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101  Magic / Welcome to Magic! / Re: Astral and Magic Training on: November 15, 2015, 03:38:37
Thanks again for all the input.

On magics and other abilities, why are others in NP shocked or nearly scared when they see me either attempting stuff or actually do things?

I personally chalked it up to the others in NP being unwitting actual projectors are are uncomfortable with seeing this stuff being doing as they bundle it up into Hollywood's portraying it as evil and destructive.

I also let someone I know see me created Zoe in NP and actually set her about to do a task. He was surprised, but thankfully pretty accepting.
102  Magic / Welcome to Magic! / Re: Astral and Magic Training on: November 07, 2015, 16:16:39
Okay, thanks.

I guess if I go that route, I will have to do much more training in the NP. Since doesn't work as good, will have to put in more time than just like five sessions or so.
103  Magic / Welcome to Magic! / Astral and Magic Training on: November 07, 2015, 03:15:59
Someone told me recently that a good way to get better at casting spells and using other magics was to go into astral and do it there. They said that I can get a better handle on the mechanics of the spells that way, so that when I use the magics in the physical world, I won't be messing up on them as much.

Does this even sound like good advice. I think it does, but want to get a view fresh eyes on it.
104  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: November 06, 2015, 09:36:43
November 4, 2015


I was tagging along with a group of people, about 3. However, I was not actively participating in the dream No one in the dream even acknowledged that I was there. It seemed as if I was walking with them, but relegated to watching the events unfold as if I was watching the same scenes on TV.

These two guys did a deal with Crowley from Supernatural. One of the guys was dressed up like he came from the Enchanted Forest from Once Upon A Time. The other guy looked like just a normal dressed guy. The third person was a woman, and she didn't do any deals.

These two guys came up with the brilliant scheme to back out on the deal with Crowley. They came to this place at night, a house that had been abandoned for awhile, so much time that the place inside looked fairly disgusting. Thick cobwebs hung nearly everywhere and ripped and tore curtains were laying about, some still hung up. They all were of a dingy white color.

The plan was to not only back out of the deal, but also to trick Crowley and somehow kill him! Crowley did come, first of all angry about them trying to break the deals! Then he found out about the attempt on his life and was furious! The girl then started singing a song, distracting them all.

November 5, 2015

“It's Benton! It's Benton!”

I was in my house, but this time I had curtain in my room, a white gauze-like affair! This guy was with me, but not hanky-panky – he was to protect me. Roan from Nikita was said to have targeting me for something and some people got intel that he was going to show up at my place to kidnap me!

Later sometimes, the protecting guy thought he heard someone. Somehow, he took it to mean that the intel was bad or something because he started flipping out, not in the good way!

“It's Benton!” He cried out, like this Benton person (of which I never knew) was the worst of the worst! “It's Benton!”

I sneak into my room, going to my window and slowly pushing aside the curtain. There was no one out there and no cars. “There's no one out there.” I sharply state. I go into my mom's room and check out the backyard from the windows in there. “No one in the back, either.”
105  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: November 03, 2015, 20:09:58
November 2, 2015

The Hearse

It was daylight and I was inside my room. True to rl, my room in the dream also does not have any drapes or anything else in front of the glass panes of my window. I saw a black car down at the end of the driveway, but it was not our driveway.

This car was parked so that I and my mom, when I called her into my room to have a look, could see the side of the car perfectly. It was a black hearse, but it didn't seem like it was Phantasm stuff going on! It turned out that the car was a rental for our next door neighbors because of one of them died and their family was waiting escort to the funeral.
106  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: October 31, 2015, 06:04:12
Excerpt Number 2: Lead up And The Meeting with Turin

*Another note* To reiterate, all of these where originally scattered dreams, flowing along a common narrative, a story line. Some hugely were intact as seen, but others were dreamed as snippets and thus I have to weave it into a story part so it'd make sense.  I ready have a huge file with every single scene that's "happened" so far, but these here just some of the excerpts.

Khlyen was already there, in my room, lounging away from the door so the others wouldn't see him, looking smugly pleased.

“Well done, Little Lamb.” He said with that closed-lipped smirk. My pet name was Little Lamb. Apparently, Yala's pet name was Little Bird.

“I really didn't know I would be called into the RAC over it.” I then paled. “I can't go there – I ain't got no ID!”

He winced when I used the word ain't. “Already got it covered.” He replied, the wince having already been dropped, handing me a paper card. “Got you into the database. You have no permanent citizenship, but you are registered so that no one can haul you in for being an illegal.”

“No citizenship, like a Killjoy.” I murmured. “They're going to love this,” I muttered in mild sarcasm.

“I trust you won't tell them who did this for you.”

I glared at him, affronted, “Hell no-” I stammered after seeing him adopting a look of shocked amusement. I hardly curse, but that's only because I don't know fully what swears are used in the the J or the Quad, witness them not knowing the basic Earth word excrement!  “Of course not.” 


# # #

“Wake up,” I heard the muttered voice call out. “We're nearly here.” I sat up slowly, still clothed.

“Wha?” I asked.

“The RAC, remember? Debriefing?”

“Oh, right. With scraggly ra- ah, yes.” I stumbled out of bed, horrified at nearly taking the tinkle out of Turin in front of Yala! I also marveled in my dream I had with Khlyen, amazed that I could even dream about him.

“We don't have to debrief. Your meeting is right after ours.” Yala was in my room, going on and on about the meeting. Etiquette, and what not to do if I didn't want the wrath of Turin down around my head!

My insides clenched when I turned around and saw the edge of the paper card jutting out from under the corner of my pillow; it had been no dream! Quickly, deftly, I slipped the card from under its hiding place and slipped  it into the pocket of my denim pants! Yala focused on me as I made pretend that I was straightening my pants out so that they weren’t wrinkled or twisted around my legs. “Are you okay?”

“Nervous as Hell, but your advice is great.”

She thanked me and I grabbed my favorite jacket from my little closet. It was one I got from Walmart on Earth years ago, a olive green one made for a man. It was made to look like, on the outside, that I was wearing a gray sweat-hoodie with a green zippered affair of a jacket slipped on over it. For some reason, it's heft and colors made me instantly think that it was something either Sam or Dean Winchester from Supernatural would wear! I would be a Hunter today, the slayer of Quad politics!

“Nice jacket.” Yala muttered. “Oh, and you'll have to bring your magic gear for Turin.”

“I'll have to keep the Athame in the bag?” Yala nodded.

“Especially going through the RAC scanners. There's a force field that will slam on and won't let you pass if there are any weapons on you. We can carry our things because we're registered.”

I nodded. “And if they see the only thing is in the bag, sheathed and is the focus on why I am there, I can pass.”

# # #

Sometime later, Lucy was docked and we were crossing the area into the contraband scanners. When each of the Killjoys before me had passed through, a pretty green barrier of energy squares had flashed around. It reminded me somewhat of the blue barriers in the Defiance TV show!

I groaned, however, when the squares kept flashing red and locking me out from the rest of RAC. The guards came along and passed my gear, but the damn computer system had a glitch and kept locking me out!

“Of course, it would have to be me.”     

I groaned. The killjoys stood around, pitying me, for the moment. I face-palmed when this scrawny, scraggly rat faced and long haired man brusquely pushed his way down the steps that were in view! Add to my bad luck, Turin himself caught me in this situation!

“What's going here?” He demanded sharply.

“The system won't let her in, sir. We already vetted her stuff.”

“I swear . . .” Turin muttered, then gave the order to cut the barrier completely, until I was through. He glared at me huffily – as if I caused the glitch. And if he read the incident, he might very well believe it!
As I passed through, one of the cards called out, “Hey kid, great show.” I knew he meant about Qresh. I gave him a double thumbs-up sign as I passed by.

Turin led the Killjoys and I up several flights of stairs. All the while, I rubbernecked, taking in the sight of how massive the RAC was 'in the flesh!' The other eyed me, then eyed each other with amusement at seeing how awestruck I was.

We reached the office of Turin, me being made to sit just outside since Turin wanted to keep their meeting and mine separate.

“Theirs is turning in the warrant.” Turin told me before he vanished into the room. “Yours is about something different.”

His words left me even more unsettled and I slid into the empty bench, feeling desolate. This woman came up, asking if everything was okay. I told her I had to wait for a meeting, that warrants were being fulfilled. She left me alone to my worry. I was worried on how deep I stepped into doo-doo this time! Plus, I had the added anxiety of keeping the developing thing of Khlyen under wraps, especially from Turin!

I was sitting in my seat, my legs drawn up, deep in morose thoughts when, after awhile, the door to the office opens. Turin is outside of it now, holding open the door for the others as they filtered through, talking to each other.

“Good luck,” D'avin told me even as I stood up from my seat. “And remember our advice.”

I entered Turin's office, the back of my neck tensing up as I made my way into the middle of the room. Turin stood back, closing the door as soon as his office aide left.

“Please, have a seat.” He stated as he joined me in the middle of the office.

I did so without a word. “This briefing is about what you did on Qresh.” He stated even as I found purchase on a sofa-like chair. “They said you used some questionable items in your religious practice; saying you put on quite the light show.” After a few moments, Turin snapped at me in mild annoyance, “Your tools, please.”

“Sorry, sir.” I muttered, handing him the gun-metal gray plastic bag. He took it, untied it, emptying the contents out. He looked at the empty bag in his hands with some curiosity.

“Walmart? What's that?” He asked in genuine curiosity, not that annoying cop-way!

“A market I went to years ago.” I then added, lying, “I think it was on Leith.”

He took the Athame out, leaving the other objects out and scattered. He unsheathed the hard plastic and metal sheath from the blade, marveling in it's metal banded hilt. I couldn't help but wince when he tested the heft of it, swinging it down. If it even nicked anything . . .

“You don't like me playing with your dagger?”

“It's an Athame, not a dagger. It can't nick anything. If it does, I have to have it destroyed.” He stopped 'playing' with it, now staring hard at the blade, turning it over in his hands.

“All witnesses said you shot beams out at the sky with this thing.” He tapped the hilt down in his hand, even rapping the end with his finger. “So, how did you do it, huh?” This time, he was speaking in that annoying as Hell cop-way! Then he asked, when I didn't speak up, “Where's the battery powering it; in the hilt?”

Completely honest and not taking the tinkle out of Turin, hoping he'd realize this, I replied, “I channeled energy, magic energy up through me from the planet. I focused it from me into the Athame, then out.” Turin said nothing to this, just dropped the subject. He went back to my other things.

“Candles, matches . . . Mugwort?” He spoke, mumbling as he picked each object up. It was left up to me to place each back in the shopping bag when he got done examining it. He finally found my 'scrolls' of printer paper that I had all of my written things down for the spell, even the picture of black eyed, black veined Dark Willow. When he got to the picture, he unrolled it, pulling a face.

“She isn't going to win any beauty contests, is she?” He said, showing me the picture. “Who is she?”

“Willow.” I stated simply, indignant that he was taking the tinkle out of the looks of who I just invoked!

“This stuff you did, under religion – are you in a cult?”

I stared at him, instantly shocked and angry in one moment! “No, I am not, sir.”

“Are you sure? You might have been programmed by one and not know it.” He then added, “Are you associated with the Scarback Monks?”

I felt even colder in my core. There was some excrement going down with The Company and some of the Monks, and rat-face here was lumping me in with them!

“No, sir.” I promised the others I wouldn't start cursing, but Turin was nearly putting paid to that resolution! “My back is scar-free.” I then added in a challenging tone, “Search me, if you like.”   

He rolled the scrolls back up and handed them to me, dropping the subject. He made his way to his desk, so I got up and did the same.

“So, you fancy yourself a Killjoy?” He asked.

“No, sir.” I replied cautiously. “I help them out when I can – the warrant being all – as I'm sure you know. I have my limits, I'd be rubbish in rushing into action.”

“It's good you mentioned what you might be good or not good at.” Turin replied, withdrawing a piece of what looked like pure white stock paper from a cabinet. “I have a job for you. It's not a warrant, but it's something that I need to get done and I think you can do it.”

I took the proffered paper and turned it around, forcing myself not to let my jaw drop in shock and terror. He had a candid picture of Khlyen!

“Have you seen that man?” Turin asks me as I flip the image around, as if to look for words. Khlyen's name was  written on the back, no surname of course. “K- kolen- Kuh-lion?” I looked up, the perfect image of ignorance and innocence across my face. “How do you even say his name?”

“Khlyen,” He muttered in a lower tone so potential people at the door couldn't hear what we were talking about. The word came out as I knew it would, Kline.

“So, what's his story?”

“That's what I need to find out. Dutch was involved with him, my sources found out. I need to find out in what way. And if he's planning anything.” I tossed the image back on top of his desk.

“No way.” I replied, Turin recoiled as if I'd slapped him! “I am not spying for you. I want to able able to eat, drink and sleep without having to flee this sector of space every time!” I stood up.

“I need you to do this!” Turin was shouting now. He dropped his voice, finishing in all seriousness, “If you don't do this job for me – I will guarantee you that you will never become a Killjoy. In fact, I will ban you from ever helping that team, ever again.” 
I stood up, quaking in rage. I fought to make my tone civil as I replied, “You are extorting me to do this. I will not. If you don't like it, you can sit and spin, sir.”

I left the debriefing with my gear. I took off with the rest of the team, silently stewing in my own anger and fear.
107  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: October 27, 2015, 05:22:49
October 26, 2015

The Killjoys Experiment

This is a rather long post. It is a large experiment detailing my trials with Calea and 'forcing' myself to dream about a TV show called Killjoys. I made a large file out it, a very large narrative. I will only be showing sections of the narrative. If anyone else wants more of the narrative of what I got since last month, please let me know.

And I know it reads exactly like a story. the reason nearly all my dreams look like this format when I write them out is this is how I end up. If a dream has certain level of actions, dialogue, and detail, I tend to write it out like this. When the dreams aren't written out like that, there is little cohesion to the dreams, not enough details or I cannot remember enough of it. 

And about Athames being destroyed, I read that fact years ago and have gone by that belief since then. 

* * *

“What's that stuff in the bag?”

I turned around from the small, mass produced nightstand. Thankfully, they each came with a small cabinet for people to place small stuff in. D'avin Jacobis was hanging onto the door frame of my quarters. He eyed the package curiously.

“Ritual stuff.” I replied, taking a peek in, sorting what I needed for a secluded area.

“Ritual, like Scarback stuff?”

“No.” Yala walked up, even as I spoke to D'avin. “Different completely, as in Magic.”

“So is your dagger for drawing blood?” She asked.

“It's not a dagger, it's an Athame.” I hurriedly explained, lest their misconception about it got it taken away! “I use it to direct energy.” D'avin long since left, the talk of magic daggers obviously boring him.

“Not weapon energy, but magic energy and energy from myself.”

“What happens if you find out someone used to to cut anything with it, or killed another with it?” Yala asked, holding it, examining it.

Even as I got up from my bed and walked out of the room, Yala following closely and long since leaving the Athame behind, I stated, “I would have to destroy it.” She gaped at me in shock, “It's true; it will be contaminated and no further use to me.”

“Why is part of the hilt on one side corroded and pitted?”

“It laid in liquid for awhile before I found out. I need to find a new Athame soon. It's all been crap, trying to find one lately.”

“Crap, what's that?”

“Earth swear for 'defaecate'.” I left it at that, and soon we ran into Johnny, who was on his way to collect us to go to the cockpit.

“I am missing something; An egg and a piece of bread.” I stated aloud when we four were on our way.

“An egg?” Johnny wondered.

“Yeah, a Chicken egg.” Then I stopped short. “You lot do have chickens, right?”

“Actually we do, mostly on Leith.” He replied. “But why the egg and bread?”

“For offering and Libations.” They looked at me. “For Isis and Hecate. Do we have any here?” I asked.

“Even if we did, you couldn't bring them down anywhere.” Johnny replied. “It would be counted as an unregulated food import.”

“So, any food or reagents I need, I'll have to snag from a planet's market.”

“Who are they?” Someone asked, meaning Isis and Hecate.

“Each one of them is a Goddess. Isis is the Goddess of magic, I think. Hecate, Goddess of the underworld.”

“Sounds ominous.” Johnny replied, his brother agreeing.

“I have to evoke them before I do my main ritual; they will help.”

“Evoke?” Yala asked.

“I can't invoke them.” I stated, staring them in shock, my expression and tone belying the fact that I thought they knew already. “It'll ruin the spell.”

“What's the difference between the two?”

“Evocation is kind of when you call up someone and say 'Hey come by my house.' In magic, it isn't a house, but the space you're using. Invocation is almost the same dog and pony show, but this time, the house, or space, is the summoner.” The conversation changed to Intel they got. They had to go to Qresh.

“So it's like a vacation?” I asked from my room later. I halfheartedly got ready, figuring they'd make me stay behind.

“Yeah, mostly to get Intel for any upcoming warrants.” Yala told me even as I joined the trio in the cockpit of Lucy. To be sure, I never mentioned I even knew Dutch's real name. “But also, like you said, it's a vacation.”

“We're long overdue one.” D'avin explained. “But we got to take our communicators, just in case.”

I gazed out of the cockpit windows, taking in the sight of the Quad below us. “Which planet, excuse me, moon, is full?”

“All them of them are, technically.” Someone replied. “But from Qresh, today, it would be Westerly.” I nodded sagely, to show them I understood. “Am I allowed to come, or do I have to stay on board?”

“You're not a Killjoy, so you don't have the freedom of movement.” Johnny explained.

“You can come with us, but you'll have to tag along with even just one of us.” Yala explained even further. ”Otherwise you'd get nicked for being an illegal.” I stopped, turned, taking the sight of them in.

I didn't trust D'avin, military training with seeing such a spectacle. I could serious get hurt, by him, if he thought the Ritual was a threat to others, especially his brother and Yala! I looked at Johnny and it seemed to me that he was good with tech, thus it seemed that it would be abhorrent to witness an act of true magic! Yala seemed the best bet for protection from any others, if she agreed.

“If you agreed to it, I'd rather you hang around with me while I did my Ritual.”

Yala had no problem, wanting to witness it firsthand. We got ready, me tying up the gray plastic Walmart bag that held my needed gear for the spell. They said I had to keep the Athame in its sheath, and in the bag to take it through customs – at least for the first time. The Mugwort in the jar, the candle and everything else would be allowed as is because of it's blatant use in my religion.   

“You have to tell customs it's for a religious Ritual, otherwise half the stuff won't be cleared.” D'avin warned me about my Athame. “And keep the explanation simple.” He added hastily, remembering my talk with Yala about my 'energy' in the Dagger. “We don't need them thinking you have a concealed gun inside the blade.”

# # #

We breezed through customs, the agent left amazed by the semantics of the spell I told him.

“I am evoking two Goddesses to help me invoke a third Goddess. Isis, Hecate, then Willow.”

“So, you are invoking a Goddess, then?” Yala asked me as we patrolled around to find a secluded spot.

I knew better than to admit that Willow was a magic user from another reality that frequently drew on dark powers. When Willow got amped up, she would 'Woge' to a black hair, black veined, and black eyed Willow! Needless to say, when she did this, you always knew who she was squaring off usually got their butt kicked!

Instead, I stated, “Yep.” I then added, fearing she would, like many others on Earth, always spout out when someone else find a way to get more power than the other person feels comfortable with, “I've done this before, so I know exactly what I'm getting myself into.”

It was kind of hard, finding a spot, because of the massive amount of people. Yala leaves quickly, to get something from the market that she needed – so I am left alone for the moment. I see a small bench that no one is using and approach it, thankful that I don't have to share in the indignity of sitting my gear or myself on the ground!   

I set up my things and it isn't until I get ready to light my single, solo black candle, then I realized I can't do it because I forgot bread and an Egg! The wind is instantly knocked out of my sails. I happened to look up and see, with a sudden jolt of my heart, Khlyen walking towards me!

He was no longer wearing his dark clothes from either his office back on the RAC, or the first meeting in my quarters, the one were he just came by to explain what I now mean to him! He was wearing his white shirt, dark vest and what appeared to be a reverse apron, making it seem he was wearing a duster of sorts! His expression was stony, a dangerous look! I am stunned into silence, both from slight fear and the fact that when he wears that getup, he is even more of a Silver Fox!

“What are you doing here?” I whisper, regaining my voice. “If Yala sees us together-”

He pulls his hand from behind his back, proffering a beautifully white Chicken egg! I stare in amazement, and Khlyen pulls a chunk of some kind of bread from a pocket with his other hand. I step forward, a look of pleased surprise! Khlyen handed me the items.

“Thanks, you saved the day!” I blurted, elated. He smiled, one of his closed lipped affairs, coming up to me.

“We'll talk later, on the ship.” He stated, walking away.

I waited until Khlyen was, to all intents and purposes, far away from the area before I started. I had just cast my circle, the blue energy line marking out the boundary. Yala had just bounded into the small area, stopping in abject shock, glaring down at the energy line! I held my hand up.

“Please stay back, don't cross over it, or I'll have to cast my circle again.”

She did as she was told and I got to work, evoking Isis and Hecate, then got to work on my main spell. While chanting, I used my Athame as usual.

The baby blue beam of mystic energy shot out from it's end like a laser, even as I was chanting. At this point, wind even came up and D'avin and Johnny ran up. D'avin, as predicted, tried to rush forward to pull me out of the vortex of wind! Yala stopped him, and Johnny just stood by, eying the growing maelstrom with shock and fear! The sky by this time had opened up, the beam now shooting deep within  a jagged tear that was filled with blackness! I changed my chant now to the plea for Dark Willow!

After awhile, the beam started reverse, no long baby blue, but pitch black! When the backwash hit me, the blackness entered me and I could do nothing until it had been completely adsorbed. The spell ended, the wind and everything stopped. That rift sealed up, leaving the beautiful skies untouched.

Even as I fell to my knees, I felt that I had the black eyes, black hair and black varicose veins across my face! I fought the growing tide of impatience of Dark Willow, respectfully thanking Isis and Hecate.

Finally, Willow's voice and mine sounded off as one as I cried out, “All is done, my prize is won!” Even as I finished, Yala ran up to me.

“Mindy, are you okay?” She was bellowing, freaked out. Seemingly, not one person saw my face. My features returned to normal before Yala spun me around to face her.

“Yeah, but I'm bloody exhausted.” I force myself to mutter and look the part.

She helped me up, and I happened to turn around. There was a very large crowd of Qreshi standing, staring in shock. Most of them clapped wildly, most likely thinking of my visual and audio performance as just that!

It turned out that when Yala and I did our thing, Johnny and D'avin got a warrant to fulfill. They did, also bringing Yala in on it.

“So where did you get your egg and bread?” Yala asked as we made our way back to Lucy.

“Gift of the gab,” I put in. “A Qreshi was near the area and we got to talking. I told him I needed to hurry and buy an egg and bread for offerings.”

“And he just gave it to you?”

I was starting to feel unsettled by her question, veiled accusation, really. Nervous about her finding out about Khlyen, I winged it, “No, coincidentally he had just gotten done his shopping. He had a small basket with plenty of eggs and some bread.”

“Really? What did he look like?”

“Maybe about five nine, or five eight.” I purposefully made the imaginary guy below Khlyen's height, which I knew had to be around at least six feet tall. “Black hair which looked greasy to me, at first. I realized he styled his hair with some sort of hair gel.” I added glibly, “It's awesome for me to see how so well Qreshi dress.” I came up to Johnny, to hold discussion with him. “I'm not very much help nowadays, am I?” I asked in a grudging tone as we made our way back to Lucy.

“Don't worry.” Johnny replied. “You had to do a religious thing and we also got our work in.” We were more than midway to Lucy, when Johnny whispered to me, “When we get on the ship, you and I are going to have a private little chat.”

I winced, knowing that Johnny wasn't into me like that, at all. I knew this must be a chewing out.

“Do you,” I stopped unable to speak for a minute. Johnny stopped suddenly, gazing at me. “Do you want me to leave for good? Like find someplace or something, away from the group?”

“Why do you always-” He almost snapped out, then dropped his tone to one that more than said one hundred percent done, “Just get on the ship, Mindy.”

“Fine,” And I did as told.

I did, immediately going off with Johnny to what they considered like a big meeting room. He went immediately to lean against one of the walls.

“First of all, while that was awesome,” He began, meaning my spell, “That was unbelievably stupid.” He nearly hollered the last part out. “You or anyone else could have gotten hurt, or killed!” I just stood, my hands clasped at my front of my body, having the tact to cast my eyes down at the floor – forced to look abashed! He added, voice volume back to normal, “If you want to become a Killjoy, Mindy, you cannot have affiliation for any of the colonies.”

I glared up at this point, surprised. Johnny didn't look terribly ticked or put-out - just stern. I understood his point and what it meant. I sighed, walking over to one of the port-holes and gazed out. “Many of the Qreshi saw my . . . show. Their politics will demand they clamber over each other to get me to settle on Qresh.”

“They'll want to offer you land – everything you cannot have if you want to tag along with us.”

I turned around to face back towards him. “I understand, and I refuse anything the Qreshi have to offer me. My time on Earth has made elitist movements repellant to me.”

“We got to turn in to the RAC.” D'avin let us know. “We got to collect our reward for the warrant, and Turin wants to talk to Mindy – full debriefing.”

“Oh, excrement,” I muttered. “What can I expect?”

“No swearing in front of him, first thing.” Johnny replied. “He views it as disrespect for him.”

“Can I expect yelling?”

“Maybe, depends on how ticked he is about the Qresh incident coming across his desk.”

“Don't antagonize him, Mindy.” D'avin added hurriedly. “If he asks you a question, you'd better be damned ready to have an answer instantly.”

“What happens if I don't?” It was my turn to add in my piece hastily, “Not that I'll withhold anything on purpose.”

“Turin won't know that. He won't care.” Johnny replied. “He'll handcuff you to a chair and question you. By that time, the shock-prod usually comes out.”

I muttered the German word for excrement under my breath. D'avin heard it anyway and inquired about it. “It's German for excrement, and excrement is defaecate.” I explained.

“Yeah, and none of the Earth sayings either.” Johnny warned. “As far as we know, the rest of the RAC doesn't know about Earth.”

Let alone none of you know I'm from a different reality, I thought! “Not sure if I ever want them to know.” I sighed.

I was not contradicted.

“Mindy was saying about how someone came up to her and gave her stuff she needed.” This was Yala.

Before I left the room, I had to give them an account of the fictional character I made up, a cold sweat dotting my back underneath my faded Punisher shirt.
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October 14, 2015

“Your Beautiful Body Will Be Under Me!”

I was in a room, laying on my side on a bed in the dark. I had a vague feeling that I was in my room, but couldn't be sure. Someone was slightly behind me, sitting in the bed, also slightly off to my side. They were leaning over slightly.

“Your Beautiful Body,” The man began. He added, growling out, “Will be under me!” The growling tone was a desirous growl, not a literal one!    

I gasped because of three things; the pleasure that was starting to mount from his hand, what he had said, and who he sounded like! His voice sounded either like Khlyen or Roan, but tone harsh in desire!

“Under you?” I gasped out softly. “Does this mean we're going to have sex?”

“Yes,” Khlyen/Roan whispered back. He stopped what he was doing for the moment, presumably to move onto bigger things when I woke up.

Attack And Songs

This thing tried attack me in my own house. It was the size of a small child, like 1-2 years old but the body of a cat-like thing. I threw my threadbare blanket over and scooped it up. I felt it trying to claw and bite me through the blanket!  I mimicked a cat's meowing, making it form into a type of song.
The thing was distracted enough to sound back, the meowing noise coming from it slowly transforming to the sound nearly like one of those ladies who sing beautifully at Orchestras. The song was so beautiful sounding like that that I started sobbing and then I woke up with real tears in my eyes.
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October 8, 2015

Home Again

I went out some place and came home again. I found out that my dad was alive and back in some kind of hospital bed that was back in the living room. My mom and I had to go back to turning home over in bed and pulling him up.

Trip, Filming Locations And Strange Ants

I went with my friend's family to someplace far out of town for a travel. There was one place, now a bog, that was said to have been a site for the filming of a scene from the original Star Trek.

Later, I go off in this park to be alone. I run into this guy who looks and sounds a lot like Aaron Ashmore. We get to talking. When we are, these ants swarm over this area, looking for food. Him and I slap and stamp as many as we can. I end up with a small, sharp stick and start stabbing the ants. A couple of ants were carrying this large brown thing that resembled a full Roach Egg case, a Ootheca. The only difference was it's size. I missed a few ants, stabbing this by accident. There was a hole left in the thing, and small, gnat sized ants swarmed out of it. I realized that somehow, these ants laid eggs in a casing like Roaches! The guy and I pulled faces of disgust and left the area.

Later, I meet up with my friend. The guy seems to be long gone and I tell my friend what happened, even including the ant-eggs incident. She exclaims her disgust. Me and the rest of her family ends up in a souvenir shop and we all go looking for stuff to buy. I get a couple about the filming area, as I know my mom would love that. My friends replaces her CD player with another as her old one actually broke in the car on the way here.
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October 7, 2015

The School

I was in this school. Had to track down my sisters I think. There was this one huge classroom that was a Math classroom. These two teachers used to teach in it some time ago. When I went into the room, it turned out they were no longer working in the classroom, but there was this huge, looked like painted, portrait hanging up in the classroom. It had the two teachers in it. Below that, was a little plaque naming them, saying In memory of two best teachers.

It named them as the two doctors from Chicago Hope - Dr. Aaron Shutt and Dr. Philip Watters. They each looked like in this the way they did in Chicago Hope. It was also them in the 'photo' After this, I ended up having to go to town in broad daylight on the local bus system. A fact that I contribute to actually having to ride the bus into town proper in the waking world to see to the family's post office box.

Terror In Town

Something about me running around, Nikita yelling for me to run.

When this happened, her and I were in my local town proper. I was in front of the Post Office when Roan drove slowly past me, but stopped his car right in front of me! I realized that this is why Nikita was yelling at me to run away!  He appeared to be focused straight ahead, whereas I was standing next to his car on the right hand side. He was wearing normal green skinny shirt thing, and had seat belt on. 

I was horrified, the sudden terror hitting me like a bucket of ice water. Roan had looked down to unbuckle his seat belt when I woke up. 
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October 6, 2015


I opened my eyes in bed, still on my stomach. Someone, a guy's unfamiliar voice was asking me something.

“What?” I slurred, still groggy.

“Would you like to meet Metatron?”

“Meta- Meta-” I was still groggy.

“I said how would you like. to. meet. Metatron?”

I heard the name clearly this time, my mind's eye flashing to Metatron from Supernatural. I winced, adding plaintively, “Hell, no!”  
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October 1, 2015

The Demon Protectors

There was a branch of the US government that was training people up for special agent stuff. They used pretty nefarious plans to use protection. There were these so called 'demons' that went around helping these field agents out.

Near the end, there was a huge store nearly like Walmart mixed with willy's sport store. This time, Division is explicitly named as being the ones to train up these people to have the 'demon' protector trainers. There was going to be a terrorist attack dealing with gassing and stuff within the store. One of the hooded and robed 'demon's appeared to a civilian and warmed them of the attack. An agent from Division came in and secured the civilian because they were contacted. And secured, as in taken in for protection, not killing.

All of this didn't happen before the civilian started talking about the Division, the attacks, and the robed figures who would teleport about and warn the agents of impending attacks. They are, I think, going to have to call in Roan and get rid of the people this civilian told! At this time, it is said using weird camera angels and the whole thing in this paragraph is actually narrated by the main agent who's POV this was in. I am sitting there, nearly like watching it on TV or in a theater, thinking, when Roan is going to show up!

! ! !

After half a week 'detoxing' of the Calea, I am back on it for a second testing run.
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September 30, 2015

Hostile Wesen

There was Wesen that was Satyr like, but not anything like Ziegevolk. The only thing they had in common was having horns, and that was it. These, when fully in Woge, had short, but shaggy, unkempt fur all over their bodies. They had hooves on their feet, but retained human structured hands. They were very hostile as well.

There was a camping trip. Two dads, which were these unknown Wesen, had each one son with them. It was a father-son bonding experience. The two boys were pretty much just starting puberty, and thus were 'freshmen' at fully being Wesen! For hunting, they would Woge and stamp and charge through the woods with shotguns, killing pretty much any Humans they came across! 
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September 29, 2015

Did The Electric Turn Off?

I was in my bed, in the dark in my dream. Some guy acts lovey and grabs at ny sides. I can tell, from the vibe he is giving off, that he is not good to be around. I get off the bed quickly.

“What's wrong?” He asks. I knew if I ran for it, he'll hunt me down through the house. I make up some lie.

“I thought I heard something up front,” I began, meaning from the living room area or possibly the kitchen. “I'll go check real quick.”

“Be sure you come right back here when you get done.” He replies. As I leave the room, he calls out. “And don't try to leave.” I go up front into the living room, make like I am actually casing the room for anything. “Anything?” I hear him call from back in my room.

“Nothing yet.”

“Be as quick as you can.”

I go into the kitchen, pushing my way past the counters and stove. I turn to them, only to notice that the timers of both the microwave and the stove are flashing the number one on both of them, meaning there had to have been a power surge or the house power turned off for a couple of hours then came back on recently!

“Was there a power outage?” I called out, meaning for the guy in mmy bedroom to answer.

“Not that I know of,” Came his hollered reply. “Why?”

“All the stuff's flashing the timers.”

He replied after a few moments, “You better come back to your room.”

It wasn't that he was saying it in a Because-You-Better-See-This way. It was a because-I-Said-so way. I knew I better or I'd be in deep dood if he had to come up front to get me! I actually sighed, then replied in a defeated sort of tone, “Okay.”

After I said this, turning to leave, the scene shifted. I was awake, actually awake in my bed. My body felt as light as air, tingly and warm. I knew this was me coming to, nearly in the state to AP! I rode this feeling, trying to get the rest of the way to AP. I felt as if I had done it, when my trip degenerated into a strange dream with Roan in a hotel, facing off with Nikita.

In this, I could only hear sounds half the time. The other half it was akin to a silent movie that didn't have the word or action script!

“Damn it, move!” Nikita thundered at me. She had an aim at Roan, who was stomping down the corridor towards her and I. He didn't pay any attention to me at this time. He stopped within a hairs breadth from me, glaring at Nikita from his black rimed glasses. Suddenly, surprising even me, he snarled, facing suddenly going like nearly rotten, nose going away suddenly! “What the Hell?” I hear Nikita bark in shock!

I duck over quickly, seeing Roan's upper body jerk in place a few times, having been blasted by one of Nikita's guns! He didn't fall, but his face went back to normal, although now he had a faint scowl across his features! This time, he glared over to me, seemingly noticing me!  I was just thinking that I must having fallen asleep bodily during my AP, that this must be the place truly 'were you think it, it happens.' when someone outside my bedroom turned on the glaring yellow hall-light and caused me to involuntarily dump out whatever I was going through before I got a chance to find out what was going on!
115  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: September 28, 2015, 01:52:13
September 27, 2015

The Abomination And Addiction

The 'Abomination' has entered my dream at this point, back to where I was last talking to him. I, like the travel, can't get enough of kissing him. At times, it seems like he is trying to get inside my head to learn random facts. Like my Facebook account and stuff like that. Luckily, I somehow dump out of the 'mind-feed' each time I see the Facebook page loading in my mind.

Phil And The Apparent Future

I was living with Phil Coulson, his wife and two 17+ year old daughters.

It was apparently the future with some future stuff. There was liquid or smoke stuff you smoke. Each dose of stuff was to change things about skills/personality.  One noted one was for intelligence. One, the size of a jumbo Elmer's glue bottle was marketed as giving the “Politically Incorrect” personality trait!

Zoe seemed to be one daughter, when I did not recognize the other. At one point, we get dresses for dates. The dresses, which we get from the guys who are interested in us, are subtlety high tech. They are in built with various things depending on the dress. One has small wings that unfold and allow the user to fly for a bit.

Phil gets into a serious fight later on and is knocked out. I have to find his knocked out form, horrified that he is dead. I have to find a pulse on him. He is alive, however and recovers not too long after.
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September 26, 2015

Mission and Magic Items

I was tagging along with Nick Burkhardt and the others from Grimm. Adalind Schade did something, and also was planning something. We needed to find out what. The dream began in Portland, Oregon with me in Sean Renard's office. We all were talking to him, getting ready to pull off a mission. I was nervous because of the stuff before with me in Portland. Evidently, either Sean didn't remember me, the issue was dealt with, or this was an entirely different dream set.

We found out exactly where one of Adalind's childhood homes were when she was a very young girl, way before her biology clicked over to become a full fledged Hexenbiest! We had to get in that house and scout around, as it was a sure bet that whatever Adalind was planning, records of it would be hidden in there somewhere!

On the way, Nick, Hank and I discussed where it would be. I let known that even though I was not a Hexenbiest, I still was able to do Magery in some forms. I told them that if the family back then was in an established neighborhood, they would have to be 'in the broom closet' as much as possible. Things would have to be hidden, and even placing things out in the open was too risky as someone might, on the off chance, actually know what a reagent is used for.
Hank and Nick agreed that I was right, that the family would have kept secret things down low. Nick mad mention about their basement. Even though I don't do it, the Schade family might have. We get there, some uniforms made to hide outside in case Adalind showed up when we were searching. Nick had me fit in through a really small window that was deemed to be the best way into their basement.

I searched down there. It was dark, and was less of a basement and more of a workshop. There was a fireplace, but the opening wasn't that big. I ducked down to examine it. It had one of those ring-mail curtains drawn across the opening. There was already a little stack of wood inside. I puzzled over this; why would a little workshop, looking like it hasn't been visited in years,  dim and dusty all over, have seemingly brand spanking new firewood all stocked in it? I pulled back on the curtain, trying to be as silent as I could, just in case a Schade was upstairs.

“Try to be quiet.” Nick hissed at me from the small window. I found out that the 'wood' was a cardboard cut out, jammed inside this fireplace to make it look legit!

I took it out completely, my mouth falling open in shock at what was inside! Tons of magic books! One wand that seemed hand-made from industrial stuff! The shaft of it looked like it was made from slender, black PVC pipe. It was thirteen inches, the ending made with what looked like thick copper wiring, formed in the form of a star! The end result was something that looked like a mix between a sleight-of-hand magician's wand and one of those fairy princess wands! I picked it up, almost reverently, and sensed out for any residual magic inside. Nothing. I wouldn't use it, as Wands are abusive, but one less item for Adalind to get working, the better! The books were a hodgepodge collection of Black Magic, Satanism, Demonology,  Wicca, and other things!   I knew, instinctively that Adalind must have these books since she was a kid, since her Hexenbiest powers started clicking in! She must have thought she was Human back then, able to be able to use magic spells and stuff!   

“Is what we need in there?” Nick asked. From his vantage point, he couldn't see any of the fireplace at all.

“Nick, there's a bunch of stuff in here.”   

“Well, you better hurry and find it before she comes back.”

I moved the piles of stuff I found that I wanted to take back with me. I reached in to the far back of the unit, pulling out a folded up map. The map looked like one I had back home, one that came out of National Geographic book! This map had many places' names dotted with what looked like red magic-marker. Some notations as well, and I was sure this was what we were looking for! I folded it back up and pocketed it. I quickly re-set the fireplace to make it look like I never rummaged through it. I took the pile of books and gear and left the basement!

Outside, I quickly handed Nick the map. “I think this is what you were looking for.” Even as he unfolded it quickly, I added, “There was a heap of stuff. I decided that since we got word she was on her way, it would be better to deprive her of some stuff she still might be using.”

Later, we are back at police HQ, back in Sean's office. Sean was sitting at his desk, looking at the map. Nick and Hank were talking about it, looking at the map. At this time, it is like I stopped being an active part of the dream. It just seemed as if it were another part of another Grimm episode.   
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September 24, 2015

Outside The House At Night

For some reason, I had to leave my house at night. I stood on the front porch, in pitch black. Neither light was on, Porch light or security light. I hadn't been out there for any more than five seconds before the sound of someone trying to quietly sob had come up from the woods in the front yard! It sounded so very much like Amye, my sister! I rubbernecked quickly, dreading the noise and what it could be. 

! ! !

It couldn't have been her crying irl, then me hearing it in my sleep. I nearly always wear those close-to-earphones that are so big they cover nearly the entire ear. And when they are no, they cut all background noises out regardless if music is playing through them or not.
118  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: September 23, 2015, 20:52:58
September 23, 2015

House That Was Rented

I, along with someone else was invited to Victor's place, which he was renting. I remembered going through the main parts of his place. Living room, dining room only, and I remember vaguely in being somewhere exactly like this years ago irl – I couldn't remember the ext reason, or what the visit entailed. There was a very wide set of steps that I saw led somewhere else.

^The man didn't say either of us was allowed down there.^ I thought. ^So I'm going to skip.^ I walked past the steps. He had a decent TV. Not big screened, nor one of the wall hanging ones, but reminded me sharply of one my family had years ago.

Victor, unknown to me at the time, was cooking something in his kitchen for all of us. By the time I wandered into the dining area, I saw Victor and my traveling companion still at it, talking.

This stove he had, the chime went off. He had this strange model though, that if you didn't check on it the first time, it would roll into the area by itself, detaching itself from its usual space! It rolled midway into the dining room, and at times spun wildly in one spot! I marveled at the spectacle!

“I wish I had me one of those.” I said aloud.

“They're very expensive and not many people can afford one.” Victor put in. “It's new technology by Division.” I stood, struck by awe, thinking ^Victor works for them now? And Since when did Division stop targeting people and go into cook ware?^ He then added, “Excuse me, I have to get this.”

He went over to the whirling stove, which sensed someone close to it. It immediately stopped its antics, and zoomed right against a far wall. Victor took out the cooking meal. The whole scene just then was surreal to me; The moving stove thing that happened, and the sight of Victor The Cleaner getting a meal ready for house guests!

Stealing And Coke Caps

I was in my home on this one. Roan was there, visiting as friends or something. Mom and I went back to my sister's room. She had drunk a bunch of Coke, the cokes being in the plastic bottles. She left the empty bottles laying about, even when irl, mom keeps telling her not to leave them laying in her room. The door was wide open because it was going to be a quick clean-up.

My sister left her game system on. One was the old Nintendo system. I had one too, in my room. I let her borrow one of my cold cartridges and decided I wanted to play it quick, then give it back for her to borrow. When I grabbed a bunch of the red caps, I also grabbed this game.

My mom chucked a bunch of the bottles into a clear bag, since we recycle those anyway. Roan came down the hall, I guess to explore our house like I did to Victor in the previous dream. He saw us 'rummaging' in the room. Somehow he knew that this wasn't either mom's room or mine. He got geniunely stern and confronted us for 'stealing' from someone else in our family!

He had us empty our pockets. He took a bunch of the caps from the both of us, but let mom and I slide on that, as it was trash left in the room. He was iffy about the game borrowing, and forced me to leave it in the room until he could verify my story with my sister!

We ended up though, mom and I, getting into an amicable conversation as we left the room. At this point, Roan wasn't angry at us because we 'cleared our names' with him. We were talking about the Coke promotion, which he knew nothing about. We told him about getting free stuff and more coke! In the dream, Roan didn't think much of sodas, but didn't outright hate it like he does Alcohol! He just didn't think, as an opinion, that our family should be drinking so many!

Fight Or Flee

I was outside somewhere with a group of people. One of the group was Cheryl, my best friend. We were running from something or someone, we didn't know.

My group gets to this water reservoir. Cheryl wants her and I to jump in to swim for it.

“We can't.” I say. “It's a reservoir, meaning if we do that, we'll pollute the water for a bunch of people.” I clamber up a sheer thing, managing to grab the lip of it and haul myself almost completely up. I see Mr. Gold from Once Upon A Time walking on top, towards the group! I duck back down towards the others. “We need to go, now! Mr. Gold is coming!”

People started to freak out, jogging alongside the bottom of the barrier, trying not to slip off the incline over to our right, that leads down into the channels for the reservoir. We get caught by Gold anyway.

I am back in my place with these people. We are being help prisoner by Gold and Regina Mills. There turns out to be a usb stick or something that has tons of information Gold and Regina are after, and that's why they caught us. I am going past the closed closet that is in our living room. I manage to slip inside. Nikita is hiding in the closet and slips me the USB, which is disguised to look like a half used lollipop. I leave the closet. Gold asks what I have. I have another candy piece, a real one which he selfishly takes from me, leaving the one with the USB! He half off towards the kitchen. I am ticked off that he stole my legit candy from me, and actually, in full view of my friends, behind his back, flip him the bird!
119  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: September 22, 2015, 20:14:52
September 22, 2015

Daniel, Subways and Snow

I was outside this place, this private house. Daniel Graystone lives here and I watched him place one of his cats, who looked startlingly similar to KCJ, one of our cats, outside.

Later, I am in my own home, in my kitchen. My father is alive and sitting at the end of the kitchen table that is nearly across from the sliding glass door. He is not in a wheelchair, and has his work clothes on. My mom is also there. We are ordering Submarine Sandwiches from someplace that will deliver them. One of the toppings that I tell dad I want, and the shop has apparently, is snow. Like falls from the sky and accumulates kind of snow.

Video Game Contest

This group of kids won a really cool contest. It ended them in a mish mash world that was a conglomerate world of live-action Nintendo games, mostly the Super Mario Franchise!

Turns out the contest wasn't supposed to do that. One of the kids cast hoodoo on him and the others because his baby brother was born, only to be declared by the hospital that he was going to die. The kid couldn't face up to this, he was scared to. So he did this to entrap kids his age in a world of his own choosing so he wouldn't be completely alone.
120  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: September 21, 2015, 22:14:43
September 21, 2015

Buses, Trains And Teleportation

It was daylight. There was many people milling about near many train cars. I  picked a train, entering one of the cars. I had to wait in line, but once I got inside, I went from car-to-car, even entering the car that usually has dining on it. It was this place that I saw the Khlyen was stalking towards me! He was wearing his fancy black clothes, the reverse apron, and the black outer-coat! He eyed me with this victorious look that made my bowels nearly turn to water!

He was on the other side of the dining car, walking slowly, arrogantly towards me. I knew it was a bad idea to let Khlyen catch up to me! I whirled around, darting forward, pushing past many people in the same car. I got out to the next car. Luckily, it was not lined up with people at the entrance. I was able to stand in the doorway of the next car and turn around. The door of the previous car was wide open and no one was in the way. I got full view of Khlyen, walking with sturdy, sure steps after me! He also got full view of me, smirking – the victorious look across his face making him look downright evil! This reaffirmed the fact that I could not let Khlyen catch up to me at all! 

The scene shifts and I am father down the train line, somehow having miraculously not been caught by Khlyen! I see my dad, who had been dead for some time now, walking along the way I had been. He was wearing his nice work-shoes, his dark brown pants and his lighter colored belt! His shirt was one of his nick, dark gray work shirts. The work shirt and pants were all an ensemble he had to wear when he used to work in our hospital's local Stockroom.

I just stop and look on agape in amazement, also having to weave and step because now there are many people. I go to walk towards him, which I see Khlyen walking right next to him, his six foot frame towering next to my dad's 5.4 frame!

Khlyen is no longer 'stomping' after me, but seemingly in okay conversation with my father. I do not know what lies Khlyen told him as to why he was seeking me out, but the evil victory look is gone. Instead, he looks amicable towards my father. I feel kind of jealous, wishing I could have a civil conversation with Khlyen and not have to be terrified of the victorious, desirous look that he gave me when 'chasing' me down!

My dad gives his little, embarrassed laughter which I remember so well from when he was alive. “I don't where she's gone off to.” I hear him remark to Khlyen. “I'm sure she wasn't being rude. She and nearly the rest of my family are extremely shy.”

I feel down, knowing for sure now that I can never announce myself to my dad, he'll 'turn me in' to Khlyen! I turn back around and continue my train car-to-train car sojourn! At one car, I chance look behind me. Many people are filing into the previous car behind me. One is my father, I see just a hint of his work shirt.  I don't go to him, knowing that Khlyen might be sneaking behind him, using him has unwitting bait!
At this point, I was able to recall Zoe from her mission I accidentally left her in on the Astral into my dream! I had her on default stealth-mode on her mission, meaning that nobody but me could see her or hear her. Normally, we communicate through our Human/watcher link, sending thought-dialogue to one another when any others are around. This is to prevent me from looking 'kooky' when I am, to all intents and purposes, 'talking to myself' But this time, we opt for completely verbal, as there are so many people around us anyway that they wouldn't be able to pinpoint who I was speaking to! One last time, through the link, I let her know a quick run-down about Khlyen and what was happening.

“That really sounds bad.” She replied. 

“Yeah, but I don't want Khlyen finding you out, for sure.” I mutter. I happened to turn around and see Khlyen, far back inside the car, eyeing me like prime rib again! ^Stay cloaked, Zo. I need your help, I can't outrun this #$@$!”^

^I can teleport you within short distance so there's minimal recovery you have to do.^ She replied. We resorted to mind-talk again so Khlyen wouldn't even be able to hear anything of our plan, or find out my 'powers'! I know what she means. Short-distance Watcher teleportation makes me a bit staggered, but long distance, 100 miles or more and even in astral I get staggered like I am hammered by drink! I can't afford to be down and out and have Khlyen snatch me! ^You'll have to get out of sight or he'll see you vanish!^

I see him getting closer and closer, walking in that way he was doing, because he was so sure he'd be able to catch me! I used a sudden influx of a bank of people to duck out of his sight, Zoe doing as promised. I wasn't much farther ahead, but saved loads of time by not having to push over people. We have to do this many more times, each time a short distance away from the previous. The dream ends even as Zoe is still teleporting me everywhere.

The Undercover Hitchhiker

I am at my house, at night, in my yard. It was a bit chilly in the air – maybe late Autumn. I am dressed up very warmly, with a backpack strapped to my back. The backstory, this dream-knowledge I get sometimes when 'landing feet first' in midst of an already unfolding adventure, is that there have been a spate of kidnappings at night in my town. The people being kidnapped were all  teenagers running away from home. The common link between them was that they apparently were all seen trying to hitchhiking out of town!

Since some people told me before, irl, that I looked a bit younger than my actual years, I was going undercover, by myself, to pose as a 'teenager' hitchhiker, on this very night. Zoe was there, walking up next to me.

“It's two fifty five.” She verbally told me the time of night. “Nearly three in the morning; We waited too late tonight. The kidnapper is most likely holed up, sleeping. We can try again some other time.” Her and I were in my backyard, Hum and and Watcher, looking up at the night sky. “I got word that some detective is coming from out of town to help the cops.”

“Maybe.” I replied. “But I want to be able to approach this guy and give him answers to help him.”
We suddenly heard some far off, approaching up in the air that seemed like it was a helicopter. It sounded off though, like a loud muted next of hornets. Like fifty entire swarms had been dunked into a deep pool and you couldn't still hear the noise! A swarm of helicopter lights were flashing through a bank of trees, but were moving as one!

“What the Hell is that?” I demanded.

“I do not know.” Zoe replied. “But maybe we should go back in the house until it goes away.”

“Good idea.” I mutter, us doing exactly that. I have to use my parent's bathroom five minutes later. As I am going into the bathroom, Zoe following me, we heard it through the walls, circling around and coming back!

“Maybe whomever is flying them heard our plan.” Zoe comments.

“It has to be that.” I reply before waking up. 
121  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: September 20, 2015, 21:07:30
September 20, 2015

Another Conglomerate

A man was lying down on his bed an his dim room. Suddenly, he grows a bunch of hair everywhere and looks like weird. He stumbled around, out of his house and people are like WTF.

# # #

Nick Burkhardt from Grimm: He had to go track down Wesen acting badly. I was with him. We were in broad daylight, in town proper of my town!

“We got to make sure they don't catch us, that group of Blutbaden.” I made mention.

“Good idea,” Nick muttered as he holtsered his gun, upping his walking past, walking past me. 

Later, Nick got in a fight with the Wesen group he was tracking. Nick was killed.

! ! !

I started experimenting with Calea Zacatechici, not for any buzz, but to see if I could incorporate it with many of my occult workings, as I have never tried this before.
122  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: September 18, 2015, 17:47:40
September 18, 2015

Night Out Leads To Territory Dispute

I met up with Roan from Nikita. He didn't kill me or anyone else I knew, but it seemed like he was determined to spend time with me. This didn't seem like anything intimate, but it seemed like maybe he was given a mission from Division to protect me. The downside? He wouldn't let me leave his side whenever I had to go out into the public. Also, he really wanted to teach me different things, like how to use a cellphone that was out of battery power, or how to poison someone that attacks you and is your proven enemy! Once, my own mother had to be dropped off at our town's courthouse at night. Roan was driving his car. I was in the backseat, she was in the passenger seat. He dropped her off and she said she could catch the night bus home. He didn't say yes or no and he drove off.

Later, Roan and I are back at the house. I am in the bathroom, actually using the toilet. I hear, somehow, my best friend's grandfather clock start chiming off the the hours! The bathroom door opens, and Roan walks right in the bathroom! He doesn't look at me, just stands at the sink next to the bowel, cleaning up - like co-using bathrooms is normal for this guy! Meanwhile, I am still sitting down, taking the sound of the clock in, which still hasn't ended.

"Is something wrong?" Roan asks. I guess he notices me acting like I am listening to something.

"I hear a grandfather clock that sounds like my best friend's."

He lifts his head slightly, seemingly try to hear it. "Hm," He remarks, then gets back to getting ready. I do not know if he hears it.

As the bell continues to toll, I feel funny. Like something sinister is coming up at me, my arms feeling quiet funny, like the same something is getting ready to grab me! I shoot a panicked look over to Roan, but he seems oblivious. The tolling stops, and so does the creepy feelings.

Roan and I are back in the car, this time me being in the front with him. We drive past the courthouse to see if mom is done, but she is not. We come home, Roan going straight to the back bedrooms. I am left in the living room, which has it's light on. I need an item that is across the room, nearly on the  floor. I go past this one area and look down. On the floor, in midst of stuff my family has to move around for possible moving irl, id my friend Cheryl! She is sleeping. She starts to stir as I step softly past her.

"Go back to sleep, Cheryl." I whispered, terrified that Roan will come down the hall just as she'll open her eyes. I know what kind of stuff he'll do if he believes someone has seen too much and I do not want my friend dead! " For the love of God, go back to sleep!"

Later, Cheryl is gone and I go to the front door because I hear something outside. I open the door into the night air. I hear a helicopter far off, but I get the sense something really bad is outside, and how this house in it's targets! I slam the door closed and back up quickly. The white little curtain hanging up in the small window next to the door suddenly gets a mind of it own! It lashes out, blocking the door from closing. At first, I don't realize what's happening, thinking maybe it accidentally got snagged in the door! I pull it free, trying to close the door again. This time it happens, again, this time wrapping around my waist, holding me close to the open door like a person would do!

I freak out, twirling around and away from the door suddenly, hearing a loud RIP! I tear down the hall, knowing that whatever is out there will come into the house! A long strip of curtain is stuck to my arms, mindlessly flopping, trying to wrap gently around my arm! I tear into my room, to get Roan to protect me, knowing he'll be able to to!

"Roan! Get up Help me!" I all but yell. Roan is on my bed, reclined back, chilling and reading his messages on his phone. At my yell, he looks alarmed and starts to get off the bed quickly.

"Mindy, what's wrong?" Irl, I get so freaked out, I start holding it in, shutting down in communication. Roan must have spent an already huge amount of time with me, because he seemed to know when I was breaking down. "Mindy, tell me. Now's not the time to hold it in."

"Something's happening! I start to get freaked out even more, because I could feel that the thing entered the house and already was coming down the hall! I run to my door and go to slam it.

"What's happening?" I hear Roan ask.

There was something invisible there, it was too late. It was likened to a wind, slamming my door back open. Roan just stood there, next to my bed, staring agape like an idiot because he'd seen the door bounced open, like it struck something! I dodged backwards, even further into my room.  I was only half-right, the thing being sort of able to be seen. I saw only a bit of mouth on the thing. I was thinking that if Roan got into it with it, it would feel true pain and get kicked up one wall and down another! It stops, twists what would pass for its head over in Roan's direction. I know the thing can see him.

It makes a sound, a sound of derision, like Roan was weak and would not be able to stop it! It then speaks loudly, snarling out in this scary voice. The voice sounded like  a mix between a wild beast and wolves. It reminds me sharply of that time that dream about the spooky creature that confronted me in my basement and said it actually wanted me! But this thing sounded like it was actually ticked off!

123  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: September 16, 2015, 16:50:52
September 16, 2015

The Kick

I had Ap'ed to an area in Wyoming. Two spirits, already dead and not anyone doing AP, were being bullied and harassed by another spirit, bur this guy was so powerful he might have been another AP person who liked bullying others.

The town it was set in, this bully would patrol around randomly. If he got word that there was any 'fresh meat', aka newcomers, he woould hunt them down and terrorize them. I got 'hunted' by him within mere moments of my arrival. I ditched him and found this other guy. He was nice and claimed he knew the patrolling man. He said there was this large house where this old guy was completely dead, but was a true spirit.

I made my way and indeed, the spirit was in the house. This guy was mostly see-through, and sometimes you couldn't see him at all, except using the sides of your 'eyesight'. We managed to talk and he allied himself with me temporarily. We found his son, who was also in the same state like his father. The bully and my team found each other at the same time.

There was a huge show-down, and the bully had no choice but to flee. My team and I thanked each other and said our goodbyes.

# # #

In my next dream, I visited someone named Khlyen. In other dreams, we've met each other before, but has to keep our meetings secret. This is because he ticked off a bunch of people whom I also talk with. If they find out, I can imagine they'll be super mad at me and never talk to me again. Not to mention there is another guy who wanted me to spy on Khlyen and I told him where to get off the first time he broached the idea to me.  ever since then, in my dreams, he would try to find ways to irritate me to get me in serious trouble. The guy who has it in for me is in a position of authority, so I have no help and have to take his sarcastic, caustic attitude.

# # # 

This happened when I was on the cusp from sleep, but still half-way astral.

It was in the dark of my room. I was laying there, awoken suddenly. At the same time I felt someone standing over my bedside. As soon as, and I mean at least a nanosecond of me feeling this, I made my astral legs pop out of my physical body, lashing out in some version of a martial arts kick. Next thing I know my astral legs actually connect with a mass! At the same time, there came grunt of pain, a man's grunt, then I got the sense that the person by my bed was sent flying sideways across my room by my kick, through my wall and never came back. At the same time of the kick and the grunt, there was a flash of forked lightning things across my field of vision, behind my closed eyes.

Immediately after the incident, my lower half fully reintegrated back into my physical body and I went back to full-sleep. 

124  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: September 13, 2015, 10:00:24
September 12, 2015

I Am Terrified That Certain People Will Find Out

It first started off in my house. I am in my living room and some sofa, a proper one, is on the same side that we have the windows. Both windows were closed, the drapes closed tightly. I was with someone on the couch, having sex with this man. I do not see his face, however as he is behind me but have a massive 'suspicion' on who it is. My 'suspicion' is based on my guilt, on me having to look up frantically towards the kitchen doorway and the hallway opening, terrified that a certain group/team of people will blunder in, catch us in the act, and know I've been seeing this man – a man who they ALL hate!

The scene shifts, as do my surroundings. This time, I am in a multi-room place. There is this very long hallway, wide and that ends in another large viewing like room, and at a very large window. These whole bank of windows at the other end make the whole place light up in the hall with sunlight. Each room is about the size of my room, with doors that lock. Inside the rooms is a very strict, modest affair. There are no decorations of any kind, and no cabinets of any kind. The only thing that is in there is a spartan, cot-like bed, each flush against the same direction of wall, across from the door, but angled in such a way that the room layout, including the door is very reminiscent of many trips I took that led to me making 'friends' with that certain group of people, including being in a strange relationship with the guy they all hated!

One room I went in, straight in and shut the door behind me. That guy was on there, already on the bed. We got right into intimate stuff again. I was still spooked, however, on our relationship being found out!

“If it bothers you that much,” He began. “Then get up and lock the door.”

I got up, hurrying towards the door. I had just locked it when I woke up!
125  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: September 07, 2015, 19:11:09
September 6, 2015

The Back Yard

I was running through my very large backyard. I was running diagonally, seemingly heading to the corner of the woods that let to a mini path. In this short, wide area that led from the back part of yard had a travel trailer and some little odds in ends IRL. It has long since been cleared as well. In my dream, I am frantically running across the lawn, shouting for my father, frantic trying to find him.

“I'm over here, girl!” I heard my father's shouted, cheery reply. His voice sounded like it was coming from the woods near the start of the clearing, and not the short clearing itself. Girl was his name for me, just as Pumpkin might be to other children to other parents. Even as I am running, tears starting in the corner of my eyes, and feeling a sense of slowly gathering dread, because far off behind me, in the sky, I start to hear the faraway sounds of propellers!  “What's wrong girl?”
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