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326  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Tangible Entities? on: April 12, 2002, 11:15:50

Hmm, but if legend holds true after you kill a werewolf you are left with a dead human body. The ramifications are pretty obvious, Im not sure about everyone else but murder seems to be taken pretty seriously here in Australia.

But seriously though this could be a big issue, how are you going to prove that this dead person was once a wolf beast intent on eating you. Running away and dening everything is good but with gun registration laws and ballistics you are not entierly safe when bullet riddled naken people are found in fields these days.
Its just not as clean as binding or banishing something huh.

An important defence question is that would symbols of protection such as the pentagram work on a something pysicaly manifested or human based for that matter. Wearing a pentagram, preforming the LBRP and throwing a little salt around would not be confidence inspiring defence when a large wolf with a nasty disposition wants to kill you. I am inclined to take Roberts advice on the silver spitting scatter gun. But I have always had a pinchen for dramatics.

Best regards and have a nice day


Veni Vidi Vici
327  Integral Philosophy / Welcome to Integral Philosophy! / The human condition-Self Mastery on: April 11, 2002, 03:24:10
I found you post very interesting. Like yourself i find analysing the nature of people an unavoidable past time.

You refer to the different faces people put on for various reasons. I have always more thought of them as masks, a protection the outer self provides for the inner self. It is fluid and changes to suit the envioronment and situation, to 'fit in' and conform. I guess this is ok to do as long as you know you are doing it. Most people dont.

When you go into a particualr social situation without a mask, people dont know how to take you. Because the mask is like a mirror reflecting would be communicatiors back at them selves. When they cant see a part of themselves in you they are lost. Unless they have a well developed concept of the self.

Sorry I could not elaborate a little more Im rushed to go to work!!

Best regards David

Veni Vidi Vici
328  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Tangible Entities? on: April 11, 2002, 02:58:31
Just to add on my last post Ive been looking on the net for groups who claim to be shapeshifters. Ive done the same thing before when I wanted to learn about psychic vampiers. Once you get through all of the role players you do find groups of such clandestine individuals. Unfortunately Ive had no such luck with the finding such a group of shapeshifters. That link I listed has nothing overy insightful upon further looking.

An interesting note is that in a book on werewolves I own there is a ritual to invoke some sort or spirt involved in changing people-for a price ofcourse!. The interesting thing is that it is a well designed ritual.

I dont know there has to be somewhere I can look to get the answers I seek...

regards David

329  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Tangible Entities? on: April 11, 2002, 02:42:45
Hi everybody

Ive been doing a little scrounging around to satisfy my curiosity and I found this site. It is called The werewolf and shapeshifters handbook.

For those interested here is the link

Regards to all


330  Integral Philosophy / Welcome to Integral Philosophy! / The human condition-Self Mastery on: April 10, 2002, 21:12:08
Its ok Violet Im not one to speak empty words. And Im not one to give out undeserving praise either. You shouldn't consider yourself a preacher of any sort, a preacher would have emailed their thoughts to everyone or gone door knocking. To be impressed by your post one has to seek it out and then choose to read it all. Besides if you were being all preachey and puffy I would have sent out a big


insted of all of those nice things.

331  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Tangible Entities? on: April 10, 2002, 20:51:02
Dear Robert

I had considered the idea of a were beast but to be honest I thought people would think I was stupid!!!
For this reason I did leave out two little facts. My neighbour actually discribed it to me as "being like a person streched out", which is why I said it was elongated. And also he said that on the instances when he saw it he knew it was coming because all of the dogs in the block would go absoulutly wild!

Oh about the wolf fixation thing, Im not sure if its a good thing to admit...but yes. Its not really a planned thing but my internet handle is fenris. Which would be in reference to the norse god Fenrir. I am a very gental person by nature but I have an undeniable drawing to the ultimate embodyment of maleviolence and destruction. To be very serious that bothers me a lot and I do not understand. Thought forms I have created for the protection of myself or others -wolfs. My magical name which I feel is apropreate to mention in such a community -Wolvern. And none of these things have been done with the intent of forming some sort of image for myself. They just...well fit. Im not really sure why any of this is.

About that creature, I will admit that it is something that absolutely terrifies me! When I go runnung at night not an evening will go by when I will not think about it. Which I thought could be a real problem because thinking about many things will draw them to you. Perhaps especialy if you have a wolf fixation!!!

For a little humor it just so happens that Im a fairly talented metalic silhouette shooter!! Last year I ranked 3rd under 18 in Australia. However I dont think the local authorities would aprove of carrying a gun around to fend off were beasts! But if I lived in the country and this thing had been seen near me I certainly would!

Thanks for the replys everyone!! And make those silver bullets!

Regard to all


332  Integral Philosophy / Welcome to Integral Philosophy! / The human condition-Self Mastery on: April 09, 2002, 08:01:18
Dear Violet

More complements!!! To know in your heart and feel such truths shows intelligence balance and a healthy outlook. To be so sure of yourself that you can so coherently construct this belief and knowledge into words to enlighten others shows the pinnacle of self direction and understanding. Yes there is a lot to be gained from self analysis. The saying that above all we must be true to ourselves is both deep and true. A beautiful post, you do give the impression that you are a gentle and thought out person. These are qualities to be admired. Oh and thankyou for your posting in reply to my Karma post. I agree with your post and hold similar perspective’s but I would be challenged to sum it up so well!

Take Care David

333  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Killing Angelic Entities - Friend or Foe? on: April 09, 2002, 07:35:44
No one can acuse you for a need to conform.

334  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / What is the PENTEGRAM all about?? on: April 08, 2002, 05:08:54
Ok I consulted the book shelf and found a nicely worded quote...

'The pentagram signifies the domination of the mind over the elements, and the demons of air, the spirits of fire, the phantoms of water and the ghosts of earth are enchained by this sign'  
Levi, transcendental Magic,63

And to answer my own question the pentagram was popular with the Babylonians, Egyptians, Assyrians and the Hebrews but no one knows where it very firs appeared.

Regards to all David

335  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Magic and development on: April 08, 2002, 04:28:55
Greetings all!

Some very interesting points have been made. The basic broad definition of magic is the ability to create change. This is far too broad. As ghost originally pointed out by saying magic is an ugly word. Perhaps not ugly because of social perceptions but rather just because of the lack of clear boundaries of what it is. You can easily say something like ‘I’m a tarot reader’ and it can only be interpreted in one way. But if you say ‘I practice magic’ it can be interpreted in so many ways. You may say you practice magic because you celebrate the wiccan sabbats. Or because you study the lessor key of Solomon to invoke and control demons. The difference is obviously a broad one. There is just so much which to myself and other members here which we accept as a norm, but the rest of society is ignorant of and just dubs paranormal, psychic or weird. So I guess it becomes necessary to really specify what form of magic you reffer to.  

Cainam_nazier raises a very good point. People who practice forms of energy work are manipulating the very same energies that others and myself raise and use in circle. One could interpret projection as magic. Also as you say someone who casts a spell may see its success as being attributed to ‘magic’, while someone who works with their energy will credit themselves. But the lines are blurred when considering ceremonial and forms of ‘higher’ magic where the practitioner undergoes an intensive change to there self image and psychology to join their ego mind with the subconscious and to learn to question the developed standards and limits of the super ego. Basically to develop the mind to its potential and achieving the same view of self-power possessed by the energy worker. Perhaps there is someone who can explain better what Im getting at. With this in mind yes indeed the ‘magic’ path may be the longer one.

As Tom pointed out problems with the ego (in an egotistical sense affecting the ego mind not just broadly the ego mind) and magic. This is very true and a major and almost seemingly unavoidable part of this type of magic work. This must be detrimental in a sense for sure. It’s another ideology again but if you ever visit a site dedicated to chaos magic (whish is not necessarily ‘BAD’ like you would first think, but usually is) you will read some of the most egotistical and downright scary things. Scary if you acknowledge that they have power. They argue that having a big ego comes hand in hand with confidence and makes you more likely to achieve power and success. Read some of their writing and see the side effect. Here is a link to a chaos community if you are curious of how far an ego can go!

Winged Wolf I must admit that I know very little about what you mean with psi in regard to mentality, use and pretty much what it is. I am very very interested could you please explain!

Regards to all David

336  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / What is the PENTEGRAM all about?? on: April 07, 2002, 12:48:42
You will find a lot on many many symbols in golden dawn and related texts.

I am aware that the pentagram has appeared in many places in history, but does any body know where it originated?

As already mentioned the pentagram shows the balance of the elements and spirit. Also it reflects man, who is combined of all 5 of these things. Perhaps the symbol is such a potent defence because an elemental spirit only consists of one of these things. The point of spirit when pointed downward reflects chaos ect ect. Someone once told me that a pentagram with a break in it is just as negitive because it symbolises a break in balance. The hexagram is also related to man in that it symbolises mankind in its evolved form, depending in what you believe. But yes the hexagram has many other associations.

The LBRP ritual which was mentioned is a useful protection but also clensing ritual. You fell noticibly better after its compleation. What took me a little while to grasp though was the vibration of words. As I learned the ritual from a GD text I learned the ritual words in Hebrew, but I know the meanings. But if you do a web search you will find plenty of different variations including english ones!!! While just going through the visualisations seems to have effect Im pretty sure that the whole vibrating the words part is very important as far as protection on an astral level goes.

Perhaps the regular readers and posters of the psychic self defence forum will have a lot more to add.

Regards to all


337  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Magic and development on: April 07, 2002, 09:23:33
Well I have certainly learned one thing for sure. This is that when asking for advice or peoples opinions on a skill or ability you get feedback which is more or less universal. Because the topic is something which can be experimented and proven. However asking about an ideologies or beliefs with the intent or learning is a little pointless. If you already have developed your own opinions and have knowledge of the topic then all you will receive is different interpretations of the topic. And with this particular topic especially no one opinion is any less relevant or necessarily accurate, including the person asking the question.

Thank you all for your feedback. You have indeed answered my question.


Upon  self-examination of myself in regard to my motives of my original post I was not seeking either for people to agree or disagree. Being that like many I learn everything relating to this topic without the presence of like minded others. What this means is that I have no one to compare myself to in regard to where I am heading and hence my question was more to find out. No matter how sure you are of your path it is still comforting to know the positions of others.

In a sense I was exposing myself, and while I was prepared for opposing view points I misinterpreted your response as an attack on my views I have worked hard to form. The fact I felt I was exposing myself resulted in uncharacteristically vague language use, and also the use of my age as a ‘shield’. In fact I deliberately made myself sound less sure of the topic than I really am/was. Because of the misinterpretation of your post I responded in a way which upon reflection was rather childish. I am sure if we were talking person to person such a thing would not have happened. This is one of the draw backs of print communication. Hay maybe we should learn to use those little emotion faces! () Thank you for your responses and you are welcome to email me if you wish. I do fell I should apologise.

Regards to all


338  Integral Philosophy / Welcome to Integral Philosophy! / Purpose/Meaning on: April 05, 2002, 10:13:58
How refreshingly deep after a long afternoon at Woolworths! I agree that the purpose of life is to evolve the soul over as many lifetimes as necessary until it is as refined as and integrates with the source, god whatever you believe. No groundbreaking philosophy there!

But looking to the simplest of things in life there is one obvious repeating pattern, things going full circle. In fact the only thing that does not go full circle in some form would appear to be souls (unless of course once every soul makes it to the top it all starts over, and I choose not to go there). I think that this just has to be somehow related to the meaning of life. The cycles in life are simply everywhere. But on the other hand I guess for nature to function smoothly everything has to go full circle to exist, because it is simply a part of mortality. Hmm maybe I should just go to bead. My two cents that I just disproved for myself, you know here in Australia  two cent coins went out of currency along time ago. Foobar they will say... Foobar!

Well I guess the important thing is that I tried...

Best wishes


339  Integral Philosophy / Welcome to Integral Philosophy! / The karma of helping others on: April 05, 2002, 09:40:18

Thanks for the feedback. I very much like your attitude!
If you take the perspective of the author I refered to you could even say that healing someone is wrong. Yes foobar indeed.

Any other opinions out there?

best wishes

340  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Magic and development on: April 05, 2002, 03:10:08

It would seem as if my previous post I did not communicate what I was thinking clearly. And I obviously gave the reader the impression that I am strongly possitioned by the material I absorb.

Yes in my experience people of my age that are involved in 'magic' are perhaps misguided, have questionable motive and indeed have these preconceived images of what they are involved in. Fuled by the same social images that have lasted centuries and the entertainment industry.

I am not driven by the superficial or an image or obtaining a status. I am young and my knowledge obviously will not be on par with the older and more experienced people who walk related paths. Statements such as go get your shoes dirty mate and dirlling in that magic is a life long path only belittle me. You assume my level of commitment and study, the very fact that I am insulted stands as testimate to my passion for it.

It is not my intent for this post to be percieved as a strike back or aggresivness. Just to remind you that you should not assume someones level of understanding or commitment because they may be young.

My statement that I grow on the criticisms of others is another way of saying that others knowledge, feedback and advice will help me to learn more. This is not just me, this is the very reason that people read books and this forum exists. The spirtual evolution of both individuals and mankind would not get very far if everyone had to learn and obtain every bit of knowledge for themselves. I am not saying that its ok to walk in the shadows of others, we use the ideas of many people experiment with them and follow what feels right.

Im sure you probably did not mean to insult me, but you should see that young (in both age and knowledge)people like myself are the future. And should be nurtured not shruged off with the same cliches  you would say to a pesky dabbler.

My question was puerly to find out how many people who are aware that they are trying to evolve spiritually are involved in 'magic' or what are their opinions of forms of magic which are followed with this goal in mind.

341  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / The Kabbalah on: April 05, 2002, 02:17:32

I was aware of the Qabbalah being of Hebrew religious origin and that the GD only adapts it for its own use. Sorry if I came off as being a little ignorant in my attempt to be helpful.

Thank you for your concern regarding the middle pillar exercise, I have read about the aparent dangers of its practice in the early stages of ones development. And I certainly have not risked practicing the process fully. It is curious that the exercise starts with the activation of the crown, where as most systems begin with the root. This little fact did ring alarm bells.

342  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Being able to see auras on: April 04, 2002, 02:40:03
So if someone with the ability to see the aura happens to notice something about someone during the course of the day that is to be expected. But just thinking well I wonder about that person and scanning their aura is not the correct ethical thing to do. Ive just read a chapter in a spiritual development book about the cords which go between people and how you should minimise the forming of these cords. It also mentioned that people giving psychic readings who think they just have a gift may not be aware that they are building these cords with the client and of course not breaking them. So I imagine that reading someone would also set up one of these cords?

Why I dont attempt to read people for imformation I frequently look at people in an attempt to train myself to see the aura more clearly. I wonder if even this innocent action has the same result?

Thanks for all the wisdom Winged Wolf Im learning a lot here!

Take care all

343  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / The Kabbalah on: April 04, 2002, 02:20:02
Im only a newby to the Qabbalah myself but I found this to be an excellant book. Its called The Middle Pillar the balance between mind and magic, by Israel Regardie. The copy I have is edited and annotated by Chic and Tabatha Cicero. The book seems to be a good introduction to the Qabbalah as well as going indepth with the psychological aspects of personal development.

Im sure some of the older and wiser people will be aware of the book and have a more valid opinion of it. Regardie has writen many books on the Qabbalah but this is the only one I have read.

Happy studying!


344  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Being able to see auras on: April 04, 2002, 02:04:28
Call me stupid but Ive only just noticed now that Robert has a section on seeing auras in the training guides! The advice given on colour perseption makes a lot of sence. Thanks! There would also be a lot of fun to be had learning all of the colour correspondences. My best friend has picked up on how to tell when Im trying to see more of her aura, luckly she does not feel invaded by it. I guess that learning the discretion of a pervert whould be helpful.

Does anybody else have any feelings, advice or questions about auric sight?

345  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Being able to see auras on: April 03, 2002, 07:26:48
Qui Gon

I can see the pysical and earthric layers constantly. These are the layers which appear to take the general shape of the body. And if Im feeling very at peace I can see the first of the egg shape layers. While I can see the movement of shapes and shadows within this outer space i can see no colour. You are much more skilled than myself when it comes to seeing the colours, on an average day I can only see basic colours around the head and up to a meter of the green a forest seems to put off. However once I have passed through someones aura I can develope a strong empathy for them. But I have found that this has its risks. As I am constantly in crowds it wares me down. I need to advance my skills with shielding. If you arnt already doing so I recomend that you start to learn and think about the meanings of the colours. If you can order it or get a hold of it where you live I very strongly recomend you buy this book. It is called Seeing and Perceiving the Human Aura by Judith Colins. Ill post again if I have mispelled that as I am not sure(might be two 'l's in colins). I have heard of psychic people giving up on doing readings because it takes to much out of them. I am concerned if constantly reading others every where you look could have the same effect. Your a little older and wiser than me so maybe you have come across something.


346  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Tangible Entities? on: April 03, 2002, 07:05:03
Thanks for the sound advice!
I think at this stage in my development running would probably instinctively come before defending myself. And yes being polite would once again prove to be one of the greatest virtues!

Also being new to this site I would like to say how overwhealmed with joy I am. So many friendly and educated people in the one place, it really fills the void that not having a teacher creates.


347  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Tangible Entities? on: April 03, 2002, 03:13:10
Sorry if in my last post I came across as a bit of a Tv inspired dabler. I guess the point I was trying to raise was can a negitive or any type of entity not normally on this plane exist here in a tangable form. The thing I described would appear to be so, as the people who saw it are not clairvoyant and it made noise. If such a thing does exist than how do you defend yourself! Would you try the LBRP or reach for a baseball bat!


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