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1  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Kundalini Awakening & Questions (Please help!) on: February 12, 2008, 17:29:32
  Hi, it's been a couple years since I posted on this website.  For a while I left this forum because I stopped believing in a lot of the stuff, being a healthy skeptic and writing off a lot of stuff as simple myth.  I continued to do meditation and "energy cultivation", but did not believe in any "chakras", kundalini, etc.  Well about 3 weeks ago I had a full-blown Kundalini awakening (It's a long story, but I guess if anyone wants the full version I will tell) and it was unreal.  (As a side note I have done drugs before, such as ectasy, lsd, shrooms) I can honestly say that the feeling of pure euphoria and bliss was twice as good as any ecstasy roll you could possibly ever do.  Everything that I encountered was with some divine love feeling, and my voice was fixed on this crazy wavelength of love.  The third eye was pulsating like CRAZY, like it was getting milked, and if I cultivated that feeling, I would become almost drunk in ecstasy.  I had to snap myself out of this drunken stupor just to talk to someone, it was that intense.  If I cultivated the feeling long enough I would almost be in tears, but not because of sadness, but because of the purest happiness and bliss that one could ever experience.  I felt like I would never get sick again, my body was surging with insane amounts of energy that made me want to run or do something.  Later that night (after a short talk) one of my other newly met friends (who unknown to me had been into this stuff) had an awakening also. 
     Well to continue, ever since that day I have been doing consistent daily meditation.  I can even feel my chakras now (INTENSE buzzing ,like a cell phone vibrating), cold feeling, warm feeling, a *chemical?* going from the bottom of my spine towards the third eye which seems to pump a chemical into my body, and many other strange sensations.  Something that I notice is that I only get the pumped chemical feeling/body high/paralysis when I move upwards past the throat chakra.  When the energy cultivates near the third eye I get a couple releases of the chemical from the sacral? region, and when I cultivate the crown chakras' energy I get even more intense surges.  Physically it feels almost exactly like my awakening, except I do not feel the original euphoria / bliss feeling. 
    So a couple of questions.  Can you train yourself to retain that euphoria/bliss feeling consistently?
                                       The only two chakras that are hard for me to feel are the solar plexus and crown (root only a tad bit hard,      takes time), do you think that could have anything to do with it?
                                        What are some exercises I can do to help better manage this energy, or help better cultivate it towards the upper chakras (which I am sure by now through experience are some of the "higher?" chakras)
2  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Please help me out on: March 25, 2007, 04:50:36
  Thanks everyone for responding, and I agree 100% with most of you.  Everyone ultimately believes in something that's not tangible, ... a belief in god (which can't be proven absolutely) or the non-belief in god (can't be proven 100% either).  Something that's kinda sad is that on the website , the person brings up many good arguements to counter the original person's "proofs" of whether God exists or not.  The author of the counter-refutes talks about how the original writer uses pop-Christian stereotypes and ignorance as a basis of his writing, which is supposedly how "no real Christian thinks".  The reality of the situation (at least to me, since I've talked to MANY Christians) is that most Christians DO appear to be ignorant (read the article to understand).  Like I was having a conversation with one of my friend's about religion, and she said "well... If i die and my religion is wrong, nothing happens.  If its right I go to heaven.  Its kinda a win win".... That's basically Pascal's Wager, a concept which the author refutes as an arguement that Christians shouldn't use, but is used by a Christian.  Anywayz, enough ranting n stuff, but Im extremely gracious that everyone took time to reply and give their perspective on it.  If anyone wants to expand on the whole concept, or what they would do in this type of situation, please please post =].  It would be nice to hear!
3  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Please help me out on: March 14, 2007, 23:42:29
  By no means do i think Christianity is WRONG, but I mean it was simply a question to see if someone would follow their conscious or religion.  Ok, here's another (less absurd, but still absurd) question.  This goes out to all of the Christians n such, I just want honest answers.  Let's say ur stranded in a desert, starving.  U come across some food, but it is forbidden by ur religion to eat.  Would you eat it to survive, or rather die holding up ur religious values?  Another question for people, I just wanna hear people's beliefs.   The ultimate question of humanity, is life so precious that one gives up morals to preserve life, or if supporting ones morals until death is more honorable.  Is life so sacred that one puts it above morals, or are morals simply artificial fabrications of the human mind, or perhaps a gift from God?  How do we decide?  
4  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Please help me out on: March 13, 2007, 14:20:22
  I did expect him to choose.. the arguement was basically meant for him to think...."is it better to let the baby live, knowing its life is gonna be a living hell (but give it the right to live), or to kill it now and spare it (against christianity, but the more "sane" thing to do, to most people)".  Does some magical being in the sky give some DIVINE unchanging law as to what's right or wrong?  How would you decide what to do in that type of situation?  Feedback anyone plz?
5  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Please help me out on: March 13, 2007, 04:57:25
    It's been FOREVER seen i've been on these forums, but anywayz.Me and my friend got into a heated arguement over religion (christianity), and he always answered with illogical responses that made no sense.  My arguement about the baby torture was an arguement so that one would think about who validates what is "right" for the baby, the bible, God, priests, society, or your consciousness?  He obviously says a very illogical string of statements.  Btw im by no means anti-christian, but i dont believe in magical beings tempting people and saving people miraculously.  I was raised hardcore christian and had faith n god, but discovered that my faith was more ignorance.  Anywayz, if someone could PLEASE take the time to read part of this arguement, and give me some feedback on the fallacies of both our arguements, it would be IMMENSELY appreciated.  Btw tomorrow i will post about information on a religion which is EXTREMELY close to what i believe, almost on point, and will help explain my point of view about christianity.  (Something extremely freaky, was that earlier in the conversation he kept on talking about "God's will", when on t.v., on a RANDOM comedy, the guy happened to mention god's will.  He was jokin about god's will to get in his wife's pants.  It almost seems too coincidental that these 2 things matched up perfectly in THIS type of conversation.........  some input please?)

Prodigy51288 (11:11:10 PM):  but lets say that one day there comes a time in your life that something really really dirty happens and you have no one to turn to...would you pray...
xShadowXSpecterx (11:11:32 PM): no, cuz i know that what i do is a product of my actions
xShadowXSpecterx (11:11:39 PM): i reap what i sow... not some magic force influencing things
Prodigy51288 (11:12:31 PM):  so all this evil stuff that happens you're saying that they are not tempted by a greater evil
xShadowXSpecterx (11:12:47 PM): whats the "evil" stuff.... "evil" is a subjective term as it is
xShadowXSpecterx (11:12:51 PM): but yah, i dont believe its some greater evil
xShadowXSpecterx (11:12:58 PM): i believe its just human nature
xShadowXSpecterx (11:13:05 PM): i have no reason to believe its a greater evil
Prodigy51288 (11:13:09 PM):  so what is human nature
Prodigy51288 (11:13:16 PM):  how did we get human nature
xShadowXSpecterx (11:13:28 PM): its basic psychology man, and its shaped by the way we act
Prodigy51288 (11:13:36 PM):  if we had control over our nature then why not follow the path of good
xShadowXSpecterx (11:13:42 PM): what is "good"
xShadowXSpecterx (11:13:46 PM): and we do
xShadowXSpecterx (11:13:51 PM): its just not always that simple as u make it sound
xShadowXSpecterx (11:13:52 PM): tell me
xShadowXSpecterx (11:14:00 PM): lets say ur wife was 8 months pregnant
xShadowXSpecterx (11:14:07 PM): and someone said to u
xShadowXSpecterx (11:14:18 PM): as soon as this baby is born, its going to live the rest of its life suffering
xShadowXSpecterx (11:14:24 PM): its going to be tortured till the age of 90, a life of suffereing
xShadowXSpecterx (11:14:33 PM): is it better to kill the baby before its born, or give it the right ot live?
Prodigy51288 (11:15:11 PM):  Well it's not up to him to decide what happens to my's up to God...and if he wants to send it to hell in order to test my faith to him then so be it
xShadowXSpecterx (11:15:29 PM): so what would u decide?
Prodigy51288 (11:16:08 PM):  how would that person know what was going to happen to him thats my question
xShadowXSpecterx (11:16:26 PM): wha..?
xShadowXSpecterx (11:16:29 PM): do u mean the baby?
xShadowXSpecterx (11:16:35 PM): or what
Prodigy51288 (11:16:51 PM):  yeah how would that person know whats going to happen to the baby
xShadowXSpecterx (11:17:07 PM): omg
xShadowXSpecterx (11:17:17 PM): its like
xShadowXSpecterx (11:17:22 PM): HE'S A TERRORIST
xShadowXSpecterx (11:17:26 PM): he says as soon as the babies gonna be born
xShadowXSpecterx (11:17:27 PM): hes gonna take it
xShadowXSpecterx (11:17:29 PM): and torture it
xShadowXSpecterx (11:17:31 PM): from day 1
xShadowXSpecterx (11:17:32 PM): thats how
Prodigy51288 (11:17:42 PM):  what if i stopped him from taking it
xShadowXSpecterx (11:17:50 PM): thats not the point of the question eic
xShadowXSpecterx (11:17:51 PM): eric
xShadowXSpecterx (11:17:54 PM): the point is, what would u say
xShadowXSpecterx (11:18:01 PM): do u justify what u say by running it by god
xShadowXSpecterx (11:18:12 PM): by the bible
xShadowXSpecterx (11:18:14 PM): or by ur consciousness
Prodigy51288 (11:18:16 PM):  the man has no power what to decide what happens to my baby
xShadowXSpecterx (11:18:20 PM): OMG
xShadowXSpecterx (11:18:30 PM): first of all, that type of situation happens all the time
xShadowXSpecterx (11:18:38 PM): and 2nd of all, ur still beating aorund the bush and missing the point
xShadowXSpecterx (11:18:42 PM): the point is, what do u decide
Prodigy51288 (11:18:55 PM):  i'm not beating around any bush..your coming up with stupid questions here
xShadowXSpecterx (11:19:01 PM): no its a real question
xShadowXSpecterx (11:19:05 PM): seriously what would u answer
Prodigy51288 (11:19:12 PM):  i told you my answer
xShadowXSpecterx (11:19:17 PM): u could ether
xShadowXSpecterx (11:19:18 PM): kill it
xShadowXSpecterx (11:19:20 PM): or let it be born
xShadowXSpecterx (11:19:25 PM): into a life of misery and torture until its death
xShadowXSpecterx (11:19:27 PM): what would u pick
Prodigy51288 (11:19:39 PM):  i'm sticking with the answer i gace
Prodigy51288 (11:19:41 PM):  gave*
xShadowXSpecterx (11:19:44 PM): whats that?
Prodigy51288 (11:19:58 PM):  the man has no power to decide what happens to my baby
xShadowXSpecterx (11:20:03 PM): .....
xShadowXSpecterx (11:20:06 PM): thats not one of the choices tho..
xShadowXSpecterx (11:20:10 PM): and
xShadowXSpecterx (11:20:15 PM): how does he not have a choice
Prodigy51288 (11:20:40 PM):  because how does he know that it will be tortured and go to hell...
xShadowXSpecterx (11:20:47 PM): NO
xShadowXSpecterx (11:20:55 PM): it has nothing to do with the baby goin to hell
xShadowXSpecterx (11:20:58 PM): HE IS GOING TO torture the baby
xShadowXSpecterx (11:21:03 PM): PHYSICALLY
Prodigy51288 (11:21:07 PM):  but i stopped him from doing that
xShadowXSpecterx (11:21:11 PM): HOW....
Prodigy51288 (11:21:28 PM):  by taking the baby when it was born and calling the police
xShadowXSpecterx (11:21:36 PM): no, eric, ur still missing the point
xShadowXSpecterx (11:21:45 PM): lets say
xShadowXSpecterx (11:21:47 PM): U ONLYH have those 2 options
xShadowXSpecterx (11:21:51 PM): theres no heroic deeds or anything
xShadowXSpecterx (11:21:55 PM): theres a point to this question eric
xShadowXSpecterx (11:21:59 PM): but ur coming up with 3rd options
Prodigy51288 (11:22:02 PM):  theres always more options though
xShadowXSpecterx (11:22:05 PM): dude
xShadowXSpecterx (11:22:15 PM): just pick either A or B
Prodigy51288 (11:22:25 PM):  nah I like my option better
xShadowXSpecterx (11:22:31 PM): the point im tryin to make is
xShadowXSpecterx (11:22:46 PM): who makes the decision
xShadowXSpecterx (11:22:55 PM): on whether it is better
Prodigy51288 (11:22:56 PM):  who makes what decision
xShadowXSpecterx (11:23:14 PM): whether its better to spare a life from a life of complete misery
xShadowXSpecterx (11:23:19 PM): or if u give them the gift of life
xShadowXSpecterx (11:23:28 PM): knowing their whole existence will be a hell on earth
Prodigy51288 (11:23:41 PM):  i don't know if it will live a life of hell on earth
xShadowXSpecterx (11:23:49 PM): omg...
Prodigy51288 (11:23:54 PM):  no one knows but God
Prodigy51288 (11:23:55 PM):  xP
xShadowXSpecterx (11:23:59 PM): r u serious..
xShadowXSpecterx (11:24:02 PM): i hope ur not just messing with me
Prodigy51288 (11:26:02 PM):  i don't know what you're talking about mike..I mean if you don't want to believe in God then don't...I'm not forcing you to...but I believe there is one and no one will change my mind about sure you can't take the bible literally all the time..for example if they say someone had to sacrifice their son in order to glorify God then its just a way of saying that you should devote your soul to God...they arent really saying to kill the son...its just the way people talked back then...
Prodigy51288 (11:26:31 PM):  but if you don't believe then don't...but don't go around saying you know the truth about everything and trying to say there isn't a God..
xShadowXSpecterx (11:27:42 PM): no
xShadowXSpecterx (11:27:46 PM): but ur totally missing the point of the arguement
xShadowXSpecterx (11:27:59 PM): and ur taking 3rd options that defy the whole point of the arguement
Prodigy51288 (11:28:00 PM):  im not missing the point
Prodigy51288 (11:28:20 PM):  i'm taking the 3rd know why? because I can...I have the will to do so...
Prodigy51288 (11:28:35 PM):  if i didn't then i would take your option but i'm not a robot or slave
Prodigy51288 (11:29:16 PM):  why do i pick the third option...because of free will..God gave us this free will...i chose to use my will to pick a third option
xShadowXSpecterx (11:29:37 PM): so if theres a test
xShadowXSpecterx (11:29:40 PM): and theres answers A and B
xShadowXSpecterx (11:29:49 PM): do u have the free will to choose C?
Prodigy51288 (11:29:56 PM):  yes
xShadowXSpecterx (11:30:03 PM): that makes no sense
xShadowXSpecterx (11:30:06 PM): and its illogical
Prodigy51288 (11:30:09 PM):  i have the will to choose it but will i
Prodigy51288 (11:30:16 PM):  well that depends on the situation
Prodigy51288 (11:31:34 PM):  the problem with humans is they want a logical answer for everything because they can't accept the fact that everything isn't always logical
Prodigy51288 (11:32:13 PM):  if we were supposed to have the answers to everything then we would have been created to know everything..but we aren't..simple as that..
xShadowXSpecterx (11:32:28 PM): i agree with that too
xShadowXSpecterx (11:32:37 PM): but in my situation even, u keep on spring up 3rd options
xShadowXSpecterx (11:32:43 PM): which isn't an option
xShadowXSpecterx (11:32:48 PM): and saying that its ur free will
Prodigy51288 (11:33:02 PM):  it is my free will
Prodigy51288 (11:33:14 PM):  if i didn't have free will i'd have to choose option A or B
xShadowXSpecterx (11:33:22 PM): well its true... u do
xShadowXSpecterx (11:33:24 PM): OK here then
xShadowXSpecterx (11:33:27 PM): ur stuck in a box
xShadowXSpecterx (11:33:31 PM): locked in there, no way out
xShadowXSpecterx (11:33:37 PM): thers a button A, and a button B
xShadowXSpecterx (11:33:41 PM): u can choose iether to
xShadowXSpecterx (11:33:48 PM): press a, press b, or press none
xShadowXSpecterx (11:33:54 PM): wheres option c?
xShadowXSpecterx (11:33:56 PM): tell me what it is
Prodigy51288 (11:34:05 PM):  what happens when i press the button
xShadowXSpecterx (11:34:21 PM): A = baby gets tortured for lifetime
xShadowXSpecterx (11:34:26 PM): B = baby gets killed instantly and spared
xShadowXSpecterx (11:34:30 PM): if u dont press either
xShadowXSpecterx (11:34:39 PM): the baby gets tortured still
xShadowXSpecterx (11:34:43 PM): wheres choice C?
Prodigy51288 (11:34:49 PM):  break out of the box
xShadowXSpecterx (11:35:05 PM): ITS NOT AN OPTION
xShadowXSpecterx (11:35:11 PM): ITS 50 FEET THICK STEEL
Prodigy51288 (11:35:12 PM):  take the baby and go on with life because nobody knows that it will be tortured
Prodigy51288 (11:35:22 PM):  i'll break through the steel
xShadowXSpecterx (11:35:25 PM): .......
xShadowXSpecterx (11:35:30 PM): ok.. thats just nonsense
Prodigy51288 (11:35:55 PM):  your putting me in these bizarre situations and i'm answering with bizarre answers...what do you think about that buddy
xShadowXSpecterx (11:36:17 PM): whats the point of me asking u the question?
xShadowXSpecterx (11:36:26 PM): do u think
Prodigy51288 (11:36:30 PM):  why not ask yourself that
Prodigy51288 (11:36:35 PM):  your asking the question
xShadowXSpecterx (11:36:36 PM): I KNOW THE REASON
xShadowXSpecterx (11:36:42 PM): thats why im asking u obviously
xShadowXSpecterx (11:37:19 PM): i obviously know the reason im asking u
Prodigy51288 (11:37:32 PM):  or do you
xShadowXSpecterx (11:37:32 PM): seriously tho
xShadowXSpecterx (11:37:35 PM): uhh...
xShadowXSpecterx (11:37:39 PM): what do u mean "or do i?"
xShadowXSpecterx (11:37:46 PM): i obviously do.. its not just a random question with no point
Prodigy51288 (11:38:03 PM):  is it
xShadowXSpecterx (11:38:13 PM): why do u keep on answering a question with a question
xShadowXSpecterx (11:38:15 PM): tell me then
xShadowXSpecterx (11:38:19 PM): why do u think im askin u
xShadowXSpecterx (11:38:26 PM): make a statement, not a question response
Prodigy51288 (11:40:07 PM):  as I said..I just think you're blinded by what you think is tend to go with the crowd because it seems "logical"...well how do you know if the logical stuff is always're just interested in the tangible stuff in life...but afraid of trusting the intangible...
xShadowXSpecterx (11:40:28 PM): no
xShadowXSpecterx (11:40:30 PM): seriously tho man
xShadowXSpecterx (11:40:38 PM): dont telll me
xShadowXSpecterx (11:40:43 PM): u think i need science to rely on as a hard fact
xShadowXSpecterx (11:40:53 PM): that i can't have faith cuz it might be wrong
xShadowXSpecterx (11:41:01 PM): that im afraid of the existence of god because he "might" not exist
xShadowXSpecterx (11:41:07 PM): that i can't believe things i can't see
xShadowXSpecterx (11:41:13 PM): am i right?
6  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / WOW! What are shadow people? I wanna meet them! on: August 29, 2005, 00:16:28
Trust me, you don't wanna meet em.  I used to think the same way as you, but trust me..... bad idea.  You really don't know enough about em to start wanting to see em.  It's almost like eating random mushrooms in the forest..... your asking for trouble.
7  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / HELP THEY ARE STALKING ME!!! on: June 26, 2005, 06:39:55
WOW, not to offend anybody, but a lot of these responses are totally ridiculous.  I doubt any of you have had a real experience with shadows.  I think that MAYBE 1 in the lot of you would have the courage to make fun of an evil spiritual being if it was standing right in front of you.  It's easy to say that now, but when it's actually standing in front of you is another story.  If you don't become paralyzed from fear, hyperventilate, or pass out, I highly doubt any of you would even be able to think.  A person can be the toughest guy in the world, but when you come up against something thats so mysterious and supernatural, the tides turn.  Trust me, if you ever witnessed somebody being harassed by one, or have yourself, you'll know how EXTREMELY scary it is.  Some of these responses disgust me, because of the little knowledge that the people actually know of the subject (and people have no real experience).  After you witness somebody almost die by one of these things, tell me if you'll be as upfront.
8  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / energy sensations on: June 20, 2005, 05:59:13
I started meditation completely unguided, which I wouldn't recommend =D.  I was in the wrong mindset, etc, so get guidance.  Anywayz, my first big sensation was my body falling asleep, and then alot of pain around the whole body. It felt like my muscles were COMPLETELY tensed, but when i checked they were relaxed.  It hurt a lot, and after about 10 minutes I decided it hurt too bad and snapped out of it.  Since the first time i've meditated i've had only 1 other painful experience, but there's also some extremely scary sensations.  Since I did not know what to expect at all, some of the stuff scared me beyond belief.  I felt a lot of stuff, some which were extremely crazy/ridiculous/scary, theres so much to tell.  All i can say is to try layin down in your bed in corpse pose, and just take deep breaths.  don't expect anything to happen, just flow with what happens, and examine what MIGHT happen.  It'll come to you, trust me.
9  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / What is this??? on: June 20, 2005, 05:47:22
I know EXACTLY what u mean.  Does the wetness kind of move, or *kind* of feel like slime?  Well I'm pretty sure i know exactly what you're experiencing, and all I can say is to keep on meditating.  Eventually it'll clear it, trust me.
10  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Question about the human "Will" on: May 31, 2005, 03:36:23
Exactly, human will does drive em away.  Just make sure u can win (or risk gettin hurt).
11  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Ever been "attacked"(?) while astral projecting? on: May 31, 2005, 03:24:36
What you described exactly relates to a real life experience my spiritual friend had.  The same mist type thingy, except hers was crimson/bloody red.    Except she got thrown 10 feet across the room... and another time choked.. but ya.  In my opinion, bad bad bad, be careful.
12  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / WHERE IS THIRD EYE? on: May 29, 2005, 03:18:00
That seems exactly right!  It's never just 1, but a couple sensations.  Heh, just wanted to let u know.
13  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / WHERE IS THIRD EYE? on: May 28, 2005, 14:56:57
They're between the eyebrows, just like 1 cm burrowed under the skin.  You can DEFINITELY feel it, its not imaginatory at all.  For me at least, the best way to describe it would be like having 2 thumbs pressing against your top of nose/eyebrow region, n then eventually they make circles under your skin (theres 2..).  The circles get smaller, then vibrate REALLY hard for a couple secs, then enlarge, smallen, vibrate.  Even though I knew what the third eye was, the first time I actually felt such a strong sensation scared me pantless, it was crazy.  Hope that answers your question.
14  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / HELP THEY ARE STALKING ME!!! on: May 25, 2005, 03:30:26
Haha, its you.  I talked to u online, heehee.  IM me again ^_^.
15  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Everything has an energy on: May 22, 2005, 16:08:50
My friend has the EXACT same problem as you!  She is extremely gifted, i am so jelous of both of you!  To get rid of the headaches she has my friend heal her third eye with his energy.  He practices healing, so he can do it decently I suppose. OMG we have to talk on AIM or something, i am so jelous of you and want to hear more, lol.
16  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / How to get past this part on: May 07, 2005, 15:15:26
Maybe try clearing energy blockages in that area?
17  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Charging the eyes, and another question... on: May 06, 2005, 23:51:58
30 seconds in my opinion (mainly if your not even meditating) is an extremely quick time to get good feelings in your hand, unless your a swami/guru.  What i do is meditate, and feel the chi running through your body (you will eventually feel it).  Now move your awareness to your hands (if you can't split awareness easily into your hands, try your forearms), and u will feel your energy move to your arms.  (BTW, i usually try to do this laying down on a bed very comfortable).  Now try to lift up your forearms, with your elbows still touching the bed, relieving pressure.  I usually feel an EXTREMELY strong pulse in every finger, like as strong as your jugular vein.  For me, its in every finger, u can feel the chi running through every single finger, to the very tip (no, its not imaginatory either, its so surreal.).  Its like your awareness equally splits between all of your fingers, and its so strange because normally its almost impossible to realize sensations in each finger all at the same time.  I guess it would be equivelant if you could FULLY feel every hair on your head individually but at all at the same time.  Maybe you won't get this experience, maybe yours will top me 100x.  That type of awareness though is so amazing.  (P.S. Don't try to force the chi into your fingers, it'll flow naturally/effortlessly.  And by the way, I only felt this after my energy blockages cleared in my upper arm, lol.)  I'm sure you'll be great!
18  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / two quesions about psychokinesis on: May 06, 2005, 23:35:59
Try putting a glass cup over it, or a glass jar.  If you can still move the pinwheel, then you know its not wind doing it.  Problem solved =D.
19  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Shadow People good or bad? on: May 06, 2005, 23:31:00
First of all, there is no way a person can physically "shapeshift" into a shadow to gain powers, thats just ridiculous.  Now these shadows are fully adept at all powers of chi/energy, and know how to use them.  This may sound like something out of a movie, but if your friend does fully embrace the shadow, it will be like the affect of awakening his kundalini.  He will have a lot of "psychic" powers, but do you think that something will just give you power for free?  Embracing a shadow will make your friend COMPLETELY change, and be evil (cold hearted, unforgiving, manipulative).  A situation like this happened to my friend, and the shadows physically talk to you and u can actually hear them (no, my friend's not psycho).  Basically they made him weak (when he got near people with strong energies hed almost faint, he had black outs, he became fatigued, and he had a hard time concentrating for meditation) and told him that if he just embraced the shadows that they'd make him better, all he'd have to do was be "evil".  Luckily he didn't do it, and my OTHER friend (its a long story.... but basically she's "possessed" and the spirit knows how to do everything with energy) helped him out.  (If any of u want to know the story behind my possesed friend, say so, its really interesting ^_^  Me and the spirit had a very interesting conversation).  And the shadows can do a bunch of bad stuff, physically  and mentally to other people.  Don't take this as a joke, but they can basically manipulate people mentally to get what they want.  And ONCE AGAIN, this is all first hand knowledge, not theories.  If you're not good at energy/chi works, then all I can recommend is to coach your friend.  If your friend embraces this, it will probably kill him, and most likely people that pose a threat to the "shadow" and try to stop it.  This decision is all up to your friend, and it could end up bad.  There is 1 energy/chi technique to actualy repel shadows, but I don't know how to do it.  The only person i know who knows how is my one friend who is possessed, lol.  O well, if you have any more questions, or want to hear the story, ask.
20  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Heh... another tip o.O about NEW on: May 06, 2005, 01:30:05
At least with my experiences, there is nothing you can physically do to recreate the feeling of energy.  I guess it might help tho to get a person to get the gist of how energy feels, or to stimulate areas, but i'm not sure.  Anybody have any amazing results with NEW?
21  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Heh... another tip o.O about NEW on: May 06, 2005, 00:20:36
Personally, if anybody is wanting to get into energy/chi raising, I dont recommend the NEW method.  Visualization is something that i feel "fools the user" into feeling false sensations, and over-exaggerating any sensations they may get.  I know it helps the person to focus on certain mental actions, but if you want to truly experience chi I recommend using your awareness.  Maybe NEW does work good, but I believe that most western techniques are for guillable people.  By learning to move your awareness, you can control chi/energy much more efficiently, and everybody i know who is good at energy stuffz never used visualization.  O well, thats my 2 cents, tell me your opinions.
22  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / To let you guys know something about energy..... on: May 06, 2005, 00:12:52
When you first start getting into energy/chi raising, you usually get alot of sensations.  Some of mine were feeling my whole body shaking, feeling strong "pulses" in every finger, feeling strong buzzing, feeling a strong strong "pulse" up your back, and alot more.  Typically the only reason you feel these is because your "energy" is getting rid of the blockages, making weird sensations.  After advancing enough these sensations will go away (almost completely), and even crazier sensations will appear.  Some of my crazier sensations (currently) is i get a IMMENSE/PHYSICAL feeling like 2 fingers are massaging my 3rd eye area, and an extremely strong sense of energy that you can control (and use on other people).  AT least for me, and every other person i know, when you advance enough, you get this feeling of a "cool breeze" blowing across your body where energy blockages are freed up.  I mean you will just be sitting there, and BAM, you can feel a streak of energy just kind of disappate across your body (chest, arm, face), and you will suddenly feel a cool breeze (it feels just like a REAL breeze outside, just as physical).  For me it was weird, because when it first happened to my face and chest only half of the energy cleared up, and I'd have this "cool breeze" sensation on only half of my face.  That is far from the weirdest thing that happens though, there is plenty more.  My best word of advice is to not over-exaggerate any sensations that you get, be patient (this is one of the hardest things), practice everyday, and be dedicated.  I have come so far from where i started (i'm still only an extreme beginner considering how much there is ahead of me), and Im 100% sure that if you truly want to ANYBODY can do it.  If any of you guys have any questions, feel free to ask, but only if you're serious/sincere about it ^_^.
23  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Shadow People good or bad? on: May 05, 2005, 23:56:47
Well, i'm back today, and i really dont get your joke middleway, lol.  That was kind of... random o.O, but maybe it was just me.  For the moment, i'll give you extremely general info for the moment.  Basically shadows (which basically look like a silhouette of a person, they're black and fully visible if you're "aware") are bad.  Usually its the same shadow that stalks you, and u can see them, even during broad daylight.  If you're good at feeling other people's energy, you can even sense shadow's energy.  It's much different than human energy.  From my experience, it'll makes you kind of completely freeze up, stop breathing, and it feels kind of like a punch in the gut (with no pain), and u get the wind knocked out of u.  It's usually REALLY strong, and you can feel it through your whole body.  Going along with shadows, if you ever seem to see a bloody/crimson mist (maybe crawls up your walls, or hovers over your door), that's a VERY bad sign.  Don't go near it at all, or something bad will happen (get knocked like 10 feet away off your feet, get choked, get a bad dose of negative energy).  And no, this is not a theory, this is all 1st hand experience once again.  I'm not really sure how to prevent getting attacked when you see the red mist, I guess the best you can do is hope nothing REALLY bad happens.  Theres more, but i don't want to make an essay about it on this forum because i still have stuff to do today, maybe i'll answer more questions in 3 hours, or tomorrow.  Ask away!
24  Energy Body and The Chakras / Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Charging the eyes, and another question... on: May 05, 2005, 03:10:21
Charging your eyes cannot hypnotise somebody, or do telekenesis.  Your eyes dont do much for ESP, except letting your visually see the effects of "psychic" phenomenons.
25  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Shadow People good or bad? on: May 05, 2005, 01:52:11
Shadow beings are very very VERY bad, dont try to embrace em at all.  Well, theres 1 occassion you MIGHT want too, but its kind of like a "give up your soul for power" type deal.  They'll really do some bad bad stuff, dont provoke them at all.  And no, i'm not speaking from personal theories/ideas/whatever, I have first hand experience, and I know people who have had bad experiences.  If you want a really detailed description of em, if like 3 people post i GUESS i can describe it on the message board, but if u want to know in depth, catch me on AIM at xshadowxspecterx.  If you need prevention tips (not wards/garlic/that stuff), i know them.  IF 3 people post i'll post an answer on forum, so ya, whatever u want ^_^.
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