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1  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / The US Presidential Elections. on: November 04, 2004, 09:54:28
Age of bush bashers?  

No person can really be in anyway advanced or intelligent and still like bush it just isnt possible.
2  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / The US Presidential Elections. on: November 04, 2004, 09:51:21
Not surprising from a guy a with a gun as his avatar.
3  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / The Matrix on: November 02, 2004, 10:44:53
Yes, its based on a true story.
4  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Flying in a Lucid dream on: October 28, 2004, 11:59:07

no i have never reached a star thtat i remember,  but a colorful "hole" of some type has opened up before and i flew through it into some weird place.  I still dont know where it is.. but once i remember flying though swirling colors that appeared and being in a cartoon land.
5  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / !!!NIGHTMARE!!! on: October 28, 2004, 11:56:58
These types of nightmares were my first introduction to lucid dreaming.  I'd do this all night and someone would always be in the room tormenting me.  One thing i realized is that when this happened i always "woke up" to the obe.  Another thing I realized is im always very weak during these times and its hard for me to go outside, which is what i always try to do and once outside the "person" is gone.

I now believe that there is not really a person there at all.  Robert bruce has written about the effects of being too close to your physical body once you project.  This accounts for the weakness.  The person most likely is a thought form.  In other words youre out of body without really knowing your physical body senses a presence.  Your fear kicks in.. etc etc.  What ive learned to do when this happens is leave the room where my body is.  My strength returns and the mysterious person is never there anymore so i can do my business.
6  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / crazy? on: September 13, 2004, 07:34:09
Hey everyone.  Some of you might remember me from a while back.  A lot of things have happened since i stopped coming to this forum.  The thing i wanted to bring up for discussion is mental illness.  Ive recently started working in the mental health field.  What sort of bothers me and makes me question so much of this stuff is the number of people who are schizophrenic who share similiar beliefs.  

I see the parallel mostly in the self defense section where people think everyone is out to get them.  But there are so many other parallels.  More and more with the far out posts about government conspiracies and people talking to aliens I see so many similarities to the patients here.  

Im not accusing and i still believe and have astral projections and lucid dreams.. but the line can be thin sometimes.  Any non defensive thoughts on this?

7  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Are things really meant to be on: May 14, 2004, 01:53:04
Do most of you really think everything that happens was meant to happen.  ever feel like some things are a huge mistake?
8  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / timeless?? on: March 12, 2004, 19:43:22
Are you still hanging out here?  I lost your email, since my emails were erased and cant remember what it started with.  wanted to see how you are.
9  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / where's bruce? on: February 18, 2004, 18:11:55
I havent been around here for a long time, but came across my old copy of Astral Dynamics and it occured to me RB's new book should be out soon.  wasnt the date jan 2004? is it almost out or what?  

10  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Adrian where did you hide that topic? on: August 29, 2003, 13:50:38
well here was my response anyway.  I guess after Adrian declared Mayatnik a suitable and very trustworthy teacher he moved the topic or erased it..


That is coming as a shock to me that you see nothing cultish about it.  Wait.. the prophecy and divination forum is filled with mayatnik's sticky topics.  You believe very much in this end of the world.. fight for the light nonsense.  What am I saying?  I expected nothing more from you.

Paremenion.  You are seriously self deluded.  Who is this mediocre spirit you are chanelling.  The way you talk to mayatnik "perchance"..and other ways you think make you sound more intelligent.  You really think you're chosen for anything?

I gave my concern it is a cult.  And I think it is.. however I see even though this forum sent a caution out to mysticweb people.  Adrian's personal beliefs about the pleidians and this doom stuff is going to make him endorse mayatnik.

Wait this is a sticky in astral chat telling people to go look at mayatnik's topic which is a sticky in divination.  hmmmmm no that doesnt suggest anything.

Most of the chosen people on that forum are seriously self deluded people who really want to believe they will have ANYTHING to do with saving humanity when all this darkness comes.  

Have fun travelling back and forth to "ED's House" plotting your next move.

BTW most cult leaders aren't flaming madmen telling people to drink their poison.  Most are just overzealous people believing in a cause.

You just have to look at the members of any cult to look how high the information is coming from.

This forum obviously endorses certain cults while condemning others and telling people "find your own way".  

So have fun with all of it.  Mayatnik make your next post a separate one so Adrian can make a nice sticky out of it.

Thanks people for listening to my concerns.  If even one person doesn't buy into this end of the world bovine excrement (which judging from PM's may have happened).. then the post was worth it.  For the rest of you PREPARE PREPARE for these pleidians who sometimes mislead.  Remember its all for your benefit.

11  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / I finally got somewhere!! on: August 28, 2003, 19:24:55
I accidently put this in the LD section when I ment to put it here.  Sorry for spamming.

The other night I had a lucid dream that turned into a projection due to the usual method I use of clearing my mind and watching the scenery around me disappear.

I did what I normally do .. I have done this countless times.. Flown straight up into the night sky and hope to get somewhere. I remember I felt a presence following me but I refused to be afraid. To my great joy.. (understatement) I saw a circle up in the sky and chinese letters in the clouds. I have no clue what they meant but I did know it showed me a "target" I willed myself to fly through it and walla.

I was in a world of the most amazing colors I have ever seen. I cant even describe the colors and I knew it wasn't a figment of my mind because if anyone here has gone from a dark rt zone to a place of brilliant colors you just KNOW you're in someplace outside of yourself.

The only beings I saw in this place were these really really funny looking old men. No women at all and they were smiling huge. I talked to them and they were really friendly but only smiled mostly I dont remember any responses. I remember being in a restaurant talking to one who seemed a little "mentally challenged" at least that was my impression. I work with some mentally challenged people rt so it wasn't a surprising thing to me. I thought MAYBE it had to do with that in some way.

Anyway I woke up very happy I had finally gotten somewhere. I still dont know what to make of the circle and chinese letters but having a target to fly into helped a lot.

Anyone been to a similiar place? It was really funny.. the people almost looked like elfs but tall and all were old.
12  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / One thing you dont know about me on: August 27, 2003, 17:09:51
Many of us know eachother's handle but dont know much about the person behind the handle.  Thought it would be sort of fun to tell at least one thing no one here knows about you.  It can be anything..

one of mine...

Im hoping to be able to move to Japan someday to live and work.  hopefully some time in the near future.
13  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / You cant save anyone on: August 27, 2003, 16:58:12
You cant save anyone and no one is a cause.  Its a temptation I see when a person adopts a certain world viewpoint or set of beliefs.

It can happen and often does happen when a person becomes a christian.  But It can also happen when a person finds another way.  Such as AP, other new age philosophies.  I dont engage in religious debates because I think the end goal is really to be right and in hopes that person will go over to your side.

It wont happen.  Especially when it comes to religious beliefs.  Sure you may convert a person every now and then, but how strong is a path they didnt find themselves?

14  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / a little tired on: August 26, 2003, 21:03:21
Im really getting a little tired of all the preaching that is going on.  Im not saying they dont have a right to preach but one thing that is unique about this place is we normally aren't exposed to the BS preaching and force fed christianity we have to see in everyday life.

It is very normal to be approached by a christian.  I was in line the other day in the city I live in and the cashier had a nice convo with the woman in line about the christian band she was buying and how good it is kids like christian music.

People here complain there is an anti christian (am I spelling that wrong?  Im tired).  feel to this place and it isnt that.  Its just they are not as free to force that BS down other's throat because most here have thought it out and moved past it.

There are many christians here who dont preach or complain about all the non christians and label it anti christian.  Just because for once there might be more non christians than christians does not mean you are now a minority and a victim.  

I think highly of christ and am not anti religion in anyway but I feel its getting a little out of control (the preaching).  I mean this is the one place we dont have to hear it.  Where its okay to say "I dont believe in that".  Its just getting under my skin seeing this board plastered with it.

BTW this isn't a call to the mods to do something about it.  Its just me venting.

Thanks people.
15  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / physical or astral ailment? on: August 22, 2003, 22:36:13
Lastnight I woke up in a trance state and decided to project.  I was basically trying to pull myself up doing the rope technique and was pretty far out when my ear started flapping like crazy.  It felt like there was a butterfly inside of it and it was one of the most annoying things ever.

I just started pulling harder and tried focusing light on it (only because in the past its worked with astral "bugs" and whatnot) but nothing happened.  It didnt work so when i couldnt take it anymore I shook my head back and forth rt and got out of trance.

The problem or the question is when in the physical these last few weeks my ear will really start bothering me.  The exact same ear that was fluttering will start hurting out of nowhere.  I even once wondered if I had a bug in there but I didnt.  Its not the same fluttering in the physical just an annoying tickling.  

My question is what is going on?  I wouldnt have thought anything of it if I hadn't told many people there's something wrong with my ear this past week only to have that really strong fluttering (it was painful too) in the astral.  Is it something in the astral effecting the physical or is it something in the physical that became 10 times stronger in the astral?

Any similiar experiences?  

thanks people
16  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / buying books at Borders on: August 14, 2003, 22:11:05
Have any of you had experiences where a person has started to preach to you at the bookstore.

I remember reading in the PPSD section about a person who came up to someone when they were reading in the new age section and preached.  I had a similiar situation happen to me today.

I was at "Borders" bookstore and it was the clerk or cashier.. or whatever they're called who did it.  After reading the magic section of this forum I decided to buy the book Modern Magick by Kraig.
When I went up to pay the clerk who was about my age.. maybe a little older read the title and asked if that stuff really worked.  I said I wouldnt know cus I dont practice it.  

He then said how he used to practice it as a kid and it never worked.  I just nodded.. which he apparently saw as an invitation to tell me he now found a different power to look up to.  A higher power.  Then he stopped for dramatic effect I guess.. and put the receipt in the bag.  I wont keep you all in suspense.  that power was "God".  

I kinda just smiled and said "cool" then left.  Is it really appropriate for a person working in such a large book store to be preaching?  I wasn't offended at all and was actually proud I didnt make a smart butt comment.  But it was a little out of line.  

I guess in a way i understand how in their own misguided way these people are trying to do good.

Anyway.. so far I'm impressed with the book.  Its well written and im excited to spend some time reading it.

17  Magic / Welcome to Magic! / interesting divisions on: August 14, 2003, 14:21:40
Certain posts have brought to my attention there are certain divisions in the magick world.

One I see is those who dont like crowley and even the use of the word "magick" vs magic.  They also dont seem to think he has contributed anything to the world of magic.  I havent read any of his stuff but all this controversy on him has made me curious.

I see the word OTO used and I was wondering what that is.  Is it a brand of magic or an organization?

There is a lot of comments geared towards those who have learned all their techniques etc from books.  I guess the other alternative would be through practice.  But it seems unless you have a mentor its impossible to just practice and learn from your mistakes.  It seems foolish and makes more sense to first read up on and and get a great deal of your info from books.

I just dont get where people are claiming to learn all this from.  I think we all know the majorityof the information we all have was read.  Even by that apropros person. Or whatever his name is (From Croatia).

Another division I see is Ceremonial magic vs (what)?   What is the alternative to this and why is it looked down on?  Is it the use of rituals and props?  Im not even sure what ceremonial magic is compared to anything else.

Please help me understand some of this stuff.  especially the different "types" of magic.  And I can see the comment coming now ther are no types.. magic is everything.  But I mean the types that are "practiced".

18  Magic / Welcome to Magic! / locked topic? on: August 14, 2003, 03:58:55
This will probably be moved.. but I dont think it was right the topic "is magic real" was locked just because that one fool who types in caps and likes to show his knowlege of magic jumped on it with insults.

I'd hate to see that trend start on these forums.  Especially when its just one person.  
Seems unfair also to the person who creates the topic and those that still have something to say on it.  Instead why not tell the person to stop and ban them if they dont.

Even if shadow doesnt care if the topic was locked it just seems like bad policy for the future.

I understand if this is moved but im too lazy right now to find the right forum to state this.  Just got off work etc
19  Magic / Welcome to Magic! / Drawbacks of doing magic? on: August 07, 2003, 23:05:45
I am seriously considering buying a few of the books mentioned on this forum.  Before possibly starting on this road I would appreciate if anyone could tell me the reasons some might chose not to do so.  

By doing magic do you pretty much decide to make a deal with karma where you take responsibility and say "I know most of this stuff will come back at me, but Im willing to do it"?  Or is it just like anything else where if you stay away from the "dark" aspects of it its just like any other metaphysical pursuit?

Are there consequences for doing "harmless" magic?  I think you know what i'm getting at.  I've always thought by getting into magic youre just getting yourself in potential trouble.  Is this true?

20  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / How do you shield? on: August 04, 2003, 19:51:40
I recently learned the benefits of creating a psychic shield.  Im not talking about being under attack from negs so shielding, but a way to protect your own energy in everyday life.  I think its important especially if you're in anyway psychically sensitive.  Anyway what I want to know is what methods do many of you use?  How do you "protect" your energy from everyday interactions that can drain  you?

21  The Astral Library / Welcome to Writers Corner! / writers magazines. on: August 02, 2003, 01:34:18
What writers magazines do you all subscribe to if any.  Do you prefer Writer's Digest  Writer's journal etc.?

Do you find they help?
22  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Dont read if youve not seen "Waking Life" on: July 30, 2003, 17:26:05
Soo.. was the guy actually dead or what?

That was never all the way clear to me.
23  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / cults on: July 30, 2003, 17:01:39
What is the definition of a cult?  Does every cult need a leader?  Why are cults so associated with metaphysical persuits?  

Is the the completely suspension of disbelief so many think is required? IE "Why are you here talking about OBE if you're sceptical about alien entities that are being channeled through our leader".

Im seriously wondering about this and it isn't a slam on anything.  Is a cult simply a group of people gathering together who believe in something + (AN important plus) One person who claims they have all the answers and you must now follow their way.

If RB suddenly claimed he was the incarnate of some being on the astral would most of you find another site ...if we stuck around and listened what the incarnate version of Robnikbub would we then qualify as a cult?

This is something i cant get a grasp on.. what separates a cult from a gathering of like minds on a regular basis to each of you?
24  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / a beer? on: July 26, 2003, 00:10:18
who here drinks.  Am I the only one who feels its not accepted to have a few drinks on this forum?  why is that?  

is it so wrong?
25  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / bad experience with the pendulum. on: July 25, 2003, 22:14:07
I have used the pendulum off and on since that one thread was posted by Mayatnik.  At first I was impressed, then a little weirded out by things like people asking mayatnik's guide all sorts of things.  I even saw one say that mayatnik's guide now told him to do certain tasks etc.

Anyway I have time in the beginning of work so every now and then i'll ask questions.  My pendulum has been consistently wrong.. and very wrong.  For example there was about a 50/50 chance my boss would come into work today.  I asked the pendulum if it was able to foresee the future it answered yes.  I asked if my boss was coming in today it answered no.  Then an hour later he is in the office.  This has happened around 5 times already.  Ive asked it many other questions when it was outright wrong.

First question, how do you banish a being from you?  I know 13 talked about it some but now i see why a person would want to do that.  It has been wrong way too many times and in some cases even deceitful.

I really hope people aren't blindly thinking everything coming through is the "truth" because so far barely anything has been right when I've tried it.  Im a little disappointed I have to admit.. I am however interested in knowing how to determine who's on the other side.  And how to request a certain person.
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