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1  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / What do you call this phenomenon? on: June 22, 2004, 13:18:58
In the mornings when I'm not fully awake, I sometimes am dreaming about whatever, and then suddenly I'll get a certain unrelated visual image in my dream, and then all of a sudden I'll hear my husband's clock radio alarm kick on, and then I'll hear people on the radio talking about exactly the visual image I've just seen in my dream.  I am certain that I see the image BEFORE the radio comes on.  I always think "How strange, I was JUST dreaming about that..."  This morning it was undeniable; I saw a vision of someone dressed in a very tacky tight-fitting shirt and speaking Spanish (which I really don't speak) and then the radio kicks on and a second later I hear the DJ speaking in a mock spanish accent and trying to sound funny (kind of like Eminem in that video).  But it's happened with other tyoes of images, too, like I'll suddenly see an egg in the dream and then the radio pops on and they're tallking about an egg.  So either my brain is processing the sequence backwards (i.e. I'm actually hearing the audio first and then seeing the visual in my dream - but by that time, I'm already awake, so that doesn't make sense), or I've tapped into something that allows me to receive and process a thought before actually receiving a sensory input (sound).

What would you call something like that?  Precognition?  Am I tapping into that "universal thought" of the Astral plane?I want to read up on it and learn more about it.
2  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / What do you call this phenomenon? on: June 22, 2004, 19:25:22
Thanks for the warm welcome!  Would it still be considered clairvoyance if I'm not yet awake?  I thought clairvoyance was being awake and "seeing" something that's going to happen.  This is closer to a predictive dream, although the things I've "predicted" thus far have been almost comically mundane.  But the fact that it's happening at all is what amazes me.  I've begin reading a book caled "the secret life of plants" in which the author did some experiments with plants that seemd to indicate that a plant could react to a certain person's thoughts, like if a person had a thought that they were going to burn a leaf on the plant, the plant would react as if burned, even though the person did nothing, just thought about it.  The author suggested that plants are attuned to something like a universal pool of thought-matter and can display a measurable response based on someone's thoughts alone.  It's almost like I've been tapping into the same thing; I'm having a reaction (in my dream) to a thought (what they're saying on the radio) before it's actually said.  That's the best way I can explain it at this point. And it's never happened before until recently, when I've noticed it happening 3 or 4 times now.
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