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126  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: September 06, 2015, 00:52:34
September 5, 2015

Night-time Escape

It was at night, but it was kind of more like late dusk. I was in a car with someone, but I didn't see who. We had just pulled down of this parking lot of a shopping center when the driver noticed someone was trying to chase us in a car – a car chase!

We drove fast, the parking lot on one side of us and trees close in on the other side. The trees on our right side was more akin to the barrier of trees that sometimes you find on the roads that are two roads that are completely parallel to each other. The trees were so thick that you hardly could see them in the day, this I knew from sudden dream knowledge, and even much less in the dusk! I saw though, beams of lights through these woods  - another car that was very fast, trying to patch our speed! They seemed to be slowly winning!

“They're still back there, we haven't lost them!” I bark out to the driver. He asked something quickly and I replied with, “No, they're still gaining!”

We cranked up the speed, blasting down the winding, dark road. I would have to answer the driver's questions, hurriedly snapping out what turns or other roads I thought were coming up.

Suddenly, the scene shifted dramatically, as did the 'graphics' of the dream. In now has the top down graphics of a game. One road we turned on to hastily road. It ended quickly at a ravine that neither of us knew about. There was some bridge we rammed up on. We came at it in such an angel that the SUV we were in flew up in the air and came down just as sharply. We bashed on some boulders that were around this bridge.  When we came down on these, the whole car blew up in a spectacular display of fire balls, spewing parts of the SUV everywhere! This death scene replays three times then stops.

“What the hell?” I mutter. It turns out the whole time, I wasn't in any car; I was standing around, playing an arcade game! “Man, I have to do that all over again!” I whined.
127  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: September 05, 2015, 10:37:06
September 4, 2015


The Killjoys from the TV show landed on Earth with Lucy, their ship. Sam and Dean Winchester saw them, then they all started shooting at each other. Sam and Dean thought, rather erroneously, that these Aliens were what came to Earth after the darkness hit! Somehow, Sam slowly realized that the three were not what the brothers thought they were.

Even as the shootout was happens, Sam shouted out, “Dean, we have to stop!”

“Can't do that Sammy!” Dean barked in reply. “Kind of busy trying not to get killed!”

Eventually, both sides stopped firing at each other, when the Killjoys realized that the two guys only fired on them from a misunderstanding.

(This whole thing was because my sister told me something about the upcoming Supernatural season about an Alien or something. Killjoys and Supernatural just wrapped into one.)
128  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: September 02, 2015, 01:07:57
September 1, 2015

Victor Versus Roan

I spent all day, waking day watching Nikita episodes. I found out beforehand that  there was this character named Victor, played by Harvey Keitel, who had nearly the same job to do as Roan The Cleaner from Nikita.

I had a dream this morning that I was on a train, being hunted by Roan. I ducked  inside someone's 'room' so that hopefully Roan would pass by and I could slip out when he passed, backtracking the way he came. I kept the door halfway open to the passage so I could see if he passed by. Three other people were sitting in the room. They stared hard at me when I flattened myself against the wall near the now opened door. Two of them, of what quick looks I got of them, were strangers.  The third, I kind of give myself a small shake when I think recognize him; it looked exactly like Victor The Cleaner!

At that instant, Roan was patrolling down this very same car. In my mind's eye and because the strangeness of dreams, I could 'see' Roan through the wall, some type of gun, creeping along! I nearly needed a new change of pants when I realized the gun was a tranquilizer gun! Roan was under orders to capture me, alive!

He was almost to the door, not once looking over or showing interest in the half-opened door! “Come out, come out, where ever you are.” Roan actually verbalized, taunting me!

I went back to quietly and silently flattening myself back completely against the wall. From the tree, it seemed as if they heard the creeper in the hall taunt me! Victor looked right at me, coking his head silently, kind of like a quizzical dog! I just closed my eyes, hoping that now there wouldn't be two cleaners after me! Roan might not have the go-ahead to kill me, but Victor might decide things are getting dicey and kill the both of us!
I heard Roan's taunt father down the 'hall' and could no longer 'dream-see' him. This meant he was no longer in very close range! I barreled around the corner, out into the hall and purposefully went the other way!

I heard a boisterous, “Hey!” I whirled around, seeing 'Victor' was the one who called out, to me! Roan was father back and he too suddenly turned around. He saw me, his eyes going wide behind his glasses! He started charging down my way, acutally pushing people rudely out of the way! I ran the oppiste way, also pushing people. I made it out of the car, not hesistating to jump off the train!

I ran a few feet into some bushes, and the train was comping to a stop. Roan came  out and also jumped off! Victor, having taken advantage of the stopping train, jumped out from the next car down! Victor was focused on Roan, however, sneaking up. Soon Victor was taking shots at Roan!

I was still hidden in the same bushes, watching the entire firefight done completely  with silenced guns! Roan and Victor can't seem to shoot one another, each of of them managing to take cover. They both run out of ammo and soon, Roan bellows in anger, sounding like a wounded bull! They get into a tussle and I soon see Roan yank out his Karambit blade.

I see Roan go to work, using nearly the same fighting style he actually used with it in an episode. I wasn't that close, so I didn't get to see the actual wounding he gave Victor. I saw blood flipping out quickly, Victor, slumping over, dead!

I throw my hands up to the mouth, bellowing into them in horror, upon realizing that I effectively had gotten another man killed! Roan quickly rubbernecks, trying to find the source of the sound. The dream ends before he can find me.
129  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: August 31, 2015, 00:11:24
August 31, 2015

West Wing

I was at some gathering with many of people. I move slightly up ahead and off to the side. I was watching, then gaped in open amazement as I realized who was speaking.

“Jed Bartlet?” I ask in awe. He turns, sees that someone is recognizing him, then absolutely beams, then waves! I return the wave. His presentation continues and I stay and watch.

Later, I am in a large cafeteria, up at the line, grabbing some food. I am chatting away to CJ and Toby as we all are getting out food. The dream ends.

Who's In The School?

I had to escort a frantic kid around the school at the end of the school day. Something happened earlier in which I found out that Doctor 12)and Clara were at the school. He was a substitute teach and Clara the class assistant.  It happened to be this classroom that the kid was nearly getting into tears about.

What the kid's back story was that she already got permission from her parents, her best friend's parents and the school authority that she could ride to her best friend's house on the friend's bus. What happened is that morning, she went on her first ever period. Her parents made sure that she had a 'survival pack' with feminine stuff to take to her friends house. Somehow, during her last class, the care package came out of her backpack and it got lost in the classroom! We were looking for this classroom, that was supposed to have The Doctor and Clara in it. I can't find it, and the buses are already lining up outside for the end of the day.

“My parents are gonna kill me!” She wined.

I found this one class, asked the teacher inside where the other room was. In the dream, the Doctor coincidentally used the last name Capaldi as his alias. The teach gets really snotty and stated in such a way, “Gee, Let me guess, I believe he would be in the classroom, that's you know, between two classrooms. You know, just that spot. Probably got a filter or something going?”

I rolled my eyes, stating the the girl even as I ushered her out of that room, “Come on, he's useless.”

We were still lost, then I woke up.
130  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: August 28, 2015, 20:39:09
August 28, 2015


I and a bunch of other people were in some kind of institution that reminded me sharply of a school. Part of that was the fact that in some of the parts of the place were scores of little lockers set into walls – just like as it was at my Middle School! There was this huge room with tables resembling the old lab tables from my childhood. People were in there, sitting down, some with their bags and other not. Nearly each person had a stack of at least two papers in front of them, filling stuff out in pencil. My rl best friend Cheryl was there too, so I quickly took up the empty next to her. As we filled in the paperwork, we talked quietly, trying to find out what was going on. I was sort of tense, scoping out further information on my surroundings. The doorway to the large room was wide, very wide. There was nothing resembling a main person's desk. Instead, there was a large desk right outside the doorway, off to the left if you were inside looking out. However, the desk was not that far over, so you could still see the two people and they could see you clearly if they turned around. This desk was made in such a way that it was like two desks built into one unit, a little clear riot like visor on the front.

The first person was a tall woman who I supposedly knew real well. She was a good person. There was supposed to be someone else I vaguely knew, but he wasn't here, someone else was substituting for him. The instant I processed who it was, I stopped short, instantly feeling myself start my pre-flipping out and not in a nice way. I stopped, stocked-still and was forcing myself not to. I only got the one glimpse of the guy sitting at his spot at the unit. When I walked past the  unit on my way into the room, making my body relax so I wouldn't be tense – a fact that I was sure he would pick up on!

The substitute was Roan, from Nikita!

I realized, with a rush of fresh fear, that Roan could have very well bumped the previous dude off! I knew, even as I returned to Cheryl, filling out the paperwork, that if Roan even  suspected that I had an inkling of who he was, I'd be dead as a door nail! Plus, he'd have to 'take care' of anyone else in the room, even Cheryl! I sit there, getting back to filling my work out. I am fairly distracted now, taking quick breaks to stare at Roan. The way the seating for the two people was such that they kind of sat at an angle, so we were looking at most of their back but we also could see a little bit of their facial profile. I stared hard, mentally noting that Roan even had his black glasses on. I always, irl thought Roan was hot and thanked god that he didn't turn around fully in his chair to catch me staring at him!   

The paperwork was some kind of thing we had to fill in to 'get in' to somewhere.  If it was best, then only a few people would be chosen. It tucked that we had to write it by pencil. My actual handwriting is sloppy, so I have to take my time when doing this so to make my writing neater. Cheryl and I talk again, but I keep all mentions of Roan or the substitute situations quiet and to myself. Cheryl notices the new guy, but doesn't mention it which is the way I am comfortable with.

I have to sign my name, first and last, throughout this document, but sometimes I get rushed and mess up, making some letters of my name sloppy. I use a gift which I seem have been able to move my hand in an arch movement towards a target and make things happen. In this instance, I do this, but limit the hand movement to a very small one. That one letter I messed up on pops off the paper. By popped off, I meant that the letter vanished suddenly and quietly, quite like it was connected to a light switch and someone popped the power to off.  This left no evidence that that letter was ever written down, and thus I rewrote it correctly.

I had to do this a couple of more times. Cheryl saw me do this, but said nothing to no-one. Each time I do it, I couldn't help but glance over towards Roan to make sure he didn't see it happen. I don't know how Cleaners of Division react to superpowers, but I figured on there being no small freak out!

A lot of people get done and pack their things up, turn the thing up to the woman who is now sitting next to Roan and then they leave. I am close to getting mine done. Cheryl gets done and leaves, saying she'll call me later on the phone when  we get home. Some more people leave, but I decided I needed a proper break. I leave the room, do bathroom break and come back.

Down the hall, I meet the woman. We have a friendly conversation. She is leaving for the day, and my papers needed to be turned in my the end of the entire day. She tells me when I get done, just to turn them into Roan. But she didn't use his real name, she used Gus. When she said his 'name', he glanced up quickly, ascertained he wasn't being called over, then went back to whatever work he was doing. I knew straight away Gus was the name cover, that it was still Roan – and of course she didn't know any of it!

“Good bye and good luck!' She calls out even as she walks away down the hall the other way.

“Thanks, and have a great day!” I call out amiably.

Just before I reach the inside of the room, I hear her voice call out, even further away, “You too!”

I am sitting back down in my spot, marveling how this Roan weirdness today didn't ruin the friendly attitude between the woman and I! I got back to work, a slow buy steady pit of dread forming in my guts. I had to get this done by today. Which meant I had to go up to Roan and turn it in. Which meant he might be able to see how tense I was!

Another problem; I couldn't rush, but by the rate the last few people were finishing, turning in their things and leaving, I would be the last person to turn the thing in. Meaning, I would effectively be alone with Roan! That prospect terrified me deep down in a primal sensation. I was more afraid of ending up dead of really anything else. The dream faded slowly even as I finished up the last of my work.
131  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: August 27, 2015, 17:25:55
August 27, 2015

The Sword of Azor Ahai

I went somewhere with my family. A very large trove of things had been left to us, so we went to claim them.

It was huge, filled with miscellaneous things. One thing that caught my eye was this huge sword. It's wasn't huge in the way it had a thick blade, but the whole thing was long and sort of skinny. It seemed way better make and materials than my real life Master Sword replica. I immediately called dibs on it to the rest of my family! The sheath wasn't like the mass produced affair on my other sword; this was a proper sheath with burnished leather and furs! It even had the strap loops used for holding it on a belt or something!

I cradled it as I carried it back to the vehicle, as I didn't have anywhere on me at the time to belt it to my side. It felt warm, surprisingly warm! Not like just warm from storage or even the furs; like this sword had been set in the same room as a roaring fire and had sucked in the residual heat! No matter how long I held it, the sword and sheath's heat never abated! The heat was easier felt, as at that day, it was either late September or October.

Later, maybe days or months, my family gets a knock on their door. I am called forward by my mom, who says it's for me. This lady is asking about me, and a sword I have obtained. She looks like the Red woman from Game of Thrones, but I am thinking,  Nah; that would be nuts! I go fetch it, the heat still in it. I draw it out of the sheath, showing her. I do some fancy moves that I have been able to do with my other one. Nothing too fancy, just a few twirls. She looks mildly surprised. I let her know about the comfortable warmth that never went away, and by this time she is outright shocked. She demands at that point, that I must travel with her, that it was unusual that I was a female and able to wield it. I kind of get mad, thinking, what, and a woman can't hold sword – wth? It was to be a long road trip – just her and me. My parents somehow agree and we leave. Some nonsense images and dialogue at this point, dealing with strictly road-trip stuff.

Later, and I'm talking much later, we end up out in the middle of nowhere. It is very cold, snow piled up, and snowflakes even gently falling down around us. The sword is strapped to my side. Not really keeping me warm unless I unsheathe it, but the woman doesn't want me to, yet. We get to this small, half done it ruins that seemed to have, at least at one time, been part of a much bigger place.

A decent sized fire was going, and someone was walking around, getting stuff done.  We came up to midway to their back, the woman veering off, seemingly parting ways. I unsheathed the sword, the warmth fully felt now, doing the moves that I had done at the house to show the lady the sword. The figure slowly turned around in a way that said, What now? I've got work to do.

I stopped in shock, but not before he saw me do the last part of the moves.  The guy was Stannis Baratheon, TV version, in his armor and cloak! He stared at me in shock as well, but more because of my sword. I gawped in shock and growing dread, it dawning on me that maybe I shouldn't have gone with the lady far from home! Stannis was supposed to have freaking died!

“How did you get my sword?” He demanded sharply, and not-to happy.

I stammered to him about the sword being 'left-behind' in some inheritance things that were left to my family. The lady showed up sometime after, and took an interest because the sword is always warm to my touch. Soon, he was talking about Azor Ahai. Apparently, that used to be Stannis' sword!

When the lady isn't paying attention, he comes nearly Listerine close to me, kneeling down slightly so he could be level with my five foot frame. He tells me quickly, and in no uncertain terms that I cannot trust Melisandre!

Later, it seems though that his advice kind of went unheeded. I wasn't buddy-buddy with her, but she started training me in some things, such as how to channel the powers of Azor Ahai or something. I even, once to test an experiment, managed to fire a laser-like projection from the sword like Link from Legend of Zelda. Melisandre was stunned in awe. She walked away to try to find out what happened, and Stannis walked up to me, not happy I did that.

My training was done for that phase apparently, because Melisandre and I were on the bus home with the sword.
132  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: August 25, 2015, 20:02:21
August 24, 2015

Beside Troubles

I woke up in a room in another house. In my original house, I don't have a window that is right across from me. This new window was, and plus had about five feet foot space between that side of the bed and it. It was also dead bang on lined up for the most part with the head of the bed. My window back home is not straight across from where I put my head down on my bed. It is father down, stopping just after the foot part of my bed. My real window is just a square, plain affair. This new window could be akin to a Bay Window.

Instantly, when I opened my eyes in this darkened strange room, I saw that there was this man standing a little ways away away from the window, meaning he was not having back up completely against it. The man was old looking, maybe seventy or so and looking right at me! As soon as I registered the fact that this somehow menacing man is suddenly there, someone quickly rushes at the guy pushing him back towards the window sharply. One instant, they push him back; the next, he fall down like a tons of bricks!

I leap out of the bed and rush over to see what happened. Where the two men pushed him, there was this sharp and thick nail jutting out one of the parts of window frame. This is were the guy struck back-first, impaling the back of his neck at the base of his skull! Apparently, this guaranteed a quick and soundless death!

The two people that rushed and attacked the man in this manner were Chaz and John Constantine, the TV show versions! The reason I got before I woke up why the killed the guy was that he was really a spirit dude that meant no good whatsoever. 
133  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: August 22, 2015, 19:02:57
Saturday August 22, 2015

Horrible But Amazing

I did an AP to this other place I went to recently. Not the place, the business atmosphere I have usually been going to. I was in an expensive office. Modern architecture, and nearly all glass stuff. Nearly all of the vases and such were glass. Most of them see-through, some others still glass, nearly see through but other colors. There was a man, with tall and a wiry frame. He had an expensive suit. Him and I were talking to each other, but I was slightly wary of him as he was dangerous. I did not know much about this man, only that fact: Dangerous!

Another man came in before. This new man I knew slightly better than Mr. Dangerous. By reputation only though; I never had the time to actually meet this man and sit down and chat with him. A hard butt, but okay. Dangerous in his own way, but not like the other!

Dangerous tells me he is going to take the newest arrival. I thought most of that was going to be sex, so I got a little iffy about sticking around and seeing the personal moment. Dangerous tells me not to leave, that I should be honored to even be let to see what was going to happen.

Mr. Dangerous opens his mouth. A smoky, color mist stuff comes out. It acts like a tendril of thick smoke, but more than one tendril!  They are nearly wrapped around one another, heading a bee-line for the new guy! The new guys stands there, eying the stuff in horror. When the stuff gets at least three feet away, he bows over, gasping for air. He straightens up, still gasping like a fish. The same type of smoke comes from him, but a different glowing color./ The two smoke ropes clash, wrap around each other. It goes on like this for a few seconds more, then Mr. Dangerous recalls his mist backwards. It gets sucked all back up in him, even the new guy's mist! Nearly as soon as New Guy's mist is devoured, his body falls down, either knocked out or dead.

I stand there, rooted between shock, awe and horror and the guy collapsing! After awhile, Dangerous opens his mouth back up. He slowly ejects New Guy's mist. Instead of going back to it's body, it falls down on the floor not even three feet away from Dangerous. To my astonishment, it forms into a complete copy of New Guy, down to what he was last wearing! Dangerous calls his assistant in to escort New Guy away, to get him oriented, also to clean up the corpse./

“What is going to happen with his . . . other body? What will your aide do with it?” I ask.

“Burn it.” Dangerous replied. 
134  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Holding Things Back on: August 22, 2015, 03:58:32
Thanks very much for the input. I have a few questions to ask, and this I only realized when I read the advice given. I will see if I can get answers whenever I go back.
135  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Holding Things Back on: August 21, 2015, 07:53:47
I been somewhere recently in AP. I keep going back because the people there are decent to be around. They act like they are alive, in the sense of the word that it's a business area. Suits, ties, power suits type deal. I do not know if it is spirits setting up a stage, or if I am RTZ.

They seem to see me, and a handful, including their boss wants to talk to me sometimes. They even like talking to me when they don't have board meeting and stuff to do. The boss even prefers now I call him by his first name. The problem with this place is the general area is boring overall. I don't, and by extension, can't use any of my 'special' AP stuff. In other words, anything other than walking around and interacting with the area like a physical person I've put on a self-imposed ban for myself. I do not think these people will cotton on to me suddenly turning into "Magic-Mindy" and flying about up in the air around them.

Is that normal or do I need to start doing special things to test the water? 
136  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: August 21, 2015, 02:19:51
Thursday August 20, 2015

The Hannibal Zoo

There was old buildings, almost Italian, abound. This area, this huge area was just sidewalk, like a courtyard or something. It was daylight, seeming like a little after midday.

Some people came out of this building, with bags, alluding the fact that they have been shopping. The people were already talking as they are going past me. They seem like that are talking maybe French, maybe Italian. I stood by, no one noticing me. I stared hard at the woman, feeling a surge of both awe and horror! The woman, to all intents and purposes, looked like she was Bedelia Du Maurier from the Hannibal TV show1

The scene shifts, only to find myself march up to a large estate with a small group of people, Bedelia being one of them! We entered the place; it was huge and extravagant on the inside! The dining room had it's door opened and from what I saw it was expansive on the inside. The dining room table was expansive as well. A man was dressed up, walking around the table, setting the table for a huge meal. The man stopped what he was doing even as I stopped in my tracks to watch him. He stared me down, quite like a cat or other predator when they see something new and unusual for the first time. I stopped watching, walking on with more calm than I actually felt. The man was Hannibal Lecter!

Later, I find out the horrid truth; Hannibal has been luring people inside this massive estate to keep them each in separate rooms. One wall in each of these 'cells' has been completely replaced with large glass walls! It was like a zoo exhibit for the people he didn't cannibalize! I somehow got out of mine and came across another person' cell. I helped her sneak out, then the dream ended.

Thursday August 20, 2015

Lava and A Meteorite

On Earth, near San Francisco, a Meteor touched down. It came in at such speed that hit hit the water, went down and punched a hole right through to the Magma layer. There was a full on volcanic activity in San Fran, the lava coming out of the water! Lava was coming out across freeways, making people have horrible accidents as they either punched their brakes suddenly, or served trying to miss hitting the lava!
137  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: August 19, 2015, 16:50:11
Wednesday August 19, 2015

The Author

I was suddenly in middle of my dream, not realizing it was a dream. I was in the woods, on a wide and well maintained path. This path was redolent of one of the stone paved streets off from Goldshire from World of Warcraft. The only difference was that it was less like and many more trees, many of them dang right near the path! There were some fences alongside the path. I walked down this road, taking in the scene. I come across this guy, he is having his foot up on top of the fence section, bent over. Something came loose on his boot and he is fixing it.

I stop right where I am on the path, in shock. I am still away off, but I recognize the clothes he is dressed in, recognize the man himself! Still in a heady form of shock and wonder, I step forward a few steps. I am going to totally spoil everything if I tell him anything!

However, I can't but help stammer out in shock and awe, almost as if I quite couldn't believe it myself.  “You're the Author!” Indeed, to all intents and purposes, it is the character from Once Upon A Time! At the same time, I realize that due to his attitude and behavior before with others, I could have placed myself in great harm. My surprised elation, however, overtook my caution!

The Author jerks his head suddenly over to my direction. His face is the epitome of shocked surprise, and not the elated variety I was feeling! The look was only momentary. His looked was masked by a look of resolved.

“No, I am not an Author,” he replied, while still fiddling with his boot. “I am Issac.” he added, turning his head again to look at me.

I nodded, as if agreeing that I was wrong. In my heart, in secret, I knew I was right. Issac was the Author's name! I dropped the subject however, not wanting to freak him out. I see that he is having trouble with his boot.

“You need help?” I ask.

“No,” came the reply.

I nodded to myself once, then the dream went black.   
138  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: August 15, 2015, 19:02:44
Thursday, July 30, 2015

Back Porch Freeze-Out

I went outside on my back porch. Hank Griffin, Nick Burkhardt and Sean Renard came out there with me. The day was cold and wintery. It was overcast, but no snow currently falling. It must have been a blizzard recently, for the branches of nearly every single tall tree on the property was covered with snow and ice!

The back porch was covered, except for the Witches Cauldron right smack-dab in middle of the porch! With this, seeing the brewing rotten mess inside that looked nearly like Frank and Beans, we all came to the conclusion that Adalind Schade was here very recently! 

Saturday August 15, 2015

Mouthing Off About Hairstyle

There was this big ship in outer space. I heard this one guy is dying on it, as he was attacked. I mounted a rescue attempt and got the guy out onto my ship/base. I got him into the medical wing and Zoe check him out and started getting him medical attention.

Later, I got into the large medical room to check up on the guy. From what I saw then, I figured what happened. The scary guy who'd nearly killed him was in the medical room. He'd already killed the guy Zoe and I rescued, evidently snapping his neck! He turns, faces me, and says some off colored comments, the last of which included Lube.

I stood defiantly in my B pose, cracking off with, “Oh, now I know how you get your hair styled so well!” I then made a reference to the Lube.

He was ballistic, charging at me, shouting and bellowing! I ran for it down the ship's corridors! I shut one of the huge doors, slowing him up in his chasing after me!
139  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: July 27, 2015, 03:56:57
Sunday July 26, 2015

The Ride And The Compliant At The Job Site

I rode somewhere for a long way, most likely based off my real life sojourn yesterday for 300 miles away from my starting point. The bus, didn't take one for my real trip, stopped at this historic little town square type thing. There was a university right inside this little place. The brickwork and the way most of the buildings were styled sharply reminded me of my town back home. We got off the bus and were taken through this little tour of that small area.

Can't remember much of the tour, it seemed like a hokey little cookie-cutter tour you remember seeing from TV shows and movies. One last part, this guy happened to be on the bus with the rest of us and he happened to grow up in this very same area. He added this bit of trivia that our tour guide either did not know or refused to share with us. he last part I remember him talking about was clearly about the University.

In the gist of his speech, "The University had rumors of being haunted." Even as he took his travel and shopping bags out of his seat to sit down, he added, "Most of the staff didn't like that stuff being leaked; It led to underemployment and then over-employment."

The only things I can think of is that the underemployment came from the people who took the rumor at face value and got scared of the possibility of ghosts running around the place. the Over-employment was probably from thrill seekers that only wanted the jobs at that Uni to encounters the ghosts. While this was cool that they might have "Got butts in the seats." it wouldn't be so good for people who desperately needed a job and would actually get the work, but couldn't get one as the jobs would be filled.
140  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: July 27, 2015, 03:55:42
Saturday July 25, 2015

Garfield, The Fight, And The Pancakes

I was back home, currently was staying at friend's house,. I was laying in my bed when I realized Garfield the car was laying down next to my head. My mom comes into the room, in a fit because someone ate syrup with our pancakes.

I get snotty and sarcastic and say to her, as she turns to leave the room to go up the hall "Oh, I guess whoever ate them were supposed to eat them dry, choking to death to suit you and make your lifelong dream finally come true."
141  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: July 22, 2015, 03:26:45
Tuesday, July 21, 2015

IQ test

I was in some white place, some sort of institutional room. I was left alone to take some sort of test, IQ test I think. I got a high score Can't remember how high. A guy came in, dressed in a suit. I didn't tell him the truth about the high number, instead telling him a lower one.

I think my results I told him were starting not to pass the smell test, for he had me retake the test. The same results I got, and I lied to him again. For some reason, I knew if he found out about my high score, something bad would happen.

This happened again and again, the same man in the same suit kept coming in. HE was on his way to me once again when I finally woke up and clambered out of bed. 
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Sunday July 19, 2015

The Library

The Astral Library was under some kind of soft lock down. There was a guy there that was the spitting image (and audio) of Martin Sheen! He wasn't Martin Sheen because I asked him. 

Apparently, as the guy told me, a huge fight broke out between two groups of people earlier. He was visiting there too when it happened. he said others were as well, and when it broke out, they bailed. As a result of the fight, indefinitely, all the bookcases and books were hidden from view because they tried using the books to hurt each other.

I saw the actor Misha Collins appear. Not knowing if it was real deal or a construct of sorts, I told him that he wasn't dreaming, that he got there using astral. he asked what was the place, and so I told him. I also told him what the other guy told me.

Crowley showed up and even introduced himself as such. I think though, that it was a constructed made by myself because I equate Misha with Castiel from Supernatural, naturally. The look that Misha gave "Crowley" was priceless. He slowly turns his head, staring at Crowley. He had the most picturesque expression of shock, awe and horror!   

Some conversation came up between Crowley and I, and some knowldege he apparently had about one of my previous adventures came up.

"How do you know this?" I asked, shocked for a moment.

"Because I'm-" Crowley began, in his trademark arrogant way.

"Yeah, yeah, because you're 'The King of Hell!'" I cut him off, imitating his accent and arrogant way of speaking! Crowley is stunned into silence. Misha is staring at me like 'Are you Efffin nuts?!"  The Martin-Sheen like guy is no longer part of the group, he went off on his way to look for his information back just before Crowley showed up.

Misha and I get back to talking and he is interested in doing this type stuff, Astral, but never really had much luck with it before because he tries too hard or something. He remarks that I must have really cool adventures and I tell him I've been to both cool and scary places. I finish up with reminded him that he is not dreaming, we are having this conversation. He agree with me giving information that can verify it. 

143  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: July 11, 2015, 06:53:28
Wednesday July 8, 2015


Earth itself was hurtling through space. It was leaving the Solar System at such speeds that everyone in a period of a few months watched at nighttime as planets would go slowly past us. At one point, people were flipping out that we were passing too close to the sun. I saw it was huge, red, but too dim.

It was Jupiter and really stupid people swore themselves silly that it was our sun!

Thursday July 9, 2015

The Bus

I was a long, nearly silent bus ride. Some people had gotten off the bus, even as I was on it. Josh, Toby and even maybe Jed from West Wing were the ones. I was sitting next to either Clark Gregg or Phil Coulson during the rest of the bus ride.
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Sunday July 5, 2015

The Travel

I went oversees to Europe. I was in France or something and visited either a bookstore or Library and got a bunch of books. Soon, days or more later, I had to come back home. I almost left my bag filled with books, but went back and got it in the nick of time. At one point, I was crossing a busy city street and nearly got hit by a blue car.

Zorro: Out of The Window

I was suddenly finding myself in Los Angeles. I see the characters running around an interacting from the 90s Zorro TV show! I realize that I was in the Pueblo from there! I watch events and stuff happening around me even as I go around, living in the area temporarily, trying to fit in.

Later, due to cultural ignorance, I inadvertently tick off the then-in power Alcalde, Luis Ramone! I was in one of the building, a fairly large one, when it happened! He stalked after me, not yelling or anything, but I could tell he was angry! I back up, trying to talk him out of it, but he wasn't having it! At one point, I try a door in the place, but it was locked and I nearly got grabbed! I find a window and desperation made me think - Zorro does this regularly!

I climb out the open window, holding onto the sill with both hands, body dangling out the window into the Pueblo street below! Luis stares at me in complete shock, then yells in shock more than anything, "You're not Zorro!"

"Yeah? No (Crap), Sherlock!" I actually retort. He leaves the large room, presumably to get help to capture me from the outside!

I look down below me, see the ground car below me and notice that the ground below had some downtrodden hay scattered in the area. This is gonna hurt! I thought, screwing my eyes shut. And I didn't even get drunk first! I was gathering my courage, knowing the impact was going to be jarring on my legs, when I woke up.   
145  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: July 05, 2015, 04:42:41
Saturday June 4, 2015


I was on my side, in the dark. Someone went to place their hand on my side and I intercepted them, grabbing their arm and hand gently. They spent some time holding my hand, and I took turns holding theirs, running my thumb across the back of it, feeling their knuckles and the backs of the bottoms of their fingers.

Btw, i do not share a bed with anyone, so it wasn't me holding anyone's hand for real in my sleep.
146  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: July 04, 2015, 04:41:10
Thursday June 2, 2015

Pizza In The UK

I was out someplace during the day in the UK. I was heading across the street to a sop that I noticed was a Pap John's! Papa John's in the UK? Awesome! I thought even as my shopping partner crossed the street with me. He was either Mark A. Sheppard or Crowley!

We were inside the shop now, standing at the counter, ordering our pizza!

Friday June 3, 2015

Ash the Cat

I woke up, feeling that feeling of something in my room. I was in the near dark, and I focused on Ash, the cat who was sleeping on my bed close to my head. A dark, grainy and shadowy funnel was coming out of the cat, the grainy stuff getting sucked inside Ash! When the stuff was all gone, that feeling vanished and Ash slept on and I soon went back to bed. 
147  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: June 10, 2015, 17:37:44
Tuesday June, 9, 2015

Housebound Murder Mystery Show

Something creepy was happening. There was this creepy voice-over, telling a creepy made-up kid's story. It was at a lowered volume, background noise to the scene of Sam Winchester, Castiel and I sneaking around the main part of town at night. My mom was at home, no idea if she knew I was hunting with the others or not. 

The creepy voice got to this one part about betrayal. Castiel went post, then shifted to this small shadow thing that looked like it was a small kid. It had glowing white mean-looking eyes and ran on all fours away. All Sam could do is looked shocked. I suddenly got this horrid idea and ran off the other way.

The scene shifts to find myself walking into my house from the front door. The living room was cleaned, except for the body laying in the middle of it! It was a dude, not my mother. It was wearing pants and one of those large gray jackets that are like extra thick hoodie-types, but I couldn't tell if it had an actual hoodie. It was on it's back, face ripped completely off, the flesh laying not too far from the head in a bloody heap!

Our Wheelbarrow was on the corpse. It's wheel had been removed before or during this attack. This left just the sharpy angled piece and the killer used this to ram it up on the corpse's head. They rammed it up line-drive so that the piece destroyed the middle of the head, leaving only the tip of the nose-hole and the eye sockets untouched! I backed off, mildly freaked out and roam around the rest of the house hurriedly, calling for anyone else. My sisters were not to be found, as well as my mom.

My freak-out factor was slowly kicking up a notch and I remembered that my mom had Sam and Dean in her phone contacts list. I opened the kitchen cabinet that we have our glassware in, hoping the phone is there. It is and I boot it up, hoping there is either enough battery life for it to turn on, let alone a phone call! There is, and both Sam and Dean's number is in the list. I call one, I think it was Sam.

“?Huh?” He asks, thinking it's mom who called.

“No, it's Mindy.” I take a deep breath then add, “Something got bonked up.”

“Mindy? What happened? I'm in town and the next thing I know, I'm in another place. There's no electric working or anything. ” Concerned sounding.

“I got home, but no one else is here.” I put in. “There is a body in my living room. Whoever did this messed them up real bad. Their face got ripped off and everything.”

“I'll be there as soon as I can.” They replied. There was a noise then he said in the phone, “As soon as I take care of the kid.” I knew he was talking about fighting that creepy shadow creature that Castiel apparently turned into.

“Okay, see you then.” I stated quickly. “Bye.”

“Bye.” He ended, sounding concern, moist likely do to the thought that whoever it was could come back to the house! Right when our call ended, I woke up!

** Before this dream, I sort of ran afoul of an Astral entity in one of my Astral Travels right before bed. As I am drifting off to sleep, I see an image of 'him' in my head. Just as quickly, I heard a short hiss like a snake. Something like it struck like a snake, , going to bite for where my heart chakra would be. I have been doing meditations for my chakras lately. The most recent one I worked on was my Heart Chakra.
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Monday June 8, 2015

Plethora of Characters

I ended going to some strange town that was a mish-mash of towns I had visited before. When I first arrived in this dream $Although, I did not know it was a dream$ I was in the passenger side of a car, heading down one of the town's roads. The car in front of us, I could see through the back window. I grew nervous of both staying behind them too long or passing them on either side. This was because both Sam Adama and Joseph Adama were in that car!

I felt that this was a descendant, in a way, of a dream I had a couple of years ago due to this fanfic about Caprica I wrote. The fanfic was so messed up that I didn't finish it, ever. We slowly passed, but they didn't look our way and thus they either didn't care, or it wasn't those versions. Later, our car is parked in some big parking lot at some gas station. The person who was driving me evidently saw me being edgy earlier and added two and two when I knew the sames of the guys. He wanted an explanation, pronto. The dream scene shifted to when I am winding down my explanation.

“So these guys might be after you to take you to their ga- gua-” He couldn't say the name of the leader.

“Their Guatrau, yes.” I replied. “They won't hurt me at all, but it'll be a hassle for them asking about something that never happened.”

We dropped the issue and resumed our drive through town. We came to this intersection, slowly stopping for the traffic lights. This guy crosses the road and I am thinking, huh... I had this sudden urge that hit from out of the blue to get out of the car and walk with him to be with him, to... I didn't do this stuff, but I also saw that he was walking slightly behind someone. The other someone was a woman, with a pixie haircut – blond hair turning gray. She herself looked nearly in her fifties. I grew disappointed that she was either his girlfriend or his wife. I noticed something else that threw me for a bit, that my driver didn't notice, as he had to keep his focus on the traffic; The mystery man crossing the road seemed to vanish completely at times, then pop back into view. During the “coming back into view” moments, for a couple of seconds after, he was sort of see-through!

Later, I am at some school, in the lobby or something. Paulie Walnuts, from The Sopranos is there, sitting down in a chair next to a girl who was nine or ten. It turned out that the girl was his daughter. They are talking about what she did in school that day. She says something, then drops the F-bomb! Paulie winced when he heard that word come from her mouth. It turns out that I was at the school to pick up my 20 year old sister, who seemed to be now regressed back to an age that she'd be in elementary school.

It turned out that the the guy who was hanging around the lady wasn't married to her, or even seeing her in conventional means. My driver, who was more of a guide on this strange town, was educating me on this, and why I had to stay away from that guy.

“He's a Demon,” He began. “A literal Lust Demon who is hounding that lady. She wants nothing to do with him, however.” I realized that's why I had the strong desire reaction even just being near him and in the car. “And that's why he is dangerous and why you don't go for him.” The driver ended.

Monday June 8, 2015

The Murder Mystery

I heard, while still living in my current house, that a slayer died, apparently murdered by a vampire. I had Count Dracula $From CBBC's Young Dracula$ living at our house, in our basement and I wanted to go on a trip to the place and find out for myself what the heck happened. That was going to be kind of hard to do, obviously. I made my way out of my house at night. I stood in middle of my driveway and turned back to where part of the backyard was visible. Something must have passed back there, as the security light was on, illuminating a large swath of the backyard. I turned back the other way and started leaving my neighborhood.

The middle of the dream was mostly snapshots and little 'video' samples of my trek through strange areas. One scene I remember was walking past some Middle school. Two women, twins, either parents or teachers, were talking to each other. They were dressed exactly the same, and had their hair done up exactly the same. They were making their way through the parking lot to their car.

I wondered briefly about why was it that I am in my thirties, have a lot of on my plate and still look a little younger, maybe looking like my late 20s? While they might not have a lot of their plate, and look like fifties or older.

I find the building where Eric Van Helsing was murdered. It was a motel room. I broke in, heading for the bathroom in the room. I pulled back the shower curtain and winced when I saw the smears of dried blood in the bottom of the bathtub! I hastily left the bathroom.

“I guess he did get killed.” I mutter.

Someone barges in the room through the front door and stops me, demanding on what I was doing there. It was Buffy: The Vampire Slayer! I told her the truth: Some Slayer guy from a Slayer's guild was said to have been killed by Vampires, so I was there to find out what was what.

During our conversation, I suddenly get a weird feeling – like from far off telling me that I have to get home, that something's happened! I wrap up our conversation and we leave the room.
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Saturday June 6, 2015


I was in some place, in a little shop. To me, I likened this shop to some kind of movie/record shop. Some people were in the back and I decided to leave. Just as I reach the street, some woman who was the cashier called out, making me go back in the shop:

“Excuse me, but someone is looking for you!”

I stick my head halfway in the shop, keeping the door open. “Excuse me?” I began, “but you said someone is looking for me?”

“Yes Ma'am.” She replied.

Not really thinking it through, I went back inside the store and walked in the middle of the sales floor. Farther in the back, where they kept majority of the merchandise for sale, I saw some people whom I thought her browsing. I walked even closer, until I was suddenly grabbed from behind.

“This is her,” I here a guy's voice talking. He sounds like he's talking though something, like it's muffled. I realized that most of the people who were so-called browsing were part of the kidnap attempt!

The scene shifts and I am laying down on my back in this room, a nearly white room. I feel that I am laying down on a hard surface. It looked like some sort of medical bed, but with a smooth and flat surface, the top half reclined a bit so that I was allowed to at least see what was going on. Above me two skinny cables, insulated black and reminded me of CB Radio wires, were hanging down from two holes in the ceiling, that was also the strange white color. My arms were restrained in these, winding around my arms, preventing me from moving them or escaping! In the of the wires, knots were formed, doubling down on my wrists. In part curiosity, I tugged on the wires experimentally with my arms. They gave some slack, but not much at all. My body was pretty much stripped of my clothing! For some reason, I can't seem to tell if there were restraints on the lower half of my body or not.

There was a man in the room with me, clothed and free-roaming with no restraints! My guts nearly turned to water when I saw that it was someone who was tracking me down for awhile, standing next to my bed-side! He said some things that made me very uneasy and I tried to escape, trying to get free of the bed!

“Your beautiful body is now mine!” He growled, using his right hand to rub my side, even stroking a part of my abdomen as he said this. I grew increasingly frightened of what he'll do to me and tried even harder to get out of the bed to escape this place! He asked this one very inappropriate statement about us getting together, leering.

“No!” I moaned in horror, tensing and closing my eyes. Something unrelated to me must have happened, for I opened my eyes to see him hurrying away to elsewhere out of the room.

I let my gaze tick upwards to the cables coming from the ceiling above me. They started feeling, strange, warm, alive! They started moving, snaking around my arms even more, undoing and and all attempts I had made before to leave! I realized, with more horror that they were alive!

I woke shortly after, my heart racing, feeling as if it where in my throat and I felt psychically nauseous.
150  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: June 06, 2015, 03:15:25
Friday June 5, 2015

Weird Evacuations

I did astral travel, but with no clear definition of where I wanted to be. I was outside, in this strange area with a large, light blue surface under my feet. There were evenly spaced out circular indents over the surface. To my right, not incredibly close but huge was some sort of thing that looked like a futuristic ship.  Something flew up, pointed straight up and down and hovering a few feet up in the air from one of these indent that happened to be close by.

This “device” looked like an old Earth space satellite, with a long tubular front with a bunch of fins on the back - except that it was that size of maybe a small car. It seemed like it had its own propulsion system.

A orange beam appeared going from tip of the 'tube' to the indent. Around this beam, there appeared something, like a circular thing around the beam. It never went up or down the length of the beam, and never touched the beam itself. This 'bracelet' or sorts looked like a tech read-out – semisolid hologram that consisted of nothing but the planet Earth, over and over again, in this circle. I wondered if I reached an area that I was not prepared for, not supposed to be.

I suddenly felt something not right, but at the moment was too distracted, wondering what was going on. At the same moment, activity around me picked up and nothing seemed to notice me. The beam started having bright pulses go up from the indent to the flying 'machine' in front of me.  Halfway into it, I realized that with each passing pulse, the orange beam started getting fainter and fainter. As this beam did it's light show, I saw that the Earth holograms, one by one, were vanishing from the circle. The circle was being shut down.

When the circle was no more, the beam shut off and the the fly away, presumably to do the same to another indent. At this time, I noticed that other things where flying away down this one way, like they were in a panic or something. One thing I saw was like two pieces of equal thin, uninsulated wire pieced together so that they formed an equal armed cross. These turn around slowly, lazily like a pinwheel while they fly around.

This big thing just appeared far off behind 'us'. A huge jelly fish at least the size of two or three football stadiums as long as it was wide! I run and come across a guy.
From what I got is that this area was under attack and there was standing evacuations orders.

Friday June 5, 2015

Sarcasm And Stern Glares

I was cleaning in RL and disturbed dust which had not been kicked up in years. Later, in after noon, I feel almost as if I come coming down with a cold. I knew what caused it, however and laid down to take a nap.

I was walking around in the world of West Wing, in the White House! I was actually scared as I was going to get caught. I saw the series' regulars going around, actually getting stuff done. I must have had the misfortune to sneeze and hack in my life, as I did so in my dream. It happens, as I have on occasion woke up in mid-sneeze in those rare dreams that find myself really sneezing. Leo McGarry happened to see me sneezing and hacking, no matter how I tried to smother it.   

“Are you Okay?” He asks with some concern. “If you felt this way in the morning, you really shouldn't have come in.”

“I'm sure it will pass.” I put in lamely.

“I'm Leo McGarry,” He introduced himself. “Nice to met you.” We shake hands. We got talking and to make sure I didn't get caught, I winged it by making up some story about my Birth dad dying and I got adopted by a guy named Jack Harper and he knew Jed, the President for years and I was visiting. “Where can I get some Hot Tea?” I finish by asking.

He looked scandalized, “Where can you find Hotty?” It was my speed I normally talk in, combined with my accent.

I let it pass, putting in innocently, “Yeah because I find hot drinks sooth my nose and stuff when I get like this.”

“Oh, Hot Tea!” He exclaimed, both realization and relief tinging his tone. “Yeah, this way, follow me.” I did and found this little room set up as a fueling up station with little snack place resplendent with Coffee machines and Tea things. I thank him and he leaves.

I grab a ceramic little mug and begin pouring my hot drink. Someone walked into the little room to grab something to eat and I looked over my should. It was Jed Bartlet, the President!

“Hello,” He states.

“Hello, Mr. President.” I reply while turning my attention back to pouring my drink. I soon have a mug filled. Just then, before I search for sugar the the Tea, I started cough lightly. I make sure to keep my face in the crook of my arm, not wanting to spreading it to the drink table.

“Leo told me something about someone coming in sick.”

“I am feeling under the weather.” I have my back turned to him, foraging for packets of sugar for my Tea.

“You've got a cold.”

I got snappy, my attitude coming from my feeling lousy and being a little miffed about him being a 'Mr. Obvious'! “No way, Jed!” I started in a sarcastic snipe, “I totally came from another reality soon after cleaning and thus earning the suffering of a thousand, years-old dust balls!”

I turn away, only to find Jed standing stiffly where he'd been. From the huge glare on his face, and his jaw set – I realized he was standing stiffly in anger! I saw West Wing a couple of times and saw how he could get when he finally told someone off! I made sure my own stance went from gripe-mode to defeated mode.

“I'm sorry.” I hastily apologized. “My sarcasm was completely unbecoming.” I mutter.

His stance softened, as did his expression, just a little bit. “And it seems you only did that because you are sick.” His look turned to concern as he added, “Go home, get some sleep – some bed-rest.” He added, “Don't come back unless you're better. That is an order.”

“Yes, Mr. President.” I mutter, while ducking my head in affirmative.
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