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1  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / an AUM generator on: May 28, 2004, 00:01:18
hello good people Cheesy

I experienced the AUM once when i was in meditation,  my body felt completely relaxed,  my mind felt clear,  and my energy body was absolutely free and i  felt at peace.   I am curious weather a machine could  be created in which  the AUM sound is generated and channeled through the body.
I may be wrong but AUM to be sounds like the note B, if some kind of giant tuning fork was tuned to B and channeled through the human body, would that bliisful state be induced in a  person?  

kinda like being next to a  huge speaker, but only feeling its vibrations,  not the sound- the vibration being AUM.  

it could be a sunbed type device, you get in, you have this vibration therapy and get out. IF this AUM was powerful enough i think it could override- in terms of tactile sensations-  your energy bodies energetic state.   I.e  if  your chakras are in turmoil and wildly out of balance, the tone generated by the machine would override those discordant perceptions and replace them with harmony.

each chakra  has its own tone,  so all it takes is to discover which chakra corresponds to which tone,  and channel each one with that tone.

I discovered that even listening to the constant, hum  of my fridge i felt more at ease, internally.
2  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / june 8th 2004 venus transit phenomenon. on: May 26, 2004, 19:20:04
hello good people Cheesy

has anyone  heard about this? Its when venus will cross the face of the sun for about 5 hours and will be able to be seen as a small black dot moving across the surface of the sun.   Its got something to do with this 2012 stuff, some of it is interesting.

3  The Astral Library / Welcome to Book Reviews! / The Silmarillion - Tolkien on: March 29, 2004, 21:55:46
hello good people  Cheesy

after LOTR i wanted *more*  so i got the Silmarillion,  im not far into it but it seems to go a lot deeper than LOTR into middle earth itself as opposed to its civilisations- (so far)   what ive read so far is that illuvitar created his  (12?) children from different aspects of his own mind so they would learn and create music to reflect what they are  experiencing and to each learn about each other, to unite and create harmonic music.  But one of these (12)  rebels you could say, hence  breaks the  harmonic music  with his selfish desires.  
Quite different from LOTR, but in the same world.

Then it goes into the people which really boggles me as there are lots of names and places in this book, a lot more  than in LOTR.

Anyone read it all? im about 40 pages into it.

4  The Astral Library / Welcome to Book Reviews! / storming heaven- LSD and the american dream on: February 11, 2004, 14:52:28
hello good people Cheesy

I am currently reading this book by Jay Stevens and thought id  reccomend it here, im really  enjoying it.
It charts  the creation, development, use, philosophy and culture surrounding LSD from the time it was created to the present day.

it began as an experiment by psychologists to  research mental illnesses like schizophrenia,  to hopefully give them a deeper understanding of the human mind.

But  some scientists enjoyed it too much  and began  holding sessions  for there friends and  collegues.

It mentions Aldous Huxley, the author of Island and The doors of perception- an early psychadelic pioneer who  thought that mescaline should be incorporated into the education system  to condition growing children with the kind of spiritual trip the drug will induce.

then it moves onto how Timothy Leary (a harvard proffesor and acidhead) got into it, and how it completely transformed him.  His trips combined with his knowledge on psychology would make him dedicate his life to exploring his consciousness, in order to find greater meaning.

He was living in a mansion with a community of people all linked to Learys  vision, practising yoga, meditation, doing acid and generally trying to highten there consciousness.

He became a bit of a radical because the majority  of his scientific peers scowled upon the idea of drugs being used for spiritual purposes, thinking of his trips as nothing but new-age nonsense, bar a few  who  joined Leary, happily throwing there careers at harvard away.

I think what Leary was about, his ideals and his mission was the heart of this book-  like we all do on the astral pulse we want to  access higher forms of knowledge which we beleive lies within.

I got  frustrated a little  further on because Leary, who was becoming a threat to confortable american life- was hastily  riduculed by the press, and his operation stopped by the authorities when LSD became illegal.

throughout the book,  there  are random people, all somehow linked to Leary or his mission who go off and try and encourage the use of this drug for spiritual purposes,  which i enjoyed-  its a different picure entirely  of the use of  drugs.

i reccomend this book as it looks at the rise and fall of Learys spiritual  community,  the creation of the drug,  the early pioneers of LSD,  how laws were created when it became a threat, the many accounts of the trippers spiritual/hellish insight etc..

5  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Alex Grey on: January 23, 2004, 18:08:16
hello good people Cheesy

if anyone hasnt heard of or seen any of alex greys  work, i suggest  you  take a look now.  Hes a visionary/spiritual painter  who expresses what hes seen and experienced when doing LSD and meditating.
If  anyone has had a mystical experience you will  immediatly  identify  with his work. They pretty much show  the unity, interconnectedness and fundamental spiritual nature of all things.
Hes most definatly "on the level".
6  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / simple energy exercise on: January 15, 2004, 22:23:47
hello good people Cheesy

this is a simple energy awareness exercise i came across for those who  dont practise NEW or any energy work, but want a taste which  requires no skill or understanding to feel.

rub  your hands together,  not just your palms but  your whole hands, palm and forehand until they become warm, like  you would on a cold day. Arms limp and by the side, raise them  up until  the forehands colide, keep the arms straight.

if  you gently move your hands left and right whilst there in this position  you should  feel a subtle magnetic pull which  gets stronger the  closer your forehands are to touching.  

This may or may not be the secondary chakras in the hands which i think are responsible for healing, im not sure.

I think  the whole mystical,weird,paranormal.. etc thing  should be discarded,  things like this make people realise  you dont have to be a monk or psychic to feel "energy" and that its  just another  sense which we have forgotten how to use or havent developed  yet.

7  Healing / Welcome to Healing discussions! / hope not to offend anyone :) on: January 13, 2004, 22:57:47
hello good people Cheesy

would anyone say that the number of posts on the healing forums  reflects the general lack of interest by  the people here in helping and healing others?

to be honest,  coming to the healing  forums has never interested me, does this mean i have no compassion?
looking back now,  i didnt read any of the posts which were here, i came here for one purpose,  to write this post.
8  The Astral Library / Welcome to Book Reviews! / the pleiadian agenda - barbera hand clow on: January 11, 2004, 22:41:08
hello good people Cheesy

has anyone read this book "the pleiadian agenda" by Barbera hand clow?
its about  higher level aliens (the pleiadians, sirians and annunaki to name a few)
 speaking about what mankind is facing and will face in the near future by  using  medium barbera hand clow as the channel.

The pleiadians are mainly speaking about the coming pole shift in 2012 when earth enters the  photon band, apparantly flooding the people of earth with the knowledge and information to become multidimensional.

I hope to get some opinions on this book  because out of everything psychic related ive read,  the pleiadian agenda has to be the most far-fetched. It really  challenges  the open mind i like to think i have, for instance,  in one chapter the moon, YES,  the actual moon is channeling itself through  barbera hand clow, speaking about how  we must "attune to its vibrations" and become love etc....

i simply cant accept this book,  either barbera hand clow is deluded,  or  she is recieving  information  from lifeforms  who arent what they claim to be....

an example is in one of the chapters, the SUN (as in the actual sun) is speaking through her, telling us about the wonders of multidimensional life-  but the way  the sun comes across  just seems  to normal and casual,  like  your talking to an average joe,  what i mean is,  what the sun actually says doesnt seem like what an all knowing- multidimensional lifeform would,  it doesnt  reflect the enlightened characteristics  youd  expect to see in the sun.

in one sentence it calls  to people of earth  idiots  for basicaly not being multidimensional. To me,  enlightened, higher level lifeforms dont mock spiritually ignorant people.
IN another sentence is preaches about how  beautifal it is, and how it  likes it when indigenous people  worship it.

it was to much to take on board for me. The whole  book is annoyingly  vague  on how to actually become multidimensional,  none of the aliens give any practical  tecniques on accessing the subtle  energy fields that we are encouraged to tap into throughout.

e.g. one sentence was something like  "its easy to  become multimensional,  just reclaim  your  solar identity"

..."ok, i wonder how to do that,  maybe the next paragraph will explain".

alas, it didnt.

what makes it hard for me to take this book seriously is the complete lack  of *presence*  in the actual channeled messages.
I mean, in the seth books,  i can  sense  the  wisdom and enlightenment which  this seth entity expresses,  everything  he says is explained  thouroughly, every abstract idea is explained in laymans terms,  this is  simply not the case in the pleiadian agenda, where  "satya" (one of the aliens) is  going on about  1d,2d,3d,4d,5d,6d,7d,8d and 9 dimensional being, expecting the reader to comprehend what shes on about,  this is what i find annoying.

Also, every so often the aliens  encourage the reader to go and buy more of barbera hand clows books to learn more about what they speak about..................  you get the idea.

there are some  interesting  parts of the book  which really agree with my own ideas on life and being,   but the bad points for me far outweigh the good ones.

i  suggest  you should all ignore this book, unless  you have more of an open mind than i do Smiley
But i cant accept that the  *actual*  sun and moon are as casual and normal as they appear to be in the book.
9  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / conversation with higher self on: January 04, 2004, 19:24:16
hello good people  Cheesy

last night i think i spoke to my higher self,   i  was meditating and could hear an incredibly quiet  voice, so quiet  that thoughts were louder than it.  

It began when i realised that the times i got lost in thought,  there always seemed to be a voice clarifying  all my  questions.

I remember telling it to prove that it was some higher aspect of myself by asking it to make my  right toe twitch, which it did shortly after. This seemed like proof that i had connected with a deeper source of knowledge-  noone can  willingly  twitch there toe,  move yes but not twitch.

It was a boggle  trying to think of questions to ask *it* because the more i thought  about what to ask, the more id get lost IN the  thought of doing so -hence losing the connection.

i remember asking it weather our lifes are scripted,  i  think it said something like  "its purely down to choice"

I also  asked it weather my intuitions and feelings about the nature  of awareness were  accurate or not-  it told me that i already  knew the answer to that question, then i realised i did know the answer.     This was one of those moments where things seem to come full circle and breifly make sense.

I soon lost the connection because i fell back into my ego, thinking about how  cool it was speaking to my higher self/subconscious, and about the potential knowledge i could get from it.  

Can anyone else recognise what im talking about?  i hope someone can tell me about it, ive seen and heard lots about people talking to there oversoul etc...  

I know what i was talking to last night is here right now,  watching me type, and probably deciding what i type-  id assume all our actions come from this "puppetmaster".  

The hard thing to concieve is that,  the  voice is me.
10  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Blindness and real time sight on: November 30, 2003, 21:46:55
hello good people Cheesy

could it be possible  for blind people  to tap into there third eye and "see"  in  the physical environment by having a constant  stream of focus on the  3rd eye area?

basically  giving them sight.

im not that  experienced  with real time sight,  but im sure it could be cultivated.

i find that my eyes are the biggest  hurdle in keeping my focus on my 3rd eye,  this is due to the tension  my eyes create in trying to see what my mind sees.

This of course doesnt apply to blind people.

since  there eyes arent used, they probably forget about them, hence theyll be free of tension.

i dont know much about blindness or real time sight,  but it sounds like a good idea.

from what ive read though,  i dont think its possible  to use the 3rd eye  whilst  operating in the physical,  not on  a permenant basis anyway, thats what im talking about.  
I usually have to be in a trance if i wanna dabble with my  3rd eye,  as soon as i become aware of my physical body  the connection  dies.

is this plausible?

11  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / standard/accepted beleifs on these forums on: November 11, 2003, 17:36:05
hello good people Cheesy

Are  there any accepted ideas on these forums  which people accept as true/fact?

For example-  do the majority of people on the Astral pulse believe that  we are spiritual beings occupying a  shell, in order to learn the values and attitudes  which make  us  better people? - is that a general consensus on here?

Do we  beleive  that there are 7 planes of existence, and that  the physical is the lowest in  vibration, therefore all  physical beings on the grand scheme of things are relatively  immature and unevolved.

Do we beleive that when we die,  we will review our life and either choose  another life in order to learn what we need to or remain on the astral because we are beyond any more learning on the physical..

and other questions like these, i  see these as the most logical  but  i dont want set  anything in concrete  yet until i can verify it with  my  own experience.
Ive been weary about being brainwashed with it all,  i dont want to contribute to making  all this a bit to cult-ish.

I think im open minded, quite peaceful  on the inside and  generally i try to be a good person,  this to me says a lot about what i do beleive, without being bigheaded-- and the notions on these  forums seem the most logical to me compared to all other theories/religions on creation.

12  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Lord of the rings on: October 23, 2003, 17:47:16
any LOTR  fans  here?

i saw  the movies and bought the books, ive just finished  the fellowship and am about to start the two towers,  im loving  gollum too.

It  just suddenly  came to me when i watched the movies  how great  it all is,   i want  to show my appreciation.

return of the king is  out  in december,  im looking forward  to it.

13  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / the habit of using the physical eyes on: October 20, 2003, 18:21:39
hello good people Cheesy

i beleive now that my only  hurdle  in  being able  to AP  is getting over  trying to see the astral with my  physical eyes.

when i get into trance and relax my body,  i  get  shots  of astral landscapes  in  my  3rd eye,  but  my awareness keeps  shooting back to my physical eyes when  these visions occur,  thus losing the connection.

i also  get the strobe effect as my  3rd eye  becomes active,  but  when i acknoledge that it has become  active i lose touch with it.

its either getting  over the habitual  use of my  physical eyes,  or  the tension which is created in my body  due to the exitement of being close to projecting.

either way its been  difficult  trying  to remain calm as  my awareness  shifts into the  3rd eye area.  

anyone know what i mean,  if  so  how  did  you overcome it?

14  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Rebirth and knowledge on OBE's on: September 22, 2003, 21:56:55
hello good people Cheesy

will our knowledge  or understanding  on OBE's,  higher planes, celestial bodies etc...   cause us not to be  reborn onto the physical plane???

from what i know about  buddhist teachings,  we are only reborn through our own ignorance  of  our true nature,  and  Karma...

But  people like  Robert Bruce,  i dont see why  someone like  him  would be reborn onto  this plane when he  is  intouch  and aware of  these higher realities.

Ive  read "the tibetan book of the dead"   and  "the tibetan book of living and dying"  and they  both teach  that  when  we  die,  we  must  meditate, then  we  wont  be  controlled in any way  by  the thought  forms we  create on  the  astral plane  (or  "bardo")  but  were  only controlled by them  through our lack  of knowledge of places  where  thought is mass, so to speak.

so,  i personally know  now  that when i die  i should  simply meditate,  does  this mean  that this life will be  my last incarnation on earth/the material plane?

i feel somehow  that  my life now  is more significant than my (apparent) past ones,  probably because the  knowledge ive gained  from everything  these  forums are about seem  so  significant because it deals  with the most important  issues  which make me feel at home because the  topics are so  relevant  to  our species.

all  this  talk of  a  2012  spiritual ascension and  pole  shift etc   excites me a lot  because i  have an intuition that  something is actually happening.

its  like  the end of an era  or something.

Anyway,  if all i need to do  when i die is meditate then  i suppose ill ascend Smiley

it seems  thats all  one has to do,  but  it also seems a little to simple,  surely  theres more  to  it than that.
15  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / movie: "Waking life" on: September 20, 2003, 21:45:46
hello good people Cheesy

has anyone  seen the  film  "Waking Life" ?  

if not i  reccomend it,  its  right  up our  collective alley Smiley

it deals  with ideas on life,
 morality.... etc

its   about  this kid,  who  goes  round talking  to  different people in random confusing  places and  just hearing there opinions on  the  above ^  list,  (in ways  which were all  farmiliar with)
until  he eventually realises  that  he  is  dreaming it all and  that  the  ideas  hes  been presented with  have  come  from  his own  mind,  not  the  proffessors,  students,  pensioners, teachers, revolutionaries, bums, criminals and artists he  speaks  to  throughout the film.

itll probably  strike  a  chord  with most  of  you if  you  get to watch it,  you  may be able to relate  to some  of the specific parts in the film where he  becomes  aware that he  is aware of  his own  awareness of  existing.

16  The Astral Library / Welcome to Book Reviews! / T Lobsang Rampa on: September 20, 2003, 21:25:24
hello good people Cheesy

has anyone read  of  "Lobsang Rampas"  (a pseudonym)  books?  

he  makes  out like  he is a tibetan lama but is actually some  plumber  from  surrey or something like that,  his books are pretty old,  from  the  60's  or 70's   but  he  talks  a lot  about the  things discussed  in these forums  e.g.  auras,  astral projection,  higher  realities, meditation, telepathy etc

if  anyone else has read any of  his books  id like to know  because hes pretty old  and unheard of  as far as i know but im curious because ive only  read  2 of  his  books and would like  to know about his others.

ive read  "the hermit"  and  "feeding the flame"   i still have  "i beleive"  and "doctor from lhasa"  to  go.
17  World Cultures, Traditions and Religions / Welcome to World Cultures, Traditions and Religions! / the "right" religion on: September 16, 2003, 18:32:02
hello good people Cheesy

i have some ideas  which i  think defines  what makes one  religion  more  valid than another,  it  basically  revolves around  the  kind  of  atmosphere  or   aura  the  follower  radiates.

for  example,  i  met  2  hare krishnas  in the street one day  and  they seemed  to radiate  such  a loving,  non-judgemental, peaceful aura  that  i  could  have been anyone  and  they  would  have  treated me  with the same love and genuine  human  respect  that  they  are taught.  *i found them to radiate serenity*

Now,  where i work (a bookies) my  shop is  in a muslim area-  so  99% of the   customers are muslim.   they are muslim  because of there  clothes and  the  fact that  they are  at  prayer on  friday and the shop is  quiet.   So far,  ive found  them  to be  rude, impatient, arrogant, inpolite and  generally  unpleasent people. *i found them to radiate hostility*

So   which  of  the  two  examples  above  is more valid  as a  religion?  

which one  is  closer to  what  we think heaven is?  

i  think  with islamism  the problem is  race,   most of the  punters in the shop where i work  stink of racism- and most  muslims  in  my  city are middle-eastern.  I seldom see white muslims.   It seems  to me  that islamism  doesnt like  outsiders.

But  the hare krishnas  are all different  colours  in my city,   this to me suggest  that  they are closer to understanding  UNITY  between  people  than are muslims.  

This isnt  some  islam  bashing post,  and i dont want to offend  anyone   but with my experiences  of these  two,  i find  the hare krishnas  to be  closer to the  truth about  what  all  religions  encourage- peace, love, freedom, unity etc.

all religions have there  faults i  think i think the main one is tradition e.g.  rituals, dress code, terminology etc..  which  really dont matter when  all they are encouraging  is to be  nice and  caring to people.

in  my opinion Yoga  is the ideal lifestyle-  it  is  everything  religion  is  but  instead of  relying  on  faith it  gives *PRACTICAL TECNIQUES*  to experience the  trancendental  which  all the saints  and mystics  of all religions  have  no doubt experienced and hence tried to help people  experience the same thing.

now i read a lot on yoga and  i cant help  but  be  drawn  into  its sheer depth and wisdom.  since  i  began meditating   i  have a strong  intuition  that  what  Yoga  teaches  is  real,  the state  of  "samhadi" - (ultimate bliss/ union with  the source)   for example,  i can see logically and instinctively  that  if  you were to meditate long enough without  your mind  distracting  you,  you  would trancend  time and  space.  

To  me this  really  does make  it  more  valid  than  some  other  religions/lifestyles.

another  example....

i was in a christian  chat  a  while back  and i  questioned what  christianity thinks  of  Astral  projection-  ive asked  this  quite a bit,  and  usually  i either  get  kicked from the room  or  called a fool  for  dabbling  in  magic- usually  when  i   question  why  god  would  give  us an ability  we are not meant to  explore or use  i  get kicked.   To me  this  says  that  they  dont  want  to hear  my  views,  and  they  dont want  to agree  with me and question there beleifs.  to  sum  up,  it  doesnt  teach  you  to work upon and know your own  mind  as buddhism  does.

when  this happens,  i  think  that  christianity  doesnt  teach  openmindedness,  freedom  to explore what we want to,  TOLERANCE..

to me,  christianity  doesnt really  sound  like a religion  that  would  genuinly  teach us  true awareness  of  who, what and why we are.

18  World Cultures, Traditions and Religions / Welcome to World Cultures, Traditions and Religions! / taoism on: September 16, 2003, 17:58:54
hello good people Cheesy

  could  someone explain  taoism  to me please  i really dont get it,  ive spoke  to  some  taoists  in chatrooms and i ask them the same question  and they always seem to be  annoyingly  vague,  as if they enjoy   keeping me in the dark.

i  tried  adrians link  to the religious-explanation website  but  it kept  freezing on me  and crashing  my  computer.

19  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / 7 cosmic planes info request on: September 16, 2003, 17:55:22
hello good people Cheesy

has  anyone  got  any  information,  book suggestions, website links etc   on  the  7 cosmic  planes  like  the  astral,mental buddhic  etc?

the idea  of  these higher realities and being  able  to explore them  through  astral  travel  absolutely  fascinates me.
20  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / the NEW system and slinky springs on: September 13, 2003, 18:44:45
hello good people Cheesy

a few  nights  ago  i was playing  with a slinky  spring (yknow  those springs that walk  down the stairs)  i held and end in each hand  and simply got  the  wave into a left right motion,  as in it was going  from  my  right  palm where i was  holding it, to my left palm.  

When i put it  down i  found  there was a residual wave  like motion which kept  going.

i  held my  hands in front  of  me with the palms facing  and  i could vividly  feel  this  after effect of it,  only  this  time there was no spring, only a  *phantom wave*  

im  saying this because afterwards,  my hands (or  palm chakras?)   were a lot more attuned  to this  mental/tactile  energy which the NEW system is based on.

its a reccomendation really  to  try  using  a  slinky spring as a TOOL  to  make  you aware of  what exactly  the NEW system is  trying  to make  you aware of.  

21  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / what happened to Tom? on: September 01, 2003, 21:20:17
hello good people Cheesy

 where Has Tom  gone?  does everyone else know  something i  dont ?  
i must have  missed the  whole him-leaving-event...

he used  to post  all the time now hes  dissapeared.

and  Frank,  where  is Frank?
22  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / frauds on: August 13, 2003, 20:39:31
hello good people Cheesy

ive had  some conversations  with  people  who claim to be able to AP   whilst awake and aware as i chat to them on the internet.

i was talking to a  witch and she  said  she didnt need to be  relaxed or she didnt need to focus or be in trance,  she said she could  operate in the astral as she sat there talking to me.

i  dont beleive  she is OBE'ing at all,  i  think she is  just mistaking it  for simple  visualisation.

either that or  she must be incredibly skilled in the practise.
23  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / transcendental symbolism in waking life on: July 18, 2003, 20:40:19
hello good people Cheesy

this is  building on  my other topic about spiritual confusion,  but i forgot to mention it...

often i will  see certain events or see a certain arrangements of objects which i question weather they are a "higher symbol"

for example...

i was waiting at a bus stop at night,  and  i  looked  at the streetlamps,   they were  all in a certain order whiich to me  symbolised life from the material world,  to unity  with the source.

there  were  5 streetlamps all in all  which created a circle.. 4 of them  shone an orange light,  and the fifth lamp,  which was in the center of the 4 which  created a circle  was white.

so,  there were  4 lamps  which created the circle shape, and  one  which was in the center of the circle which  was white.

Now, the  circle= unity, oneness, completion etc..
4 orange lamps= seperation,  independance, alone, material, EGO.
1 white central lamp= the source, purity.

considering  what had happened  that day and what i had been thinking,  the  "symbol"   just  seemed  so perfect and  convienient...   it   put  my mind at  rest  and reminded me of the amazing cosmos  (that always helps me clear my mind)

but, i  am a proof  kinda  guy instead of beleif..  so i have questioned it a lot,  hence  this  topic.

was it  just a  strange cooincidence  that i saw  it,  or  was (am)  i  genuinly  being  watched by a higher power,  and  they/it  has  the power to influence  my  life and  how i see things...  

its  a bit of a mindboggle,  it seems   it  relies on faith,  i dont  like this idea.

there have been a significant amount  of  these transcendental  symbols  in the last  year,  but  that ^ one  was the most memorable and  obvious.

i wonder weather im looking into things too deeply and  subconsiosly trying  to create my own perfect little  beleif system.

on the other hand, what if they are REAL?  

the book "the celestine prophecy" by James Redfield talks  of these symbols- its says when we recognise them and understand them,  we are evolving...  i agreed  with  99% of what James Redfield  wrote about in this book...  so  im not so quick to  shun  them as impossibilities.  

at the moment, im keeping an openmind,  im hoping some kind of revelation wil come  eventually and put  my questions to rest.

Has  anyone else had  any of these  symbols/symbolic experiences???

24  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / spiritual confusion on: July 14, 2003, 21:37:47
hello good people Cheesy

  since  i got into  everything  this  site is about  most of  my  time  is spent  thinking  now about  how little we know,  and  how amazing  the  cosmos  is  and that  its our  duty  to understand it...

i  got into wanting  to AP about a year ago-  a while after this,  i started learning how to meditate,  then i took  up Tai Chi and now  ive recently started  yoga..

i do all these now  because  the idea of  higher realities and inner  dimensions  fascinate me,   im  really eager  to  tap  into  the faculties of the mind which allow  us  to  experience them...

the problem is  i  have lost touch  with  my  normal life-  i always have  a desire in mind  to be mindful and aware of everything i say,  think and do..  

IM  also  thinking  a lot  about karma,   im afraid  that in my own  ignorance, i may do something wrong  which  comes back to me in the future...

i  try to  be  as  good a person as i can be,  and  try to act in a way  that, as far as i know  is  gods will-  hence, acting  in accordance with gods  will,  i will evolve, spiritually.

But  somedays  it  all seems  to  crash down,  and  im left with a mess of  ideas and practises  which  i dont understand at all.

theres   voiceS in my head saying  "you  are on the  right  track"
"you  understand"  and  "you are being egotistical, stop it"  "stop  thinking  you know, when you dont"  

also,  questioning  weather fate  exists   causes me lots of confusion,  e.g.   learning  tai chi-   i was  questioning  weather i was always  meant to take it up-  as if  controlled  by a higher power.

i have been trying to be   aware  of being brainwashed  by  the amount of eastern philosophy  ive been reading  the last year-  but  its a bit of a mental  struggle  when i try to apply  these spiritual values  and  ideas into waking situations  e.g.  talking to strangers  (which i find hard)  

is anyone identifying  with me here?  
i am  thinking  of  giving  all my  "higher pursuits"  a  break, even meditation...  so  i can just get back  to how  simpler my  mind  was  before  i got into it all.

i feel im stuck  with the beleifs  ive developed in the last year-  because they seem so  likely now  (fate again)...  

its like im  stuck  with  this  burden  of   constantly  trying  to  evolve spiritually and better myself as a person.

its very lonely  anyone  know  what im on about here?
25  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / possible kundalini experience on: June 13, 2003, 14:02:28
hello good people Cheesy

i was in a  fairly deep trance last night, i felt dissasociated from my body,  i had been  practising  the 5 tibetan  yoga exerices before hand which left  the base of my spine feeling  quite warm when id finished.

anyway,  during  the trance i  became aware of  the base of  my spine- this  was ok and  normal, i just thought my  base chakra needed  stimulating.  AT THE SAME TIME i was focusing on my base, i  began  focusing on  my crown,  so at this time i was aware of my  crown and base chakras simultaneously.

when i made  this connection a burst of energy  hit me  like a train, it roared up through my body  and it  was incredibly intense.

i remembered reading  one  of the tell tale signs  ive read about kundalini,  which is a  sharp  feeling of  heat coming from the base of the spine-  i felt this,  it  was definatly  hot.

the  shock  of it lasted for about   2 minuites,  after that i couldnt  relax anymore so i got up.

the next day,  i  was feeling  more mentally calm than i usually do.

that  about  wraps  it up.

it  may  or may not  have been a  kundalini arousal,  but if it  was it   was only a short burst and not  a  complete arousal,  this is because i didnt feel  any  more enlightened  because of it-  like  Gopi  Krishna  describes in  his book "kundalini, the evolutioanry energy in man"

if  the experience had nothing to do with kundalini arousal,  then ill  nail it down  to  becoming aware of  my  body instantly  after a  long feeling of dissasociation from it.   (lke  the times  when  you feel  you "hit"  your body after being carried away  in a train of thoughts  when you suddenly  become  fully aware of  your mind and body at the  same time).

its a little  easier now  to image  what  a  full arousal  must be like,  if  mine  was  just a short burst  which made my  body  shake and  tremble,  the real  thing  must  be  quite  an  incredible experience.
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