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226  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Needing hel on: June 09, 2002, 23:07:05
Hi, kakkarot

No, I am farther south than that. And west. The people involved in this are playing for keeps, its not just for fun. Kinda scary to think people mess with mother nature just for fun.

227  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Needing hel on: June 09, 2002, 19:17:59
Hi, all.

Not quite sure. There is more invovled here than just myself. I do know that the person that was on the other end of the storm damage had the majority of it happen around there. They seemed to get a lot more timid at that time. I have never got much information back from that person.

The rest of that is generally over my head. I can see the theory, but I don't know enough to comment.

228  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / What am I projecting? on: June 09, 2002, 19:08:45
Hi, Cainam_nazier

I am aware of empathy. It seems I float from almost nothing (rare) to what I think is full telepathy (also rare). I first became convinced several years ago, sitting with my mother. We were relaxed, and I had been giving her some ideas on something she wanted to pursue. Once her thoughts started down a path, I was able to get each one. Until we realized it, and broke the connection out of surprise, and a difference of opinion on a particular thought. That was not emotions, as it was not emotionally charged, just looking for ideas.

Generally I get thoughts from people in conversation, or just sitting next to them. I have checked this by answering questions or curiousities that play across thier minds. I don't do that anymore, its made more than one person a little edgy. I try not to pry, someones mind is their most private thing. Around other people with skills, I have had "exchanges". Depending on the person, it varies from imaging to speech, but without the confines of words.

As far as the awareness "split", I can do pretty much everything I want to in that state. I first really got tuned into it performing the LBRP, and QC. I got much stronger reactions like that. I have been sending energy to some people that are in need. It feels like once I have a clear image in my mind of who the target is, I reach out with a "tentacle" in their direction, sometimes search a bit, and then lock in. It seems that I only go to their end of the connection if I want to. That is where I get the strongest feedback.

When I send out awareness it seems I can expand it in a full circle, though behind me takes more active concentration, or directionally. A 30-45 degree arc in front of me seems to work the best. This is with or with out relaxation, just a little concentration. It is stronger when I meditate, though.

And for what it is worth, my trance states are fairly light, anybody within 5-10 feet (1-3 meteres) pulls me out. It takes a second or so to "dial in" again, unless its imperative, then it is almost immediate. But I do not like coming up that fast.

Thanks for the thoughts, maybe this post will help clarify.

P.S. I just got Astral Dynamics only on page 80+/-

229  Integral Philosophy / Welcome to Integral Philosophy! / Why do you believe in a god/creator on: June 08, 2002, 21:47:00
Hi, good questions.

I as long as I can remember, I have believed in a ying/yang theory sort of as good and evil. It was my research into magick, that really first convinced me of a God. Ceremonial magick, that allows an establishment of that link solidified it for me.

Now for the "proof" as it exists for me. I have been "touched", by both God and Jesus. Not in any "chosen" way. Just when I was ready to let them in. One time while our pastor was giving prayers to help us, and another time meditating on the holy trinity. I can, the majority of the time make a connection to the divine, and get specific fellings in church. I have never had a time where I felt like my prayers were "unheard", and have generally have responses from almost immediate to a gradual change in the course of events. It depends on what I am asking. Once I accepted, acknowledgement was more definate.

For solid proof, look at things like the core samples they are taking of the earth. At one point, the whole earth flooded. This is seen in the sedimentation. Something that is interesting, is most scientists trying to "re-create" life from scratch also believe in the divine.

It seems to me that the majority of magickal systems have very strong relegious connections.

Any way, thats my 2 cents.

230  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Memories AAAH on: June 08, 2002, 20:17:49
Hello, CP

I don't think it is posible to erase memories. The can be buried with induced amnesia, but your subconcious still knows, and you will continue to have problems, just the trail to root it out will be hidden.

Most things we go through are for a reason. Maybe  looking for/at  the Karmic lessons will help.

Someone (sorry I don't remember who) listed as something to look at. The technique there will relieve a lot of the emotions that come with the trauma. You would still remember, but it would not be painful.

There is a machine that psychologists use that sort of "burn out" the memory, using a controled REM enviroment. You will still remember but I guess it is pretty distant.

All of these would help, and I would recomend trying to get a handle on what/why the are so upsetting. You are supposed to learn something from that.

Best wishes

231  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Needing hel on: June 08, 2002, 16:17:29
Hi all.

Salubri, Thanks for the info, I will give it a try.

With regards to the weather. I believe it can be done, we have recieved some storms that were very localized, in reactions with the conflict I am involved in. The presence of the perpatrator was very strong, right before them. One was very powerful, and caused wide spread damage, with the worst areas being in my general area, and the area of someone who was helping. The whole storm was several magnitudes higher than the weather man had predicted. Both where within a few hours of specific "exchanges".

I have read in diferent sources, and different styles that it can be done, but generally recomended against because of the ripple effects in the whole climate.

Take care.

232  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / What is Magick? on: June 05, 2002, 18:27:30
Hi. all. Good discussion.

Question: Are you really becoming more than human when you assume god form? Or are you only becoming a full human in that you are realizing that wich is all of us, but generally dormat, and largely ignored.

Question:You can't change the rock into a carrot, or vice versa, but if you don't know if there is a rock or carrot there, can you have either? Quantom physics would tell you yes. "Everything is anywhere until it is observed".

It is said that you can't make a change on the physical, but people can heat up water, move objects (insome cases up to 25 kg) with the power of the mind. In my definition psionics is also magick, you are just internal instead of external.

Is the physical all that important in the big picture? Everything comes from or is created on the astral. (That effects the material) If you are strong enough there then changes can be made to the physical.

If you can influence someones decision making process and a different chain of events happens, aren't you directly influencing the physical. even if the results are somewhat unpredictable without careful planning?

Just some thoughts

233  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Are any of you Christian Astral Projectors? on: June 02, 2002, 19:34:12
Hi everyone, sorry I am late.

Yes, i believe in Christ. No, it is by no way conventional. My Opinion:
Jesus was the greatest "magician" that has yet walked the earth. He had the greatest link with the divine. No, Christanity as it is generally taught can not explain it that way. The masses are not ready for such knowledge. The clues are there, and if you are ready you will find them. It is interesting to look at the paths that vary so widely yet bring most to the same spot.

Of note, I have a very good friend that is in a system that comes from the teachings of Jesus. It was what the apostles had learned.

I had not always believed. And the day I did, TRULY believe, I cried for an hour. Something amazing to go so many years and then "see". I am not born again, just a little more awake. I am also interested in many different kinds of Magick, Unfortunatly my friend lives 1000+ miles away now, and it is not very handy to gain tuteledge from him.

I also think many relegions tried to teach the same things, just suited for the different societies they were taught to. Anyway, it is heartening to see so many that do believe in Christ, and practice the various forms of "magick"

Best wishes

234  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Burns, Rieki Attunement, & Sex on: May 31, 2002, 19:40:48
Thanks fallnangel.

And back before we started to get screwed with, things were not the way they had become. And are getting back to that point. And for what it's worth, monogomy has always been our choice. It will be interesting with my wife, there are allot of scars from what happened to us, and though she believes in most occult stuff, sometimes it is a little overwhelming for her. I have been told we are about 4 seriph apart, even though we were meant to be together. Which I was also told is very unusual. Maybe it is my job to bring her up. Supposedly our Souls met over 400 years ago. On the other hand the battle we (I) have been enduring goes back 450 +/- years.

Anyway, enough of the deep stuff. Thanks very much for the advice.

235  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Joining NEW and LBRP on: May 31, 2002, 03:57:31
Hi kakkarot

Sorry, I was in a hurry and didn't answer your second question. But I think Joe pretty well nailed it. I think the origin of some of the different energies may vary somewhat, but I suspect that all enternal energies are the same. How they are accessed may change the "flavor" so to speak.

External energies are a different matter however. There are many sources for them. Using NEW and intaking energy at different places has different flavors to me. This is also how it seems to me with the different aspects of divinity.

I wonder if Chi is all enternal, I have not studied it much, but it sounds like the life force. In my mind this is an inside and outside power source. Maybe somone more knowledgable than myself will clarify that.

Best wishes.

236  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Joining NEW and LBRP on: May 30, 2002, 19:22:58
Hi Kakkarot,

LBRP = Lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram

The other terms though used seperatly are generally part of it also

Qcross, or QC = Qabbilistic Cross

AA refers to the invocation of the Arch Angels.

There are quite a few variations on these, but all are basically the same thing, just different interpratations of how to get there.

You can find descriptions on the net. I wouldn't recommend trying them until you know what you are attempting though. Joe and I are both using Donal Michael Kraigs Modern Magick as a reference. This has been rereleased and you should be able to find it at a decent book store, or order it. I have read different reviews on it, with people varying widely on there opinions. I think that he did very well with what he was attempting... To bring ceremonial Magick to the masses. He recommends several other works to read besides his own, and they do not all agree with him. It is just something to get you started on the path as a good foundation, then you decide which "stepping stones" are right for you.

Best wishes.

237  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Burns, Rieki Attunement, & Sex on: May 30, 2002, 19:07:49
Hi, all

Tom. My problem at the time is the money to go to reiki 2. Though I would like to, I can't at this point. I am feeling what you mean about grounding. Until I had reiki 1 I was on the short end of energy. We went through alot of energy draining experiences, and I am just "getting back on my feet". Since I was attuned, it was the first time I have felt "full".

Fallnangel. Yeah, this was the first time I really brought up the sexual energy. I need to read more on Tantra, but we are just getting back to a point were pursueing something like that is something that would not be detramental to our relationship. Sex was used aghainst us in attacks we had been suffering for several years. I think part of my problem may have been not pushing it back down, and/or spreading it out. It wasn't my plan to do this, it just sort of "worked out" that way. And still being involved in the act I was ...ahem... distracted from my energy body.

The interesting part is that I probably only had one (small) orgasm, and that was closer to the start of the whole thing. The content feeling was strange to, as after what had happened to us it had left a strong "need" to be as orgasmic as possable with my wife. So up until around that time, if I did not hit peak 2-3 times, I did not feel satisfied. And this could have been on a daily basis. It was weird, I am not a teenager anymore. But about 2 weeks before this incident, I had been working very hard on bringing this "drive" back under my control. And had been making good progress. I am also wondering if the incident may have "shaken something loose", as my desires have become much more "inline" for someone in my age group. Not that the interest isn't there smiley, But the need, and physical side are all but gone.

Thanks for the thoughts all, best wishes.

P.S. anymore thoughts are still welcome.

238  Integral Philosophy / Welcome to Integral Philosophy! / hypnotism, good or bad? on: May 30, 2002, 14:54:54
Hi all

Fenris is right. Do to situations i had to deal with, I have learned alot about hypnosis. I would only allow it to be done by about one person in the whole world to me. The only person I trust unconditionally. There is an amazing amount of access with hypnosis, and everybody has different "depths" they could be taken to right out of the box.

If the person doing the hypnosis knows some psychology, most of what you "wouldn't do" can be worked around. The effects are greatly enhanced with drugs.

On the positiive side, alot can be accomplished with hypnosis, and some magickal systems recomend or even demand the ability of self hypnosis to become fully capable in that system. It seems "magick mirrors" are more effective for scrying if you can attain a light trance. This would also include invokations to a non physical form.

If you decide to go that path, think about learning self hypnosis, or make darn sure you trust the person that is hypnotizing you.

239  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Joining NEW and LBRP on: May 30, 2002, 14:38:52
Hi, Joe

After a month or so, my visulisations picked up, I could feel the AA's and the enviroment that surronds them. After I started doing NEW, with my regular eyes I began to see the shimmerings of the circle and the seals.

If you are having problems keeping NEW going, just keep doing it. If you do it enough, it becomes like walking or chewing gum, you don't have to think about it. Work on drawing in the energy as Robert describes, it helps to recharge, and keep you from being depleted. In the QC, you are (among other things) making a energy tap with the divine. You can use and send this energy into your system, not just passing through.

If you believe you have attachments, "feel" for were they are. Make you body vibrate and light up like the light you ascend to in the QC. Shove The pure energy and you own at the attachment. Reaffirm that it isn't you. (the attachment). They really seem to hate the white light vibrations. When it goes, move yourself and the power of divinity into the "hole" that is left in your body. It will help with the depression and emptyness that will come if you are attached.

Best wishes.

240  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Kundalini on: May 30, 2002, 14:17:14
Hi junkie

No, my recomendation is to start at the crown chakra and awaken each chakra coming down. This way your energy system is better able to "recieve" the energy. And it should avert the problem(s) that come from starting with the kundalini and moving up. This works for me, and how I was taught. But it was not by a "guru", just someone who new there energy systems.

With the warnings I have heard, make sure you know what you are doing.

best wishes

241  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Uncontrolled? Dreams, questions on: May 30, 2002, 04:17:26
Hi, all

Interesting turn in this thread.

First off, thanks for the advice on regaining control of my dreams.

I agree that alot of what people think is "attacks" is a battle with themselves of some sort. And they end up creating there own viscious circles.

I was not (in this post) looking for help with that. And for what its worth, people more skilled than myself are helping us. ;->

Interesting about the premonitions you have been describing. Mine are full on clips of life I have yet to live (most anyway), and do not have the symbology behind them that your have. There is nothing to "figure out". And the quality/texture of them is very unique. I just know when it is a premonition. On the other hand I get alot of symbology in the way of warnings, that takes more to figure out.

Best wishes all.

242  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Kundalini on: May 30, 2002, 04:07:10
Hi all.

I am not sure, but it seems to me from the reading/research I have done on vatious kinds of magick, that Kundalini is activating the lower chakra. I believe Freud referred to it as "Orgone".  Robert warns about "playing around" with it. I have read other places that you should initialize from the top down, to remove the "sex" that goes with that power center. Those sources say if you start at the groin area, activate that chakra and the rest are not ready to "come on line" and absorb the enrgy it can create various problems.

I have "played around" with initializing different chakras first to see the effects. I do not recomend starting there. I was able to send the energy through my system when I started there, but it was not easy (to even the flow), and it took awhile to remove the "lust" that came before the power spread out. If I start in other places and then go there it is not a problem. No sexual overtones. And yes you do become a little less attached to the physical, but for me it causes no interference with living, more of an enlightenment, and a "reality check" of whats really going on.

Best wishes.

243  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Joining NEW and LBRP on: May 30, 2002, 03:45:45
Hi (again) Joe.

After rereading your post, I think this is what you were asking.

Use NEW to awaken and "feel" your energy body before you start a ritual. Once the ritual is started, you are using the same "energy network" to send energy into your work. Feel the energy gather in you and go out  your arm(s) as you need it for different parts of the ritual.

What Robert is teaching is how to "tone up" the networks that are used for the majority of magick operations. You are probably seeing this with the increases you are getting, combined with "stronger" knowledge of the LBRP.

Best wishes

244  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Joining NEW and LBRP on: May 30, 2002, 03:36:18
Hi, Joe

I think Fenris definatly has something there. Even before I started doing NEW, I had better (stronger) results with the LBRP and other things doing them in a similiar manner. I do not create a magickal place to do them (but I like the idea), just go into my usual work area.

I do not know where you are getting your training/information from, but I started with Donald Michial Kraig's Modern Magick. If you read the whole book, he recomends doing most rituals with your astral double once you get that far. Unfortunatly that isn't taught until the near the end of the book. Probably once your knowledge is far enough to be capable.

I have questioned about the greater results, and was informed that the reason is your physical self gets "in the way". On the other hand it was recomended to continue with the physical until the difference is almost gone. Helps with getting "in tune", or something like that.

I have also found that doing the Q-CROSS when I need a little (lot) of "good" energy psychicly is very helpful. Usually I just make the connection to my crown chakra and "intake" what I need. This can also be directed down to the stomach chakra for storage and recharging, or to create various forms of the white/pure light for protection, cleansing, and healing.

Best wishes

245  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Needing hel on: May 28, 2002, 14:09:45
Hi, Bjays_angel

Some stuff I have learned

1 Read everything about defense on this site!

2 If the energy is sent, or created by your situation, it becomes a self feeding circle. Try to put yourself in a positive mind frame anytime you can. Look for what triggers it, and ask yourself why. You can attract negs by having bad vibes coming from you. And to feed themselves they will try to keep you negative.

3 Start doing NEW. I found when I did that, started shielding, and looking for the signs I was able to repel alot, working myself out of the circle.

4 Something a friend who is helping us strongly suggested was keep a candle (I prefer white) burning all the time. This should diffuse some to all of the energy sent by a person. It depends on the strength of the aggressor. But KNOW it will work.

5 I don't know your religous backround, but there is alot of help there. We use a mantra, that we recite (vibrate if you know how), and have on continuous play. "Kodeesh Kodeesh Kodeesh Adonai Saboth" It means roughly Holy, Holy, Holy, God is. It is Hebrew, and is phonetically correct. This has leant quite abit of energy to attachment removal. Also memorizing certain Psalms (Robert lists some), or I had strong reactions with the Lords Prayer. It may be hard to memorize anything from the Bible if you have attachments, but work at it. Once in memory it should have some good effects.

Read through other stuff in this forum, alot of advice was given, that should be helpful. There are many people more talented than myself here.

Best wishes

246  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Burns, Rieki Attunement, & Sex on: May 28, 2002, 13:47:27
Hi, all

I had thought it was an energy clearing thing. It was alot like what Robert Bruce describes with NEW. On my hips, it was gone in 36 hours, put left what looks like a suntan at the spots. It didn't surprise me a whole lot, after reading Roberts work. And working through the legs and hips was a major blockage area. I thought I had things flowing with NEW, but obviously not enough for that amount of energy.

Thanks for the thoughts.

247  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Uncontrolled? Dreams, questions on: May 28, 2002, 04:44:04
PS, my original post was "hybrid attacks" currently on page 4 of pschic self defense.

Thanks again.

248  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Uncontrolled? Dreams, questions on: May 28, 2002, 04:37:51
I will post here, I have nothing to hide. (though sometimes I am to prideful heh heh)

Us would be Immediate family, and the parts of my extended family that are involved, and have prophetic dreams.

Who I do not care to describe, but it is a single person with a coven behind them. There are dark forces there, I had a direct assault (mentally) where I could feel the cone of power, and alot more about the (main) perpatrator.

As far as why, I am not completely sure. With the information I do have, I believe the great dislike this person had for me was used by another to create hatred for its own use, and propel them farther down the dark path. I just happened to be a good target to do that. Most of the people involved were there for a control issue. One of my first posts on this site was about attachments. I have not looked at it in awhile, but I am pretty sure it sounded crazy, and didn't get alot of response, though there was plenty of good advice.

We have put it together that magick, narcohypnosis, and attachments were used to effect/control us.

In the dreams, I have been confronting my attacker, and at one point destroying some sort of "force wall" to get to them. That was one I woke myself up in. I was to the last barrier, and needed alot to take it down. When I started REALLY gathering energy it was to much and I woke up. Other dreams vary, and I only seem to remember ones where I am victoroius. Most are confrontational of some sort, or unraveling the knotts that were put on us.

Since getting into NEW, and learning sheilding, doing some magick of my own, and removing ourselves from the hypno access the number of attacks has dropped off significantly, with almost all now coming at night.

Other times, meditating, I have been attacking the dark webs that were both the attachment(s?), and the attachment points. Alot was done through the narcohypnosis to create trauma, and then covered with induced amnesia.

Ask anything you want, or if you want more specific details, email me

Thanks, Good Wishes

249  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / energy work and alcohole on: May 28, 2002, 04:09:38
Hi, all.

I think that it comes down to the individual and what they are trying to accomplish. I personnally have no luck with anything that "wakes me up". I cannot quit my concious mind enough to make the proper links to the subconcious. But this is just me. Alchohol has some effect, sometimes, but more from the relaxation side. I also notice this with nicotene, if I have not been smoking much, and am in a frame of mind to let the effects hit. It does not last very long 10-15 minutes, which is enough time to drop into a light "trance", but it always feels "unclean".

Having been the child of a hippie, with a stepfather that was a biker, and growing up in a VERY liberal climate, I have tried most "recreational" drugs. I will not comment on most, as I have left that part of my life behind me, but I am sure if you could control them ALOT could be done with certain psychedlics. Before I became "aware" of the non physical, I was doing things that I am still trying to accomplish. But I watched TO MANY people I cared about get lost with/from chemical abuse.

I DO NOT recomend trying that path, it can be achieved in a much more controlled (and recoverable) way without them. That being said, I have had some of my strongest awareness times when an old friend shared some marijuanna for old times sake. Maybe it was that I was properly relaxed or something. It also was effective (for me) in very small amounts only, if I was to "stoned" I couldn't do much at all. Of course that is true with all drugs. smiley

I find other things can get you to almost the same place, with MUCH more control. A hot bath, maybe with a glass of wine or 1 beer, a good massage,  using NEW or something similiar to relax your body and work out the kinks, and letting the stress of life dissipate before starting all works well for me.

Good luck, and make sure you control your lifestyle, not vice-versa.

250  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Energy Raising/drowsiness? on: May 20, 2002, 21:53:40
With me, it awakens me mentally, at the time. Though when my planned activities are done, I do tend to drift off to sleep, with my energy body still active. It also seems if I have been doing something "strenuous" energetically that I can become drained for a few days. The interesting thing is if I try to nap during those times, my mind just wants to meditate, not really sleep. I use those times to more actively intake to recharge myself. And listen to my mind.

Best wishes

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