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101  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Did "they" make me crash a military plane? on: June 09, 2015, 14:45:09
Since you claim to be uncounscious, sounds like you were influenced by the Greys through a telepathic barrier or field while piloting with your astral senses. They could have being protecting you or something.

The fireball could be a premonition, or it could be your subcounscious stating to be alert with the news or even check old newspapers. Even check the weather, but I dont want to scare you or something like that. lol

Thats all i go. there will always be layers of subcounscious information in this kind of things. from personal exp, you can never know until you read it in some article in the internet. its a scary gift I do not posses. lol
102  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Do you protect yourself and your room whilst you project? on: June 09, 2015, 14:25:34
Am I gonna be the first one to make the obvious joke that you should always use protection in the bedroom? Smiley

But on the the actual topic - do any of you protect yourselves when you go to sleep at night. Probably not. And as it effectively constitutes the same thing then why would you when you project? I think maybe your beliefs are affecting you there

I always do wink

Also, I compenetrate with your thoughts above too.
103  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Do you protect yourself and your room whilst you project? on: June 09, 2015, 12:54:50
Well I used to get loats of protection, chains, pyramids, even holocube as a nightlamp for fear of darkness out of my window (I was a kid almost 5 up to when i was 10), now I'm always respectful since the astral realms are full of entities just like us, I dont want to Tik someone by accident and end up being pursued or thrown out or worst!
104  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Another Test. on: June 09, 2015, 12:45:45
To me,

I perceive this post to be an embodiment of the 'two sides'
One vs the Other,
And the result of this conflict.
the result, evident, neither have resources, both destroying eachother.
The solution?
End the conflict, share resources, heal each other.

The war has always been the war itself.

I used to think a long long time ago, that history was written by the victors, but really, what victory is it there in a conflict that brings such a mess of dead bodyes to whole families of either side and, worst, the innocent children in them.

Szaxx, that reallity you visited was cleverly saved by your will to do so, sometimes I wonder how can you be so relentless to make others make choices through you and its clear, lots of exp in the business always being good at helping others.

Cruel it might sound at first glance for many, but all the lives you saved... had i being in your shoes I'm convinced I would have hoped for the same fluent strategy so everyside could just keep on doing its thing.
105  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Future prediction experiment. on: June 03, 2015, 15:08:02
Ill quote Bluefirephoenix saying it was beautifully described.

I had a concusion i havent still recovered of, but i still managed to do the session in my head clearly, i started sitting in my meditation couch, i had just finished watching wrath of the titans 2 so it all got pretty messed up in my head.

I fell asleep and moments later became aware, i was marty mac fly just sitting there thinking how to time travel to the probable locale the remote viewing or quest was to take place in, since it was allegedly a long quest i thought i should need help to find the target precisely. Inmediatly zeus came striking the earth like a thunder and posseidon rose out of the darkest storm i've ever seen.

The signaled me to approach them, upon closeness i saw they were actually Szaxx and Stillwater, i told them of my quest (sounds moré important, i know, but it was actually just a RV i had to do) and they gave me the helmet of hades to protect myself and remain invisible and a spear they claimed would point me to what i was looking for. I just stood there like an idiot and showed them my pair of air jordans. (As a kid i could jump up to 4m with these on lol) thats why i like em.

At this point i woke up accidentally, went back there but somehow i knew whatever it was that i seeked was hidden in the very same fabric of time so i had to go back to the future. With this thought i spinned over myself to translocate myself to this much further time lapse and t was like watching seas, tides, entire civilizations rise and fall, one and again, just like in history books, collapsing and building anew, i thought i dont wanted to see that so there i appeared watching a very adorned and ornamented well all made of the colors of the rainbow with a black hole in it, the spear i holded moved and pointed it, i reacted with fear, this triggered an inmediate response were i saw all of humanity and other alien races being sucked by it, i remember the fear grow so much so as to take my Soul out of my body, just like dementors do, i reacted when i remembered to use my helmet i had on all this time. Everything stopped for a moment, and out of the unknown Chronos himself lifted up. I bowed in humbleness and told him that i was sent there looking for something, i supposed him, being the god of time itself, would know of all things past, present, future and eternal. He started showing geometry, dots, lines, roads, triangles, round faces, polygons, numbers, differential equations, the up and down of things occupyng time in time, waves, utter darkness and kind lovely diminute light. All revolving slowly in the always greater clock of the cosmos. I was diminute light compared to the world around me. More perplexed and awed i have not felt. So Many things where shown in a single moment it seemed, this could make a normal man go mad or worst, insane, at least it seemed coherent information and not purple cyborgs maser eye unicorns coming to destroy us  humans or something like that. i thanked zeus and posseidon and the blue hearted flame of love for encouraging me and any graceful gods that I was already mad before i got there, lol.

I know it may sound crazy, but i still didnt know what was i supposed to reach for. So i asked chronos for a piece of whatever makes him happy in that lonely endless pathway of time. (Best question i could come up with : /  ) he reached like in a pocket (i didnt know gods would use pockets, lol)  and grabed a fistful of dirt and set it on my hand. I was like i was blind to see it but i could still felt it. At this point he vanished leaving me alone in the darkness of the cave, where the well was remained nothing but a huge rock, with archturus sword, everything started fluctuating here so as soon as i had my hand upon i woke up, i had spilled saliva all over my face with a mini-saliva well in the pillow.

Funny how things physical affect RV or dreams or even projections and Who knows even obes too. I had forgotten most of it upon awakening. I saw a rock too, but in the end any rock is just as hard as any other rock, no way of knowing i guess lol.

Im sorry for not posting before, like i said i havent yet recovered from a concussion, this was mostly my apparently uniform imagination at work though. I could not get anything out of this session. LOL
106  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: How did you get here? on: May 13, 2015, 04:35:04
I started looking to project since i was a kid, eventually magick got me in, as I read any and all books that got into my eyes, I eventually got this weird idea that Mages would manipulate reality in the projection/dream realm to create and manifest things out of nothing just as I had done in mine since I was a kid, I read even more, at 17 I had convinced myself (lol grin ) they key to magick was there, so I have honestly not idea how I got to the pulse, I just know it was the first page I got, maybe I googled it IDK, I thought people here were wise and kind, and of the most high values and morals, just like fine scientist are, so I started reading Monroe, Campbell, and again any book I could eat, I swallowed MBT without even knowing they real taste of it. I got to reading about all religions, I saw they were all different interpretations for God. Then I found a book in my closet I read when I was 7 by paulo cohelo so I read it again, I undertood what as I kid I thought was written in nonsense, but dreamed of. then I bought more of his books, The warriors of Light is a current one, etc.

At this point I retired myself to look for God, again, eating books without even chewing. I saw monsters, I even exploded a kitchen once, this is funny, I in a deep focused state watching some amazing view in front of my eyes, smiling, when it blowed up, just above my forehead, I inmediatly thanked god right there, then laughed like a maniac. I had to clean off the walls up to a really really high roof. It had all fun though.

Until someday, I was hearing conversations in my head from nonphysical entities, I started talking to one of them after drinking my own urine for three days straight, twice...  grin (Yes, I thought I was going mad, but I had to be sure lol)

He suddenly bitchslapped me with just one line of thought, I couldnt believe it for all these years hearing entities, and I suddenly knew my spiritual path had found me. I made myself forget it all for fear of demons reading my thoughts. Giving me a chance to found myself. I could not be more thankfull.

Like Fuzz said, I was raised catholic too, but I believe religions do keep some people from comitting suicide, or just harming themselves doing bad stuff. So they are helpfull, in their own twisted way. lol
107  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Future prediction experiment. on: May 10, 2015, 06:19:10

I'd like to participate as well, I'm open to try. I'll PM some of you if further detailed instruction on experiment by me or someone else comes.

Thank you.
108  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Theoretically, this is possible, but... :D on: May 10, 2015, 05:32:44
Good luck definitely man, I know why some say that the 3rd is the winned one, or "la tercera es la vencida", that kind of, is my case in the long term lol

For all the focused I was, i could only feel the warmness or hotness of the atmospheric winds carrying sand, It felt like venus because I saw the Sun closer, but honestly I can't tell, i never thought to myself I should ask , maybe I was closer even:-) I wass just standing there.

I would definitely try to ask this to some of my closest friends, I mean, Imagine a joined projection where everyone in the room is healthy and you induce the prerequired conditions like some good prior sleep, waking up having water and evaquating waste and then going to the livinf room or hall or whatever you feel like doing this, it would let you all guys set and ready to activate Rem sleep which is where your lucid, astral realm. If all succed and achieve to conjoin this same realm, the presence of so many conciousnesses would vitalize more the power for creating matter to become more subjected to your will and intent, you could try with your friends to stay stand on a circle and gives eachothers back, and in the next seconds, create whatever they feel for in their view-field, that would definitely do some twisted splashed reality, but with intent and passive focus perhaps everything you want deeply is achieved.

The most amazing thing also is the creative power of you and your friends, i believe that it is to the closeness of the bodyes while laying in the floor. the magnetic fields of them are compenetrated and enhanced and in turn all becomes easier.

Now that I remember I saw something like this in discovery channel 2 days ago, I was very much thankfull to see that this is now being openly displayed on open TV so easy. Only superiored by my amazement of things. I felt like the biggest Idiot of the day of the 7billion people. lol  grin
109  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Theoretically, this is possible, but... :D on: May 08, 2015, 15:16:31
As for actual track structure, it could be anything. Heck, we could bring to life several of them and make a full-out Astral Grand Prix! Wink
So people, let me know what you think of my ideas, and feel free to make suggestions! Smiley

Well it seems you have give it a lot of thoughts. It would be a nice realm to visit from time to time i suppose. I say what ever you feel like doing, theoretically possible or not, do the trying. tongue

I have had races in a planet called Fortidial, the F sounds like in germany does. I do not remember much about the tracks I competed in, but I remember the vast racing vehicles I was given lots of options to raced with, from V-triangle sharps to polygonal ships and even beyond enormous self-propeling discs. lol

Your idea sounds great, if you can construct such a reality for yourself to experience even if it is for a while you'd most probably enjoy it. I would only like to warn you with the quality of thoughts you use there, try to think in fast cars like the Meteor's Mach 5. I encountered due to this I could not win races, I was very distracted and could only race straight focused afterwards, the handling of curves would come to me intuitively eventually, but like i said sometimes it wouldn't come at all even if days passed. They also said that the more sponsors i got the better, I never understood this though as i wasnt looking for fame, but had like 30 patchs of publicity all over my spacebabe.

Anyone whose raced thinks this means that I am subcounsciously materialistic?? or is it just a normal step to take since this is interplanetary races?

I found 2 or 3 months later that this experiences gave me self-confidence for picking up chicks and driving like a Bauss. I would just pick them up to bangh them later at my best friends parking lot. Get them sober back to them parents hands was the not so easy thing. LOL
He still doesn't even know lol  grin

At that time they were all 18, I swear rolleyes but more than often i like mine 21 now. This rich-spoiled girls are almost everywhere nowadays.  tongue

Hope this helps grin
110  Metaphysics / Welcome to Quantum Physics! / Re: A new attempt at the double slit on: April 27, 2015, 20:07:08
Well I would surely read through that.
Its curious actually, the most accepted theoretical basis by societies through the ages, have always been kept hidden from the commonality of civilizations, deep in third-party structured societies. the whole paradigms should be shifted and expanded upon and reagruped together to form a better understaing of universal laws stuff.

The orthodox being the old school and the "many worlds" theory being the new age, but it seems clear to me by reading this and watching many vids, how it could be possible for different sets of waves to generate this 'coupled' or 'coupling' waves as a result of the particle collapse, or wave collapse, setting more power free(apparently).

 It makes me think that within the many worlds theory, there could be more denser and real worlds just as real as a result of more waves collapsing and reagruping themselves in more energy-state proficient rearanged systems. And since this is quatum stuff, the pairing of produced 'high-energy waves' could be repeated insesantly or finitely too with 'seemengly' equal outcomes, until something takes place within the parameters of the high-e wave function, is this correct?

Just thought of it recently. Thousands of years of repetition takes nature to do this things on a small scale. But like any spoiled child, with the right 'spoils' he/she will do better in time. Lol thinking bout quantum stuff is so energy consuming, but at least is not tiresome. LOL
111  Dreams / Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Pyramids in dreams? on: April 21, 2015, 09:51:20
Hi forum,

So i had this amazing dream, it was while i was heavy in the morning, i had a false awakening and then fully astrally projected.

I found myself floating in this somewhere and then i saw what seemed to be the remainings of Atlantis, as if in an orb or as if I had a panoramic view but with my view spreading around it.

I had some kind of god vision and this is what i saw and wrote:

I saw the big heat of war the atlantean empire was going through in their fierce battle against the vedic nations, located in a far reach and with seas of crystal clear water and tiny Pyramids inside them. (An inundation i supose).

So as chaos reigned for a while i watched many good people flee from antlantis to the vedic lands, seemed weird to me since it was a war but I just thought that it was due to some diplomatics that those of good and open heart Who choosed to do so could leave.

This happened almost insesantly as if 7 or 8 montns went in a flash, until i saw war was coming to an end, to my not so much surprise I saw kids and whole hospitals of babyes being evacuated to the pyramid lands again. With safe-passage granted and with the good kind hearted ones waiting to recieve them.

As for the remainings of the land, they signed a document to conclude it since it seemed devastated, and their plan was to demolish it all to reconstruct it again with renewed peace. The vedic lands remained undamaged, except for strange inundations that we can even see today.

It just seemed amazing how this dream has that ancient "pinch" of mystical to it, and to my first and older dream, that today i can comprehend even more, having dreamed of it unkowingly.

Im not entirley 100% entirely completely sure, even thoug I was felt crystal clear and self-achieved at it end.

Was this a projection? If so, can you shorten them even more? So you can have more awareness and do everyday stuff faster? The answer seems to be yes, but some opinions would do good nontheless, I'd be grateful too.

I hope to project and have dreams like this even more.

I'm ready for more.

Thank you for reading.
112  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / 101 importance of outdoor projections on: April 19, 2015, 16:12:36
Hello All,

I wanted to share this experience so as to have some insight in the nature of having experiences in the outdoors and clearings.
The importance of then coming in complete sight and view of nature allows us to grasp the physical magnetism of the earth for us to achieve calmer and deeper states of relaxion where the mind is cleared from the usual thoughts brought by the city, and a self body healing can sometimes take place.

Jungles, forrest, lakes, mountains, any trip, even your grandmothers's backyard house could be the best place to just set your tent for a couple of nights if you nave the chance.

I have noticed that many people, including myself go through hard times in order to find themselves and see clearly Who is they really are. Only after coming back from such experiences can one attain internal peace and an even greater love for him/herself, as for All of creation. This should be the ultimate goal.

The point of this experiences should be promoted and loudly speaked off, so as to show everyone that they can do it. All they need is their own willforce and strong and clear intentions as to what they can come up with once this internal peace is achieved.

All your whole reality will begin to change, in a slow manner if you will so, sometimes even rapid rushes of sinchronicity come forwards if strong desire of something lately has been in your heart. The end result is always the same, its just we All have different paths, we all take different times. Counciousness is everywhere, and so, your thoughts shall be of great importance on them, so think them good while having a clear mind. Which should be practiced everyday and in any situation one finds oneself strugling with.

In the End this inner peace will be felt, and whatever is left to do after having melted oneself with counciousness, should now be put hands to work, as to a goal to be pursued.

I myself had this experience with LSD years ago, and it showed me the way all is energy, and so I addquired this peace. It made
me have a new set of choices.

I found this to be truth, at least for myself, in a trip a week ago, and can now relate even more to those mystical teachings of old.

Has anybody else, experienced this calmness and innerpeace of mind in nature? If so, do you think this could also be achieved at home, with the distractions of the city? I mean, seems difficult to me, But it should be theoretically posible too. lol.

Thank you for reading.
113  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Seeking Spiritual Communication on: April 15, 2015, 09:15:34
Hello Drakoreo,

Yes, It would be awesome to help, please let me know how to collaborate.

Balance  smiley
114  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / A random dream I dont know how to call on: April 07, 2015, 11:41:59
Hello Pulse,
wanted to share a dream I had this early morning, I never got even close to lucid, but it was fun enough to write it down.

I was late for this Lecture on ancient history, hieroglyphs and such, as I entered I sat in the comfiest of possitions, the teacher (arts and ancient history seemed) stared at me but I cared little, I was just relaxed and listening good. He talked about ancient people, demons, angels, other stuff, ultimately he made some drawings in the blackboard that gave me the feeling he said he could conjure up demons and such, I laughed and said something like if thats the case then I can conjure Baal and Lucifer and other too, but they are all just different names, everyone laughs at me but I dont care, teachers approaches, asks why, I just say I can do it in my dreams. Lecture ends, as I'm comming out the teacher stops me and asks me why I said such thing. I say because of the same reason that you said you could. He said was I that obvious? I answer no, not really, I just learned recently. We look at eachother.

Suddenly this other teacher storms into the room, looking all rad, and dressed in leather robes with lots of pockets, barely grasping his breath, he says he's got it, and shows a reddish liquid. The arts teacher (AT) introduces me to the chemistry teacher (CT), the CT says to look closely, as I do, he drinks this red stuff and starts sparkling to invisibility, I loled out in amazement, he returns and does this again to my fun.

I'm all excited to see that, so I get close and tell him I can project astrally and then get in my mental body, and ultimately become one with my causal body. He says Shhhhh not here, They can here you. I ask who's Them, what would They care anyway?

As if out of nowhere when I finished the above sentence, screams are heared in the halls of the university, students go inside the room panicking, lights begin to tilt on and off. The AT calls for the director to see whats happening, then this General Commander (GC) looking old guy enters the room, dressed in such apparel. The CT holds me tight under his arm grasp, the CG calls him, we get close, they start talkin in Latin, I dont understand a thing. He pulls me even tigher, screams outside increase even more, we walk with the GC to some lockers just outside, he says to the CT unlock them and get him out of here. CT puts some the combiantion in a security system I've never seen. And as I thought we were going to get weapons, he gets lots of vials and places them in his jacket. I ask whats the meaning of this, whats happening? he says They came here for you. I ask what can I do? He says you have to look for the green Frog. he pulls me and we start running towards the exit. I wonder if this wonderfull Chloe Rella girl I met on the internet has some connection to it.

I see claws in the floor, seemed to be left by tall powerfull reptiles, blood in the walls, I see holes and students falling stupidly in them, almost as if these were invisible for them. We run straight avoiding them, I never saw a creature, only blood. As we get towards the exit, Death splashes inside out of some window, carrying his scepter and all, I got scared, then she/he blasted a door open for us. I got the feeling she/he was with us. Why? I wondered.

As we go out, CT says, now you are on your own kid, you have to find us, I turn around and everyone is going different directions, I start running and suddenly I notice I'm starting to fly, however, one of shoelaces slips and I realize is not me, but my shoes are what was making me fly, I struggle in mid air to put it on again, succeded, then I start lookin for them, I see one of them trapped in a deep hole on the floor, nobody else was there to rescue him so I go in, as I was deep down, unknown friends showed up above me, they had magical abillities it seemed, I took him, and pushed him out, then as I was going to come out, mom enters the room telling me to get up and get dressed, I'm awake, tryed to return there but had an appointment with a Doc in minutes so I couldnt.

Besides all the random suff, I know green frogs (just as any kind) grow in swamps, not in muddy ones, but thats just an idea, still I know nothing about them. Besides all the things I apparently instantaniously knew there, truth is, in real life, I dont know what to do with them(spiritual bodies), their uses and rightfull applications are beyond my understanding so far. If they so exist. My heart tells me to trust them. lol

I've been looking for meaning on this but so far i've gotten a big Cero.

Thank you for reading.
115  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Bats and Wolves on: April 04, 2015, 04:47:10
I saw a movie yesterday, some friend kept insisting to watch it. It was a really fun comedy. Its name was 'what web do in the shadows' i laughed incesantly to this parody.

Its a scifi of 4 vampire roommates who live in a house and there are also werewolves, its so

I realized now most movies and books for kids are about vampires or Ángels or any other mystical being you can think of, even zombies. Lol

I was wondering what members here on the pulse think of who would win in a fight between, lets say, vampires, werewolves, Ángels, or any other creature you can think of, just for the fun of it. They all have super strenght and air fast and things like that, each are unique however.

I myself would say werewolves, they are cooler also since they can act like animals if they want to, but mostly dont go on killingsprees lol. Vampires are bloody cool too, they can fly, lol
116  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Re: Looking for resonance between our world and many others on: April 03, 2015, 03:42:28

I don't think you're flying blind, I just think technology should be used only to ease our daily life routines, not uncovering life mysteries.
I don't even have anything against what you are trying to do. Because it's fine really in some ways.
But I just think even for a mad scientist, these experiments would cost you lot of time to probably end up with a deceiving conclusion.

I like to refer to Einstein who, on his death bed, who was still trying to figure out the universal formula that would explain every life possibilities etc. He spent the last 30 years of his life searching for it and never found it.

It's not crazy to look for something like that, but to me, it looks like a deception in the end. Unless you eventually succeed, which is possible... But would require incredible mind and not just one... Beside, it might not even be mathematical... It might be a totally different form of formula. Some kind of code of honour if you wish.

Hello, I just wanted to express my particular opinion on this idea.

A whole lifetime, seeking to unravel the deep and secret mysteries of the whole universe and life,
Is not a wasted life.

As the implications would be of magnificent understanding as much as illuminating for the mind that found them.
In the future imagine a society, where you go to college and rooms are whole auditoriums where the profesor has a brainwave, range amplifier, and not a single speaker is there on sight. Its the future my friend. The re-discovery of long lost spiritual science.
Imagine too, ir ir where that potent, that even if you are bored and lazy, you would still keep on listening in your mind the words of the profesor. Accelerated learning muy friend. You could only scape by leaving the auditorium. Lol

And this is just a good thing, some people have other agendas, I wonder what mad, global dominating ideas would they set on movement. Its already happening in every channel. Lol
117  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Re: Looking for resonance between our world and many others on: March 19, 2015, 13:19:23
Theres also the problem of our world being very heavy compared to structures existing more in a metaphysical way, which causes metaphysics to have less influence on our world. This is the main thing we need to overcome if we want our world to be more influenced by mental action like telekinesis and telepathy.

Please, pardon me but I dont seem to understand, If we want to be influenced by mental action like those mentioned above, we need to overcome our heavyness?? Do you refer to the density of our matter? Or something inside our brains?? what needs to be done??

Is there a way to measure the comparisson between a dense physical structure, and a methaphysical structure taking place in the same coordinates??

Thank you.
118  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Re: Looking for resonance between our world and many others on: March 19, 2015, 03:22:50
I completely agree with you Kzaal, perhaps even if the synchronistic waves are there permanently fixed in the atmosphere, it would only work when we get in REM sleep, and to have a more 'conscious' or 'aware' use of its ways, we would still need to evolve our brains first, or evolve spiritually. who knows.
119  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Are there gangs in the astral? on: March 19, 2015, 03:17:17
My above experience was a dream and nothing more, but perhaps if you happen to hang around the lower mental planes, and lets say, you get in a fight and start bleeding to death, it is my opinion two things could happen.

If a were not ignorant I would give only one:
awaken to the supreme mind where ego get anihilated and you return to be the original one.
awaken to the non-physical existance where you come to be compared to a speck of dust in the whole universe of that reality.

Maybe ghost exists in another frequency, I honestly do not know. I wonder if another more-evolved Math-based universe, more complicated than ours of course, could be of theoretical acceptance. It would be definitely something beyond our High maths, I only think of it since I dont want to stablish limits on creation, but I haven't studied that, I don't know. lol

I read a secret book whose name is secret (literally the name of this book is secret) and somewhere it says that babes come from the real real reality, and had but one sense in the beginning, then they developed the others, just as us. I can't but wonder if there is a next place, where more senses would be given to us. Just a Thought though.
120  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Re: Looking for resonance between our world and many others on: March 17, 2015, 23:46:32
It is a Grand Idea, perfectly possible, but before attempting such a feat in large scale, a group of much much less people should be gathered and tested with, I know this has been done and that it has worked, but, i.e. an antenna with a maximun range that transmit a binaural beat, almost perceptible to the ear, to lets say 5 people with a total commitment, would in my opinion do the work you are reffereing to. I dont know anything about the math of brainwaves, however, due to questions I've asked, I believed we Humans must "evolve" first, in order to gain that synch at will. So we can stop relying in things external and more in ourselves.
so what do you think, if instead of looking for answers external to us to achieve this, we start by  focusing first on how does the evolution of humans takes places? can it be increases at ones will? if so, how? what would the results be? Wink Then, im pretty sure, math, or methaphysical structures wont be necessary.
Although a big antenna like the one you describe should also get the work done.
121  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: The first successful self initiated OBE on: March 17, 2015, 23:30:31
Congratulations on this, it was an amazing very detailed description.
Nothing like 4 hours of priot sleep  wink
I know you will be able to learn many things from them in the future.
Keep up that good work. Try to jump through a portal or a window and ask to take you somewhere where you can learn something. Experiment!! grin
122  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: its like manna from heaven on: March 17, 2015, 10:05:56
This highlights the problem we are having fairly well- the language of mysticism is not standardized. And there are dozens of traditions, no less. You can't expect people to know the same terms you have learned. In order to have discussions, we need unfortunately to reduce things to least common denominator language. Can't say cycle- have to say "breath", or "day", or "heart beat"- whichever of these cycle might refer to, for example.

Hope that clears up the confusion! wink

Thank you very much for the statement, I honestly didn't know that, I've been subjected to relying in my own interpretations many readed books at the same time, and parallel work to know in truth this things. I just thought everyone did the same, but then, that's what guides are for, I just never had one, exept God, only after the realization came to me, alone, and through the study of many different topic subjects, talking bout the same things in different lenguages, finally came I, to see.

The last of lenguages that came to my view and realization, that also teached these things was the astral one. I felt so dumb for all this years of having it right there. lol  grin

Only after that came I to realize all things, even this place I entered as a kid looking for answers to my dreams. I can't but express my most honest and sincere thank you for the few who do take the time to impart these things here.  smiley
123  World Cultures, Traditions and Religions / Welcome to World Cultures, Traditions and Religions! / Re: Who is Satan or what is he? on: March 17, 2015, 05:59:13
We all know what angles are. with many different names we wish to give them
but what are these demons?
how did they ended up evil?
are they spirits of evil people who did very bad things in there psychical life before they died? 
and what is the ultimate evil alchemy that the Illuminati use?
And why are they so obsessed about the homosexuality?
what is it has to do with their Satan?
what is he? since when did he really exist?

I really hope to get  some useful answers far away from all these limited religion prospective
in order to have better understanding of what's going on in our world

Aliens - UFOs - spirits - Satan - Secret societies - The ancient Pyramid civilizations - Atlantes.....  on and on just gives me a Headache after not being able to connect all of these together

people has to start waking up to have full understanding of what's going on in our lives and how the world works in order to understand what we all up against

our planet is dieing - population growing- forest being sweep  -  animals are getting extinct one speisces after the other
and i just don't think this all happening just by randomly
what has to do with the distraction of ancient advanced civilizations? 

we just have to know what exactly going on in order to face it and wake up

anybody has any interesting information? 

Satan is the adversary, he has demons that respond to his call and do his bidings.
He exists because we need to.
At first perhaps they would appear to be bad or evil just for the names, the word Demon comes from Daemon in ancient greek schools, they were not entirely bad i believe.
Society has imprinted us with many ideas to be taken as solid. social engineering is the word for it.

I myself don't know what to think, I'm still not sure if in order to develop oneself to one's whole potential, one has to overcome this subtle and perhaps implanted fears. I just try to do what feels right.

Seems that some locked and asleep power is awaken as soon as someone enters a tradition. But it seems one has to ask it oneself, I cant clearly see the ultimate purpouse of it all, its all so blurished its hard to see through it. i'd like to be shown as well all this answers. lol

Balance is all that is, so both good or bad are too, all that will be.

The way to creation, that one is one you can make yourself. having no enemies and peace is priceless.
124  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: its like manna from heaven on: March 17, 2015, 04:46:21
Apologizes for my slow responde, I've been busy with some things.

Hahaha. Ditto  rolleyes

Maybe start with what a Grand Cycle is? I think you may be losing a lot of us with language that is not widely known.

And keep in mind, I am fairly initiate into studies of mystical yoga practices in several traditions, and you are throwing a few concepts at me I am not read up on.

I think the phrasing may just need a little adjustment. You might run into that special person who speaks this same language though, who knows!

1.- The composition of two lesser cycles. These last twelve cycles each.
2.- I apologize, I just try to wide the expressions of my thoughts more openly so as not to be clearly related to something in someway to anybody. lol
3.- I re-read it again, and think its fine. However, some could say all this relates the ended and polished practice of prana and meditations. But honestly I dont know much in that context.

Ok then!  I vote Stillwater takes this one from here on out!  Smiley
I'll certainly seek this out. Even though right now I dont understand. lol

1.- Well, I read somewhere that the energy a physical body (adult) can manipulate is about 12-15% of efficiency.
2.- Now, cycles, grand cycles I have no idea what you mean by that, maybe 12 months = 1 cycle? and a 1 year = grand cycle?
3.- If you would want to feel physical effects about energy it doesn't take much, maybe a year or two until you start noticing that you can use energy for your personal healing or the one of someone else.
If you would be an astral being, the energy required would be very little to feel or have body changes (astral manifestation changes). Because you would be surrounded by the energy.
4.- I don't think that a physical being can change his body/appearance through energy works, but it's not impossible...
I think it's just about world wide dedication for that kind of talk, people would need to be devoted spiritualists or in complete meditation/harmony before a small manifestation could be noticed.
Energy flowing through your body and felt is not uncommon tho and can be achieved with just a small dedication.
To get to the higher vibrations/energy flow you'd need to raise your efficiency until you can understand the energy itself.
A little like the Qi gong master who light papers on fire for example...

5.- I've wrote down my thoughts about this one on another thread and to be honest, I'm pretty sure that if everyone would put their mind into it, eventually someone would be able to levitate (true levitation I'm talking now, not tricks like magicians with optic illusions).
It would require lots of people gathering the energy and probably directing it toward someone.

6.- And yeah even a few hundreds people who "think" they can manipulate energy, like those people who were saying they could do an energy shield to push back someone attacking them wouldn't be enough... (as seen in the video, the guy run right in the face of that woman [completely acted of course]).
Those videos are mostly trolling around to make it viral.
But if instead they would meditated daily and one day understood that they don't "think" they can manipulate energy and instead, they know they can. If everyone does that then yes, there's a small chance that the energy fluctuates and the people evolve around new ways to use the energy...

7.- But that's a very low chance, and my probability mind which keeps analyzing everything tells me that even if the whole population on earth would do that... There might be like at best 1-2% that it works... Only reason being, not enough people would truly believe it. If it was the case then I'd say that's a 50-100% chance, if 100% people are dedicated for between 10 years and 80...

Just a theory tho.

1.- Yes, as as healing way it works just as it should. 14% was in the same scientific paper I read. However, I suppose steady incrementation of this should make the organisms in charge in ones body to slowly and concistently evolve.
2.- Yes, 12 months are a lesser cycle, just as pair of these would be the begenning of a Grand one, or 1 year, that is correct. it's so much fun to write contradictions. lol
3.- I see, I didn't know that. However I still wonder if perhaps the power of that energy field around you diminishes with time, if no more cosmic energy is applied the astral body.
4.- practice and true commitment.
5.- Makes me think of DBZ and how the fly lol
6.- I've seen a buddhist monk do these things, in a video of course. seems very possible if you know how actually.
7.- I'm sure those with solid bases for faith will have no problem. I cant but try.

Thank you all for your words.
125  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Are there gangs in the astral? on: March 15, 2015, 06:22:26
It's experiences like this that make me realize that the astral isn't totally benign all the time.

Just like Life man, you can witness inside, and outside oneself, things Good and things Bad, and keep witnessing. Or perhaps witness the Good, and do something about the Bad. it could also be the other way around, it is us that decide. I've found that when one exercises one's will, if it be good, you get better results though.
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