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51  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: March 28, 2016, 21:57:58
March 28, 2016

Danger, Storms, and Power Outages

I had escaped with a team from a dangerous area during a storm. I had my suspicions about which people this was. My suspicions were confirmed when at my house, I saw Bill Nelson, character from a movie that this dream was loosely based on. (This dream took place in an AU. Meaning Alternate Universe of what actually happened in the movie.)

Bill was a natural leader and inspired confidence in me and the rest of the team. I was actually happy as bonk he was the one who was nominated to run our group! At my house, back in America, were were sitting in our kitchen around the big wooden table. We had a meager meal, not being able to risk a stove meal, as it was storming very heavy and the power could cut out at any moment. We were discussing on what to do tonight for sleep.

“No one is to sleep near the outside doors or windows.” Bill put in. “And a few people need to stay up to guard against the Ragers. There has to be a changing every few hours.”

“We need flashlights on hand, us all.” I put in to Bill. “My nightmare is that during the night there will be a power outage. If the Ragers tracked us down to capture us, and we wake up to Ragers in the house, in pitch dark – we're done.”

Even as I spoke, I actually had the 'daydream' of this running through my head, getting chilled! Bill agreed and everyone finished their meal. I got up, wandering to my hall. There was a heavy report of thunder, the hall light shutting off, then quickly turning back on. There came loud swears and curses from the kitchen. I went into my mom's old room and stood in the middle. There was a light back on the large dresser, lighting up the whole room. Both windows to the outside were pitch black, it already having been nighttime when we came back to America. The room was a bit more cleaner than it is in RL, another newer queen sized bed back in the room. I stood in the middle, turning myself around slowly in one spot, eyeing the room to see if it was decent for this emergency, for a good bulk of team to share to sleep in for tonight. Even as I took the sight of the black windows back in, punctuated by blue from the flashes of lightning, I got a sudden mental impression that the second Controller was the one who was spearheading the capture group that came to America after us himself! The thought that he could be waiting in the storm and woods, in the woods in the backyard, spotting me through the room windows scared me!

Bill walks in and we chat for a few seconds. He is satisfied that we are going from room to room, securing them for the emergency shelter. I leave the room, satisfied myself that we all made it from the UK, from that nightmare in one piece!
52  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: March 26, 2016, 19:26:23
March 26, 2016



I was outside in the woods, running from someone. I was cresting what looked loke this hill. I get to the top and fall in. What happened was there was a hole, big enough for anyone to fall down into. I did, it being a straight ten foot drop.

I was on my butt in dimness, on a dirt floor. I get up slowly and my mouth drops at my surroundings. Lately, I've run across, in astral, two very big entities, of the same type. They look human to start with, but their insides are cavernous! I've hung out in types like that before. This place I fell into was nearly a replica of the insides I was in recently! The only thing was, my new place wasn't made from the creature's 'body', it was a crude representation - much of the biological alien-like look had to be done in sharp, earthen details - as someone carved out this place from rock and soil! I heard yelling and ran back under the hole I fell from. Far above, I could see the face of someone peering down.

"Are you okay?" They called down in concern. It was the guy who was chasing me!

"Fine," I call back, "The floor down here kicked my backside - but I'm not really hurt." I saw he was getting read to go in! "No, don't do it! The fall is really-" He fell on purpose, landing with a pained grunt as his breath was driven from his body. "You idiot," I began in exasperation. "I told you not to, but you had to be a superhero, didn't you?" Even as he clambered to his feet, I handed him his greatsword he dropped on the way.

I turned around, grabbing a lit torch from a nearby sconce, there were lit torches everywhere in her from what I could tell, then marched off to find the others caverns which I had a funny idea were in place. The man followed me, gazing around even as I stared around with wonderment. Some of the offshoots, I remembered running into and ended up making friends with some of the Fauna. And yeah, these things were so huge, they had their own 'ecosystem' within themselves! I am astounded that someone did this, very damn well made a temple  out of it! Speaking of fauna, it was fairly empty, it just being the guy and I here for now. It made me nostalgic for the real thing, with the different creatures walking around, some sentient, some not.

"Sacrilegious!" I heard the guy, who was off to my right mutter in anger. I shot a look of shock over at him and he returned my look cooly. Why would he think that of this place? Then it hit me; he might have been the same type of astral creature! I decided to not say anything about what the place was a model of, until I could see if he was hostile or friendly, at least. 

"Well, I think it's awesome." I say, a tad defiantly. I walk on with him in tow. "It's cool that someone took their time out to create something of this magnitude."

There was a huge wall, but I knew, from before, that this wall didn't extend to both sides of this cavern, there was little paths on each side for the Fauna to walk around and into the next cavern. A huge motif of a eye was carved into the huge 'wall'. I knew this. The other one, which approached, the sclera of the eye carving would turn yellow. It was a huge doorway, useable only big certain bigger Fauna. The 'iris' would dialate, opening.

"And how did you know that?" The man grumbled, coming up next to me. I realized that I was mumbing about the eye-door, the colors and everything! He looked over at me, eying me with a sly look I wasn't sure I'd liked.

"It would be awesome, though - wouldn't it? To make a color coded door like this?" I said this to try to make it look like I was getting ideas for inventions. I don't think I was successful, as his sly look didn't go away even as we made our way into the next chamber. There was blue stone tunnel that made me stop short. I was stumped, I never got this far.

"I don't remember this; I never got this far." I stated aloud.

The man stood, rigid next to the tunnel. "I'm not going in." He stated with an adament tone. I shot him a scathing look.

"Thanks a lot." I muttered to him before I waked through the tunnel. It was a long tunnel, all made up of the same blue weird colored stone. It finished at a huge chamber that seemed to have an altar of some sort at the far end. There was someone there, with their back turned. I apporached and they turned to me. It was some giant guy, seven feet tall, wearing armor! From the inhumaness of his face, this was the only Fauna-like thing here! He withdrew a huge sword, bigger than my 'friend's'. I talked him down, saying we'd be friends too.
53  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: March 25, 2016, 20:32:10
March 25, 2016

“I haven't Seen You  In Years!”


I was outside, doing a food errand sojourn up at Fastop. There are two roads near there, the road I live on. The second, it's across the fairgrounds and it's a major road. The road I am on continues until it round a gentle bend straight to one of the intersections. But in all the years my family used this road to go to the store or to catch the passing bus near there, we've always used the shortcut joining the two roads straight through. It is this long, blue colored stretch of asphalt; it was the actual driveway for the Fairgrounds itself. At the other end of this road was a red car barrier, making of metal pipes. Walking people, such as myself can walk around it though, as it was only installed to keep people from driving cars through.

Irl, I can make this walk normally. It takes about 45 minutes to an hour, but I still got energy to spare. However, in the dream, I am wiped out this early in the errand! I have to postpone walking around the car barrier, instead sitting down on the Fairgrounds asphalt. I sit there, slightly panting, trying to rest and fully catch my breath. Everything feels in detail, and sounds like it took. The sunlight hitting my body, the asphalt under my feet and legs, the feeling on the book bag strapped to my back, the cars whizzing past me, even the sound of the traffic and everything else.

A blue, familiar car passing me fairly slowly, but I can't rightly remember where I'd seen it before; I was that exhausted. I heard it far behind me now, slowing. After awhile, someone walks up to my right, but on the other side of the car barrier. I look over and up, and I feel dread now, deep inside my heart.

Sheriff Lucas Buck is standing there, looking down at me. “Well,” He says dryly. Then laughs a bit in shock as he adds, “I haven't Seen You  In Years!”

“Been busy, man.” I say unapologetic as I stand, however laboriously, to my feet. I steady myself for a few minutes, still chilled at him being there! Masking my unease, I say nothing further as I start to march towards the direction of the store.

Lucas's quick strides bring him to my side. He stops me quickly, grabbing my right arm and sharply turning me to face him. “We haven't seen each other in years, and that's all you got to say?”

He sounded both irritated and disbelieving at the same time. I just stood, on the side of that road and glared up at him. I actually wanted to reply to him, “And what did you want me to say? Thanks for stalking me for a couple of years?” I forced myself to forgo this comeback knowing that any reply from Lucas Buck to a statement like that would not be good Suddenly, I found Lucas kissing me on the mouth. Not forcefully, but tenderly. A peck, but longer than that.

The scene changes, and I am completely in my hometown now, on foot. The only reason I knew this was because I was walking in a cramped neighborhood streets that the public bus that I frequently have to take into town uses in its route. It feels like the same day as when I met Lucas back at the convenience store. Nearly same amount of sunlight, and same temperature.

Over all, it was a good day, with a lot of people doing stuff outside, in front of their houses. I realized quickly that while I had the same clothes on, I had no backpack on, as well as no shoes! I felt the detail of the asphalt under my bare feet, as well as the sidewalks when I chose to walk on them.

At some time, Lucas is walking and finds me walking. It had more of a since that he was looking for me. We walked along, just chatting, sketching out vague things that happened in our lives. I am not too thrilled with him walking next to me, but keep my opinions to myself. Later, I believe I ditched him successfully, as I am wandering around without him in tow. I hear a bang sound and am startled, whirling around to my left. All it turned out to be was some guy under a red Mustang that was put on jacks in his yard, to the left of his house, fixing it. I walk to the end of whatever road I was on. It technically is a dead end, as there was no road. However, it was a sheer plain of grass that I could walk on, however barefooted I was! I looked back as I started across the expanse of grass, and could see cars moving along the road behind me, the drivers needing to get to wherever they needed to go to.

^This is a little backstory explaining stuff. Years ago, I had nightmares that some Sheriff guy from a TV show I watched back then (90s or so) would come after me. In the first dream, I went to that reality (2003) from my own and made it to the town. Then I came back to my own reality. So, my nightmares (Which weren't that frequent, only maybe two or three every half a year) consisted of some strange thing where he used his powers to randomly go to different realities, trying to find the one I was in. It was sort of like a dream in a dream, as in my main dream, I would have the nightmare of him going to another reality, but the closer he got to finding the correct version, the dreams would slowly get more detailed. Nothing x-rated, but it was the sheer creep-factor. The dreams-in-dreams finally stopped with the last one being a couple of years ago.^
54  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: March 23, 2016, 00:46:42
March 20, 2016

The Pain Pill


Before I did AP this night, I had a killer toothache, for some food went where it shouldn't have.

I went to the UK in astral. Met up with some people, chatted fo a bit. Told them of my toothpain I am having. One went aaway out of the area, came back with a Ibuprofen pill. I thanked them and took it, mainly to see what would happen.

Left AP after fifteen minutes. Toothache was completely gone, as if I had taken a pain pill in my physcial body.

55  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: March 12, 2016, 02:34:30
March 11, 2016

Writer of Anarchy

My dad was still alive, his bed on the side opposite our fireplace. The sun was shining into the room as it always used to do before we got shades. He wanted a pad of paper and either a pen or pencil because he was bored and wanted something to do. I gave them to him and he wrote stuff down. He called me back into the living room after about an hour. He wanted me to read, aloud what he had written.

He wrote a story, based off of Sons of Anarchy. The strangest thing was that as I read it aloud, the characters actually appeared and did their lines he wrote for them, kind of like a hologram from Star Trek or something. I was astounded, but when the story ended, they remained. Turned out my dad didn't know it, but he had a superpower to make characters come alive, to be flesh and blood from whatever he wrote!

Jax, Clay and Bobby Munson had to crash with us in the end.
56  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: March 11, 2016, 04:10:36
March 10, 2016

Standing On The Bus


In RL, I was in transit back to my hometown via public bus. I decided, since the bus ride was fairly quiet as there was only one or two or more people on it, to work on my meditations and Chakra work. I did, and this had this strange idea.

I did what I usually do when laying down in my bad at night to induce a willful AP. I did, and I made it out of my body, while still sitting in my bus chair. I phased through the roof of the bus and made myself stand on top of the bust, straight and tall! I stayed in RTZ, seeing the traffic around us zooming by and the scenery - farms, houses, businesses, etc.

After awhile, I slowly popped back down through the ceiling right above my body and sat down in it, ending the travel. I am very happy with this, as this was my first attempt that I remember in a fairly public setting.
57  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: March 07, 2016, 23:43:31
March 7, 2016



I did a 'willful' Ap, meaning I set out to do it. I ended up in in this huge area. It was dim, but not too much. Big area, but indoors. Circular area and there was scuffed floor that seemed to be Hardwood. Groups of people would walk around, as if they were busy – like this was a massive work place. The groups were, admittedly, far and few between.

I stood off, watching, not wishing to interrupt anything. I saw AAR himself walking along, dressed in his usual clothes, alone. There was also one other person alone, walking. AAR was far behind this person, but seemingly following behind them. This wasn't what caught my eye as a priority, however. Across the way, ducked down, laying down was a massive insect.

It wasn't a insect in Human terms. I knew this instinctively, this was a huge astral insect. Full height, I could tell this thing would measure height-wise at around at least twenty feet. It's width of it's body was nearly akin to a cargo truck, with the cargo intact!  As it was now, laying down to watch the smaller 'humans', it was only about fifteen feet high. The main body looked exactly like a Nerubian Assassin from World of Warcraft. It had none of that added armor, and it's legs were much skinnier and longer. It didn't even have that armor horn on it's head. It had it's wings, but starting at the two main 'arms', it wasn't an assassin. It was like a cross between one and a praying mantis. The 'mantis' head was about the width of a Tank, the compound eyes about the size of DirecTV dishes! As I stared at the eyes, I realized even its eyes had that strange light effect to where you think you see human like pupils inside the fixtures!

AAR approached the person from behind, getting closer. He wasn't sneaking around, but approaching quickly, confidently! He got right up behind the person and what happened next was nothing short of terrifying. He opened his mouth much, much wider than any Human could managed. He quickly stepped on his tip-toes, ducking down. His entire mouth engulfed the other person's head from behind. AAR stood to normal, rearing back slightly. The 'insect' actually cocked its head like a dog, still staring down at the scene. The person, too startled to even scream in alarm, was suddenly tilted upwards. With AAR's head reared back, he swallowed them quickly, like a snake or slurping down a noodle. I just stood off the the side, even turned shocked by what, and how quickly it happened! Not even looking over to either side, thus missing me and the insect, AAR turned around abruptly and walked off confidently like nothing had ever happened!


It was in my head, loud but without being unbearable. This voice sounded male, but without any accent or affliction. Somehow, I knew this to be the insect creature. I knew what kind of monster AAR was.

“You don't want to go after him.” I warned the thing. I don't know if it heard, but it seemed to look at me, turning it's head. “I know this firsthand; He's a monster. He will eff you up.”

The creature looked the way AAR had left, then at me. Then, without any further ado, flapped its wings, carrying the entirety of its bulk into the air. Presumably taking my advice, it flew off the other way, leaving the area.
58  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: March 06, 2016, 00:27:50
March 5, 2016

Poltergeist: The Legacy: Jump Scare


Somewhere, the Legacy from an old show called Poltergeist: The Legacy obtained an old sarcophagus. It was not shaped like a regular one, line a stone tube, a very large stone 'can'. There was a line in the middle of it, on both sides. This was how it was supposed to come open. The Legacy did not want to open it yet, as they did know what or who was entombed. Part of that decision was based on not wanting to accidentally destroy archaeological valuables, but another bigger part was that they didn't want to release something supernatural onto the world.

Dr. Rachael Corrigan is older, as is Kat, her daughter, who looks now like she is in her twenties. One night, while they are asleep, Rachael has a nightmare, feeling more to her like 'second-sight', showing Kat in deadly danger from some kind of creature that escaped from the sarcophagus anyway! She wakes up, runs to the rescue, only to find it was a trick. The thing uses her to get out of the stone.

Later, I go from seeing all of this like a new episode, to actually being in the action! I am at my house, the older Rachael and Kat staying over to hide from the thing while the team tries to track it down. None of my family are living there anymore, except for me. All of us are talking and turn to go into what used to be my sister's rooms. On the wall, in the air, is the creature. We had about an altosecond of registering this sight when we jumped, screamed and ducked back out into the hallway! When the creature didn't come out after us, we cautiously looked back in. Someone had come in sometime, saw the creature and killed it! Whomever had did it had cut it open, gutted it, then staple gunned it's corse to the wall.

“I friggin' hate jump scares!” I exclaimed loudly, in anger.

“You're not the only one,” Rachael put in. Her voice was low and terse, ticked that someone stole into the house and killed the thing and we weren't even aware! She hurriedly got her cellphone out of her pocket, starting to dial it, “I've got to call Derek and the other; let them know what happened.”

Mad Dog Flynn


I went to a few steps just below the Millionaire's Club. This was the same casino from Stand off (Whole Lotta Sole in the Uk.) I used the “Smash The Orb Trick” dream magic to pre-set stuff about myself there. The bank, the BIG money, everything. Jimbo and his sidekick amble along, bitching and moaning about the money they owe Mad Dog Flynn by Monday.

“Hey guys,” I call out softly. They stop, eyeing me like WTF. “I hear you two owe M.D five thousand.”

“How did you know about that?” Jimbo asks cautiously even as they both come up to me.

“I can get you the money, right now.” I turn to the second kid, “No cost; you lot don't have to pay me anything back.”


I make a dismissive gesture and sound, “Not a thing.” I look around, then realize something, “Can you guys direct me to the nearest banking thing? I'm new here.”
They walk with me, directing me along.

“Say, you're an American.” Jimbo speaks up. “Are you related to the pawn shop guy?”

“What pawn shop guy?” I ask, playing dumb.

“Oh, he's some American working in a pawn shop.” The second guy points down the street. “It's down that way.”

“Ah, ok, thanks.” I reply. I happened to look back the way we came. Mad Dog himself, still a far ways back, came walking over the hill we've just come down. I turn back around. “Eyes sharp,” I mutter. “M.D's back there, trailing us.” Jimbo glanced back quickly, uttering a curse when he found out I was right!
“That's it,” The second guy speaks, pointing. “It's got one of them ATM things for tourists.” The store is off the main road, looking nearly like a smaller and tattyer version on Fastop! We duck inside, quickly headed for the machine.

“Dollars or pounds?” I asked Jimbo.


“Does M.D want his money paid back in American Dollars, or pounds?”


With Zoe's help, I quickly withdraw the changed over money from 'my' bank account totaling five thousand pounds! I quickly take my backpack, shoveling in the bills that came from the machine, plus a little extra I drew out for myself in American change!

Within the nick of time, as luck would have it, Mad Dog Flynn strode to us trio straight away, with a look that told us he wasn't  used to people playing games with him, nor would he tolerate it!

“What's going on here?” He demanded in that gravelly Scottish voice of his.

I had him the sack full of money. “Sir, Jimbo's money is all there, all five thousand.” He shot me a disbelieving glare even as he opened the sack up, looking it. He quickly closes it.

“You lot are all coming with me.” He grumbled. “I'm having my crew count it at the casino; I am not having any one of you cheat me.”

“Understood.” I mumble as pushed open the door, the last to leave.

@ @ @

We are back in the sunlight, heading back the way I came. Mad Dog made me carry the bag. He made Jimbo and the other guy walk in front. This was in the event that they tried to pull a fast one. I was made to walk beside Mad Dog, under the same reasoning.

“Making me walk instead of taking my ruddy car.” I heard him mutter. It was just venting, we weren't supposed to hear, but I did anyway. We get to the familiar blue frame of the Millionaire's Club. “So why'd you do it?” He asked me.

“Do what?”

“Pay their debt?”

“Because I know how it is in their shoes. Not with gambling, but with other stuff.” I didn't want to say with legal stuff. “So I figure I help them out and save them a whole lot of trouble.”

“Get in,” Mad Dog kind of snarls at us. I was about to go, but turn, blocking him from joining us.

“M.D, I am very sorry about your car.” I add hastily, “I did not mean that as sarcastic; I really had no idea you'd started following us until later.”

I turn and go in. Mad Dog pulls ahead of us trio as we get near the backrooms. I know for a fact he has to be buzzed in before we could come in. In the dim back gambling room, I hand Mad Dog my stuffed pack. We get right to the game table where Jimbo was given the ultimatum. Mad Dog's crew stiffened in posture when Mad Dog dumped the pack upside down, all the pounds spilling onto the table! Several of the crew eyed the scene with incredulous looks. I recognized only about two of the crew from their looks; I never did remember their names. One was a tall, skinny guy with reddish, long and curly hair. The other guy was one that sharply reminded me of Bobby Munson from Sons of Anarchy in the way he acted like Mad Dog's secretary and kept finances under control.

“You lot,” Mad Dog began to us, “Sit over there. You're not going anywhere until we get this money sorted.” The over there we had to sit was a row of seats, four, that were small plastic affairs. They reminded me sharply of the rows of seats that were on one metal frame in the main office. I had a sudden chill; we were in the main office, potentially in trouble with the big boss. Only thing is, if we got in trouble somehow, we wouldn't be suspended from school, we'd be expelled from life!

There wasn't much for us to do just then, except for being terrified short of going bathroom on ourselves. I knew the money was legit, but I hoped to everything Jimbo and his friend wouldn't, out of fear, doing anything else rash today! While Mad Dog stomped around from time to time, glaring at me, the team got done the money sorting.

“It's all here.” The 'secretary' said. “Every pound he owed you.”

“Is it legit?” Mad Dog asked. “Are there any fakes?”

The tall guy held the last note up to the light. “Nope; Every one of them is good.”

Mad Dog made a chopping motion with his hand, “You're paid up.” He added, “Now get the hell out of here.” Us trio damned well nearly made a stampede for the door out of the back room.

# Sometimes I do this, I will watch TV and movies, and figure “What if those events didn't happen? Or happened in different orders?”

Then sometimes I go to bed, then my mind does this, making these scenarios up. Usually with me in it, having all of this information in my head even then.
59  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: March 04, 2016, 03:48:44
I don't know exacty what you're asking, but I'll try to answer you.

I am always me in my dreams, or I find out via the rare body-swap dream that my mind is my own, but I am always aware my mind is supposed to be myself.

More often than not, I am wrapped up in my dream and I don't realize it. Other, rare times, I have lucid dreams where I am aware that I am dreaming.
60  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: March 04, 2016, 03:38:46
March 3, 2016

Gate Song

Someone gave me a tambourine. I jingled it, moving outside my house, onto the porch. I jingle it, even tapping on the middle area to act as a drum.

“Omni,” I began, intending to vibrate the Gate Words. The Gate words are a forcecraft spell for travel I've found on the internet years ago.  I see a light through the woods down the end of the driveway. I flip out, twirl around and dash up the ramp  to the front door. The light, I knew meant someone was coming up our driveway in their car, with their headlights on!

I tried the door, it was locked! I kept slapping the door with my open hand, repeatedly, hoping that anyone from inside would get the thing opened before the auto came up! Someone did, and I dashed in straight away.

“What's wrong?” They asked when they saw me out of breath and spooked.

“There's someone driving up.” I manage. The person goes to peek out of the glass window next to the door.

"Are you sure?"

“Yeah; I was on the ramp and I saw lights through the woods.”

I woke up.
61  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: March 02, 2016, 20:41:41
March 2, 2016



It was a night and I was in a derelict building, top floor. There were bunches of candles lit, everywhere and debris from apparently homeless people using this place as a crash pad. There was a large window, closed.

I go to pick up one of the candles, to see how much detail it has, versus my physical life, when someone demands to know what I am doing. I turn around, candle in hand, its flame illuminating a guy. He wasn't bad looking, gruff maybe.

“I saw all these candles around and wanted to see them, to look at them.”

“Steal them, you mean.” He adds in a sour, gruff tone, “So you want to be a common thief.”

We get into a verbal row because of him calling me a thief, when I happened to turn and see something outside, through the window.

“What the hell is that?” I demand this, as I truly have no idea.

It's up in the sky, moving. “It” is a large swath of what looks like a huge plain of 'circuitry.' I get this sense that we are only seeing the bottom part of a very large spaceship! The lighting of the bottom part of this 'ship' varies. It some parts, it's red, green and some other colors. The lighting is soft, giving the colors a rather muted glow, more like pastel.  I hear people below, screeching their cars to stops and generally flipping out. The guy runs up to the window, leans damned well nearly out of it, wide eyed.

“What the hell is that thing?”

“The hell if I know!” I thunder, grabbing him back in, closing the window, making us both duck down and to the side.

“What did you do that for?” He demands.
“We don't know what it is, and here you are, right in friggin' view of the thing!” We hid there, for a couple of minutes, only chancing a few second glances here and there.

“It's not moving.” He states. I peek up through the window, and see he's wrong.

“Nah,” I begin. “It is; it's just moving real slow.”

“You don't think it's looking for us?” He asks in some fear.

“Why would it?” I turn to him in disbelief, snarling the question. “We're just two people, out of everyone else.”

“Maybe it was because we were fighting about the candles?”

“Candles,” I said the word coldly. “If that was a spaceship, why the hell would they care if candles were mentioned?”

“Maybe because you tried to be a thief and steal some?”

I sighed in disgust, rolling my eyes and jumping to my feet. “Look,” I say, opening the window. The thing had passed fully overhead, now only a softly glowing line in the far away night sky. “It's pretty much gone.”

He comes up next to me, watching the leaving thing.
62  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: March 02, 2016, 08:39:03
I am not sure how to feel about that, the idea of something like an Incubus. If they're real, pretty neat other life exists other than Animals and Humanity.

But I've heard that Incubus arent real, meaning not a new form of life. It and Succubuses are thoughtforms etc that is made up (thought up) while traveling. Many people passing through make them tangible in Astral. Another thing I've heard about those was that they aren't even on the Astral, that they were something made up in ancient times so people coud try to get out of legally getting in trouble after being caught out in sexually immoral behavior.

I think that Plug N Play guy was an actual traveler who'd thought it was funny (or got off on) to hurt people and make them flip out. Unfortunately, he didn't count on person he'd started horsing around with to have started to learn energy work. 


63  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: March 02, 2016, 02:44:37
“I want you, now.”


I was in a bed, clothes on, but not shoes or socks. The guy was in my room, the one from that one dream a couple of days ago, that Dominate guy from England – before that dream got creepy. He had his clothes on as well and  wasn't creepy in this dream. I felt no fear. I was still his submissive evidently, as he gently had me tied down to bed. No rough tie-down scenario, just my arms and legs restrained to the bed I was on.

“I want you, now.” He commands to me. He has a way of commanding; not yelling, but a definite authoritative tone to his voice. He sits on the side of the bed, bending over, starting to kiss and generally make out with me. I like this, don't mind this at all.

In the middle, I felt my Sacral and base chakras get warm and slightly thrumming. Kind of like what happened with that horror 'plug N play', but less violent and way less horror. It felt almost gentle and loving. The ropes or binding on each of my ankles, securing my legs starting doing the warm thrumming as well! I was surprised by this, but it was more of a relaxed, pleased surprise.  Then, someone had to call on the phone that was in my room in RL, waking me up.
64  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: March 01, 2016, 17:31:39
Who is AAR?

Sadly to say, he is a personal person to me. Person might not be the word to use, since I've ony met the man in Astral. I do not know if he was an actual travler or not, so, until I know more, and know his wishes, I am respecting his privacy as an unwritten rule and only use the initials of his name. I am not giving out his entire name.
65  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: February 29, 2016, 21:16:48
February 29, 2016


There was that thing with AAR. I am having a dream where I can feel him, in his supposed 'true-form' wrapped around my hips, feeling like a snake, or worm. I knew it was AAR, somehow and I was panicked to feel him/it thrumming, as if pleased as punch! I could feel emotion through whatever part of him it was supposed to be: Satisfaction at having me, and being able to capture me in this way!

I was filled with despair, running to the Ministry. I went to Harry Potter verse. I didn't tell them the truth, but showed them was had netted me. To say they looked horrified would have been an understatement! Apparently, the magics there running through everything makes them be able to see in all entirety that thing!They made me stay in one place, trying to use potions, spells, and jinxes to get it off. Each time, they failed, as he tightened his grip more, moving more of his mass start to wrap around other places. He grew more and more smug and satisfied to learn that not even the ministry could save me from him! Writing the ministry and Harry Potterverse as useless when it comes to such things as this, I ran from it, leaving. I came to some black void, AAR still having me in his clutches!

I grew annoyed at him and myself, “That's the way you want it?” I asked aloud of AAR, throwing my hands to my sides, “Then, so be it.” Even as I said these words, I sucked in energy. Feeling it flow into my main chakras along my middle down from my crown – I was going to do a full-on cleansing. Instead of doing it chakra-by-chakra, as I learnt, I was going to do the sun-like burst, but do it through the bottom first, blazing through, “Firing my lasers,” so to speak.

I did, the black void around me blazing to life of a void of white, intense light even as my 3rd and sixth chakras were flooded! I was blinded for a moment, but could feel the thick tendril of AAR immediately loosen and fall away, flash fried! The BBQ effect was so sudden that I didn't even feel that he registered the agony. All I felt was that my chakras stopped thrumming as a response to his 'uplink', and no more feeling his emotions!

The Little Memorial

I was in a little, quaint living room. There was something else on my back, but it was not plugged in like AAR was. It was just a 'little' Astral critter' hitching a ride. I couldn't get a visual. It had the body nearly like a centipede. It had bundles of claws like the pointy, but non-pinching crab legs, and could scuttle around like a crab, but more fast.

This living room wasn't really a living room, but some kind of memorial for an elderly man and wife that died together. There were cabinets you could look into. Two sets of jars filled with ashes. What had happened was that they had in their wishes that each part of their bodies be cremated separately, but one part of their ashed bodies be placed with the others in the jars. So, that's why there was two jars per cabinet. The whole time I was looking around curiously, the critter would move across my back, sometimes shifting it's body weight around to keep comfortable – just like a physical animal would! It seemed as if it would glance around from time to time as well. The whole time 'we' are looking, the place is playing a music box from somewhere. This kind of good, but old chiming music is playing.

There was a coffee table, low to the ground. This was another holding spot, the last one for us to look at. So I bend down, crawling on hands and knees around to where you look in. There isn't a spot, but a square cut hole, that you are limited to looking inside with your eyes. I get get closer, I see that a little banner is sticking out from the side of the coffee table, showing the same type of picture. The husband and wife, in open air, hugging each other, smiling brightly and facing the camera. I looked back towards the little hole, suddenly growing horrified that if I look into it, I'll be looking into the eye-sockets of one of their skulls!

The critter realized this too, for it suddenly chickened out, scuttling very fast even more towards my back, hidden from eye-line of the hole! I veered off, standing up, not blaming it at all. The critter, deciding that it had enough of the near-jump scares, jumped off my back. I didn't see this action, but felt it bunch up, then launched off my back. I could tell from the feeling alone, that it's jump was an impressive “Eff this, I'm out!”
66  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: February 27, 2016, 08:27:05
February 26, 2016

February 26, 2016



I was outside, George was nearby, an A. I played with a slinky, telekentically making it fly slowly around. I amused him for awhile by this, then made the the slinky blow up, causing it to split up into many copies of slinkies, each 'walking' around. George was still amused. I said I had to go, then made all of them combine back into one, now a normal slinky and walked away.



I had my basement back door opened, the one facing the northern end of the cleared part of the land. I saw a line way back, up in the air raise and fall. My mom was standing with me and she saw it as well.

“What the hell was that?”

There was a big roaring woosh as another 'line' popped up, closer this time. It was a tidal way, a really big one! “Close the door!” I bark. “It's a tidal-”

I was cut off as a big wall of greyish water race from the woods. Just before impact, the dream ended.
67  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: February 25, 2016, 05:04:33
That was disturbing.

LOL, no joke! Definately one I won't be trying to make myself dream of a continuation! Don't know what HEy that thing was, nor do I ever want to find out.
68  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: February 24, 2016, 21:06:47
February 24, 2016

The Submissive


I met this guy in England. Him and I seemed to hit it off, and I even chose to be in a Sub/dom relationship with him. As the rules, he was the dom and I the sub. It wasn't about sex, just yet. It definitely was not going to have whips or anything, 

In middle of the dream, he buys a choker for me, a steel metal one. For some reason, in the dream, if it was Silver, I couldn't wear it. It wasn't our rules, but a personal one for me. If Silver touched me, I would suffer, like I was one of those many mystical creatures that Silver could kill. I never tell him this, instead thinking, If that's Silver and he makes me wear it, I'm toast! The choker itself is two bands of metal in a circle. In the front part of the choker, the two bands twist, so they are sort of touching and make an infinity symbol.

After it's fitted on me, he stands behind me, telling me of a feature, “And I had this metal loop placed on it. That way I can even fit a metal chain on it.”

Later, I am in my house, the guy with me. He is making sit between his legs on a chair, with him behind me. Neither of us have clothes on. He is holding me in place, preventing me from turning my head around to face him. He is making delighted sounds, kissing, sucking and nipping the back of my neck! I like it, letting him do this to me. He trails these down to just at where the back of my actual neck ends. He starts making these other noises, creepy growling under his breath as he nips at this spot! I try to get up, as this is creeping me out now, but he suddenly grabs the back of the choker, hauling back, making me unable to move! He continues and I get so freaked out, I start hitting his nude leg, which wasn't out of range, with my hand. He starts making this dangerous hissing sound that made my hairs stand up on end! I start struggling, trying to really, with my body. He then takes his right hand and arm, reaches around quickly, holding me even tighter to him by my left shoulder and the front of my neck! I still try to struggle.

“I love it when you're fighting!” He says with relish. His voice wasn't sounding the way a Human should. It sounded like what you would think a disembodied spirit would; an ancient disembodied spirit!

I sagged forward a bit, letting him back at that spot on my back. He did so, making his inhuman happy noises as he did so. I reared my head back suddenly, catching him off guard, feeling the back of my head actually impact what felt like someone's forehead would feel. He hissed, but didn't let go, the hiss sounding like a clogged garbage disposal!  He went back to his gentle biting after awhile of this hissing. I did it again, this time earning an even louder hissing; he was more ticked off. I kept lashing out however I could at this point, even going back to hitting at his leg! He kept getting louder and menacing in his hissing! I could tell, somehow, that he was opening his mouth wider and wider – even more than a Human could!

At the same time, I wondered if this guy was the same as the other thing I've run into, the thing that shrieked in pure rage and flew around like an invisible mini-tornado! This scared me deep down and at that point, I didn't want to try to twist free, in case he gets angry enough to chomp down hard into my jugular or something!  The dream ended here.
69  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: February 21, 2016, 19:24:35
February 21, 2016

"Dad's Alive!"


I started off, going back to my basics of what I did years ago to AP. I had one place in mind, but lost focus and (thought) I had lost my AP session.

Later, I was in my room, laying on my bed, having been 'woke up', not knowing why. I felt a bit funny as well, the warm feeling I get when I am APing, or juts after goiing through an aborted attempt.

"Honey!" Came the voice from upfront. It was my dad. "Hon!" He called for a few seconds more. I heard, actually heard my mom leave the kitchen and go into the living room, where we used to have him in before. I heard her ask what he needed. I heard him tell her. (He had to cough, and needed tissiue or something to do it in.) I heard her get it, moving around in the living room. (Our house is a modular home, so sounds are easily heard from one part of the house to the other.) She asks or tells him something, and I hear him answer her.

I think nothing of it, the noises of the day of dad living at the house not forgotten at all, so it still seems natural. I turn over in bed, still feeling that thrumming heat, able to see my room in detail, especially my closed door. It's gritty visual though, with slight static and dimmer, backlit by a slight red color. Then it hits me; Dad's alive? I better get upfront! Maybe him dying I dreamt up!

I go to get out of bed, but then the next thing I know, I open my eyes and he is not here, still dead, his bed gone, etc.

I think what happened was that I shifted to a reality to where he didn't die, and maybe I partially went into the body of me over there. I think the reason why I couldn't go in fully, is that even though it was me, it still was a different me. The two personalities and life experiences could have been so different that my subconciousness viewed the process as completely alien, and thus refused to let the process go any deeper.

70  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: February 20, 2016, 21:42:29
February 20, 2016

The Crescent Light

? (Don't know if this was a dream or Astral)

I was laying in bed on my side. I 'wake up' for a split second only to open my eyes. There is a space between the far wall opposite the one my closet is on. It was this wall I was staring at when I opened my eyes. Up in the air, about the same level in the air as my head would be, in that huge space between wall and bedroom was a crescent shaped light. It was if there was a miniature crescent moon in my room. It is floating past, medium speed. On the corner of my mattress earlier, I had placed a pair of big over-ear headphones. The thing got to this point, but then went slower as it passed by the headphones, as if it wanted see 'see' what they were. Afterwards, it floated through other wall ahead, the one that leads to the very outside of the house.
71  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: February 19, 2016, 23:02:01
February 19, 2016


Making Love

I ended up somewhere ran into a guy who was by himself. I got the sense he was an entity and not another traveler. We got to talking about stuff, then got to talking about how some people of the opposite sex of another wants to find out how pleasure is for the other sexes. 

We end up making love right where we were, the guy somehow 'making' me think back constantly on to my hometown, in this specific area right outside a historic building. It was as if during our love-making, he would accidentally scan this memory. He wasn't mean to me ever during the whole exchange, and there was no fear involved.
72  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: February 18, 2016, 20:35:26
Maybe he is your spirit guide or subconscious mind telling you to clean out the negativity in your life.

Yeah, I actually think so, definately since I had another dream about him last night. He was back in my place but had a van and other people with him.
73  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: February 17, 2016, 19:37:20
February 17, 2016

The Metal Costume Wand


I went to to this huge house with my mom. This old guy was there and I learned he got struck with a age spell and cursed to become old! Through the old age, there was something . . . familiar about this guy.

I searched the house, which was nearly empty. I found one of those costume wands of the ground, the 'fairy princess' ones, with the star at the end. I have an idea, picking this up. It feels heavy and I realize it is not that lightweight toy material, this thing is metal – with some give, like a car antennae! It is thirteen inches long, at least. I go into this nearly empty, spacious room that the old guy was standing in. I call out, making him turn to me expectantly. I cast some sort of gibberish spell, swishing, twirling, and flicking the 'toy' wand at him, nearly mirroring the moves done by the people from live action Harry Potter movies.

An actual spell came out, moving over him. Instantly, he went back to his age, the curse broken. He was at least early fifties or late forties before the curse hit. Another thing, this guy was the same one from my Astral travel days ago, the one that was acting as the apparent guard dog in my house, then went from my house into town, acting evil! In this true dream, at the moment, he wasn't guarding anything or evil. Later, him and I are moving through this strange house, gathering up bad stuff to toss out, to finish cleaning the place.
74  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: February 13, 2016, 21:50:26
It was an astral projection, period.

Not sure what else can be said for it, except that I listened to the sound file, and then exited to start my local astral wandering - just sticking to inside my house for the moment. I am sorry for the confusion - I will place "Dream" or "AP" in my posts for now on.
75  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: February 11, 2016, 05:57:44
February 10, 2016

The Trips

To begin with, I usually have been using just headphones and mp3 player to listen to all of the astral sounds. This time, I placed the laptop in bed with me, played one of the sounds, having it able to play louder than what I normally listen to.

I was able to exit by dragging my double to the corner of my bed, flopping onto the hard floor. I went from each room in Astral, teleporting in and out of each one quickly. I even was in the kitchen, seeing my mom, but had her back turned. One last time I was in the house, I went back to the kitchen. Some guy was in the doorway of the kitchen that leads off into the living room. He looked menacing and was taller than me.

I go to town astral to find people in the town square. That menacing guy is there, keeping everyone in line. He glares at me a few times, like he wants to rip my face off or something. He is the type to shout people down for not moving fast enough or talking too much. He wanted to scan us or something to find something out.

I get yelled out by him for talking or even asking him a question! I get mad and sick and tired of his carrying on like a spoiled child. “Shut up,” I grump at him. He shuts up, but looks at me in this sly, shock and offended way, quiet like he couldn't ever believe I told him off!

I get bored and leave.
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