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76  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: The Sound Experiences on: February 08, 2016, 05:34:27
I was going back, viewing the file with the original sound program I made it with. I noticed what I thought was a major problem view feedback using the program. I made one tweak on it. Here is number 2 of the same file, hope it sounds better.

Any other problems, please let me know so I can try to fix it!  grin
77  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: The Sound Experiences on: February 05, 2016, 22:28:34
No problem at all, just wanted to draft this up to help others as well.
78  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: The Sound Experiences on: February 05, 2016, 21:34:46
Dropbox or similar can be used. Put in a public folder and get a link to it. This link can be shared and it won't overload the max file size.
It sounds a great idea and I'd give it a few tries.

Ok, thanks so much for the info. I got a link for the file; Hope it works.
79  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / The Sound Experiences on: February 05, 2016, 20:08:41
About a year ago, I was surfing Youtube and found this walkthrough in pieces for Dead Space. There was one part about where in one of the games, the main character gets into this big booster chair, and the chair launches, sending the character away and out of that part of the space place at really high speed, then goes direction to where you are using the suit's space-flying, dodging debris.

As I love different sci-fi sound effects, I saved the entire scene as a mp3 file, having the sounds of the launch, the flying, to the crashing end. I had this sitting around on various devices of mine, until I had a inspiring idea last night to fire up an old laptop and make a sound project out of it.

I cut the majority of the sound file away, including the launch especially, and most of the flying – notably the middle and the ending. I used a sound program to loop the thrusters of the suit, some breathing, one of the debris moving by, and the rhythmic beeping of the air indicator.

I looped it for 10+ minutes, because I had this inspired idea. I took my 10 minute mp3 QH clip that is a quick hit for astral projection, mixed it in there at a low enough volume so that, hopefully, the listener could hear both without one sound sample drowning out the other.

I used this almost straight away.

I imagined, as I lay there, in my bed, was that I shoot up from my body like a plane takes off from a strip. (I was on my stomach.) I was relaxed, envisioning myself in space, flying straight down to Earth, visualizing Earth's real space debris, timing in perfectly with the whoom sound of the piece of debris from the sound file. Nearly instantly, not even 3-4 minutes in, I felt myself exiting! Surprising to me, as the regular, unedited sound OutOfBodyQH makes me take nearly the whole length of the file to get me gone.

I exited, decided to go astral just outside of Earth's orbit, intending to zip around to where the supposed Black Knight Satellite thing is, to get a gander at what it's really about. Lost focus on this goal, ending up giving up and going elsewhere in my AP instead.

I got the sound file still, as I want to use this. Anyone want a copy to see what happens when they use it? How do you want me to send it, if the file isn't too big?
80  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: February 05, 2016, 19:44:13
February 5, 2016

The Mission

I was in my backyard with Irisa, from Defiance T show. Joshua Nola had gone missing and her and I tagged up to find him. Karl Von Bach was after us, bad guy fashion, for some reason. We fled my yard from him on one of the motorcycle Runners from the game.

We got to what used to be my old High school. It was intact, but mostly a large emergency shelter. The cafe was still there. Von Bach comes in later while Irisa and I are sitting at one of the huge, round lunch tables, eating with some other people. Karl jumps up in the air next to our table and seemingly vanishes.

“He's on top.” Irisa says, looking up with this WTF look. I get up from my seat and look. Sure enough, he's sitting in mid-air, crosslegged, right above us, like there was an invisible dome over our lunch table!
81  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: January 20, 2016, 07:32:15
January 19, 2015

The Supposed "Real" Reason

I was at home at night when my family heard a strange, loud noise above our house on the outside! We ran back into my room, lights off and watched out of my window. A huge jet thundered overheard, quite low then seemingly crashed far off, accompanied by a large and very sudden fireball!

Later that night, we get a phonecall. It is the neighbor across the woods from us. He says that "We weren't doing the clearing out of our stuff for the last few days because of the impending Eviction, but that we 'knew' that the Jet was going to have an "accident.""

The phonecall gave us tremendous anxiety, as we knew the truth that we didn't know any Jet was going to do that! As for the neighbor, we knew he'd lie to the police, as we've had experiences of him lying to the law before when it dealt with us!

School-Like Building And Cafeteria!

I had a hasty tour of something that looked like a school plus its Cafeteria. During the bcafeteria scene, as I walked in, I saw who looked either like William Hartnell or the 1st Doctor sitting alone at one of the tables, reading a book! Whoever it was, was wearing the 1st Doctor costume.
82  Magic / Welcome to Magic! / Re: New, Personal Lesson For Me on: January 14, 2016, 10:57:55
I am always interested in many of the old traditional spells. I have an old book stored away elsewhere that has a bunch of old spells. One, of which entails eating a spider sandwich for Strength.

I love it how seeming innocuous stuff in the wild can be used in spell crafting ways. But you have to do focus and all the other stuff while doing it, otherwise you're just 'going through the motions'.
83  Magic / Welcome to Magic! / Re: New, Personal Lesson For Me on: January 10, 2016, 09:39:37
True. You also have to be trained in perception so you can see the results. Keeping detailed notes helps you find what works and what doesn't. You cannot necessarily rely on a book for that information.

I do that now, the keeping notes thing. I got kind of scared away from doing the notes thing all of the time because years ago, someone who hated me found my notes and showed it to my dad out of spite. I had to lie about why I was keeping notes about spells and stuff - nearly got into huge trouble over that. (My dad was strictly anti-magic.)

Computer documents are easier for me to keep, as they can be Password protected and uploaded onto a file storage site.
84  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: January 07, 2016, 00:04:45
January 6, 2016

Image Dipping and The Ministry of Magic

I have a skill where I can take a picture, paper or digital. I gaze at it, let my wonder “wander” into the picture. I brush my mind up on building materials, people's skin and clothing. I can feel textures and stuff, as if I am touching them with my fingers. I think back on this and think that maybe that I was astrally putting myself halfway in these pictures.

I was trying to AP, but couldn't get anywhere with my usual way of getting out and about. I had a destination all set out before hand. I wanted to go to the Harry potter reality and visit Britain's Ministry of Magic. While being relaxed to the point of feeling like I am starting to float up, I picture in my mind the street and everything, including the red phone booth that is the visitor's entrance to the M.O.M. 

I then use my gift to 'touch' the image. I take my time with this image, feeling the nearby stones, the street, the booth itself. I feel funny, severely lightheaded, then I realize I done it; I am not Astral, in this reality and location, reaching out with two perfectly formed arms and hands! I waste no time, I go around the booth's front, start to go inside. I know I have to punch a number code (Magic) to use this way in.

“Oi! Get back out here!” I recognize the voice and turn around while leaving the booth. It is Albert Runcorn, movie version, glowering at me. “Do you have business with the Ministry?”

“No, just figured I'd pop by, see what's what and then go home.”

He still glowered down at me even as he asked the next question. “Are you a Muggle?”

“No, not at all.” I felt the topic was in familiar territory as I replied,  I have done magic and spells and stuff before.” I flippantly added, “i am doing astral projection right now.”

“What's that?” he was still guarding, but not looking really grumpy-bear like earlier.

“I separate my mind and essence away from my body elsewhere.” He looked nearly horrified. “I travel, then go home back to my body.” I put in, “I am from a different reality.”

“So it's like Apparting? But you leave your body behind?”  It seemed as if he was curious, but also still horrified.

“Kind of.” I sighed, “I got to go. Don't try to follow me home; I doubt you can get there.”

Busted Driveway

There was snow outside, coating the yard and nearly everything. But it wasn't snow. Somehow, I knew that during the night, we had a large ice-storm. This was gross ice everywhere. I knew what it looked like, as we got one years ago in RL. Down at the bottom of the hill, I see a bunch of people and a CAT bulldozer like thing digging up a swath of neighborhood drive. I go out of the house and go down there.

Turns out the the ice, when it started melting from everything, ruined a huge area in the neighborhood drive. One of the neighbors rented the machine to stir up the dirt and stuff from that area to later relay first down, thus repairing it.
85  Magic / Welcome to Magic! / New, Personal Lesson For Me on: January 06, 2016, 05:38:44
I learned, just very recently in the newest dream I had about using magic. Spells, especially ones with actual incantations, you can't just think in passing what the spell will do or what you want it to do, then turn around and mindlessly cast it. As far as incantation are concerned, you cannot preach them out in the open like reciting the alphabet or reading a news article outloud.

The powers of elements, or pure magic has to be used just like a lazer. Focus, desire, deliberation and (if needed) destination are all needed. All of this needs to be relased into the working, infusing it with all of this and life.

It's much like expecting to cook a delicious spicy dish. If you toss the correct meat in the boiling water, but then forget to add the actual spices, either the meat will be ruined or the entire dish will fall far below the expectations of what it was supposed to be.
86  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: January 06, 2016, 05:22:48

The Channeling

*Sorry if I posted this before, search came up nothing on forums.*

This was many of my early forays into using Raditus talisman years ago. I was in England, in the woods. There was something that had gone on, and there was a small encampment. It was in the Dark Ages. Another place, a small camp as well, had been ransacked, many people taken prisoner. I had been one of them, and it was only after I had been fully ensconced inside the enemy camp, I realized the horrid truth of it all. The leader was a British boy, 17 or 18 and was some sort of astral thing.

At this time, I thought I was still doing this with the talisman, but I had fallen asleep for the last bit. I helped the others flee. Here comes that boy, back into camp, sullen as his gang and him got routed when trying to sack more camps.

“We ALWAYS lose,” He grumps.

“Here's one more thing you lost.” I speak out, after making sure all the captives have fled. He glares at me. “Toodle-loo!”

I wake up in the dark room, on the floor where I started the thing. I felt a creepy feeling inside that very same room. Instantly, when everything else happened, I started speaking. I heard what I was speaking, and knew what I was speaking, but couldn't stop!

“You don't know who I am?” It was a question that was asked in pure indignation. I asked this question again, in the same offended tone! The voice wasn't even mine. Without straining my vocal cords in any way, I completely had the the voice of that British man from earlier! This even included his accent, flawlessly!

I was aware of what I was saying. I was also aware that it never occurred to me to say anything different. It seemed as if I not only had his voice, but his mind as well! that creepy feeling was around when all this was going on.

My mom rushed into the room I was in. The act of her rushing in like that broke the whatever that was making that moment happen, ending it – the question, the other voice coming out of my body, and also the creepy vibe. Later, she told me that she heard such a different voice from the back bedrooms that she thought I was watching something, so came back there thinking she could watch it with me.

January 5, 2016

The Failed Spell

I was outside, hanging around on the last bit of driveway that ends at the corner of my house. I am hanging around a guy in a suit. Only saw a part of him, as I saw him out the corner of my eye, but knew it was a guy I ran into in AP. When the guy was in AP, he was bad to me, trying to hunt me down. In the dream, he seemed way cooler with me.

I knew he was smoking, with a cig hanign out his mouth. A regular one, not a joint. I was smoking to0, also a regular cig. I pull it out of my mouth, saying 'Want to seeing something cool?” I think, then say, “How about Sons of Anarchy? I haven't seen that in some time.”

I think of how it would be then, for him and I to shift through to their reality. The same address, house and driveway, just in their world. I do nothing else but stand, arms open, “Omni, maximus, penetro, infinitio, bentidoct, luminoct.” I wait for a few moments, realizing then with disappointment, that my spell didn't work.
87  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: December 29, 2015, 08:21:17
December 28, 2015

Luther: The Trap

I was working at the police department that is in the Luther TV show. I am not really a detective, but more like a paper sorter. I had got up from my nearly hidden corner desk, marching to where I knew unsorted papers stuffed in folders were. On the way there, I happened to see John Luther himself making his way towards where he needed to be. His gaze met mine and I managed a polite nod before grabbing a bevy of the folders and went back the way I came. I stopped for a minute, across the way was this guy. This guy was a strange and he'd frozen on the spot as well, staring back at me. Weird as it sounded, it was like when he was staring me down, he was somehow scanning me, as a whole. I was the first to break contact, dismissing his appearance, making it back to my little desk.

Rose Teller passed by, looked inside the filing cabinet, looked up and then asked the whole squad room, “Who grabbed the latest batch?” Meaning the folders.
I held up one hand, saying, “I did.”

“Oh, you started in on them already?” I nodded. She nodded once, “Good.” She went into her office. Seconds later, that strange tall guy went into her office. He looked sort of smug, and also dismissive of everyone else. I was at work when Rose stuck her head out of her doorway. “Lichtman?” When I looked, she waved me in.

I got inside her office, to see that she was already seated behind her desk. The man was standing. “Yes, is there something wrong?” I asked.

“How would you mind running an extra task for us?” Rose asked. I caught her unsure look at the man. “It's just . . . irregular, that's all.” She added to him, “We normally don't do this sort of thing.” She turned her attention to me, adding, “We have some files on him,” meaning the man, “And he'd like them at his place.”

I gazed over at the man, who was no less than three feet from me. I saw him glancing down at my legs, then flicking his gaze up until he met my eyes. His gaze seemed . . .lacking, as though something about me let him down. I kind of felt let down in myself for some strange reason.

“It will be real quick.” The man stated.

I turned back to Rose. “I . . I feel funny, like you do. But its part of my job, so I will do it gladly.”

We got in his car outside, me volunteering to hold his folders of papers in my lap. During the ride to his place, we got into small talk. Blather about our lives and stuff. We get to his place and he invites me in with his paperwork. I get just a bit of freaked out feeling at this arraignment, thinking I was going to do nothing more than hand him the folders then head back to the PD. I stepped in, resolving myself only to have a couple of minutes chat then leave. I saw there was steps leading to the second level.
“I have a friend, who stopped by not too long ago.”  The man stated. “He's upstairs, he'll enjoy meeting you.”

I made my way to the steps, feeling on edge, slowly ascending the steps. I got up them midway when an upstairs door opened and here comes the guy's friend. This other guy eyes me in pleased surprise.

“He has turned lazy.” The man said from downstairs. “I end up having to bring his victims to him.”

My heart turned to ice at his words, as did my stomach! I whirled around and started to charge down the steps. The original man stood right at the bottom of them, barring my flight! The friend grabbed me, hauled me into the room! The friend started to menace me, but soon I heard violent sounds from downstairs! The friend grabbed a gun and ran out of the room, leaving me behind! I heard shouting, things breaking and booming!

I tore out of the room, then downstairs – only to see John Luther himself wailing on the first guy! John tore me out of the place and got me in his car, bellowing into his phone even as he drove for backup. The guy's friend has lunged into the middle of the road, shooting the gun at the car, causing John and I to have to duck even as we blasted down the roads!

I was shocking, maybe going into shock. All I know is that I found myself dazing out, john yelling, “Come on, stay with me!”

“Sorry,” I say as I snap out of it.

“It's alright, you're just in a bit of shock.”

Within twenty, we pulled up, outside the PD. Cops were already out, as was Martin Schenk. John filled Martin on what happened and Rose came out of the building.

“Are you alright?” Rose asked me worriedly.

I thought of lying, brushing it off, then I deflated, “No; It was a trap. The sicko told me he'd already caught other victims for his 'friend.'” At this point, I woke up.
88  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: December 26, 2015, 08:52:17
December 25, 2015

The Woge, The Arrow, and The Snake Bite

I was on a bus or train in daylight, with people sitting across the isle from me. One person in the middle of that row starting giving me some crap about something. Right then, I decided I wouldn't put up with their crap. I said some verbal things, this got the person and their friends' attention. They jeered me.

I had the sudden urge to Woge. I did the herd jerk, failing the first time. I did it right after the failed attempting, this time doing my Woge into Blutbad! I felt my face shift, adding additional facial hair even for a female Blutbad! Their jeers turned to screams of shock and fear. Snarling animalisticaly, I lunged for the loser I originally was after!

Right when I lunge, the scene shifts. I am alone except for my Watcher. Zoe and I are standing on a empty beach, close to some very short grasses. I saw a Hummer slowly making it's way onto the beach, towards us. I knew, using 'dream-knowledge', that this was The Arrow and his group. They wouldn't be in costume right now, but as their 'normal' selves. I tensed up, already getting myself pumped up to go all 'game-face and take them on!

Before I stomp forwards even as the Hummer stops and the team gets out, Zoe slams one arm across my chest blocking me from advancing. 'Cool it!” She hisses at me. In a lowered tone so they wouldn't hear, she adds, 'We really don't need to make any more enemies.”

The scene shifts and because I held off attacking at Zoe's insistence, I learned that the group wasn't here to attack me. Rather, they heard something of me and needed my help.   I wasn't sure after I woke up what the task was, but in the dream it was of the utmost importance to do! I had to travel with the group and at one point, I entered a huge travel trailer. The main part of the trailer was huge, as big as my living room! It had benches and pillows strewn about. Stuff like books and what looked like potions also laid around, making the place remind me sharply of Nick Burkhardt's Aunt's trailer! This place was one of many owned by The Arrow.

Later, we all are outside again. I discover snakes and accidentally get bit by one. We still go on, me making sure to not scratch the snake bite, no matter how burning and itching it got – knowing I'll damage my skin. This reminded me sharply of when I got bit by a spider for real.   We, as a team, went to a couple more places and later, my hand got worse and one of the group said that they needed to get me somewhere to get that looked at.
89  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: December 25, 2015, 01:33:17
December 24, 2015

The Challenge

I was outside my house, in the yard in dusk. The dusk was even darker, due to cloud cover. This guy, who was a bad guy was after me! Sometimes he was invisible (Don't know how) and sometimes he would pop into view. I knew he was chasing me, and I best not let him get his hands on me! I ran through the back yard, the whole time with the guy hunting me,  running after me, snarling and growling! That was audible to me, even when he went see-through! The growling and snarling sounded like a mix between an enraged rhino and warthog!

I ran all of the way back to the half-path where a travel trailer used to be, but has long since been pulled out in RL. There is another one back there in the dream, not the original one. I reach it, the black door handle visible in the dim light. Right when I reach my hand out and touch the handle, I get this sudden horrid thought that if I go in, I'll discover a dead body! I drop my hand away from the handle as if I'd been burnt, whirling around. The guy lunges around the corner from the back end of the trailer! He is flickering now, still snarling that hair-raising sound! Instinctively, I hiss back at him loudly, as an old timey vampire would hiss at threats in the films! The guy pops back into view, startled, blinking in surprise, the same surprise etched into his features! His shock lasted only for a few mere moments, him bearing his teeth in anger at me, suddenly rushing at me!


It is back at my house, this time in broad daylight. There is is this rumored guy who is also supposedly a bad guy was going to show up. I had a funny feeling through, that he wouldn't target me. Later, he showed up, with a bevy of trucks that looked like it was military! I hid the best I could, watching these trucks pull into the driveway and the front yard! I saw others pull around to the back of the house. I had a nagging feeling that the people were trying to hunt down the guy who was hunting me down in the dark earlier for god only knew what!
90  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: December 20, 2015, 22:37:16
Sometimes, I try legal herbs. The only ones so far have been Mugwort and Calea Zacatechichi.

Sometimes, I end up tinkling off some . . . interesting creatures in astra. Most of them target through dreams, makes you have what they think are nightmares as punishment.

Some of that factors in less though, and lately it has to do more with stress; family, money, etc.
91  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: December 19, 2015, 04:08:18
December 14, 2014

Detectives And Monsters

I was in my kitchen, lights were dim. The computer I usually use was on, and a scene from some kind of video was paused. I get up to the computer, but do not sit down in the chair. The movie starts playing. Two guys are on the video, it looks like they are both detectives moving through a dimly lit crime scene. The so-called main detective is standing with his back to the “camera”, off to the right. The other guy, also seeming to be a detective is standing to the left, standing in such a way that I could see his profile.

I come up and hit play, the action starting up. Both men start slowly walking. Without warning, the man standing to the left hiss/growled. At the same time he did this, his opened his mouth, somehow unhinging his entire lower jaw, making his mouth go much wider than a Human. His eyes go all crazy looking and the inside of his mouth and teeth are a sickening, deathly black color! This effect reminds me quite of when The Mummys from the Brenden Fraiser films.

When this happens, it is quiet the jump scare and I am completely unnverved by it, leaving me to quickly try to exit out of the movie player. However, I cannot as the computer systems chooses just then to lag, freezing on that creepy scene. I wake up.

I go back to sleep not even two minutes later. I am physically standing in that same room that the two guys were in. It looked like the main detective was there. This place was more like an apartment than a whole house. The scary guy is gone, but the main guy is shaken up. Not even two minutes later, I see red and blue lights flashing, meaning backup cops showed up.

“Might as well as tell them what happened.” I hear myself mutter even as I start to turn to go for the door.

The scene changes instantly. I am in this room with some sort of police-like medical guy. I realize that after the freaky thing, me and the main guy have to get checked over. I am with my clothes on, laying back on an examination bed. The medical guy checking me over looks about late forties/early fifties. He had a short bear, hair is peppered. We are discussing candidly, while he checks me over,  about the creature that the other detective apparently was.

“This has been some circus like you'd never believe.” I mutter. “That guy, it was so sudden. He's normal looking, then his mouth opens like it did.”

“Yeah,” He begins. “The kind of neat thing about them is that they can unhinge their lower jaw on both sides.” He says.

Suddenly, right near me, he roars and does the mouth thing; He was one of them! I woke up quickly.

December 18, 2015

Supernatural: Driving Lessons

I saw Crowley from Supernatural. He talked to me in daylight, just having an okay chat.

Later that night, I woke up in my room. I went outside. It turns out that John Winchester, from Supernatural was giving my sister driving lessons! 

They wanted to go shopping as well, so I watched the rear headlights of the Chevy Impala as it went down the neighborhood road.
92  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: December 12, 2015, 05:26:22
I only had one dream of Anime that I can recall. It was years ago, but I remember it well. An intro about a girl who can fly, unaided in space itself. A gang wants to capture her to use her flying. They used trains, steam powered looking ones, that could fly in space as well.
93  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: December 11, 2015, 04:49:10
Thanks, glad you liked them!
94  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: December 10, 2015, 21:30:08
Meeting And The Doctor

I squared off against The Abomination. Zoe was with me, as well as Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. Zoe freed the actual 12th Doctor from a prison and he helped out as well.

After the fight Zoe, Moffat and Gatiss and I were leaving the area. I said to the two men that I didn't know what their deal was, but I had gotten to the big building via AP. I think I might have actually entered one of their dreams.

I gave them a brief run down about what Zoe was (Astral Watcher). They seemed amazed, and Mark was more amazed that I was able to create Zoe with detailed clothing. Moffat was even more amazed that seeming the Doctor was there, and they got to see at least the outside of the TARDIS, and even witnessing it de-materializing when the danger was taken care of. Before I left, I gave them some information they could validate.
95  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: December 10, 2015, 21:04:20
December 10, 2015

The Doctor And The King of Hell

I was outside somewhere. I saw a huge cloud erupt and realized it looked exactly like the massive darkness cloud that erupted at the end of Supernatural, season 10! Time stopped, actually slowed to a crawl except for me. The darkness cloud even stopped, frozen in time, but every detail intact. I didn't closer to it, but studied it visually from where I was. I realized, with a cold chill, that it was the darkness being released!

Later, I was outside my house, sun was out but subdued as it was fairly cloudy. The so-called doctor from an episode of Supernatural, when the angel Samandriel was being tortured, was in my driveway. He was menacing me. I would walk backwards from him, with him stomping toward me!

I see Crowley himself walk down my ramp, calling off the 'doctor guy'. I still stay my distance from from Crowley and the guy, not trusting either of them fully. We talk, Crowley occasionally walking around the driveway a bit, me making sure to do the same to keep my distance. It turns out that the darkness is after me.

At the end of this dream, I kind of offended Crowley. Not enough right away for killing, but to where both him and the other guy threaten me a bit.

Morbid Retail Store

There was this large retail store that I went into, that reminded me sharply of Walmart. There are TVs set around the store at random intervals. Lately, even before I came to the store, strange things have been happening.

Many people have had creepy things play on the random TVS. Whoever sees it has something chase them around and they get killed. The 12 Doctor is there, with Clara Oswald and they are trying to save everyone and the store. I help Clara and him, and eventually stop the strange things. The store stops trapping and trying to kill everyone . . . but at a heavy price.

It turned out to be Clara causing all of it! It turned out that she was so addicted to traveling with the Doctor that she really didn't want to die. Her mind subconsciously trapped everyone in that store and had the killing happen so her and the Doctor would meet up again, and she would be able to stay alive for longer. 

The scene changes and I am outside my house. I come around the back. The Doctor and Clara are down in the bottom of the stairwell leading to the basement door. Clara was dead again, the Doctor just outside the basement door, sitting on the ground, cradling her body, looking sad. I just stood there, not wanting to go to with them as I realized that this was a personal moment for the Doctor – so I let him grieve in private.
96  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Raditus's Dream Journal on: November 30, 2015, 23:18:38
November 30, 2015

Tardises and Slip And Slides

Last night, I had a dream I was standing in a very large room that it's only exit was a concrete ramp to outdoors. At the end, inside the room was the Tardis. I was standing in front of it, facing 12. We were talking. I got a wicked funny idea and told him about it.

"This will be funny," I began. "But open your doors to the Tardis, and run a slip and slide right up to the opens doors." He gave me a lost and confused sort of look. "Those rubber mats that kids lay out. You push loads of water right down. Someone takes a running start, belly flops right down on the mat. The water barrier on the rubber sends then sliding and zipping along." I imitated with my hands someone hitting a ramp of sorts. "And then boom, right into the Tardis." I threw my hand over mouth, giggling at the mental images of water shooting into the Tardis, people flying right in!

His eye got wide, 12 offended. "You wouldn't dare!"

"Nah, nah, just an idea." I spoke quickly. “But it would be hilarious!”
97  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Someone Passing Through on: November 30, 2015, 00:42:57
Actually, there was no chance at all. I was studying things from the book - as it has to do with my religion. If I was reading for recreation, then maybe I would have. But when it comes to me studying subjects, I do not doze off.

I know I didn't AP either. I did do an energy working a day before, so maybe that made me sensitive to things temporarily? 
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The other day, I was on my bed, reading a book. I happened to glance over at my window, which does not have any drapes or curtains on it at the moment. I noticed someone coming up the ramp, to go past my window. Long gray hair put in a loose, low tied-back style. I recoiled a bit in shock, noticing that it was just this hairstyle - with no body attached!

As soon I realized this, the 'hair' had popped off the ramp, in a style more like teleportation, and was now far down in the front hair, right on the tree line. The so-called hair was now a very long beam of grayish light that had to been suspended six feet off the ground down there as it 'scanned' over to the fair right. It got to this spot I know so well, as that part of the forest opens up into a small path to a small creek that my sisters and I used to go to every summer.

When it got to the spot, it suddenly and instantaneously turned to a bright spot of light, like a small star but now only five feet off the ground. As soon as it did this, it winked out and was seemingly gone completely.

I think there was a high probability that someone AP'ed, passed through and I happened to see them for that short while until they went completely out of phase or returned from where they came.

I have not, since October, done any Calea. And have not done any Mugwort for much longer than that. I wasn't even remotely napping, so that counts that out.   
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November 27, 2015

Problem With The Cardinal

Somehow, I went to the Musketeers BBC reality and time period! I made friendships with them, even Captain Treville. I came back home, telling them how to do it as well if they wanted to visit at some point.

One day, it was very sunny out, maybe in the spring or early summer. I was in my backyard and I happened to see the group standing around in their Musketeer gear – they made it! I was stoked, needless to say.

We all got to talking. Turns out there was some bad news as well. Cardinal Richielu earlier, back in their own period had gotten suspicious of the Musketeers and I earlier adventures. Turns out when one of the last musketeers to cross the wormhole to here turned around as he jumped through, the Cardinal ran out behind them, presumably to jump through as well.

The celebratory feeling inside my heart instantly cooled, tempered with dread.  The last thing we needed was the Cardinal! It was highly probable that he would try me, no doubt to include Musketeers as well, for Witchcraft! For the next better part of the noon, I had to essentially camp out in the backyard with the Musketeers. At time, we took turns trotting one of their horses around the yard to help us better keep lookout for the Cardinal. Riding the horse was cool enough, but I preferred mostly to stay with my own two feet on the ground. With my five foot frame, I was more suited to duck around the many short young pine trees that dot the edge of the woods. The others were maybe about 5'11-6' so that wouldn't work for them.

Later, about after two hours, the Musketeers were standing in a group to the side of the house, standing very nearly on the beginning of the driveway that starts at the house. The day had turned slightly overcast, drowning out the brilliant sunlight. They were talking amongst themselves, looking concerned and worried. I came up, wanting to know what was up.

“We think the Cardinal finally made it.” Treville replied. “Look down there, you'll see for yourself.”

I did, turning from the group and focusing on down the length of the driveway. Down past our land, onto the main drive of the neighborhood, just slightly past the neighborhood mailboxes. There was a lone figure, turning around frantically, seeming even at this distance confused. Even at this distance I could see that this man had short hair, dark gray and steel gray bi-colored. It was the Cardinal – he made it and was very near to actually finding us! I npticed that he must have quickly donned casual wear, no longer wearing the robes that he usually does.

“It does look  him.” I noted to the others. They decided to beat feet back to their hidden camp deep within my back woods. The Cardinal would never deign to make his way through the nearly tightly compacted brushes and pines just to look for a camp that might not be there!

Later, date or time of day undetermined,  I am in my room. There was a firm doggy bed place not too far from my door on the floor. This was presumably because we have an inside dog. I am sitting on this, facing my bed, terrified. Sitting cross-legged in middle of my actual bed, facing me was Rochefort! Standing not too far from the side of the bed, but more near my closed closet was Marquis de Feron! Evidently Rochefort and the Marquis had come along with the Cardinal, but the others apparently didn't know this! Their jobs had been to scout ahead of the Cardinal, reaching into area that he could not! I had said something, trying to weasel my way out of whatever was going to happen.

“No, no, no,” Rochefort began, tapping the main part of his weapon against his chin while carrying on what he was saying in a conversational tone, “You see, you and the Musketeers did this thing, thinking that the Cardinal wouldn't find out.” During this part, he nonchalantly waved the weapon, appearing to be a musket, in my direction. “But he did find out and followed.”

My freaked-out meter is still increasing, knowing that either of two thing will happen; I either will get shot to death right in my room, or be taken to the Cardinal, charged with Witchcraft and killed! I knew what kind of man he was, and thus getting outright killed was the most possible outcome! I go to move up to get ready to dash for my door. Rochefort trains the musket on me quickly but calmly.

“No, no, no. You are to stay seated and not try anything.” When I sat back down slowly, he continued his little speech, no longer threatening to shoot me dead. “The point is you people thought you were going to get away with something. You did it, but you didn't get away with it and now the Cardinal's found out. And now you have to pay the consequences.”

As He finished his speech, I looked over to my right and down at the dark green fabric that made up the surface of the dog bed. I absently rubbed the fabric, nearly petting it, also noting with some disassociation that a hairbrush made for a Human was laying on it, next to my hand. 
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November 25, 2015

Nighttime Explanations

Irl, I was in for a circus. This circus consisted of getting diagnosed with an infection, then having to go through the rigmarole of taking the meds, only to find those didn't do the job. So I have this infection and a new set of meds. I also had to do a lot of running around last night, plus late night shopping.

In this dream I had last night, I was back in the wide-open, nearly vacant shopping-store parking lot at night. I had my cart with me, pushing it towards someone's car that was not yet in view. Someone was walking with me, wanting me to give them a blow-by-blow detailed description of the circus I had been through sense nearly the beginning of the month. We walked as I talked. I was look periodically over at him to give eye contact. It was Roan, from Nikita.

It didn't feel as if we were enemies, or that he been sent to capture or 'clean' me. It seemed as if we'd known each other for awhile at least, and we'd happened to run across each other when I got down my shopping.

“He wanted me to explain myself for something else then. Can't remember exactly what it was. I gave my explanation, Roan looking over at me, a dubious cast to his features.
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