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1  The Astral Library / Welcome to Book Reviews! / The Power of Now on: July 01, 2003, 13:29:12
By Eckhart Tolle

This is a very good book on overcoming ego, and getting in touch with you inner self. It is not geared to or promoting any particular philosophy except making the connection with your self and wiping away all of the built up layers one accumulates over the years.

Written in a question/answer format, it is an easy read that (personally anyway) has results as one lets the message sink in. I would recomend this book to just about everyone no matter where you are in development.

Best to you
2  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Hiatus on: January 17, 2003, 00:44:48
Hey all.

This is the wrong catagory, I know but this is where I generally post. Will be offline for a month or more, and wish all of you the best. Did not want anyone to think they were getting ignored. (If anyone noticed)[Tongue]

Best wishes to all

3  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Astral? energy storage on: October 24, 2002, 17:49:08
Hey all

I would like to know how people store energy in non-physical spaces. Charging crystals, rocks, and objects is easy, I am curious about eregore's, and storage areas placed in the astral. How to make them, and how to hide/protect them.

Any thoughts would be great.

4  Healing / Welcome to Healing discussions! / Mechanical Energy Body Healing on: October 21, 2002, 21:58:33
Hey, all.

I thought I would post this link here for all. Howard Brockman (along with a partner) has developed a machine that has the ability to cleanse the chakras, and balance the energy body. He is an MA, MSW, and LCSW.

He has a web site at I have not yet gone through his whole site, but what I have seen is very good. Please enjoy, all. This is a very great advance to see technology working in the spiritual area.

Best to all

5  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / The next step? on: October 09, 2002, 22:42:38
I have not been responding here much, as most of my astral experience seems to be around the real time zone. I seem to be able to send out some sort of astral double fairly easily, and shuttle consciousness back and forth between myself and it.

There seems to be pros and cons to this. On the plus side, I can do it relatively easily. But the downside is it takes a lot of work and a good trance state to get full awareness of my surrondings on the astral side. Physical distractions can bring my consciousness back while my double stays.

Events of late lead me to believe that if I could find an entrance structure I could go further. I have been following and retrieving someone from the astral, and where I find them generally has nothing recognizable around them. More like floating in space.

I have backed this up, by confirming my presence with people at the other end, being "called" back to the astral by events that continued to unfold, and having the person I was retrieving wake up after I brought them back.

Now if I could project controlled into the astral proper.....

Any thoughts on how to get further would be great. I just am not sure how to find an entrance structure.

6  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Ionizers on: July 17, 2002, 15:21:35
I was just wondering if anyone else has any experience with ion generators? We became aware of them several months ago, and had some good results. I was wondering if they cause problems for the negs, past creating a positive enviroment for the humans. There is a fair amount I could say about them, and will if someone is curious. Just looking for other experience(s).

Take care, all.

7  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Children? developmental help on: June 16, 2002, 22:42:03
Hi, all

Our 5 year old son has been showing signs of psychic abilities.  For the last couple of years, he has percieved our thoughts off and on. This first manifested itself with him asking questions about things we were contemplating. It has progressed to the point, that at times we can send mental messages to him, with physical reactions. (head turns, expressions, etc..) He has been having a problem going to sleep. After questioning, he is seeing Roberts description of the brow chakra "waking up". It has been disturbing to him (A thunderstorm), and kept him from wanting to close his eyes.  We explained to him what is going on. It is not the first talk on the subject. He has also figured out that not everyone can readily percieve anothers mind, so has some reservation about discussing it.

I am wondering if anyone has any ideas about continuing the devolpment, while assauging any fears a 5 (going on 10+) year old may have. We had thought about getting "telepathy" flash cards, and working with him in that way. This is our first attempt, and though abilities have run in our families, it was never encouraged, just accepted.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts

8  Bug Reports and Questions / Forums Bugs Reports and Questions / Only partially logged in? on: June 15, 2002, 15:15:22
When I try to go to my personal area, do most things that members do, except
start or respond to posts, I get sent back to the login screen. It won't let me log in, or says I already have. At the same time, it is shown that I am still logged in and active on the system. Help.

9  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / What am I projecting? on: June 08, 2002, 20:32:21
Hi, all.

I am at a place on my learning curve where I "reach out" with my energy, can get impressions from other people/places (no sight/sound, but visual and audio impressions). I realy do not need trance to do this on a light level, just a little concentration. When I am relaxing, my trance level feels very light. I don't feel like I am leaving my body, because I maintain a (limited) level of awareness where I am. I have been "snapped back" before, which to me resembles the same effect as Astral projection.

In this "awareness shift" state, I am able to accomplish much including defense, attacking unwanted influences, connection & a sort of "emotional comunication" with the other person. Much like telepathy, I guess.

Does anyone know exactly what I am projecting?

Thanks for the help.

10  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Getting your energy backtraced on: June 08, 2002, 16:43:15
Hi, all.

I understand that it is possible to back trace energy to someone. From what I have felt, people, or there energy bodies, can be set up with an alert device to let someone know if there is activity. Looking for  thoughts on this, and maybe some advice.

A couple of days ago, I sent healing energy to my grandmother who broke her hip recently. This went very well. Part way through, I felt an odd sort of a "lock" come into the connection. It did not appear obtrusive, though I was a little "uncomfortable" with it. When I had ended the energy transfer, something came back down the the connection and tried to force itself in me. It was not good, not my grandma, and felt like the forces I am dealing with.
I was able to block it, attacked it with my sword, and seemed to "yank out by the roots" some other connections that this dark entity had on me. It was surprised, and annoyed that I could attack it. I also set up blocks to keep my dreams clear. The perpatrator had been coming in my dreams, trying to weasel back in.

Last night, I sent energy to my mother. She wanted to get ready for it. Something odd happened though. After the acknowledgment was recieved, my awareness snapped back to my body, and my trance lightened significantly. As I settled back in, a large "vacuum" feeling was felt. It didn't feel "correct", but I couldn't really break it. I changed my energy to good and positive, healing type flows, and poured it on. It took more work than I expected to change it to this. After a while, the negative associations with the connection fell off. I still felt a pull that kind of came from the centerline of my body, from the knees to the head. It took more work to block this. I spent the rest of the evening fortifying myself.

Any thoughts, or help would be appreciated.

P.S. Both people that I sent energy to we believe to be affected by the conflict we are in.

11  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Uncontrolled? Dreams, questions on: May 27, 2002, 20:05:29
Hi, all

I have a couple of questions maybe someone can help with.

Does anybody have some advice on remembering dreams? I know about dream journals, but this has not been as successful as I had hoped. I have strong reason to believe semi-successful attempts were made to block my dreams. This started around the first time I started a dream journal. (7-8 years ago) The majority of dreams I remember now come if I wake up in them. Usually from trying to do to much, or pulling myself out of them.

In the times I do remember, a percentage of them I have taken control, and worked towards specific goals, on a couple of occasions waking myself up by trying to gather to much energy to complete the task at hand. These are tied into the attacks and attempts on us that started 8-10 years ago. I do not always recoginize it as a dream. Is there a way to do that? (Or increase your chances?)

There is good evidence that my dreams were blocked (including others related to this) to keep us from becoming aware of what was happening. Almost everyone involved in this has some form of precongenitive dreams. All of the really strong people were blocked around the same time I was.

It is important to me to remember this stuff, I have been told that I am accomplishing more than I am conciously aware of by other people we have contacted for help. It is not very often that attempts are made while I am fully concious, and since the inception of NEW, these have stopped.

Thanks in advance for any help.

12  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Burns, Rieki Attunement, & Sex on: May 27, 2002, 19:47:45
Hello all,

I had Rieki attunement 1 done for me on May 23, was up and meditating during the time, and felt it. This was all good, and I felt positive reactions from my energy body. I have had varied success before that initializing my chakras, including the pelvic (sacral?) chakra. I most definately felt the rieki attunement for the next couple of days. (Still do).

A couple of days latter, my wife and I were making love, and to prolong the session, I used some teqhniques to "dial back" my arousal, and (clumsily) drew the energy up my energy body. In the end, I never achieved orgasm, though I was quite satisfied. My spouse reached climax twice. The next morning I had something like 1st degree burns on my hips on the front were the bone comes closest to the skin on the belt line. I also had much the same thing on the palms of my hands, basicaly where the centerline of the arm bone is if you are pulling your fingertips back towards your shoulders.

I felt very good the next day, except for the burns, and very "content". They have faded out after about 36 hours from noticing them. I am just looking for some thoughts on this. My circle of friends does not include anyone I can discuss this sort of thing with. Also, in the burn areas it had the feeling of light bruising, but nothing visible. The hips and hands were red, slightly swollen, and felt fevered for the first 24 hours. The "bruising" sensation continued for another 12 or so.

Thanks for any thoughts/advice.

13  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / "Hybrid Attacks" on: April 01, 2002, 04:02:34
During the last few years (and probably 8-10 total) I an some close loved ones have been the targets of very brutal attacks. They have been a combo of mental, psychic, magickal, and possesion. I will give some history.

I have been in a magickal battle since about '91 with a "dark" person. I was just starting to tap into my abilities at this point, and it was the attacks that raised my awaerness up enough to realize it. After creating some reflective devices, and having good results, something was done to block or veil my innerself from me. My own energies did not seem to be as effective. I did continue my research however, and ended up prefering "ceremonial magick" over most of the other types I found. I carried this to the middle pillar ritual (activating the Chakras) And then quit. (at the time I did not know why)It was at this time that the hyonotic attacks were first started.
My wife and I were the subject of hypnotic abuse, though in the start it was fairly(?) mild. We were made to do things that would have been "fantasies" but most of wich we would have never preformed if fully concious. In about '95 +/- Drugs (Animal grade tranquilizers) were used to take us much deeper. This began resulting in the rape of my wife. I also think in this time frame is when attachments were first started to be placed on us. Though things are not entirely clear, many other bad things happened in this period. Things really elevated in '98 we we moved to a close proximtiy of the attacker.

This is where it got really bad. Physical abuse started, an attachment was placed on me that used bone damage as the attachment point. (the wound still is not healed) Heavy physical abuse became the norm (torture), and with the sexual everything you could imagine (and most of what I never could) happening to me and my wife.

Last year we began to put it all together, and have been fighting since. We have found are way back to God, and I am again tuning my inner self. I have had psychic battles with the perpatrator, and two STRONG physical "expelling" reactions to the positive energies we are putting back in our lives. The main attachment that was placed on me has not fully let go, and I want it gone. I believe it to be of demonic origin (much of my knowledge of the (main) attachment comes from help we are recieving), and another person (now deceased), that was also a victem remembers that the perpatrator siad it was "a woman I placed on your back". He was the test subject. And was told the same thing was going to happen to me. Supposedly a male was placed on my wife. Comparing notes, this would fit with our mental states when things were at there worst, and before we became aware.

The attachments were done by having us memorize an old book, then reciting from it in a very harsh and gutteral language, before torture and rape sessions. The attachments were also used to fortify the hypnosis so drugs were no longer required (as often anyway) to get us to "perform" on que. Conditioning was used to get us to do the really vile stuff.

I seem to have a decent to good natural nack for the esoterical field (I used to project as a child), but am basicaly "green" as far as training goes. I have been told that I am doing alot subconciously, and some people are surprised we made it this far. When I battle, I just go with what feels right. I once cut the cord of the attacker in a direct assault after I couldn't win the wrestling match for my head. This was without conciously remebering about the cord at the time.

Any help and thoughts would be appreciated, it has been a long struggle, has taken many lives, many souls are being prayed upon, and it needs to be brought to an end. This is part of my goal, but I need to be to proper form before I can really help anyone else.

14  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Shields. on: September 01, 2003, 16:15:16
I think this post will not get a lot of responses. To tell someone your defensive measures as it allows them to be analyzed for weakness.

Best to all

15  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / I have a friend who believes she is possessed on: August 28, 2003, 14:03:16
Hi fca2003

Getting a copy of PPSD is a good idea. There is a lot of stuff in there that can help. It can be ordered form this site, or your local bookstore should be able to get it.

Nita's website is She has a lot of good information there that will help you until she can get back to you. Knowing what you are up aghainst should help. Harden your resolve to fight, as there will probably be several attempts to get you to stop trying to help yourself.

On this site download a copy of "Counter measures and Wards", by Robert Bruce. There is good stuff in there, and he recomends several psalms and some prayers to memorize that are effective. Try to make your enviroment as "positve" as possible. Lots of light, nice music, good smells (Cinnamon is very good). Keep night lights on, or the house lights at night. If you afford one ion generators will help.

My best to you

16  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Shields. on: August 26, 2003, 01:03:27
Hmmm, Nice answer breeze.

Nayru there is a good thread that has to be buried several pages now caled "Why not just shield". It may have some of what you are looking for. Also read the "counter measures and wards" document by Robert.

For the majority of what someone will encounter breeze has a good response. You can over come a lot like that though I am not sure about things that are out to feed on you rather than attack. Problem is that it is hard to arrive at that point. If something should happen where you come against a truly strong and determined being trying to "get" you you will not have a chance to learn how to shield before they are needed. As far as clouding your perception that is mostly a function of how you program your shield. They can be tied into many different energy sources making them no drain on you (or anyone else except an attacker). Some people only use shields as a "trip" wire to alert them during more mundane tasks that something is up.

Best to you

17  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Please please please help me!!!! on: July 14, 2003, 13:22:36

If more people would figure out what you did by such a young age the world would be a lot better off. You are on the right track.

Best to you
18  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / A friend's powers... on: July 12, 2003, 00:09:26
Hey Alezunde

Your friend should learn how to shield herself. She can filter out the backround "noise" that comes along. It should help her in day to day stuff, and protection from predators.

Why not Just shield... In the self defense catagory has a lot of tips and discussions about the subject. It is probably buried back a few pages now.

19  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Please please please help me!!!! on: July 10, 2003, 13:49:03
Hey, SiN

Adding to timeless's post (congrats timeless on mederator status) some of the things you are seeing involving family members could be attempts to get to you through someone else. Anything that could unbalance you. It is a pretty good sign that they are not able to get to you directly. Try not to let it bother you, and keep growing.

My best to you

20  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Negs can *steal* your body on: July 08, 2003, 13:50:52

Doubtful that something could just move in and animate your body while "away". And my guess would be that it would take a lot more than standard projection to leave your body "empty" I have seen that before, but the person was under assualt, and thier body was just a shell while the whole conscious was someplace else being abused. I did find a neg in the body, but it had no control of it and was more like something laying in a sleeping bag.

My guess Tyler is that you could treat it like a possesion, and all of the difficulties that go with it. Also, getting someone completely out of there body, not just the double would be a large chore.

Best to all
21  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Neg Removal Techniques - discussion forum on: July 02, 2003, 16:32:56

Slow down when jumping to conclusions. Though my expereince is relatively limited, it is usually something deep in the person that keeps them from "letting go" of a neg. This can be core image stuff, "liking" some of the things the neg does, etc... WHen somebody calls a neg back, there is no denying that something in them wants it back. Very doubtful that these particular cases are my ego since I have no illusions of being the great saviour, and half of the times that something has left someone that was getting work from me was completely by accident. Was not there to do neg removal, just some healing.

The mind is a very complex and deep subject, and negs are masters of psychology. No "slam" is intended for people that have these types of issues. Like I said personal experience is they consciously DO NOT want to be affected. I have NEVER mentioned that to someone at the time, (that they "wanted" it) that could be very damaging to the person. It is just observation. You are looking for knowledge, do not dismiss what is distasteful. Most of the reasons for those things are probably deeply buried psychological issues that the neg has exploited. Most people do not admit thier own darker sides to themselves. Negs use that.

Not aware of any other mechanical things that have not already been listed in the forum.

Best to you
22  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Neg Removal Techniques - discussion forum on: July 01, 2003, 12:50:28
Hey NR_5

Have been loosely following your posts across the boards. It seems that helping a friend is what motivated you to start here. It also sounds like you have yet to achieve success in removing that neg. Since you have been here for A while I will assume that all of the techniques on this website, buried in old posts in the defense area, and RB's book has been employed. Thata should have kept you busy for months.

A mechanical device that will help for somethings is an ionizer. They emit positvie energy. Funny, it is a negative ion generator that you want, but the effects are positive. A web search will land you a slew of information on them.

OK, now all of that being said, and with the FULL idea that you have tried EVERYTHING mentioned above, including telluride springs, etc...
Maybe your friend has something to learn from this experience. Or maybe down inside they do not want to get rid of it. Or maybe somehow they asked to be attached (could be previous lifetimes). These are all very harsh statements, and I do not want to offend, but unless you have a very very very powerful neg there, they can be pried off.

Have your friend shoot an email to Nita asking for help. She is one of the most qualified people on this site to evaluate and help. Her website is You should find some good info there, also.

On some of the previous notes, life has given me personal experience with most of the reasons I listed for why it will not go. I have watched people call back negs who would swear they did not want one. There is deep psychological programing that goes with being possesed by the stronger ones.

Another thought. Though I consider myself Christian also, it would be of long term benefit for you to take a decent look at other religions. Not to change, but to broaden your experience. They all kind of follow the same framework, and recognizing that framework will allow you to grow faster and more balanced.

My best to you and your friend
23  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / How do I block mind reading out of my mind? on: June 26, 2003, 17:08:30
I agree try shielding. While perfecting that hold thoughts in your head when it is/may be happening that you do not care if they know. Or swirl your thoughts so there is nothing to grab on.
24  Integral Philosophy / Welcome to Integral Philosophy! / Life and Negs on: June 26, 2003, 13:35:32
Hi, SpiritPathwalker

Interesting question. One of my contemplation lines has been That with the universal law of "As above so below" perhaps some negs are humans that "devolved", or chose to move down the path instead of up.

As I understand it, it is not possible to "destroy" a neg, just banish/dispell it.

Negs appear to be needed to provide the counter part to "good".

Funny thing about a neg, if you pour the good old fashioned "divine white light" into their crown chakra they undo their damage to the person they are attached to.

Alchimiste: Though your points are usually good, they are so covered with generally caustic wording that most people probably never get it as they are to busy being offended. Something to think about.

Neg removal5: Your quest is nobel, but gather more information.

To both: Never argue with a jackass, people cannot tell the difference!
25  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Help with disturbing dream 'n neg on: June 19, 2003, 13:55:09
Try some removal techniques, there are lots on this site, and in this forum. Learn to shield. Negs are annoying, but then so are mosquitos.

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