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76  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Screwed up dream in need of interpreting. on: October 24, 2002, 13:16:51
Could be a literal experience as well.  Cats are supposedly one of the most spiritual/psychic animals.
I had one dream a few years ago that I was in my kitchen and ran into my dog that had died maybe 3 years before that.  She got very excited to see me or that I could see her, then I got nervous at the concept of a dead dog still being around, and woke up.
A neat dream I had long before I knew of OBE, maybe when i was 8, i had a fish tank in my room.  One night I 'dreampt' (most likely obe looking back) that they were all out of their tanks swimming around in the air.  I thought it was silly for them to do so, so I softly herded them back in with my hands.  
If you're missing your cat so much, mabye she's trying to give you sublte contact to realize she's not 'gone' nor will you be when you go.

77  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / reacurring dream on: October 24, 2002, 13:07:59
Well it's either literal or symbolic... if its literal, we're all gunna die Smiley
If not, try out this interpretation and see if it fits.
If you know anything about chakras or Eastern beliefs, orange is related to the sacral chakra, a nonphysical spot near your belly button.  Physically it relates to digestion and the organs in that area.  
To interpret a dream, break it down into its simplest form:
orange light causing destruction, possibly death.
If this does relate to a part of your body, maybe it's a health issue you need to think about.
From :
Attributes: Creativity, sexual energy (for women), desire, pleasure.

When Unbalanced you may experience: Sexual problems, jealousy, possesiveness, uterine or bladder problems, lower back pain.

To Awaken and Balance: Sexual healing, try new ways of expressing yourself creatively, dance, move your hips, practice yoga.

If you know nothing about the chakras, it wouldn't make much sense for your subconsious to use it as a symbol, so it could still be something else more personal to you.  

By the way.. recurring dreams are never about something small and unimportant.  It's something that's eating away at your subconscious and won't go away on it's own too easily.  This is definitely something worth pondering on.

78  Integral Philosophy / Welcome to Integral Philosophy! / World Blues... on: August 27, 2002, 07:58:33
I've struggled with that question a lot in my life.  I still see humans as a kind of virus, destroying their environment full of selfish interest.  Of course there was good, but that didn't excuse all the bad that went on.
Since then I've tried to answer the question of why.  Some theories I have is that life would be too dull if everything was sunny and perfect for eternity.  No growth would happen in that environment either.  
When Earth is at peace, people bicker within the country or at their borders and build tension.  When there's a common enemy however, we band together and drop our differences and try to be virtuous.  Especially if it's for a good cause like freedom, we fight with all we can to rise up and be altruistic, putting forth way more effort than we would if there were never a problem.  
Another possibility is gaining experience.  Everyone is curious about other's lives, and what it must feel like to be them, to be someone else or face hardship.  We love going to watch scary movies or ones where the character faces great challenges.  Curiosity attracts us like gravity to read books, visit other cultures, and watch shows based on real life.  Note that there is no movie or book that doesn't have a bit of evil or challenge in it.  It wouldn't be interesting enough to sell if it didn't.  Same with video games.. who enjoys a game where they didn't have to die a few times to reach their goal?  If it's too easy, it's not fun.
If God wanted to see what it's like to be the farthest away from itself, it might desire a human life where it's abused as a child and winds up hating humanity/life/god/etc, maybe even commits suicide.. can't get much darker than that.  Once it's reached the deepest end of the spectrum, it's ready to go on the path to reunite and rebuild inner strength and power on it's way, an experience in itself.
A third is for a challenge.  I can picture myself high in the mental realms, seeing images of Earth and people in dispair, thinking *I* could be strong enough to make it through unscathed.  If I failed, I'd know I would always come back eventually.
And last, perhaps for compassion.  Once the chain got started, it's hard for others that havent been through hell to associate with other's pain.  To Really help a person, one must be able to say "I've been there.. this is how I got out."  Otherwise the depressed will shoo helpers off, thinking they're alone with their problems and no one could ever understand how bad it is, and if they did then they'd be depressed too.

79  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / CHALLENGE on: August 08, 2002, 06:48:52
Hopefully the last post on the topic of evil...
I never in any way meant a child molester was a good person or their deeds were excusable.  Persoanlly I think rape in any form is right next to murder in severity.  At least with murder, it can't make the rest of your life miserable.  Rape is the most psychologically damaging act one can experience.  I too believe in the death penalty.
In most cases, a child molester was molested as a kid themselves.  Murderers will only attack strangers 1% of the time.  Anyone that's committed a vile act does have their reasons, horrible childhood stories, and motives.  The act is not excusable.  But they are explainable.
I can't see how one person will grow up with a normal childhood, and another will be born into abuse that starts a repeating cycle of misery all their life, and they are both expected to be good decent law-abiding citizens.  If the second is labelled irreversably evil once they lash out, that seems much like a double standard.
Strong, deeply ingrained dark emotions cause people to do bad things.  You can call the emotion of anger and hate "evil' if you really want to, but to me it's just another emotion taken into the extreme.  Any negative emotion can be released and healed over time.  A child molester probably has too many imbedded traumas and mental problems and isn't likely to get rid of them in just one lifetime.  A decade or so in prison wouldn't be enough to do it.  They would indeed turn into a dark spirit after death.  Still, the act of existing as a conscious being, at least to me, means they automatically have some good somewhere in there and a chance for recovery in the distant future.

80  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Attachment on: August 05, 2002, 17:37:42
I've never heard of spirits being classified into groups like that, so its much more likely the spirit just made one up.  Don't worry about identifying it and just try to get rid of it.
Look through this website for Articles > Psychic Self Defense, have her try some methods, and that should give you a good start.

81  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Permanent Astral Topics! / Astral Sex on: August 05, 2002, 16:53:42
I think you'll do just fine.  With that strong a connection, you can get over any physical shortcomings.  Tell us how well it goes.

I'll try to answer other's questions on how telepathic sex is possible based on my crude knowledge...
First of all, I've been told by both quantum physicists and spiritualists that space does not really exist.  We're all one massive point of consciousness in a huge illusion.  I'm not sure I completely believe this yet, but at least it answers the question.. you dont really have to go OBE to meet somebody.  It just feels more real that way.  Notice remote viewers see the same things OBE'ers do, yet only a small portion of their mind leaves their body.. or a clairvoyant may not leave their body at all.  
Also, consider just what an orgasm is.  The base chakra (maybe second too) charges up with energy to the point where it can't handle it all, and forwards the excess up to the rest in one big burst.. at least thats how I see it.  (Maybe projected outward in the case of a male orgasm, leaving him tired).  Therefore, having telepathic sex is just a massive exchange of energy.  Sound logical?

82  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / CHALLENGE on: August 05, 2002, 07:00:01
The area of ghosts, demons, and anything nonphysical for that matter isn't yet concrete.. its subjective.  All any of us have to go on are our own experiences and some of other's.  
I didn't mean to belittle you in any way, I was just offering a positive spin on what youve been going through - IF it's true that expecting all spirits to be evil attracts only those kinds, then that's extremely helpful to you because you'd no longer have to deal with them after a bit of self questioning.  
I may have mistaken your examples to mean you really believe the whole Roman culture/ Jewhaters etc were pure evil.. seemed like you worded it much like a sunday school teacher would to prove Satan exists.. sorry.
You're saying I've never encountered evil spirits... I still don't have a clear boundary line of which is a rude spirit vs which is evil, but I think I've had a bit of both.  Problem is I only experienced the 'evil' kinds when I first got into this stuff before I even accepted their reality, and haven't ever had a chance to apply my new knowledge to those types.  So that's the cause of confusion.. I'm just assuming if an 'evil' one did come, I could treat it like the others.  Maybe you're right and I can't.  I don't really have the guts or motive to try lately.
Why did I assume expectation can cause reality?  Again, experience.  After having the 'evil' experiences, which were deeply disturbing.. If I thought about it too long and tried to remember details while on the verge of sleep, it'd happen again.  I assume by focusing on such negativity and fear I attracted that type of spirit.
The bad ones happened about 2 years ago or more, and I never tried very hard to remember them, so I havent retained much.  Once I felt like something came to my bedside and pounded its fists into me.  More often just a creepy energy drain sensation that I couldnt stop.
An interesting one I do recall pretty well.. I was on the verge of sleep, and I slipped into a halflucid dream where I was walking around an old building, seeing ghosts pop up and look and me eerily the whole way.  I became more lucid, realized I was not the one making this dream.. woke up into a semi-paralized state, and sensed a woman next to me draining me of energy and trying to distract me with a dream.  I sensed it was sorry for having to put me through this, but it felt it had to(rare).  I fought incredibly hard to break away, and the only thing that worked was to completely ignore it and it went away.
I can agree it'd be pointless to actively search for the darkest of souls and try to bring them into the light or something.  I'm just saying if one is a repeat offender no matter what you do, it wouldnt hurt to try.

83  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / CHALLENGE on: August 04, 2002, 19:59:29
I've done that quite often.  The result is, no matter how demonic seeming they are, they've always been human.  One that's passed on without knowing it and is obsessed with something, keeping them from moving on.
The danger here is by contacting them, they might see you as whatever they're obsessing about.  For instance, in real life, if you're obsessed with someone you love, youll see them everywhere you go.  If you're paranoid someone is trying to kill you, you'll definitely see them around every corner.  Until you take a closer look of course.  But without physical eyes to see an objective truth, your subconscious will make it all true.  
In other words, a spirit/demon/ghost(same thing!) will not see your physical body.  When you start communication, their mind will guess who it could be and will paint you as someone they know.
Some Ive talked to thought I was their mom.  Some their girlfriend.  Some just glare and wont even speak.
Btw, no need to leave the body.  I've only done so once out of all these times.  Just get in a trance state and search your mind for energies around you, then talk to it until you get a response.
Another thought.. if human ghosts remain stuck to the physical world, why not spirits from another planet or dimension?  I've yet to have experience with that, but Bruce seems to imply such a thing exists.
Also.. why do they attack?  One, because they think you're the enemy that offended them in the past.  Two, to stay in their secure little world in the real-time zone.  I think Bruce mentioned that in Astral Dynamics.. how ghosts no longer produce etheric energy, and without it they're sucked into the astral where their fears are made vividly real.  As long as they stay attatched to a living being, they can stay in the safer, less chaotic world next to the real one.  In most cases though, they don't know there's an afterlife, and don't know they're dead.  They sense something's wrong and naturally gravitate to etheric energy so they can cling on to the belief that they're alive for a little longer.

It's my understanding that the Romans never volunteered to fight to the death.. they were usually prisoners forced to.  The spectators might be sick for enjoying the show, but they wouldn't join, and Americans do the same in many ways (watching hockey just for the fights, playing violent video games, etc.. its so we can visualize acting out our anger).

Jews were killed because the killers thought Jews were evil!  And thought they were doing a justice to society.

Witches were killed out of fear.  Christians had no handbook on fighting back with White Magic or anything.. all they could do was cry to their gods, which didn't work well enough.  They thought witches were Satanic (EVIL) and needed to be killed at all costs, even if it meant sacrificing a few good ones.

Grown men molest 99% of the time because they were molested or beaten themselves as children.  They dont know how to get rid of all the anguish, and eventually learn that becoming the abuser/one in power counteracts the feeling of always being a victim and heals them, though in a very unhealthy way.

I'm sorry I cant share your belief of evil.  With psychology and getting away from the Christian black/white way of thinking, I've come to see every 'evil' action as explainable.  I think instead of positive and negative, its like light and lack of light.  For instance, there is no true 'cold'.. just lack of heat.. and no absolute zero on earth.
James may be right.. get rid of the current spirits you're dealing with, and change your expectations, maybe youll attract less destructive spirits.  These may help you to better deal with the darker ones.

84  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Messages I've gotten during sleep on: July 31, 2002, 20:15:29
I have a different interpretation for this one.
They said they were going to show you the darker side, then take you towards her.  I think SHE is the darker side, not her message.
When people die and are trapped in a low-level due to their emotional attatchments, they make a temporary place for themselves.  This could be called a 'darker side.'  Maybe the Arab woman was a spirit not ready to move on, still clinging to her strict Muslim beliefs of supressing emotion and resisting temptation.  You flicked her off without meaning to, maybe because the aura around her is very negative and caused you to want to.
Once you got her attention, she started spouting morals that she was most conscerned with at the time.  Much like strangers spouting 'jesus loves you' at random people.  Maybe she has some emotional problem relating to holding back sexually, as she's been trained to do from birth, that's keeping her in such a negative reality.
Very cool that you're being trained in dreams though.  I had something like that once.. "they" gave me a test... three short dreams, and I was to interpret each and they would correct me if I were wrong.  I vaguely remember getting two out of three.

85  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Any dream analysts out there? on: July 31, 2002, 18:40:40
As to the blur between dream and OBE/AP...
I had quite a few OBE's that started out just fine, then I go through my window and there's a cactus in my front yard and the whole thing is suddenly dreamlike... some obe's have exit symptoms but are too unstable to be considered real... my solution was to just categorize everything as a dream unless proven (like the bunny.)  After reading Bruce's book, the part where the body's mind falls into a dream state while the other is still OBE, making the two memory streams mix or making the OBE environment very unstable, really makes sense.  So if it ever turns dreamlike, just end it there.
Your LD I think was a dream, but your subconscious/higher self raised the bar a bit on awareness to show you a higher level of dreaming.  Even though dreams are internal and personal, you can connect with another during a dream - mutual dreaming.  If that's possible (its been proven), then why not a way to connect to a whole town of people inside a dream?
As to the interpretation, I came to the same conclusion before reading yours.  Your expectations of the answer overtook any real answer you may have gotten.

86  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / slacking off here and some thoughts added on: July 31, 2002, 18:18:06
I agree with your theory.  When in the astral (only 3x) it felt more real than this reality.  So if you lived there, visiting earth would be more dreamlike.  Also, in two of the three, I was the only one there that could fly.  In one of the three, they asked my name, and couldnt comprehend that I coexisted in two places.  I think since the idea of the astral plane is so rarely discussed on earth, if people die and don't see pearly gates and Jesus, they dismiss the curious ways they got there and pretend they're still on earth.  Ignorance extends far beyond our planet.
Curious thing is why they stay ignorant when they don't even grow old and noone dies...

87  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Vivid images on: July 31, 2002, 17:04:48
I think Robert Bruce mentioned somewhere that the images of faces and other random things in presleep (called hypnogogic imagery) could be you picking up on other entities before they become attatched.  Try mentally slashing them apart and see what reaction you get.
My experience has been a bit different.  A long time ago, I'd see black and white images of faces and scenes that only last for a second each, and I couldnt control them.  Then I started developing my 'third eye' in an attempt at seeing auras.  Soon these images had color, and were more vivid.  Later, instead of images, I'd see beautiful animated geometric patterns and designs.  Finally, all I saw was colorful static, with moving clouds of color relating to my aura colors.  My theory is it was the last one the whole time, but my subconscious was being overcreative and trying to make images out of the randomness (like seeing objects in clouds), and as I came closer to understanding energy in general my sub allowed for more accurate detail.
To stop it, use it as a signpost for lucid dreaming, ignore the images once you reach that state and daydream.  If you practice, your sub will kick in and make your weak daydreams into a real one - hence a WILD (wake induced lucid dream).
To develop it, visualize energy going into the third eye as often as possible.  You'll get more vivid dreams and possibly develop clairvoyance.
Another thing to try... while seeing those images, focus on a person without expectation and see what images come up.  Not all are purely imagination...

88  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Permanent Astral Topics! / Astral Sex on: July 31, 2002, 08:42:17
As you went deeper into your descriptions, it brought up a similar experience i've had.  I never tried to make it sexual, but maybe if I had I'd experience the same thing.  I found a guy online that seemed very much like me in every way, and I started dreaming about him, and connected very strongly through it.  It felt like he was my soulmate, and I'd skipped a lifetime of the getting-to-know-you connecting it usually takes people to fall deeply in love.  I had an extremly strong telepathic connection and could feel (good)burning sensations if I pictured our energies meshing.  Does this sound familiar?
Like the last post asked, does the guy acknowledge the sexual meetings?  It's possible youre having a relationship with his higher self instead of the actual person.  
As to the moral issue:
People fantasize all the time.  It's known, it's expected, and its ok.  But rarely do people stop to think a fantasy could be real.  So, if the spouse is skeptical and sure it isnt possible, they'll just consider it a healthy fantasy and be fine with it.  If they know its real, that could be different.  
From your first posts and other people's, I thought the issue was astral sex with random strangers.  Personally I dont see anything wrong with that, even when married.  You dont have control over your mind as well in the astral.. think=do.  Here, everyone has those thoughts, and its fine as long as they dont act it out physically.  
But, if its the same partner again and again, And they're alive physically?  Sounds like its in the same category as phonesex/internet sex with someone you know.  Some couples dont mind the other acting out fantasies online, some do.  Depends on the rules of the relationship and trust.
I'm guessing this guy's wife has no clue.  That alone should push it over the edge into cheating.  Especially since it sounds like he's planning on leaving her for you...
Consider the possiblity of getting together with him, then him developing a fantasy of some new woman he routinely dreams about.  Then maybe leaves you for her.  If you're not soulmates or something, this is very likely.

89  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Interesting sounds on: July 24, 2002, 16:57:48
I think just plugging in a microphone to your computer should work.  Windows itself comes with Sound Recorder, which will make a .wav.  You can then convert it to mp3 with a free program, or if it's short enough leave as a wav.  Click Record and leave it going, then clip out the silent parts with Sound Recorder.

90  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / possesed on: July 17, 2002, 19:59:38
You heard Mark's voice both before and after he died?  Did you know him personally?  If not, its very likely that these are not real people.  Try talking back to the voices.  If they never say anything creative, you might have created them out of your fears.  See if they might represent an emotional trauma of yours that you refuse to accept or deal with.  
If they're real, its nothing to be afraid of or let run your life.  From what i know, ghosts are in an unstable state, needing attention and energy from the living to stay there longer.  What better way to get attention than to claim to be satan?  Don't believe it, and call his bluff.  If you ignore them long enough, they might go away on their own.  If they don't, its because they share a similar emotional problem that you do.  Once you overcome your own problem, they can no longer stay attatched to you.
Good luck!

91  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / The spirit of a young man on: July 17, 2002, 19:47:39
Looks like you know what you're doing.  You said though, you know little about rescue work and more about fighting them.  I reluctantly found myself doing rescue work before I even stopped being skeptical about it.  Now, my spirit guides are Sending me people to be freed from themselves.  Maybe your area isnt whats attracting spirits, but the service you provide is?
I think the guy in the cage has a strong belief that he deserves hell, and his subconscous provides an image of him being taken away to it.  Since he's still around, ill bet the scenario just ends with him sinking away into darkness, and repeats itself.  Unless he's gone already, try talking to him.  Ask him if he's ready to go to heaven or something.  Explain that he's a good person trapped in his own self despair.  Usually that's enough to bring enlightenment, and they can take care of themselves from there...
Ever see the movie Frighteners?  The 'bad guy' is a dark ghost seen as Death, flying around as a murky blackness.  Once the situation becomes more personal, it takes the form of the real person that had died.  The tapper might be similar.  If it wont speak to you, do this... visualize a ball of shimmering, radiant white light, like the kind you saw in your room.. make it the most intense brightness you can... and throw it at them!  The high vibration seems to have a harsh reaction with their low vibration, and will shock them into submission.  If youre good at visualization, putting a sphere of this substance around you is the best protection ive found.
Another helpful hint is realizing that to them, you dont always look like you.  They might be so wrapped up in their personal dilemmas that their subconscious paints you as thier enemy, love, mother, or whatever figure they're most focused on.  Maybe the military guy is still trying to teach his cadets the only way he knows how.  White light can also blast away negativity.  Try it on the guy's cage if he still has one and see what happens.  
Good luck!

92  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Calling Angels for "perimeter defence" during AP on: July 17, 2002, 18:47:28
Of all the OBE'ers you've met, have any of them suddenly changed personality one day, mumbling dark Satanic language?  No.  Did you ever actually get coals for Christmas when you were bad one year?  No.  See the direct relation?
First, there are no demons.  Only lost souls trapped in their own self-despair.  Ghosts are the closest thing to the concept of a hellish demon, so when a ghost story comes up the church likes to pretend it's Satan to gain more believers.  Other than ghosts, Ive seen no spiritual proof of Christianity whatsoever.  Can inner strength really be 'given' or protection be 'granted' at the whims of a powerhungry Lord?
Ironically, calling on angels does work.  Not because some Archangel will hear your call and come to rescue you, but because everyone has personal guardian spirits.  Almost every single religion there is includes belief in angels or personal spirit guides.  Just because there is an angel sighting somewhere does not confirm any Christian teachings.  
As for posessions, if it were possible for a bodiless spirit to suddenly take over while you're gone, it would be equally possible for two living OBE people to switch bodies.  Since we 'go somewhere' while deep in dreaming, and our consciousness ceases to exist while in deep sleep, any of these times would leave us open to possession by anyone.  Again, how many possessed people have you met?  If a spirit ever talks through a person, its because the person let them, and can stop anytime.
For protection, just imagine a shield of shimmering white light.  That's plenty.  Try to OBE and enjoy yourself without worrying.  If you still believe in a loving, fatherly god that allows His children and worshippers to live in fear and be posessed by demons at any time, you might want to rethink your religion.

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