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26  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: September 18, 2016, 01:04:28

From Them Too

IRL, I had been living with a mother and son with my mom and sister. The both turned using and bullying towards us with some drama. They went behind our backs and pretty much smeared our name with the rest of their family.

I had a nightmare the other night where these people my mom and I are doing a babysitting job for had started giving us the cold shoulder just like the mother
 started doing to us. So, in the nightmare, the lady got to the other lady and painted her version of events of me and my family.
27  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: August 24, 2016, 19:58:24
August 22, 2016

Terrifying Glimpse

I was doing straight up conscious Astral Travel. Suddenly, some kind of suddenly appear portal slammed into me as I was near it when it appeared. I think someone opened it up from its other side to come through. The displacement of ... stuff slammed into me, punting me through the air away from it. Self preservation kicked in and I accidentally caused myself to teleport from the area to avoid slamming into obstacles.

I ended in a dim area, stunned and laying down. I looked up, only to see that I had ended up in an unknown area and at someone's feet. It was Wolfe from powers, but he hadn't noticed my sudden arrival yet, or couldn't see me as I was in Astral. He was clothed in the stolen clothing from his stint in The Shaft, and blood spattered version to boot! All I could do was to gaze up at him in horrified shock. Slowly, he looked down, his features showing shock.

I soon ended the travel.
28  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: August 02, 2016, 18:09:06
August 2, 2016

The Blacklist

Due to a new game I found on the computer, I had a new the Blacklist dream. nothing major, just Agent keen and Red running around, doing their usual job of trying to capture a blacklister.

The Wolfe

I was running away from Wolfe from Powers. At first, he thought I was a power, but then he got a taste of my blood somehow and it tasted disgusting to him.

It turned out that I had came from this reality to that one. Most of my skills there came from here and was the result of magic using and not being a Power. Of course, this meant Wolfe couldn't do what he does to Powers to get their Powers!

Bad th8ing was that he chased me down to capture me to learn about my '"Powers". Walker wanted me caught and put in police custody as protection from Wolfe and figure how the hell I do what I do and not be a Power. Johnny was after me too, apparently.
29  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: July 25, 2016, 04:36:38
July 24, 2016

The Town

At night, I was in a town that was alluded to as being Storybrooke. I was in the back seat of a vehicle, two being being in the first two seats. It seemed that Sheriff Graham Humbert was doing the driving, whilst Emma Swan was in the passenger seat. As they drove on, we all talked about my life. There was a part of Storybrooke that was sharply redolent of my hometown, at a specific intersection.

We get out at this gas station that looks sharply like this one back home. I tell them as much and they think it's a hoot. There was a man and wife that the Sheriff owed m oney to the guy for helping him out of stuff before.  I keep hearing a muffled voice, far off saying in a creepy sing-song type way, “Emma, Emma,”

The woman, the man's wife gets me alone in private and tells me, “For you, I will do anything. I know he owes my husband 2000 dollars, but I will do anything for you, for free.”

I thanked the woman.

The Abduction

Mr. Gold was going to kidnap Henry. I didn't know this and Henry, who was supposed to have been around the area at a certain time, never showed, thus Gold was unable to enact his plan. However, I had the worst luck to come around the area instead. Convinced that I knew something of the plan, thus warning Henry, Gold attacked and abducted me instead!
30  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Mirror Mirror on: July 25, 2016, 04:34:48
I had an incident, recently, where I looked into every reflective surface I could find. Mirrors and even the own backs of my glasses.

If someone is tuned and clued into the psychic life, DO NOT do stuff like this if you are officially sleep deprived. What you see will wreck your perception. The psychic and astral will wreck havoc with your sleep deprivations. I truthfully speak from experience.  If there are any astral entities lurking, and they find out, they can play games that seem much more scary due to the SD.

Namely, the mirror looking and other things exacerbated my sleep-deprivation induced hallucinations. I had some visual, like rocks seeming to twitch on the road at night when I was walking, and major auditory ones like hearing Aztec ritual drums every time I was near any loud noise like construction trucks and AC units of any type.

I am recovered now, but handing the warning down not to do mirror magicks and stuff while offically suffering SD.
31  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: July 16, 2016, 18:07:52
July 15, 2016

Skye's Dad

I did something and helped Skye's father remember who he was fully. I didn't think SHIELD had any idea what I'd been doing and what I succeeded at.
32  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: July 08, 2016, 01:20:42
July, ?, 2016

The Hote

The family friend is told of a hotel that is a good price, and tells mom of it. We eventually get to it, the layout feeling familiar to me for some reason. Some people feel familiar and as of yet, I've never met them. Even certain events, such as the hotel overbooking our room, which led to one of the other people trying to kick or door in, even with it deadbolted! This felt very familiar as well.

One thing led to another, and I was following a very tall man, six feet, out of an exit. He was bent over slightly, facing sightly aways from me. He was petting a small yellow dog, a cross between a Chiuahua and some other dog. He owns the dog, the leash is evident.

"Sir?" I ask. He stands tall, facing me now. His blue shirt is an althletic one, the man himself looking like he'll have wiry strength. He isn't bad looking at all and thus his face is handsome. He has short brown hair. The dog is running around him, still leashed.

"Do I have time to tell you some things before the end comes?"

"Not really," He says in this amused voice. "She's nearly finished."

I had a horrid thought that the dog was the her, that when she was finished whatever, she would kill me! We walked together because he wnated me to follow. "Are you the dog?" I asked, thinking on the fact that this guy could be an entity.

"No," He replied with some amusement in his tone.

"Is the dog you?"


Afterwards, I meet a woman. We get to taking. She had a yellow dog too. She warns me that the dog is not friendly. She calls her best friend on cellphone later, and it is on speaker. She tells a story to her friend over the phone, while smoking a joint, of the time one of her relatives used to blow up frogs with firecrackers. Back when the did this, roman candles weren't even out yet. Her relative misdid one of the firecrackers on a frog and it it up underneath the relative!

"It looked like she was jumping up and down, on her butt." She finished the story.

The whole dream was a thriller type one with murder mysteries. Turns out in the dream, I killed my family in their hotel room when my mind snapped. I had another snap because I did something so digusted and vulgar that I made up; I successfully lied to myself that they were alive in their hotel room!

But this time, when I dreamot it again, the shocker was never delivered and it turned out that the revelation that I killed my family was made up; some vampire things gotten inside my head in the dream and tried to make me think i killed them!

It didn't take and thus my family was alive and new, other more sinister thins happened so far, but I always came out. I soon even gianed the ability to Woge. The dream of this isn't done yet.

~~ I think it is very cool that my brain revisted such and old creepy dream and inserted new things, even upgrading it to my lifestyle of the here and now.

What was not cool, and I cannot think of how it could have happened, last night my mother and I, in real life when we went to our very local governmental center. We were not too far from where the members of some kind of local sports team drove and parked their cars. This man got out of one and I thought, "Oh, he looks like $$$$ from the hotel dream. Same hair, height and blue sports clothing from the dream. Too scared to even consider approaching the man, I went back to the bench where my mom and I would eat our dinner.

I realized that something happened at the game this guy was on and someone shouted a name. My mouth fell slack, the name that was shouted was the same as the guy's from the dream.
33  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: June 29, 2016, 04:35:34
June 27, 2016

House and OUAT

I was home, in my house and Emma Swan and others were there with my family. It turns out someone, either Storybrooke group or my family, had been out in public earlier then came home. It turned out that on the way back home, one of these groups had gotten fast food for eating at home.

One of the paper bags was filled to the brim with fast food french fries! We each had to separate the mountain of fries in the bag and dole an equal amount for each person, both my family and the Storybrooke group.
34  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: June 25, 2016, 20:27:56
June 25, 2016

Strange Travel


I had Aped, this time doing is mostly without any sound files.

I came across a menacing figure. I had left, then drifted off into sleep. Nothing more, other than a near feed link being established, can be remembered.


Partial Astral/SP

I had come to quickly, but only halfway. I was nearing exiting and could feel the 'menacing' figure from earlier. They had tracked me down to my body.

I had SP and thus essentially 'forced' to endure a mental communication with this guy. Turns out this guy saw me earlier (no joke) and wanted to know if I'd travel with him (He was going to induce me to fully AP and we were going to go to my usual places together.) Sounded like an awesome idea, but he had doubts suddenly.

So, during this half astral/SP, I was kind of arguing with him.

"Won't your family worry about you when we're gone?" He asked.

I could feel what passed for his hand clasping my arm, getting ready to pull me out. "No, they'll be fine."

"Are you sure?" He asked again. "They might panic if you are not here."

I actually thought WTH? Like I am going to take off out of my bed and fly around physically! "They won't even know." I tell him.

"No, I won't take you from them."

He left, without taking me and I came down off the astral/SP thing. I swore softly, aloud when I realized I was left high and dry, then fell asleep!
35  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: June 18, 2016, 20:38:50

June 15, 2016

Setting Up For Thunderous, Moonlit Racing

At night, I was with a guy in my yard. We had some friends over that wanted to race some sort of motor cycle things around in a circle around, in a racetrack-like formation. The loop would have went around the entirety of the outside of the house, our path cutting straight through where the wood and brush piles were in RL, but where no more in the dream.

The job the guy and I had, since nearly the entirety of the yard had been taken over by tall grasses was to walk around many laps on the same path we would race later, to bend and tamp the long plants down for the bikes to travel across.

All the while we are working, I hear far off thunder. The sky is all clear, except for a huge mass of storm clouds off to the west. It was a loose mass of clouds, but gathered in one spot, looking fairly like a mass of chaotic steel colored cotton candy! In the sky, but more like inside the clouds themselves were seemingly twin moons, each a separate distance apart. My companion noticed them too, but said nothing about them. After a few laps, when we came back to pass near where the wood pile used to be, I stopped to marvel the 'twin  moons'. One, distorted by the wisps of gray clouds, seemed like the image of a small white cat, bent in its usual cleaning way.

“Aww,” I replied, thinking the image as cute! As if replying, I happened to notice the other white moon, the cloud cover in such a way as to make it seem as though it were an evil eye, squinted in anger.

Feeling something ominous about the moons the way they were, couple with the menacing thunder, I went on ahead to catch up to my 'friend' even as we came back into the front yard.

Music and Moaning


Every time I opened the door down into the basement, there was creepy, chiming rhythmic music, like horror music. It was playing down there, echoing around the entire basement. Interspaced into the horror music was female moans. The moans were not sexual, but of a nature quiet like a ghost! I left the basement door opened, squatting at the opening, just listening. Nothing but that music chimes and moaning. I must have went over some kind of time mark, for the chimes got sightly faster, even though the moans didn't. Even more time and the chimes got faster, prompting me to feel a chill of fear, slamming the door closed! I could hear no more of the scary music or moans through the door. I reopened it, only to find that the music was there, but reset back to with the slow horror chimes!

I got J to listen in on it. He decided to go slightly down the steps. He even pinpointed the sound area. It was on the right side of the basement, the side with the washer and dryer, but somewhere in the middle. We shut the door again, as the music played fast again!

It turned out a mystery, as when my mom, J and I entered the basement any other way, other than opening the main basement door down the steps, there was no music or sound effects! The basement in here had nearly nothing on the floor and in one spot, what looked like pebbles or rubble strewn in a near pile.
36  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: June 11, 2016, 21:59:18
June 9, 2016

The Parking Lot, Sixth Doctor and Clara


I had gotten word about an actual angry true-abomination! I was out in public soon after, in some car park! It vaguely looked familiar. At the point I entered, there was car park in front of me, main street seemingly behind me. Off to my left was more, deeper car park, decorated by some random and strategically placed green bushes. Ahead of me seemed like a wall of stores, very familiar ones, at a very good distance. The same a good distance to my right; more of the very same very familiar stores!

I heard hurried whispers of lurking terror and fear. Not quiet terror and fear, but threatening to flood into those two at a moments notice! I spied to figures, rushing as fast as they could through the car park off from my left. I felt my own mouth drop open in complete shock when I realized who it was; Clara Oswald and the Sixth Doctor! I overheard that they were trying to get away from; there was a true, actual abomination after them, and it was supposedly far back in the left car park, at this very moment!

I squinted my eyes at the left part of the car park, by now definitely feeling something changed, charged, about the atmosphere of the car park! I saw activity deep back, but couldn't see what looked like anyone else, not yet. Then it happened, I actually saw a flux happen far back, when the true-abomination used its inborn telekinetic powers. It was like a mix between an implosion and ripple in and inside the very air itself! My mouth dropped even more when I saw another thing happen; a car, a truck, had drifted up into the air! It had merely floated up off the ground, as if caught in some area where there was no gravity, just held there in the air, gently spinning. At the same time that happened, I saw dents appear in one side of the truck nearly viciously, the truck even halfway folding over on where the dents had appeared! It appeared that, in front of my very eyes, that the true-abomination, even that far back in the car park, was angry enough to use a huge burst of telekinesis and do that to the truck! Suddenly, no longer interested in seeing the true-abomination, let alone letting it see me, I turned away to shake dust with Clara and the Doctor!

June 11, 2016

“That was way cool, man!”

Astral then dream

I astraled to my house in the HP-multiverse. During my attempt to AP, something was snagging my foot to my physical leg, and thus I couldn't just pop out. I strained and strained. When whatever it was finally snapped, all of my inertia was release, 'slingshotting' me away at unreal speeds! I thought that if I put myself somewhere else in a pinch, this slingshot thing would stop.

Thus, I did the HP house thing. I came into existence at my front door, on the inside of the house, facing towards the kitchen sink in the kitchen. The speed effect did not go away, instead I was hurled from the door, passing a man who evidently lived in the house instead of me and my family in that reality!  I only had a mere moment to register his face, complete with wide eyed terror, before I was slammed into the kitchen door of the cabinet under the sink! I sat there, back against the cabinet, too stunned to move. The man from earlier was standing in front of me, looking terrified and pointing a wand at me!

“Where did you come from?” He demanded.

“Another reality, apparently.” I managed.

“Another reality?”

“Yeah, same house but different. Sorry about the flying thing, teleportation gone wrong.”
After awhile, the man helped me to my feet, holding onto my left shoulder and not letting go, in case I was still weakened and fell.

My AP suddenly ended, only to fade in with a dream.

It was at night, there was a storm coming and the winds were starting to blow very hard.  It was at my house, but it was my proper house, for my family was there with me as well. I was standing in the near pitch black of the outdoors at night when I realized two guys were standing out there with me. I had no worries; it was Detectives Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock from the Gotham TV show.

“Watch this!” I shouted to be heard over the rising wind. I face towards my left, kind of facing the middle point between two properties of two of my neighbors. “Thundaga, luminoct, hither, omni bentidoct!”

It was a spell, an old forcecraft one I read years ago in RL. It controls lightning. It was supposed to allow you to target certain targets. In RL, when I practiced this spell, I didn't do that. What I did was to make the lightning flash up in the sky. True to it's form, we all heard a crash of thunder. The storm was closing in, but still too far away for lightning to be actually visible.

“I don't know if you should be trying this.” Jim spoke with uncertainty. I did it two more times. One last time, Harvey must have made the connection between the words I was shouting and the horrendously loud shriek of thunder that happened!

“That was way cool, man!” Harvey exclaimed, sounding stoked! Jim and I just gawped at him, no doubt realizing that Harvey was having a ball witnessing my magic using!

After awhile,  we bunched up closely, thinking maybe we should go in. Afterwards, I realized a sound was coming, that it was critical now. We had to go inside, this instant!

I tore butt across the yard towards the door. “What's wrong?” Jim shouted after me as him and Harvey took off after me.

“Helicopter,” I huffed as I made it to the front door. The lights were off on the inside, so maybe everyone else went to bed or the power was cut by the oncoming storm. I wasted no time; I went down the hall, and outside my door. The helicopter was louder now and I knew that it was over the property, if not the house! I cracked my door opened into the darkened room.

My mind was freaking out, making the connection between the Inquiry, as it had been storming back then and involved the heavy use of helicopters! (A raditus I did that is written down but remains off the internet for now.)

“What the hell was that?” Harvey wondered.

My door is straight across, maybe seven feet, from my bedroom window. My window has no drapes or curtains, so I can see a bee-line right into the dark front yard! A bright blue light shoots down, covering the yards, the bluish light making a trail, then goes away.

“They're searching.” Jim put two and two together.

“What would they do that for?” This was Harvey. Then he asked, “Was it the words and stuff?”

I nodded, actually having no idea! “One my neighbors must have called it in.”
37  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: June 08, 2016, 20:52:34
June 5, 2016

His Cousin


Albert Runcorn, movie version, was talking to me. It seemed like we were both standing in a train station, maybe waiting for a train.

“And I have a cousin.” He thinks, like he can't remember his cousin's name right off hands. Then he clears up and blurts out, “Stark!” I stop, turn back to him. 'Yeah, that's it Stark. George, I think his first name was?”

I was stunned; DSU George Stark from Luther? “Did you say George Stark?”

“You know him?” Albert replied with some shock.

“Not personally, but I've heard of him.”

I walked back towards where Albert was. “That's good,” He begins. “Then maybe I can talk to him about you.” I felt giddy somewhat on my insides when he said this. “Would you like that?”

I had lied when I said I never met the man. In the dream, I did sometime in the past. George would be happy to know I was still in town! I nodded, “Yes, I sure would.”

~ ~ This dream alone has given me an interesting take on the Luther and Harry Potter mythos. A DSU cousin to a Ministry official? I guess it could work, if you follow that Luther deals with the muggle side of law. And due to the international secrecy Wizarding laws, those muggles who work around Luther would be forbidden from seeing or even remember seeing any of the magical community.

George Stark's fanatical stance on corrupt coppers could very well be because he knew the part of government his cousin worked for, and actually hated the extremism that Albert exhibits, thus hates corrupt practices of people supposedly of the law – including exhibiting extremism!

June 7, 2016

Kicked Out


I astrally went to the bridge before Asgard in the Marvel Movie-verse. I wanted to look around Asgard. I did not get far, as Heimdall kicked me out, turning me away from Asgard.

June 8, 2016

The Doorbell


I was watching a horror movie. In R, I have no idea if a movie like this actually exists, as I never learned the name of it.

In a scene of the movie, which was the only scene I remember seeing in the dream, Some people are on a couch, watching a movie together or playing a video game. I cannot tel because the 'shot' was at side angel, obscuring from my view what was on their TV> While they are doing this, there was a loud knocking, like on a door type sound. For a split second, I was both aware of this scene and being in my bed at home in RL at the same time, yet didn't get out of my dream. As a result, I thought the knocking was from my house, but I soon realized that it actually came from the dream. As a result, all recognition that I was 'in two places at once' faded, with me only being aware of the movie.

Two two people made a woman with blonde hair, their acquaintance, answer the door. A man, dressed in a suit is at the door. He either is Mr. Gold from once upon a time or another of the actor's characters that looks sharply like Mr. Gold!

Later, something scary has happened; the blonde haired woman goes into this one room. It was empty, and there was a bunch of horror and nearly zombie stuff going before she went in. The Gold lookalike was turned from her, squatting in the shadows of the corner of the room. He suddenly comes into view.

“You should've run!” He snarls out in this creepy voice. I guess he couldn't help but snarl; his lips were gone, leaving only gums and teeth on his lower and upper mouth! He was one of the creatures now!

She screamed, and them him saying that like and coming into view plays through, always looping, as if the movie in my dream was broken! When I slowly woke up, I felt my lower chakras thrumming, yet at a low level. I closed down mentally, shelling myself, retreating my energies into myself, like a turtle into a shell – just in case it could have been something connecting, maybe making dream that on purpose to scare me! I even asked my Watcher Zoe to build onto the shell, making her 'decompile' in the process. The thrumming stopped and dream entirely stopped, allowing me to fall completely back asleep.

38  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: June 04, 2016, 19:53:08
May 29, 2016

Dread And Rage

I am in my kitchen, it is daylight and I am sitting at a computer in the computer corner, surfing the web. I wrote a story, with pictures at some point. I put down clear and concise sentences with the images and left the work on the internet for all to read. When I am using the internet, I see that loads of people are leaving reviews. Many are positive.

At some point, I leave the computer running and go in front of the kitchen sink to give it a brief wash up. The microwave, which is also on the counter nearest the sink, give the time read out as 1:12 pm. In RL, we have no drapes, curtains or shades in any of our windows in the kitchen. This time, the window above the sink has pull down shades. Our sliding-glass back door has a full set of drapes.

Through some of the small slats in the kitchen-sink shades, I could make out the far off outline and color of what appears to be a travel trailer. In RL, far off in our backyards, its line-of sight partially obscured by some trees, used to be a travel trailer. Our family friend lost his house years ago and for some time, until we started losing ours,, he was allowed to take his trailer and live back there until he pulled it out to make she he didn't loose his trailer when we lost our house. I wanted to lift the shades in the dream, to see if the trailer was okay and if anyone was back there that wasn't the owners and messing with it. I can't lift it real well, so abandon the kitchen sink, moving off to stand in front of the covered sliding-glass door. I am about to lift a panel of drape up, to see the trailer, knowing I'd have pretty much straight line-of-sight to it. I had a serious feeling misgiving just then, about lifting the drape up that I nearly yanked my hand back. In annoyance at myself, I went ahead and did it anyway, thinking my sudden fear as foolish.
The porch is how its always been since a few years ago. We used to let our dog, when we had one, on the back porch for a few hours everyday in RL. We had a strong, wooden baby-gate up across the opening to the steps. He could never knock it down. We've long since given the dog up and the baby-gate is still on the porch, but down and no longer up. In the dream, it is still up across the way, but we still haven't a dog.

Albert Runcorn, movie version, wearing his ever-present black leather duster, is standing a scant few inches past the standing baby-gate, on the porch and facing the sliding-glass door! He is staring me down in that menacing scowl. Suddenly, when I've only just registered him standing on the porch, he screams a furious sound, face showing that he is enraged. At the same time he did this, he runs full-on towards the door and runs through it!

When I say through, I meant it, literally! He seamlessly runs through the glass, being able to not break it or crack the glass! Still yelling, he grabs onto me in my kitchen! I wake up so fast, so scared that my head is pounding, my mouth feels like I got a wad of cotton stuck in the back of my throat, my throat even feeling hoarse from the scream I came out with when Albert attacked me!

The Walk

My dad was back home, alive. We were talking about me going into town and going to the local Macays grocery store. The bad thing at the time was that at the house, it was current 2 or 3pm. What made this bad was that I still didn't money to catch the bus. It takes me two hours to walk from home to town proper, and that is depending on the traffic on those days! Dad also wanted me to walk around the store for an hour or two shopping. I wouldn't get done until five or so. I wouldn't be hitting the road home until 8-8:30 at night In the dream, I knew for a fact that the family friend wouldn't be able to pick me up from the store!

While I was getting ready to go out, there was this guy in the house, rounding up our cats. In RL, we'd had our cats gotten rid of long ago and it was bad because here I was, in my dream, seeing it happen as fresh as the day it really did! I asked mom why we couldn't keep just one, and she shot that down.

May 30, 2016

“And You'll Be Stopping Me, How?”


I was with the Killjoys team, the one from the show. D'avin is alive and rescued. Some of the programming from Red 17 took, however and as a result, he is a bit more ruthless in the way he kills the targets he has to kill.

Before we found him at all, Johnny, Dutch and myself thought he was dead. We each took a picture that was printed before hand, one each. These pictures were ones of us all hanging out, chilling as a team. Our one picture each is a memorial of sorts to D'avin, since we couldn't even find his body for internment.

D'avin, long since rescued is going through my wardrobe closet in my quarters on Lucy, as I told him he could look for something he needed to borrow. A huge picture falls out and D'avin picks it up to shove it back where it came from. He notices that it's one of those pictures we took before, as a team before Khlyen did what he did.

I felt the need to explain, since I didn't know if he even knew that the others had similar pictures. Even as he glanced down at the image in his hand, no doubt reminiscing about those times, I spoke, “We each saved one image, each like mine in a way. We couldn't even find your body when you were in Red 17; we thought they killed you. So the pictures were our way of holding a memorial.” D'avin seemed choked up with emotion then, placing the image reverently back on the shelf. I fished two Polaroid sized pictures from my pocket and D'avin turned to me, to see what they were. There were only two, two candid spy-pictures of Khlyen, out and about – crystal clear.,

“And I took these while I was stealthed.” D'avin took the proffered images. “I always keep them on me, looking at them to remind myself how much I want to take out the S.O.B who did this to our team.”

My thinking then was that even though the Khlyen-Dutch-D'avin thing happened before I came along, doesn't mean I couldn't exact revenge. I would have to bring along Dutch though, she deserved, pretty much more than me, to get her share of revenge as well! D'avin shook his head, handing the pictures of Khlyen back to me.

“No way; he's too powerful. You know that he overpowered me easily. You cannot go off and try to kill him.”

I couldn't help the words that came out, in an acidic tone, “And you'll be stopping me, how?”

D'avin, brought up short, faced me down, a mixture of annoyance and incredulous glare. Just then, Dutch came running, now in the open doorway, obviously In a rush to tell us some news. She takes in our forms, and knows something was up.

“What's going on?” She demands.

He turns his head towards Dutch to obviously tell her my secret hankering to Ice Khlyen when the dream ends. 

May 31, 2016

Tudors: Time Travel


I was  in the big ballroom type thing when that first party from S04e01 of Tudors was going on. I went wearing no pants, a skirt instead, and also the large and long Martial Arts T-shirt good enough to double cover as a top and a dress. Not anything like the ladies around me wore, but passable enough for cover. I heard the music playing and wanted to actually push through the crowd to see the musicians performing. Suddenly, I thought, unbidden that if my dad were still alive, he'd been absolutely thrilled that I was able to do this, to be here, listening and see people perform this type of music from the past! I turned around to try to find another way past to the performers, only to find someone right behind me!

“Lord Surrey,” I stammered out in some panic. He stood there, nearly as a statue, staring down at me. His face was pretty much impassive. Set in stone with his lips set in the familiar way. He was that yellowish outfit.“I'm so sorry, was I blocking your path?”

“No,”  He states. His look, when he stopped talking, didn't vanish. He was eyeing me in a cool, detached way.

“I am not from here,” I say in way of another apology. “So apologies if I get neither salutations or bows right.”

“Bows are for the King.” He says, this time looking slightly amused, lips less pursed sternly. I do a half bow anyway, making my way another way.

I abandon any hope of finding the performers to watch them. Instead, I drift slightly away from the main body of the party, going towards one of the huge windows, to see what I could out of them. I only had a few moments to get an impression of impressive rolling landscapes and other royal buildings before there was a commotion behind me, back towards the party. I turn halfway to see that the queen herself had entered the party. I turned fully towards the part now, bowing as everyone else did.

Something happened, slowly at first. People started dropping like flies in the party! I watched in growing horror as it happened, the very King and Queen the last to go, sitting right at the main table! I gaped on in horror as Surrey, unfelled by what got the others, made his way, stepping past the bodies on the floor, to the main table!

I ducked to the side, hiding in a hallway, halfway cowering behind one of the tapestries. Lady Catherine, also unaffected, came down, jogging alone down from the other end of the hall that I was hiding in.

“My Lady,” I began as I quietly and urgently pulled her behind the same tapestry I was using as cover. “The Earl of Surrey has done something; everyone else fell down and didn't get up.”

“Why aren't you the same way?”

“I was late. I came in and have yet to have anything to eat or drink.”
Leaving her to take this news in, I ducked my head quickly around the tapestry. Surrey was at the table, standing between the King and Queen, rummaging around on top of the table for something. It was like he expected to find something there he needed sorely and couldn't find it, for he looked angry! He then shot his glare up towards down where Lady Catherine and I were hiding, but I ducked back just in time. I heard some thumps, then Surrey's boots slowly tamping across the cold marble floor, towards this very hall!

“He's coming.” I tell Catherine this in a panicked, tense tone. “We need to lie down, this instant, to fool him into thinking we were victims of what he did to the others.”

We did so and after awhile, Surrey came into the hall.  I was lying on my side, facing away from the hall and towards the closest wall. My eyes were closed, me forcing myself to be relaxed, like my body was limp with whatever he spiked the others with. I could feel Surrey gazing down at Catherine and I coldly. After awhile, he turned back around and I could hear the tamping of his boots fade away as he went back in towards where the party was.

I forced myself to stay there, feigning unconsciousness until I heard moaning, groaning and other sounds of stirring as the 'drugged' people started coming-to. Catherine and I soon slowly started filing out of the hall. She stops me, fear in her gaze.

“I have never known Lord Surrey to ever be that bad.” She adds, “It scares me, and I don't want to be alone in the rest of the party.” I nod and go to move off, but she grabs at me. “And I don't want you to be alone either. If Surrey takes a fancy to either one of us-”

“We won't stray from each other.” I stated. “We have to always keep each other in sight.” She nods, relieved that I got what she was trying to tell me.

Later, we are wallflowers, discussing topics.

“This sweating sickness, I think it is dangerous because so many people think drinking Ale will help.”

“We can't drink the water, not really.” Catherine tells me.

“Take big gobs of water,” I say to her, “And get it really hot, boil it.”

She was confused, “You mean, cook the water?”

“Yes, cook the water. The very hot heat should kill most hidden things in it that make people sick. Then the cleared water, make the sufferers of the Sickness drink nothing but that water, not Ale, and drink it frequently.” I asked, “Alcohol is in the Ale?”

“Yes,” Catherine replies, “That is in Ale.”

Even as Surrey meandered up to us, I reply, “There you have it. The Alcohol slowly dries up the body of a drinker, that's why the headaches after drinking too much. If someone has Sweating Sickness, they are getting dehydrated to begin with. Add copious amounts of ale and-” I trail off, Catherine nodding, fully getting what I was saying. “Hello, sir.” I say to Surrey, then wince, “Sorry, Lord Surrey.”

“She's come a long way,” Catherine told Surrey. “She hasn't had time to learn all of our custom greetings yet.” He nodded, smiling this polite, closed lipped smile.

“Oh, which reminds me,” I say quickly to Catherine. “Saline”

“Say-leen?” She asked. Surrey has had yet to move on, taking in our conversation.

“Yeah, you boil the water as before, but you add in salt in specific measurements.”

“Salt?” This was Surrey's grumbling voice. “That is an expensive spice to use.”

“But it's worth it.” I reply. “When it's cooled, it's known in medical circles where I'm from as Saline. You can clean wounds with it, even dress wounds in bandages.” I add, a bit more gruffly, “My dad, who's dead now, had wounds he needed dressed using Saline.”

Surrey interrupted at this point, addressing me, “May I please speak to you in private?”

“Oh, okay, sure.” I said, acting like I was okay with this. Really, I was not! Surrey didn't wait, pushing past me to go into this other hallway.

“If you don't go,” Catherine was telling me in this warning tone, “He then will know something.” I nod and go to leave. “And when you come back, I want to hear more about the stuff in your life.”

I reached some quarters with a bed that Surrey was in. It had a bed, but it looked disused, as if it wasn't used that frequently. Surrey was standing stiffly as I entered the large room, closing the large doors behind me.

“Lord Surrey, sir? What's this about?”

“Where are you from?” He asks in that gravelly voice that sounds almost like he is in a disagreeable mood.

“A foreign country far away from here.” I reply. “That's why I don't get some of your-”

“What time period are you from?”

The question hits me; I wasn't expecting that! “Excuse me? What kind of question-”

“You heard me; what time are you from?”

I turned around to stare at the far wall, silently freaking out. How the Hell did Surrey even know? I haven't said anything about cars and stuff like that! “Are you actually accusing me of being a time traveler?” No answer, so I added, “What gave me away?”

I turned to him, only to have him ask, “What year did you come from?”

I was frightened now. “No way I'm answering that!”

What year?” His voice suddenly got that icy anger that made my mind spin back to the Luther TV show, when DSU George Stark, played by the same guy who played Surrey, faced down DSU Martin Shenk in an episode, replying to a reference about a search being under way. Stark growled out, rage and steel, 'then widen it!'

“Whoa dude,” I stammer, stepping back, hands up in a placating gesture. “Two thousand Sixteen, I swear!”

Surrey's mouth dropped open, a nearly round O of shock, his eyes betraying the same emotion. I slowly awakened, the dream ending.



Someone, a guy it felt like but only for the strength of his hands and arms, tried fighting e. It was dark, like I was blind or had my eyes closed in the area. He was trying to grapple me, to upend me to either give me a terrible beat-down or outright kill! I felt the detail of his own grasping hands in my own, his arms entwined around my own!  I said my 'poem,' inspired to say it for some reason.

“Ancient Gods and Goddesses, I do summon thee now,
Thy divinities and protections against me are bound!
My flesh is protected, my spirit is shielded,
All mine enemies are now fielded!”

I said this poem gently, even as the man still grasped at me. Soon, it became bad. Gently, with increasing violence, the man got more abusive, and thus I started fighting back slowly! It started with him gently grabbing at my nose, then escalated to him cuffing me, however gently, across the back of my face, then parts of the side and front of my face! I realized, because of the spell I recited, the man was actually hitting me with all of his might, but I felt nothing more of it other than what a gentle breeze would feel like!

** I cannot take full credit for the spell chant. I found it years ago on the internet. Something about a driver and footman, but just a scant few weeks ago, I changed it to be 'Ancient Gods And Goddesses.'
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May 26, 2016



Erica told mom and the rest of the family about a special program from Social Services. People on Food Stamps and stuff got free bus rides anywhere if it was to go to appointments, go food shopping or pick up medicines at pick up points.

“I can see that,” I told Erica. “They probably knew people couldn't pick up their medical stuff and people need to be able to do that.” She agreed.



I was in a lighted room. This room was not brightly lit, but more like the light reminiscent of my own kitchen. The instant I was aware of this light, I felt a sudden, hefty puncture in my chest. This puncture felt strange, just slightly off to the side of my sternum. Also immediately after, The puncture grew warm, the warmth spreading away from the impact site, soon spreading to my arms.

Disorientated, I tried running forward. In my strange confusion, I recognized that Nick's Sink from his hidden place was off to my left. Instead of running, I was only able to stumble in awkward steps before I slammed into someone. The person grabbed out and caught me. It was Conrad Bonaparte! He was recently and Grimm TV show as a bad guy, so there's a great chance he iced me!

May 27, 2016

The Conversation


I was in Gotham's GCPD HQ, the version from the TV show Gotham. I was at the head of the one of the flights up stairs up to the second level. I was facing Harvey Bullock, who was standing directly on the last stair. I was talking to him. I cannot remember the dialogue, but remember it was about me helping out.

I remember Harvey being against the idea, as it was a very dangerous situation. It turns out that Harvey was no longer the acting head. That guy, Barnes, was out of the hospital and had been for some time, thus he was very well enough to be back on the force, and back in his old job. He hears the arguing and comes up.

Harvey and I tell him my plan, which I remember, like it was with Harvey, the basics but not the actual wording used. Like Harvey, Barnes is dead-set against my involvement.

** Note, I found a great dried vine in my yard that we tore down some time ago and now was seasoned at least for a few years. Long, wavy and still kind of bendy. Maybe three feet long. I take it into my room and have been smoldering the end night by night like a stick of incense. It only can smolder a few inches at a time because the 'wood' is thick as a tree branch. What happens is that I close my room up for about an hour and come back. Not too much smoke, never was. The odor is slightly stronger than faint and sharply reminiscent of a camp fire. Very comforting. It is about this time I am comforted as I sleep. I can imagine that this is why I've had these past couple dreams as a bit wackadoo.

May 28, 2016

Fishing Then Fighting

I went to bed after watching a movie about olden times.

In the first dream, I was in a camp, in the same tie period and the general location from the movie. There was a whole village set upon the island. I was apart of this village and I had the sole job of catching fish. I would take this sturdy pole that had been made for this purpose. The pole itself was long, maybe my height, which is five feet. It is thick wood, cut evenly around so that it is the thickness of a walking stick, straight and no bumps. Whomever cut the thing to be straight also made a razor point of wood at the end, resembling a deadly, wooden pencil point.

It was my job to stand in the shallow surf of the water and use this to spear any fish. The fish I was able to spear was to feed the village, in conjunction with what the other fisher people could catch.

This island we were based on was between two landmasses of two countries, but we were of neither, so their territories did not have anything to do with us. In essence, we were a separate nation unto ourselves. No one raided us, ever for our island only had the basics, and I guess boring.

Then, one evening, there was a 'raid' of sorts. Unbeknownst to the villagers, including me, one of the nations decided to send a fleet of ships over to greet us. When they had landed, we found out that the King himself of that nation had decided to come over with the 'greeting' group!

I found out, through some subtle and hidden investigation, that the King of that nation had, at some point, been turned into a Mictiani – and supposedly an Abomination level at that! I decided, however, that I should actually wait and see if he was hostile to Humans in general before trying to dust him.

Later, it is decided that for this group, as their King was with them, we should hurry and make a feast for them. This means I have to grab my fishing spear and stand in the water, to make double the catch for a great feast. One of the village people, to make the catching go fast, has to stand not too far away with a bag rucksack to place my catches in.

I am in middle of spearing some fish when someone  makes their way down the gently winding dirt path from the main village to the water. It is the King himself!

“What is your job here?” He asks, seemingly curious.

“I've got the fishing to do.” I state, showing no sign of uneasiness in my voice. “It feeds the village.” He comes to stand nearby, in the surf with me even as I spear another fish. This was is way bigger than the ones I have caught so far.

“That is a large fish.” The King comments.

“I know,” I begin honestly, “It will feed the village well for the feast.” I tossed the fish into the big sack that the other person held open. “That's it, then.”

“Do you have any other jobs?” The King asks as we make our way back up the patch with the catches in tow.

“No; I've just got the one job.” I see him shoot me a glare, albeit an incredulous one. Surprisingly, he said nothing more on the matter.

The scene shifts, towards a couple of hours, into the night and after the feast. The King apparently changed his mind and had the village attacked! Or else, this was his plan all along. Arrows whizzed, people either fell or was taken prisoner! I was at the water side again, wielding the fish-spear like a quarter-stave! The King faced me down, his sword drawn! He swung the sword in a downwards even as I reflexively blocked upwards with the 'stave'. His blow had been slightly deflected, but it chopped through the tick wood with ease, surprise me! All I could do was to taken in the look of my hands holding separate parts of the spear, with a dumbfounded look. From the King's own dumbfounded glare, it seemed as if he hadn't expected the spear to end up like that either!

Two of his men ran up from behind him, arrows pointed at me, flanking him. Instead of giving him the kill order, he waved them down.

“Let's take her prisoner.” he added, glaring me down with a triumphant look, he added, “There's more to her than meets the eye.”

“The First One Should Have Killed Him, What The Hell Is Going On?”


There was this movie I watched in RL, where this guy got shot by a super-sniper on a rooftop. He had powers or something.

In the dream, I came to on top of the building. The guy who died in the movie was after me, on the rooftop! I ran from him, but found out he didn't seem interested in killing me; he was trying to take me down with a gun-like tranq!

The other guy, far off, takes his shot like he was supposed to on the other guy. It hits him, but the bullet seemingly does no damage at all and the other guy doesn't die! He catches up to me and we duke it out, melee combat! I stun him the first few times, but he is better than me, more trained! I soon am getting my butt handed up to me!

While we were distracted with being bratty brats to each other, the other guy found time to make his way from the place he was to our rooftop! He stepped in, on my side! We fought back, then pushed the 'bad guy' off the side off the building. My 'hero' was winded at this point, bent over, trying to catch his breath.

“The first shout should have killed him,” He began between gasps of breath, glaring at me, “What the Hell is going on?”

“Don't ask me.” I reply.

Before or horrified gazes, the guy starts climbing back onto the roof!  Evidently, hopefully, he had grabbed out at a ledge when he fell! I got up to my feet.

“Come on,” My hero dude muttered, “Let's bail on that freak.”

We did, using the building's construction elevator. Later, the scene shifts and I am back home. I have a regular lamp in there now. A friend of mine in this dream is in the room. She looked freaked out as she hands me a paper.

I hold it up to read it. My last name is first, written in pen, the my first name. The Y and the end, someone made a mistake and out in an I instead. But I knew what this was. It was the Contract Sheet used by the secret group that both the men from earlier worked for. I had a contract out on me, seemingly by this group, but for capture orders, not killing orders. This had frightened me more than a killing one would have!
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May 25, 2016

It shouldn't Have Happened!


I was in an area. I recognized people from Once Upon A Time. It was the characters, as seen on TV. I had my special stealth 'shielding' popped up, so none of them saw me. I saw the newest villain, Hades confronting someone in the area. I watched the scene, confident in my ability to remain unseen.

Hades turned around suddenly, stock still and eyeing me, if he was able to see me, with this look. It was like a cold, glacial glare. He said no word, but slowly bore down on me in smooth, confident strides. People looked confused around us and it felt like as if my heart leaped into my throat when I realized that he could see me! I eyed him, heart pounding. I quickly ended the AP.
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Thanks. I'm sure I've got more to come. smiley
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May 13, 2016

Shopping and Toys

I was out with my dad and 21 year old sister. Her and I looked all over the store. We ran into dad later, and he eyed what my sister found for herself, but had not yet paid for. It was toys.

“Put those back,” He said with an exasperated, long-suffering sort of tone, “You're too old for toys.”
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April 19, 2016

Counting Strange

I couldn't calm down enough to even attempt AP. So in my mind, I visualize big reddish numbers counting forwards, starting with one. I made each number stay for one second before flashing to the next one. I got to number 11 or 12 when my mind went hazy and I turned in my body somehow. There was a creature behind me, with a strange face. It looked like it had a face that only just looked like an Ood from Doctor Who. Some differences, notaby that it did not have the tendrils hanging down from its mouth area. It seemed to have no mouth, but it had the triangle part where a nose and mouth would be, like the ood. This area was darker than the rest of its face, which it was fleshy colored.

“Hello.” I mentally state.

It just looks at me, blinking its eyes.
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April 24, 2016

Flight And Conversation

In RL, I had picked fresh Mugwort. About a night later, I took some of the leaves and ripped them up into little shred, sprinkling the pieces over what I had to use as a pillow, leaving the aroma of Mugwort no matter where I turned my head for sleep. I did this, knowing firsthand about its effect on dreaming. I wanted to see what would happen in Astral. Doing this, combined with the normal version of the QH 10 minute OBE sound file, I had no problem exiting almost straight away! I also combined these measures with my 'image dipping' gift that I've started using for Astral Travel.

I made myself go to the location of a dockside Warehouse that I've been to before. It's the one with the decidedly prickly stranger and candles. There was no one else in sight outside of the Warehouse, so I went ahead and floated upwards to the top most window. The window was opened half way, as it always seemed to be in the time before. I slipped into the window, into that darkened level, quickly resorting to moving around normally, in case any other crashers were in there and saw me flying around. I only moved into the room a little less than halfway before a curt voice rang out.

“What do you want?”

I looked ahead of me, seeing that the guy from before was still living there. He was wearing nearly the same clothing as before. Not as many candles were strewn about this time, I saw. He got up from his tattered layer of cloth he'd been using as a sort of bed. He stalked off, giving me angry side eye. “Thanks again, for bringing that weirdness here.” Meaning, that strange and large 'spaceship.'

I had hoped we could talk with each other, but it seemed he didn't like me because of that incident. I grew irritated and, instead of sticking around, I teleported out. My traveling blacked out and I cannot not remember any more this night.
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April 18, 2016

The Island


After a dry spell for over TWO WEEKS of not being able to AP, I woke up to find myself about to Exit. I did exit. I took the form of a bird, and while flapping my 'wings, I flew above an island surrounded by water.

I found out, while looking down from above, that I had ended up in the Star Wars universe, at the point that Rey found Luke. I landed not too far away and watched the scene, to see what happened after Rey presented the lightsaber to Luke. Luke got ready to say something to Rey, then looked over at my bird-self. I forced myself to look at them both, moving my head around in the jerky ways real birds do. I 'cawed' once, then jumped up, flapping my wings, flying away.
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April 2, 2016

The Place In London

I was in this big area, like a small town or small city. My mom was with me and we were looking around and shopping. There was this huge building and we went in. It was a like a modern day museum and gift store in one, and we looked around. Mom and I went our own ways in the store thing and I found the rest rooms. I was thinking on getting the plans for this place, to remake it at home for us to live it. Then I threw the idea away out of my head. Mom wouldn't approve of the place, as with her hip and all having trouble.

I got done and left restroom, to stand at one of the windows leading to the outside. The busy street beyond was laid out almost exactly life the town proper of my town!
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April 1, 2016

The Thing


I was outdoors, talking with “my dom” guy from England. I think we were supposed to be in modern day Nottingham or someplace. Tamryn was with us, talking as well. Something goes messed up and I can start feeling my body laying on my stomach back in my bed at home! It stunned me, as I did not mean for myself to launch to astral. I could feel that sensation back a month ago during my last 'dream', when I felt the gentle warm energy bands around my ankles. I felt my legs start to go funny this time as well. It felt like Sp was kicking in just now, starting just above the bands of warm energy, starting to course up both my legs.

I idly picked at something just below across my wrist in my dream, with that funny mental feeling of being 'scatterbrained.' I pulled it hard, a little too hard. There was this small noise, a drawn out wheet!  It wasn't overly loud, just something about it that set my teeth on edge. I looked down in my hand to see what I'd pulled off my arm. It had the thickness and build of an adult Slug. It didn't seem to be moving, or feel slimy. It felt like nothing, like I was holding a clump of air, but the thing was there. No slime, but the thing was brilliant looking and see-through, almost like a strange organic diamond. I handed the thing to my guy, who took it from me. I was sorry that the noise it made could have been a noise of pain!

“Sorry,” I muttered, “That I pulled it too hard.”

The thing is, right when I pulled it off of me, the bands of energy went away and what felt like encroaching SP stopped.
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March 31, 2016

The Kid


I was in the kitchen, near the computer corner. There was this small kid, about six or seven. They wanted to run through the house starkers. I was sitting on the floor and the kid, not paying attention runs past me. I snag it's arm, forcing it to have to turn to me.

“And I said no.” I say, actually using the so-called mom-tone.

The kid's eyes widened in betrayal! I gazed at it in shock. The kid's skin color was corpse gray. It's face slightly resembled the face of a guy in astral I met up with a month or so ago and made love to – even down to his facial expressions and eye color! The kid then, outvoted on being starkers, run under the computer table and crouched under it, sobbing! I was emotionally gutted at making the kid, no matter what parentage it was, sob like that!

“I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you cry.” I held my arms out and the kid ran to me from under the table. The kid was nude, but had no nipples, nor genitalia! I wasn't freaked out, instead holding the kid to get ready to get off the floor to find clothes for it. I was wearing my Redskins Football shirt, the kid suddenly finding the words and logo across the front interesting, patting it with its hand!
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Yes they were very box-like except for the front where the windshield sloped down.  Don't recall colors but I believe they had really short wings on the side of them.  Almost unnoticeable.  They were not much larger than a vehicle.  They weren't even moving.  Just kind of hovering. 

Then those weren't mine. My astral designs didn't have wings on the sides. I had tried to make ones where two things could 'dock' with each other.
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I tried something in AP a couple of years ago. I even drew out the smaller shuttles. Have no idea about the Deathstar things, but I guess my designs for the smaller shuttles might not have been taken back. my things were a aprt of a large experiment I'd been trying. I just forgot about it, not going back to it.

I guess you could have seen my 'litter' for the project. Were the shuttles brown and nearly box-like?
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