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1  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Does this book really help thoughs in need? on: July 21, 2002, 19:38:46
Forgive my blundering!  I'm new to the forum and hit the wrong key.  I've read your post several times because I had the same reaction to the book.  I absolutely do not wish to encourage Negs or whatever they're called to influence my life.  But I am thankful this book exists, for without it I had no idea what to label things or how to go about trying to explain them to myself.  I have physic help, but only on a minimal level.  Most folks don't tell you the truth probably for the same fear you mention.  There are several factors involved here -- I am by no means an expert, but I'm 51 and have been blessed with an intuition I never understood and cursed by demons I never wanted to meet.  Some place in the middle is what we should be aiming for.  In my experience, I've been able to trace back for quite a while.  I was a sleepwalker -- I was also a bedwetter.  I've not connected the bedwetting, but I've definetly connected the sleep walking.  I've also experienced OBE and real-time events.  I still have OBE, and I love them.  My niece and I used the Ouija boards more times than I care to admit, so I'm sure I allowed some things into my life that I shouldn't have.  The key is your will, your belief in that which you do not understand and your acceptance of it all.  Bruce's book simply gives us the words -- "No, you're not crazy.  These things really happen".  

First of all, do not be afraid!  You are stronger than any ill-will out there.  You've been chosen for a task -- how you proceed is your business.  Don't play with black/white magic.  If you sincerely want to know about the universe, start off with a prayer and a plan.  I've seen things I could never describe.  After reading this book, I realize why and I also realize nothing can hurt me if I don't give it the power.  You're right -- the book can be frightening, but it's the first thing I've ever read that explains what the hell's going on!  When I was 17, I had the honor of meeting Robert Kennedy.  I loved him, worked hard on his campaign in No. CA and couldn't wait!  When he approached me I started screaming --"He's dead!  He's dead!  God, please tell him he's dead!"  He grabbed my hand any way, and it was like ice.  He was killed the next day in LA.  I blamed myself for his death -- of course I had nothing to do with it.  I live in LA now -- about 20 years ago I had an OBE -- found myself in a hospital corridor with my sister-in-law.  I was actually there -- could describe the entire place (a place I'd never been).  She lost her child.  I have several instances of OBE and until I read this book, had no explanations for it.

My point (I've been known to lose it!) is talk honestly with yourself.  What do you want to do with your powers?  How can you use them for the good of all?  Evil is all around, but you don't have to play with it.  Keep your spirits up, think clean, pure thoughts, be helpful to others and go into a dream-state fully aware that you control yourself.  I'm not clear on the water pipe scenarios -- but I do know that white lights (candles), prayer and positive thoughts will lead you into places too beautiful to explain.  Don't be afraid -- demons love that!

2  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Does this book really help thoughs in need? on: July 21, 2002, 19:21:02
Originally posted by Goldenshadow:
Well Im just about done reading Practical Psychic Self Defence and to be honest I am sleeping less these days. I understand why Robert put this book out there, being this is such an important subject that for the most part is not delt with. I am 24 yrs of age and have been raised with white magic/alchemy/ritual/and other influences (most of wich being positive). I have always been very sesitive to "energies" both positive and negative. Since I was young I have had many episods of sleep paralisis and demonic forces seemingly vamping my energy. I am about as open minded as they get. Yet I dont choose to put energy into any idea that passes me by. Now if I had not experienced and seen the things I have, I would most likely dismiss this book as nonsense that should not even be published. I would think that this book would only create paranoid morons that spend there time jumping over running water to get the voices out of their head. Sometimes I think it would be easier if I was more ignorant of the other dimensions for my own health. Being I have an understanding that there is a truth in books like PSSD I also feel blessed because it seems to be rare for others to even try to understand what is really going on around us. Before reading this book I felt that there was some demonic type force invading my space over the yrs. I Felt that it had been effecting my family and I, just about totaly going unnoticed to everyone else. If there really is a "Neg" or "Negs" that effect me. They seem to basically hold you back in life keeping your spirit paralised just enough so that you would not suspect anything. A type of physical and mental break down wich is done to keep the pray weakened wich in turn gives them more power. Reading PSSD has at this point made the psychic attacks seemingly worse. I am not totally done with the book and not gone full foce in the practices that PSSD offers (I have stepped over a few running water hoses though!). Personaly I felt I needed some Psychic Self Defense just to read this book! The first part of the book is VERY hard to read if someone is truly being attacked by negs. I wish Robert had put more time in how he informed us. Maybe just giveing more hope in the begining or having the countermeasures FIRST in the book. What I would really like to get at though is the question "Does this book just make Negs stronger?" By this I mean anything you give attention to will grow stronger in your life and this book obviously give Negs more attention within the publics mind. Where do I draw the line between a neg and myself? If I were to say every single action or thought that comes into my life that is seemingly Negative is created by some other astral type being, would that not just be some sort of shadow projection? Not wanting to own the guilt of ones own actions? Where do I begin and they end is something to be asked if Negs are a reality. Would it not seem better to heal the negative energy in ones life then to just want it to go away? Although if a tick falls from a tree and begins to suck my blood Im going to take it out, throw it on the ground and step on it multiple times. Because these negs and the worlds they live in are an unknow to us, how can we say for sure? How can I say that ideas in my mind are some sort of telepathic broadcast or my own inner self? We cant for sure and I think this is one of the major porblems that we face. We have the ability to take ourselves in any trance and basically place our belief anywhere. What we put energy into will be truth for us. This book at the moment has helped me to become peraniod and when I try to go to sleep I keep feeling this Neg type reality around me. A few nights I was only able to sleep about 1 hr then had to go to work. I really cant tell if this is caused by a neg that wants to reinsert its power knowing I am more aware of it or just my own trance that I have put myself in. Mybe its a mixture of both. Either way this is a hard thing for me to work through and I am open to advice. In closing I would like to say thank you to Robert for comming out with this book. In the end I feel it will help impower many poeple across the world. I would suggest though that anyone who has not read the book yet first read the countermeasures more towards the back end of the book before reading the stories about others getting harrassed in the begining. I would also highly suggest reading Astral Dynamics before starting PSSD. I will post more on this later. Thank you for your time.


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