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1  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / . . .. so much hate on: August 11, 2004, 15:31:47
   how come, even here in these forums, so many people are SO angry. the christians preach to the wiccans and the wiccans to the christians. . .the liberals against the republican. . .arent we all suppose to come together in a PEACEFUL atmosphere?Huh? isnt the WHOLE point of these forums to do just that? so that we ALL can learn from each other. its alright not to agree, but dont yell and tell each other that they're wrong.don't insult people, theres no call for that and it will get us nowhere. . . .because insulting is EXACTLY what the rest of the world does and we'll not make any progress if we do this.
I hear you people in these forums saying that "we" are the ones who will pave the way, that 'we' are the ones that know the truth.etc. but in reality we are NO DIFFERENT than everyone else. . . .we just understand things differently.
So please dont insult people, dont try to make them into something they're not, and really. . .talking about how bush is hitler, or how democrats are hippies, etc. . .in the grand scheme of things it really doesnt matter. .all this petty arguing over politics is futile. .i wish all that angry energy was put into something more beneficial.
i realize not everyone will agree with me, and mabe it seems that im 'venting', but if just one person gets something out of this, then the world will be better.
i hope that i helped in some way. . .
2  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / past lives relived!!! on: May 19, 2004, 04:47:22
i think that there should be a place where peeps can talk about their past lives. . TALK IT UP!!
3  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Important! ya'll listen up on: February 08, 2004, 17:04:32
i'm not sure where this post should go, but i'm writin it anyways.
 i cannot believe some of the accusations going around in these forums! arent these people here suppose to be searching for experience and guiding or whatever. Aren't WE suppose to read posts with an open mind even if we dont agree. Some of these people on this site. .alls they do is personally attack others just because they don't agree!!!!
I'm,. . im almost speechless, its incredible.
I encourage anyone to go 'n read Mayatniks post in prophecy and communication. .i got pretty far in reading it, but after reading all these accusations against his character i couldnt read anymore. This is insane, and its happening more 'n more frequently whether its against anyone here or elsewhere.
Don't psychics and spiritual people go through ENOUGH without having to be even MORE ridiculed by thier OWN community!!!!!!!!?HuhHuh
We're suppose to be the 'open minded' and 'understanding' peoples, right. .but there are people just as nasty. .in fact even MORE nasty than anyone else here, in these forums!
HEY! you peeps who're talkin trash about Mayatnik or ANYONE else--you  listen; YOU BEST SIT BACK AND LOOK AT YOUR OWN SELF BEFORE ACCUSING SOMEONE ELSE, ya'll talk about having guide and following intuition or whatever, but you must not be listenin very well, or your're hearing what you wanna hear.
oh! an' just cuz ya ain't certified don't mean you cant be a counselor. .in FACT most certified counselors dont know much cuz they're just book learned. i know I"D rather have someone whos learned from experience.
   If we let people fill our heads with paranoia then they'll be a mass hysteria and people with origional thought'll be outcast, just like they are in society NOW. Aren't we all suppose to be the ones WHO EMBRACE DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?HuhHuhHuh?
alright, i've said my bit. and if anyones got anythin to say against THAT feel free to pm me or anythin like that, in fact. .what're your names Timeless or Celeste or whatever your names are,.... yeah, i WANT you to come talk to me, i wanna know HOW some of you peoples can even have the MINDSET to do some of these things, just WHY you peoples need to harrass others.
. .
to all them other peeps who read posts with the willingness to learn and accept differece, live by your intuition and don't let someone else sway your beliefs. . you guys are the good 'uns, don't loose your footing.
4  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / please HELP!!!!!! on: January 30, 2004, 16:55:36
okay, i've posted somethin like this before, but i didnt get much help. Whenever i try to AP i get some problems (I've been able to AP before, but not conciously, even though i know how it feels)First of all, I can see with my eyes closed, and everyone says that's astral vision but i can do that anywhere so it's a little distracting when you're trying to concentrate. Then when im all ready to AP, instead of my astral body floating up, my physical body does it without me doing anything (it just happens), not like levitation, but like the wind's pushing my body up. Or my whole body will tense up and the shake.
   The problem is my astral body never seems to be able to float around, most of the time i can feel it above me, but its laying down. Mabe im just thinking too much or not enough or something.
I need some help, pleasssssseee. I've been trying for a while, but i think somethings missing, please help pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease
5  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / talking to guides on: January 11, 2004, 23:37:43
so-okay, ive been talking to my guide since forever, but she won't ever give me her name. .usually i just let it go, but whenever i ask her she just says a simple ''no''. mabe she just doesnt want to be labelled. . anyway, do you guys have any ideas on that.
she calls me by a nickname so i know its her, id still like to know what to call her.
6  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / getting up on: January 06, 2004, 17:09:54
hey, i can get myself into a trance and feel my astral body, but i cant get up. .like to walk around or whatever. I OBE'd once already, but ever since then (a couple days ago) i havent been able to get up from my physical body. I just figured i needed more practise. Also, whenever im in the trance my astral eyes open, like, automatically. .and its sometimes harder to concentrate. Anyway . .help and comments and suggestions and whatever PLEASE!! thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou
7  Healing / Welcome to Healing discussions! / do we really need medicine? on: January 04, 2004, 02:28:46
okay, so my little brother was sick. I had him sit by me for awhile and just used reiki on him. in not too long, he said he was feeling alot better and  was jumpin around the rest of the day. Which led me to thinking, do people really need medication. . .like, to a small scale i realize that when youre going through surgery or sumthin, that you sometimes need that. . .but like flu or cold medicine and such. Realistically i dont think people need it as much as they think.
8  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / seeing with eyes closed on: December 09, 2003, 22:38:34
yeah, this has happened lotsa times now. When im just laying down, I dont think at all and my thoughts drifts, then i feel like i float out of my skin, but like im laying on top of it and I can see like my eyes are open, but they're actually shut tight. It happened the other day when I went to the dentist, I laid in the chair and closed my eyes, then I could see them working on me. As in, Like im looking up, but this has also happened and that when im laying down i can see like im looking down on myself.
has this happened to anyone else?
9  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / discrimination on: December 07, 2003, 03:57:26
does anyone else deal with being sort of discriminated against for being psychic and such? Not so much from people you own age, but older people who dont seem to understand you view. I was just having this discussion with my friends and they thought something like this may happen, and thats why they lay low:
Is there going to be some sort of Worldly transition where if all psychic, and energy users come foreward we'll be the ones who are being bullied and outcast?
   What do you all think?
10  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Colorization and mind eye on: August 25, 2003, 05:38:20
I was wondering; how is it that you actually "open" your third eye? I'm sure I've done it already, but I suppose I want to make sure.Cheesy
also, I can make my psi balls VERY strong and the construct lasts, though I still haven't been able to color them, or even see hues. I know that they're there, but seeing them would be a nice li'l surprise. Adivice or comments'll be useful - -
11  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Did atlantis exist? on: May 19, 2004, 00:07:11
that medallion's fake. . the writings ALL wrong. Thats the problem with people like that, they'll create something, claim its thousands of years old, and then most people are turned off by that and therefore wont believe in atlantis at all, because people exploit it. As for egypt, there IS evidence, but the egyptian government wont let any archaeologist dig in egypt anymore, the americans and europeans who do, do it illegally, for some reason the egyptian government wants to keep their history a hush hush, and of course dont forget one of the halls of records that was burned to the ground during the crusades because it was "pagan". Theres lots of evidence of atlantis, unfortunately, most "normal" people dont want to talk about it, its a sorta taboo like subject. .sad really. But its atlantean past lives that you should look into, if the people are genuine, most of their stories coincide. Hope i helped[Smiley]
12  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Did atlantis exist? on: May 15, 2004, 18:04:26
Why are you asking if it exsisted,Dr. Shaman, when you already don't believe?
What do you hope to learn from asking?
13  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Passion of the Christ on: March 09, 2004, 23:12:16
whoaaaakay. Alright, i understand peoples viewpoint of christianity, and i myself agree that it, along with many other religions has gone a stray off course. However, i saw this movie.. . .i totally liked it,im not saying "oh, christ was beaten up, awesome!' uhhh. no. im sayin that even though, yes, it was very bloody ; IT SHOWED WHAT HAPPENED ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE and thats EXACTLY what mel gibson set out to do. About the romans, not every roman in the movie was shown as sadistic, only a select few, in fact during the part where jesus was being scourged, there was a group of men doing it, but after not too long most of them stopped and just stood in awe as two, and only two romans continued to beat him. Look a pontius, he allowed the rabbi's will to be done, not the romans.
"It starts with Yoshua (in the subtitles they call him "Jesus," but he's supposed to be Jewish, not Puerto Rican, so the dialogue
has him as "Yoshua") having a bad trip in the garden of his rich friend Gethsemane. Then-- and this is what makes the movie fun--Satan shows up."
   ~actually its not yoshua, its yeshua as in YAHWEH which is the hebrew spelling of Jesus' name. I don't believe you completely understood the film, or Jesus' sacrifices, either that or you're trying to incite trouble.
   This movie shows what few people understand. .and that was the whole point of why Jesus was here: to teach and save. He knew he was going to die and he couldve stopped it, but he didnt because he was suppose to die. I did cry after the movie when i got home, but it wasnt because of the movie. .it was because that after so many thousand years, humans still don't understand what Christ was here for. . .so many times in the bible jesus says we can be like him, oh! and just the other day i saw this quote saying sumn that ‘‘even after so long you still don’t listen’ or something around there. i wish i could remember the passage. oh well. what makes me so sad is that people have forgotten what christ was for. .and some of which was to show what humans can eventually become (healing, prophesy, telekinesis, etc basically metaphysics)
14  World Cultures, Traditions and Religions / Welcome to World Cultures, Traditions and Religions! / Modern Christianity is a Lie on: February 25, 2004, 22:46:13
darhhh. .i was gonna post last night, but me computer went all kerphabbled.
   Insertanywayzzzz, in response to some of what exothen said. . .I respect what you think, i think you're wrong . .but believe what you wish
also, about religions being similar. .i suggest you do some research and see what you come up with. .(if you're interested of course) such as going to google and typing in something along the lines of similarities/connections of world religions. .you'd be surprised what you find out.
"To me, this is where Christianity is above all other religions"
   ~Im curious. . .how is one religion better than the other?
also, i think you shouldn't come along saying 'this is right, you all are wrong" if i were you id research religions before saying anything against them. also. . do you realize how much christianity has chaged over the centuries? there was a time when reincarnation and karma were teachings, but the church surpressed them in 664 AD ( i believe) don't forget the time when kings ruled the church (which is why settlers came to America) and could pretty much do what they wanted with the doctrine/bible.
15  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Zeta Project: Zeta conversations - and questions on: February 25, 2004, 22:28:55
thanx soosoo much for asking my question. A thousand bigillion thank yous.  and to all other ppplz whos questions got answered, they say thank you too.[Wink]
16  World Cultures, Traditions and Religions / Welcome to World Cultures, Traditions and Religions! / Modern Christianity is a Lie on: February 24, 2004, 00:29:28
i understand what false prophet is tryin to grab at. he's saying that organized religion in itself has become corrupt and will bend and stretch the truth to make their religion seem the only one, or 'the best' when in fact when you look at it, all religions (in my opinion) seem to originate from a single source and therefore, the basic core beliefs are the same, yet over so many years those who have led the churches change the writing and phrase them as how they see it should be, for instance in America, many people justified slavery with bible scriptures. Also, that many people are trying to find answers from others instead of searching inside their own soul for an answer.
I don't think he's saying that Jesus Christ himself is evil, nor God. .but the church that has slaughtered his name, the churches that claim to follow God and christ when all they do is turn away from it.
this has been going on for centuries, and not many have spoken against it 1. for fear of blastphoemy (sp?) 2. because it's what they've been taught and have never questioned it.
   I think Jesus died so we CAN question religion, so we CAN look inside ourselves to find the answer.
people shouldn't be so quick to judge unless you understand what the person is trying to say.
i think there was a saying that went something like :
   "Earth is filled with Christs and Buddhas, but does anyone really listen?"
the christian churches supposedly teach the love of christ, but they're the ones who are so judgemental of others. .try having a discussion with a catholic , and you'll see what i mean.
17  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Zeta Project: Zeta conversations - and questions on: February 21, 2004, 23:41:45
oh. .i totally just got a spark of an idea.
 okay, heres another question:
   ~are zetas, pleaidians,humans, and or anyone else descendents of a single source. .basically, are we all related in a certain sense?
 andandandand. . .
   ~what is your relationship with the pleiadians?i read this one theory that the pleaidians came to earth and took on human form, and before they left earth there was one who remained and supposedly that was jesus. .have you heard of that, and what is your opinion, please?
thanx, thanx[Cheesy]
18  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Zeta Project: Zeta conversations - and questions on: February 21, 2004, 19:38:27
yeah, uhmm.
~1)I was wondering about the TV show stargate sg-1 and if the show itself is there to sortof discredit what is actually going on so that the public won't believe that stuff like that is actually happening (i found too many commonalities such as the crystal skulls, etc)
~2)were you and i and my guide speaking a few nights ago, i would very much like you to acknowledge that please.
~3)did atlantis sink because of their greed over crystals, or was it that they defied the gods, or is it both. i think you've explained it before though. Oh! and, is atlantis  located on earth or is there some sort of portal that leads to another planet where the city was actually located.
   ````I want to say again, i don't think it's said enough : thank you everyone for doing this, thanx to the zeta for allocating time to do this and for those channeling in this forum.
19  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / As a free service to those with spirit guides... on: February 21, 2004, 17:45:23
well, i know why she doesn't want her name known to others, and she said its okay to tell ya. She told me awhile ago that her name is sacred to her and to me and if i were goin to tell her name to other people, for one, it would insult her for another our relationship wouldn't be as personal. She also said that it was a bit like the native americans with their animal guides and if they told their guides name to anyone else, they would loose their power or something.
   I wasn't really planning on taking part in all of this, i was just asking, and other peeps may have the same thing goin for them,
20  Magic / Welcome to Magic! / Christian Magicians or Magick on: February 21, 2004, 04:10:32
   interesting, your viewpoints on christianity. I agree that once you get to a certain point, you start to. ..''see'' things about organized religion. Although, christianity has helped some peoples' faith. . .helped them to, i dunno, be 'born again', it's not the christian faith that's the problem. .the basic fundamentals are fine, as with many religions, such as buddhism for example whos core beliefs are much the same as christianity as well: love, kindness, acceptance, etc. The basic philosopies are the same, it's the church themselves who morph it the way they want. Pastors, monks, priests, they shape the bible and sacred writings however they please. .and when people go to church and listen, over time these warped teachings get nailed in their heads, so they go around judging people and saying things like "oh, you're not christian/catholic/whatever, you should come to church with me and learn about it." why, why are some religions better or worse than others.
   OmG, i totally agree with that whoever said it, about how witchcraft is defined. Thats so true. . .when you think about it. .look what Moses did, look what Jesus did, or Joseph. They did extraordiinary things that we would probably now condifer to be witchcraft (staff into snake, HEALING people, interpreting future events by dreams) the only difference is that God helped them and they admitted it, whereas the pharoahs priests used the satans power (in my opinion) to turn their staves into snakes which is why God won. .cuz Gods just awesome[Wink]
   'christian witch' gives too many boundaries. .i personally dont think you should label yourself at all at this point. don't call yourself anything, just experience and learn . .after youve thought about everything, then you decide. that's what i did anyway, and it worked for me. .i know what i am. .and im not a christian, or hindu, or buddhist, or muslim. . .i'm me and i believe what i believe.(though my parents still make me go to church with them[xx(])
   not all witches are evil, and not all christians are loving.
21  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / As a free service to those with spirit guides... on: February 20, 2004, 22:39:58
hiya. .quick question: why do ya need the guides name/ what if the guide doesn't want other people to know their names?
22  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Zeta Project: Zeta conversations - and questions on: February 19, 2004, 22:44:18
you peoples. . .[V]
why d'ya got to come in here and get all up ons everyone else? You guys don't believe this whole zeta communication thing. . .take it somewhere else. .why even post it here in the first place is what i wanna know. **sigh*
i'm pretty anxious though, i do realize that lots of people are asking questions (im not sayin mine are any more important that anyone elses)but, im gettin all 'when will they answer?'.
hmph. .mabe never. .still curious though[Wink]
but heres a thingthank you alls for doin this zeta communication for us!!!!!
23  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Questino about Aerokinesis on: February 17, 2004, 00:41:07
Ah! don't listen to lullabi;
~"It's easier to convince yourself you are doing something that
you really aren't (i.e - controlling the wind) whe n somebody else
is there telling you that you can too. And it's easy to get lost
 in your imagination and pretend games when you are young,
 and believe them to be real. I think you probably never could
  control the wind."
For, one, thats completely wrong. I think that you and your friend both believed you had areokinesis so you 'worked together' and you believe you both need each other to do it. and it's possible that you do. sometimes people connect in a certain way that you can only do things when you're with that certain person. In a way; its possible that you both SHARE aerokinesis.
another thing. .i dont think its right to call it 'control' of the wind. .its more 'using' that controlling (otherwise Wind will get mad)
~hummh. .'feeling that causes the wind to rise and fall'??? sortof,yes. I usually ask if the wind will let me use it, then sortof let it rise. and visualize the wind moving in a certain fact just a few hours ago i went outside and changed the direction of the wind. I can sorta feel the wind around me. .whispering to me sometimes. it's very enlightening.
Don't let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do (tch. .negative and pessemistic people always tryin to bring ye down)
hope i helped![Wink]
24  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Zeta Project: Zeta conversations - and questions on: February 15, 2004, 03:18:22
s'okay. I've got some questions, first off
~were you with me tonight, and did we have that conversation? I would very much like you to acknowledge it even though you said you might not.
~you didnt answer my question before(or mabe you werent asked) but, the children that you apparently ''experimented" on, were there alot of them, or only a few. and how did you go about it?
thanx much, pleasepleaseplease reply[^]
25  World Cultures, Traditions and Religions / Welcome to World Cultures, Traditions and Religions! / Thoughts on Native- American wisdom on: February 13, 2004, 19:40:34
i believe that the Native Americans knew so much. They lived with the land, asking PERMISSION to hunt for food. Then they thought everything had a spirit; rocks trees animals, etc. Then when organized religion came and converted them, it took all then had and threw it out the window (although, some of the native americans were still allowed to worship in the own way, very little though) I think that they were the first to acknowledge the existance of spirit guides. It's unsettling how far off we've gotten. The Native Americans didn't have any organized religion, nor prophets (such as Jesus, Buddha) yet they shared the same core beliefs. It makes you wonder a bit. .mabe we listen to what other people tell us too much without thinking on our own.
pssssst! i like that quote "The earth does not belong to us, we belong to it." i'm gonna steal that if thats okay!
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