameless' Everything Journal on: February 28, 2021, 05:50:35
Sometimes, when we are able to slow things down a bit, slow the events and’s not always clear and it can be an imprecise thing...we can ask the right question, and we actually get a useful answer...what a precious gift! That was an unquestionable metaphor going forward. No question in this case.

Nicely done Nameless, and deservedly so. What a beautiful message from your higher, inner self...and just what I see, having known you some years now; there is more. Like LB said, there are many nuanced insights buried within this experience; some you could continue meditation upon.

I remain an amazed fan,😆
22  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Dream One-liners! on: February 18, 2021, 06:45:58
An excellent idea for a thread T-Man!

I can remember a hundred barely that I’d wish I’d written down over the years now that you point it out.

Can you add any insights to the ones you have provided? They seem mostly personal, but maybe they also reflect larger truths...

23  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: shineling’s APs on: February 14, 2021, 04:35:14
It’s just my opinion, so take my comments that seem to fit with your experiences and maybe give a little consideration to the ones that are possibly close. Over most of the last year I can see what I think are significant insights and recognitions along your path and the good progress you are making; much of it is apparent and similar to my own. Your progress is also excellently described through the works of Kurt Leland.

Leland was the first author I read to describe how we each create our own unique and individual ‘translation tables’ or ‘interpretation models’ as we move our consciousness into these increasingly Non-Physical and energetic dimensions- Etheric, Astral, Mental, Causal...etc...if you choose to categorize them in this fashion. Regardless of how we name these dimensions or choose to subdivide them, they do exist and many of us notice distinct qualities that differentiate them. These dimensions are obviously not physical but rather energetic and containing energetic consciousness structures that can be ‘interpreted’ differently depending on the observer. A primary example is that around July of last year, you noticed that you were utilizing some type of mass transit rail system in your lucid dreams to navigate around the Astral. A significant insight. At various times Leland noticed he was using his local Boston bus transit system, at other times an underground rail or even a Venetian river system with gondolas and guides. Another experiencer once mentioned riding on the Harry Potter Hogwart’s train and I immediately recognized the metaphor.  In my own experiences, I’ve been on buses and trains and in passenger cars. There are two key insights to be made here: 1 that we are utilizing some transport mechanism to navigate first our personal Dream zone, then the wider Astral zone; 2 that these are individual interpretations of a generalized transport system within these dimensions/planes.

A few months later, you mentioned noticing an increase in the vividness of certain colors such as blue and green, clear blue skies, also your cognitive awareness increases and you can think more clearly and without worrying as much about losing the experience. This is another sign that you’re moving into a higher and more clear part of the present dimension or even into the next...Astral to lower Mental. Fear and sexual issues start to fade, but the complexity of your experience increases noticeably demanding increased cognition and awareness to new challenges. Entering the mind of another being is one of those new challenges. Experiencing their perspective is fascinating but also demands you maintain the integrity of your own identity. This will likely not be your first test in this area.
You may find more information comes through if you devote a 20 minute reflective meditation on each of these several last experiences. That proved surprisingly helpful for me.

I hope that I’m right and you have moved into a new realm of experience and challenge. Stay open and enjoy!
24  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Switching to non-physical realities on: February 03, 2021, 07:41:44
This is an area and time during the progression of your experiences and your interpretation of them that you are basically on your own, finding your way through the darkness and mystery of your own consciousness, as it were. Your interpretation of your most recent attempts is very good and sounds accurate. Going forward, you will need to experiment with a few concepts in mind.

The 'mini-movies' are good and you should let the first several play out and just observe...this is what we mean by 'passively observing' or just 'noticing'...don't try to change them or direct them in any way...this teaches us to get our control-based ego out of the way. You can start the process with a pre-planned Rundown visualization but if that morphs into a different set of 'mini-movies', then let it go and just 'passively observe' whatever it changes into. At some point, the 'mini-movie' will get longer and stronger. Go with the flow and let it play out. It will either end and another will begin or it will get stronger to the point you feel 'pulled into it'...this by itself can take several tries and when it works, you actually step into the visual like entering a LD. This is very subtle stuff and takes more than a few attempts for most, so don't be frustrated if you fail initially.

Having a clear Intention can play a big part in how this all unfolds. You can start your session by mentally declaring a clear Intent to learn or experience a certain thing but that is almost always diverted through the 'mini-dreams' into something that kind of leads to a generalized Intent of 'just teach me the next best thing I need to learn'...this teaches us that our Higher Self may have different plans for our unfolding NP experience and we have to recognize that fact and remain open to it. It's a bit frustrating...but it's also another great lesson in consciousness in learning how to 'pivot at a moment's notice'...

You are at a very good point here, realizing that your current active imagining was somehow destabilizing the process...that was a really good insight within the moment! You should have then went back to 'passively observing' and allowed the 'mini-dreams' to play out longer...stepping into one later may lead you to a different place then you originally desired, but you just have to trust and go with it.

Think about how subtle this all are doing really well!
25  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Nameless' Everything Journal on: January 29, 2021, 04:42:54
Not sure but it seems like a fairly significant NP event. Nice, comfortable beginning, family, but events quickly advance...that often happens.

‘Reporters’ indicate certain energies noticing, watching...

Was the pronunciation “sunny” or “soo-nee”...? They said it twice, which is probably important...


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