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1  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Our Guides- what do they want with us? What's the agenda? on: July 17, 2006, 15:25:57
Our guides don't plan our lives.
We plan our lives.
We are the ones who decide which way to go.
If we are on the wrong path, we find out sooner or later.
If we make mistakes, it is our own responsibility.

I also don't think that guides let us "fail".
They let us choose.
They help us to understand our inner drives,
they help us to sort out the mess in our hearts and heads.
They direct us to our inner selves.
So we learn to trust our inner guidance.
Then it is much easier to make our own decisions.

We better ask ourselves where do WE stand,
instead of asking what our guides want from us.
Our guides are guided by God, and our guides serve us by guiding us.
Our guides want us to find our ultimate goal in life.
And it's up to us if we accept this guidance or not.
We don't have to, we can send them back to where they come from.
We can walk our path alone.
Perhaps it's even better to do it all ourselves, so we at least know
that we are the ones who are in charge.

But to be honest.
This discussion isn't about spirit guides at all.
It's about inner confusion.
That needs to be clarified first before we start talking
about good and evil, right and wrong.
And before we blame our guides and the divine
for everything that's goes wrong in our lives.

So let's start simple.
Let's forget our guides.
Who are we?
Why do we feel lost and depressed at times?
What can we change to feel better?
And what kind of path or direction
we really want to go?
2  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Our Guides- what do they want with us? What's the agenda? on: July 16, 2006, 11:45:05
The path to love isn't simple either.
There are still life lessons and karmic lessons to learn.
Since we live on this earthly plane, I guess life is the most important lesson to master.
And sometimes we receive guidance while doing our home work.
A spirit guide doesn't live our life for us.
A spirit guides gives us a hand.
And not all lessons need to be hard to gain insights.

Spirit guides aren't there to torture us,
but to help us further when we are stuck.
I think that all the confusion about spirit guides and the spiritual world
is based on one simple fact.
Some people don't tend to see the difference between good and evil,
between positive and negative energy.
And others get all their information through books and rational thinking,
but they forget to use their intuition from time to time.

To know what is going on around you, to understand your course in life,
to make the right decisions, to feel whether someone (astral or not)
is good company or not, your intuition is the only tool that works,
that makes you clear what's the right thing to do and what's the right path to follow.

Perhaps there is also a slight difference how people were introduced to the other/astral/spiritual world.
I started my path, right here right now, I was struggling with daily issues,
I wasn't content with the life I was living, I was kind of lost and depressed.
There were problems to work out, traumas to be healed, fears to overcome.
When I was working on that I started discovering myself, my own strength and my own talents.
But I also started remembering past lives and the "heavenly waiting room"
where I recovered from my past and prepared for a new life.
This was a place of love, a place of divine beings and divine energy.
A place that almost felt like home.
As soon as I tapped into this loving energy, I soon "remembered" who I really was.
And that the essence of my soul was made of love.
That was how I felt it, experienced it and remembered it.
It wasn't something I "believed" in, read in some book, or which seemed to be right.
It was how I experienced my own essence and the place I originally came from.
And my spirit guide radiates exactly the same kind of energy.

But I don't know how other people met their spirit guides.
If they are already on some path, if they already know themselves good enough.
Or if they try astral traveling for fun, just to see what's beyond.
Or if they have astral sex because they are bored and want to try something out.
I think that astral traveling without knowing what you're doing
is just as "smart" as trying out LSD to see what happens.
Spiritual experiences occur when the time is right,
when you're open and emotionally stable enough.
But when you're opening spiritual doors without being ready,
and without knowing what's going on behind such doors,
it's not surprising you land in astral brothels and opium dens.

The people I know, and who follow the same path as I do,
the path to our inner selves, also meet their spirit guides from time to time.
And all of those guides come from a realm of love and light.
If we bump into negative energy, whether on earth or from other realms,
it says something about the lessons we still have to learn,
and the (wrong) choices we've made.
You can always -always- change your direction,
if you think you're on the wrong path.

The right path leads to love and inner freedom.
With or without spirit guides.
With or without astral sex.
We don't need astral sex to solve our sexual problems.
We don't need always the guidance of others to free ourselves.
The first person we need is ourself.
But if a close friend gives us a hand, we don't need to refuse that hand.
Just like we can accept the guidance from a higher plane.
If we want to.
3  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Our Guides- what do they want with us? What's the agenda? on: July 15, 2006, 22:16:49
Since your posts are based on fear,
I bet that's the imprint of this so called guides.

I'm very very surprised by a lot of posts about this subject.
I read fear, anger, judgement and no love.

Just like I was surprised that I almost got slaughtered
because I had a sexual experience with my spirit guide.
Like some people make love with a friend,
it seems that some people make love with their spirit guides.

The only thing that made me nervous if it was a "good" thing to do.
But even without sex our relationship stays the same.
Loving, helpful.
It's a relationship based on love and mutual respect.

Perhaps it depends on the way you live your life.
From your heart of are you just trying to fit in?

People do suffer, that's right.
But if there is love there is spiritual fulfillment,
and less suffering in the end.

If you want the right spirit guide you should search for love,
and not for look-a-likes.
Real love is known by its energy and not by words or looks.
And real love is easier to recognize if you start living from your heart.

At least, that's the only way of living that works for me.
Although there are some "reptilians" who think that's demonic  wink
4  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Spirituality & Sexuality on: July 04, 2006, 22:30:25
Sarah, thanks for you post smiley

This makes sense to me.
Especially your remark that sex may be an act of LOVE.
But some people think that all astral stuff is demonic stuff, and that sex is nothing more than raw animal instinct.
If someone gives sex so less credits, I wonder how on earth they could have a satisfying love life with their lovers or a spouses.

Sex and sexual expression, freeing ourselves from sexual traumas and anxieties can ALSO spiritual healing.
Learning to LOVE in any way, with our mind, our heart and our body, right here, right now, that's also a very important in life.

I think that spirit guides can help us with that.
They don't make love to us because they need to o have sex,
spirit guides ain't the guys from our local pub, it are entities that CARE about us, they show their love and help us through the issues that bother and block us.

Perhaps it's an interesting question to ask whether sex stops in after life.
And how God, the angels and saints think about sex,
about or sexual problems on earth and about a spiritually balanced kind of sex.

I wonder if anyone who is judgemental about sex (no matter on what level) has ever thought about this seriously.
because it's very important to know ourselves, in every way, before we can move on to a higher level of consciousness.
5  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Spirituality & Sexuality on: July 04, 2006, 22:16:13
I don't think that "learning" is "new" to the forum.
He already used 4 or 5 different nick names in this thread, which I find quite annoying and not very "evolved".

Perhaps I'd better leave out the sexual part and concentrate on the things that really matter to me.
I also like to leave out the good/evil part,
because that's a matter of distinguishing energy.
And that's more suitable for another kind of topic.

The new question is: what is a spirit guide?
Is it our Higher Self or is it another (godsent) entity that helps us on a spiritual level?
How do we recognize our spirit guides, how do we communicate with them?
What do we learn from them?
Is it nececassary to know them or do they also help us when we're not aware of them?
And last but not least: what are your OWN experiences with spirit guides?

My own experiences are all about communication, learning, insights about all parts of life, including fear, sorrow, love, sex, and the whole range of human emotions and experiences.
We most of all talk about it, like one would do with a friend, a teacher, or something in between.

For me spiruality is something that is happening right here, right now.
All that I know and assume to know is based on experience and not on philosphical pondering and the books I've read.
6  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Spirituality & Sexuality on: July 04, 2006, 18:57:05
And what would you have said if there wasn't any sex involved?
Or let's say that my spirit guide was a human being,
my professor for instance and I would have had sex with him.
Would you also be shocked?
Because professors don't have sex?
Do you really thinks that there's no sex at all in other dimensions?
Do you think that all sex is raw and loveless?

No, sex is energy and energy exchange.
With energy you could love someone or harm someone.
With our pure instincts we can kill another human being,
or we can build things up or try to reach or goals.
Energy isn't good or evil.
It depends on HOW you use the energy.

And why you always quote other people?
What about your OWN experience?
What did you learn from that?
What did love teach you?
What do your wife, you children, friends and family teach you?
What did your own interactions with the Divine teach you?

Or do you only talk about God and Love without experiencing a thing?
And yes, I talk about love, not about sex.
Because that's the language of the other world.

I also wonder how you approach human relationships.
In the same stern way or with a little bit more understanding and compassion?

If your wordly point of view is the same as your spiritual point of view
we will never ever understand each other.
But if you're able to describe your relationships with other human beings,
if you're able to define love and to show love, then  we can talk.
Because love is my way of living, at least I try to,
with or without spirit guide.
7  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Spirituality & Sexuality on: June 28, 2006, 21:17:43
I don't think you need to "believe" anything,
you only need to read someone's energy.
Then you know if you're in good or bad company,
whether in daily life, whether in the spiritual or astral world.
8  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Spirituality & Sexuality on: June 28, 2006, 18:56:43
And another thing...

Sex isn't the same as rape.
A spirit isn't the same as a demon.
Enjoying sex isn't the same as being obsessed.

I think some people don't really see the difference between good and evil.
They don't see it, so it's evil.
They don't know it, so they judge it.

Actually James' post (thanks smiley perfectly described
how to handle things like this.
Be silent, be still, listen to your inner self
and to the answer that comes from within.

I think that being alert and to live from our hearts is the best approach ever.
That makes us see where love stops and where evil starts,
that makes us realize if we're on the right path or not.
9  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Spirituality & Sexuality on: June 28, 2006, 18:42:37
I guess that "awareness" "hp" etc. etc. are one and the same person, with the same fears and obsessions?

This subject deals with issues regarding sexuality, aggression, physical, emotional and psychological stress. This treatise will provide the most accurate information regarding reptilian operational methods that has ever been presented in history.

But my original post doesn't deal with that at all.
I was actually only dealing with my own doubts and insecurity.

Spirits and spirit guides can be loving.
If your deceased grandmother visits you,
why should you freak out and think it's a demon?
Why all these freakshows based on fear and not on love?

I think my own approach to life and the spiritual world is totally different.
It's a world that taught me love and forgiveness.
It's a world that learned me to love myself and to trust my intuition.

I also think that only a rational approach doesn't help me any further.
It's much more easier for me to rely on my intuition.

But sex with a spirit (guide), well that was something I've never heard of.
It's actually not much different than sex with a good friend.
Because there's trust and you respect one another.
Although there might be a danger that you fall in love and you forget to live in the real world.
But if a spirit guide is really a spirit guide he won't let that happen.
And if he isn't a spirit guide, perhaps he's someone who loves me.
Someone who wants to help me with certain issues.
And since everything he does or says is based on love it's not really scary.
The aggression and judgements from other human beings are far more scary.

Anyway, I've been reading a lot of opinions and quotes in this thread.
But how many of you had the same sort of experiences?
How many of do know their spirit guides?
How many of you have had a sexual relationship with them?

Did it any good?
Did it harm you?
And why?

About God, Jesus, Love and the Light,
that's the world my spirit guide always refers to.
It's the world that inspires him and makes him radiate love.
He won't run away if he would see Jesus.
Of course not, because Jesus is one of his inspirators.
Like of many others who live from their hearts.
10  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Spirituality & Sexuality on: June 25, 2006, 22:36:03
My personal belief is actually quite simple:
as long love rules I'm doing the right thing.
11  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Spirituality & Sexuality on: June 25, 2006, 21:33:52
Hello Paker7,

It's the first time I talk openly about this.
I'm used to be open about my spirituality.
And I'm used to be open about my sexuality.
But I never knew it was possible to have sex with a spirit (guide).
It wasn't just a dream and it wasn't my own juicy fantasy.
It was very real and it had an huge emotional impact on me.
It was like making love for the first time with the love of my life.
I've been in relationships before, but I hardly ever felt so close to someone.
And with a real lover I can talk about it.
But after I've had sex with my astral lover, I realized that I was alone.
That there's no one lying next to me.
And that is pretty confusing.
(Although we talked about it later of course)

Quote from: Shyness
But the sexual part was confusing me because I wasn't sure if it was right.

I thought that you said earlier that you are very open in this matter.

Being open doesn't mean I can't be confused.
It was all new to me although it was a pleasant experience.
But it was like I made an emotional swift.
I would have been just as confused if I should have made love to a woman.
New things can be very confusing, especially if it's not a common thing.
At least I thought that astral sex wasn't a common thing.
I'm still not sure if it is a good thing, and I don't mean from an ethical point of view,
but more from a spiritual and psychological point of view.

I'm actually less worried about all the scary demonic stories I've heard.
But I wonder if there are more people who have sex with spirits or their spirit guides.
Do they experience this as a good or a bad, or just as a nice waste of time?

The main part of this relationship is a talking/learning relationship.
The sexual part came later and still doesn't dominate our relationship.
It's more an extra.
If I experienced this extra with a close friend it would have been far easier to accept
that we're not only friends but also lovers at times.

Quote from: Shyness
On the other hand I think that he is still working on certain issues himself.

There is a word in Hinduism for an advanced entity who decides to remain close to physical plane to help other souls, instead of evolving further as quick as possible.

In that case he might be something like this.
But I'm not aware what kind of spirits and spirit guides do exist.
And what makes a spirit guide a spirit guide and not a "lost soul".
Until now I've trusted my intuition.
Until now he didn't fool me around or hurt me in anyway.
Yes, the sexual part confused me, but we can stop that any time.
That's also something I'm going to do, to think things over and to get everything into perspective.

Quote from: Shyness
Another thing that bothers me is my own perception.
My fears, my prejudices and doubts are in the way to understand what is going on.

99% of women   :loveU:  are like you  cheesy  wink Everything is fine but they have their fears and prejudices and then they want to fix something that is not broken and all hell breaks loose.  wink

I think that doubts, fear and prejudices don't give me the right perception.
By letting this go and by observing what really is and what not, it's easier to get the full picture.
Then I hopefully see what's right about all the scary stories and the erotic poetry about heavenly grooms and brides.

It's easy to get carried away by both fear and romantic feelings,
that's why I rather observe and stay in touch with my intuition,
to see what's really going on.

And that's what I'm trying to do right now.
12  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Spirituality & Sexuality on: June 25, 2006, 15:26:42
Again, thanks for all the replies.

James, your post makes really sense,
because it describes exactly how I try to feel the difference between good and evil.
Although I'm not so aware yet that I know how to handle every situation.
And because so much seems to be mixed when it's about the relationship I have with my "spirit guide"
it takes some time to get this clear.
At least thinking and talking about it helps a great deal.

When it's about right or wrong or good and evil,
I always use this wonderful tool: my intuition.
My intuition is never wrong, but my intuition might sometimes be blurred by my ego (most of all fears or worries)
It's impossible for me to understand anything at all if I would only use
my rational mind.

How do I check if something is false or true?
By using my intuition.
How do I know if I can trust someone or not?
By the energy he or she radiates.
Words are just words.
They might tell a totally different story.
And if the energy and the words don't match it feels uncomfortable anyway.

It's very easy for me to feel the main energy someone radiates.
It's impossible to hide a strong energy like hate or anger behind a "love" layer.
It's also impossible to analyze someone's intentions or energy with your mind.
You need to use your intuition for that.

I know that my spirit guide isn't an angelic being.
He also doesn't pretend he is.
It also could be that he isn't a real spirit guide.
But he also isn't someone with cruel intentions.
Because cruelty doesn't match with his energy.
His energy is soft and loving.
And now I've been reading about different kind of spirits,
he might be someone I've known before (perhaps from a past life)someone who has always cared about me.
He's much lighter and brighter than the (living) people I know,
so he might be (perhaps only a tiny little bit) on a higher plane.
On the other hand I think that he is still working on certain issues himself.
But he doesn't bother me with that, he doesn't cling to me, he doesn't bother me in any way.
I think he even would say sorry if he would make a mistake or go too far.

So let's say he's only a spirit and not a spirit guide.
Does he harm me?
Does he make my life a mess?
But the sexual part was confusing me because I wasn't sure if it was right.
And I also think that sex between us shouldn't become a habit.
I stop with the sexual part for a while just to see how things really are between us.
And to ask him what the purpose of our relationship is.

Another thing that bothers me is my own perception.
My fears, my prejudices and doubts are in the way to understand what is going on.

I know what he radiates, and that's a positive energy.
I know how he behaves, and that would be an ideal behavior if he would have been human.
And I know that the connection feels overall good, in spite of some doubts.

The question is: if he's just a spirit, not evolved yet to be a guide,
why he seeks my company?
If he doesn't do any harm, should I still send him away?
A normal spirit isn't the same as a negative spirit.
But on the other hand: what's the use of having a spirit around who seems to love me and like my company.

Although this topic goes to extremes, I don't think my situation is so extreme.
And I also don't think that my spirit is dangerous.
If he were my neighbor, who was more or less in love with me,
and with whom I could have a good time, I would act the same as I do now.
I would talk about my doubts and feelings with my friends and finally take a decision
to continue the relationship or not.
But I'm not sure if I should treat an (as far as I can see) innocent spirit as a normal human being.

I keep some distance, use my intuition and then I see what's next.
13  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Spirituality & Sexuality on: June 24, 2006, 21:07:11
Thanks for your reply, HP.

Quote from: hp
I see that if I ask Jesus to surround the entity I encounter in His Light.  "The Fire of Ascension" is an energy from a spiritual realm where Jesus like beings exist.  This energy can be invoked.  This Light will many times make your human boyfriend, dead relative from astral run away, because she/he is actually a Demon who shapeshifted into a lover, relative, ascended master, etc to try to deceive, possess you and steal your lifeforce.

If demonic forces can pretend being a higher being, they also could make us believe
that they're Jesus or an Archangel.
But isn't love the difference between a higher and a lower astral being?
Or can't we even trust love?

Just like a sharp dressed man is only a sharp dressed man, it depends on his energy and his intentions.
If his energy doesn't match with his nice words and his nice looks,
I wouldn't trust him anyway.
Looks are just looks, words are just words, the energy someone radiates tells me who I can trust or not.
(In this case I merely speak about human beings)

If we need to know if someone is reliable or not, we need to rely on something within ourselves.
On our intuition for example.
Or isn't that enough?

Demons are sometimes as clever as Einstein.

Are demons clever enough to radiate love?
Or are they only smooth talkers and seductive lovers?
Can they also transform their energy so it really looks like they're good company?

In that case how much it would help to pray to Jesus,
if demons changes their clothes, their looks and their energy from time to time?

I still don't think and feel that my spirit guide/astral lover is a "demonic force".
He is someone who radiates love, who is patient, who isn't obsessed by sex,
who doesn't force me to do anything.
He's not a sharp dressed man who talks about love.
He's someone who shows love and not only through sex.
It's more his approach, his energy, his behavior.
If he were a normal human being I would like him and trust him.
Although I don't know what kind of relationship we would have had.
At least we should have been friends.

Do you really think that the universe is full of demonic forces,
and that there isn't some natural protection from within ourselves (intuition)
and from a higher source? (God, Jesus)
(Since you assume that demons do change their appearance from time to time,
it would be very hard to find the right Jesus, which I don't believe actually,
because I concentrate on Love, and not on looks or smooth talking)

What would a spirit guide be like according to you?
What would a spirit guide behave like?
Don't think that a spirit guide could help solving sexual issues?
Don't you think that sexuality is also a part of life and our souls?
If sexuality was only meant for procreation I don't think that it would have such a great impact on our lives.
Then rape wouldn't hurt so much.
Then making love wouldn't open our hearts.

For me sexuality is also a key to more openness, more awareness,
sexuality can be healing.
Especially if you are somehow traumatized by certain sexual experiences.
And there's also a big difference between making love with someone who loves you in return.
Then to have sex all day, whether in bed or on an astral plane.
I'm for instance not interested in having astral lovers or love affairs.
I wouldn't practice astral projection for my sexual pleasures.

But sometimes boy meets girl and they fall in love.
Just like me and my spirit guide met, with one big difference that we've been merely friends since we've met.

Anyway, it seems that there are amounts of theories out there about a subject like this.
So I need to rethink again what I actually feel and want myself.
But it feels good to talk about these sort of things, because there aren't many people who would understand.
14  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Spirituality & Sexuality on: June 24, 2006, 11:19:05
Thanks for you explanation Smiley
15  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Spirituality & Sexuality on: June 24, 2006, 01:57:55
Quote from: James S
Getting back to the topic....

My own personal experiences and learning agrees with Adrian's view here.
I have experienced sex/sexuality in the astral, and found it to have been both a reconnection with the feminine aspect of my soul, as well as a reconnection with my higher self in a more general sense.

Our higher selves are pure love. When we reconnect with our soul, our higher self (our egos can separate us from our divine self), it is a very loving experience, which can present itself to us as an act of making love.

Lets not forget that sex and sexuality is actually divine in nature and a higher expression of our physical and spiritual selves. Its only since the advent of controlling religions that it has been relegated to being something less.


Hello James,

Just one question: how do you know that you're 100% in touch with your Higher Self.
I do meditate myself, and I try to be pure and open (at least as much as possible).
But it's very hard to distinguish if my ego is still fooling me around.

Although the experience I have feel pure, I'm still confused at times,
because mainly I don't know what this exactly is and how it works.
But with all these posts to think about I hopefully get a clearer view on what is going on.
16  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Spirituality & Sexuality on: June 24, 2006, 01:50:23
Hello HP  grin

Thanks for your post, which I find very helpful.
I don't have the idea that my guide or my lover is a negative energy.
But he also isn't a angelic being.
He's very human, but also a bit lighter and brighter.

he may be at his level of consciousness, whatever that may be - which seems to me to be just typical of people between lifetimes.

Well, perhaps it is something like this.
Something "in between".
And the sexual part of  our relationship is rather new.
It's right that he enjoys sex, but it's not the only thing he's interested in.
It's not our main "exercise" in our relationship  wink

The question is: how can I know what astral beings and energies are good or harmless,
and how do I know if I'm in trouble?
I don't see that clearly yet.
Do you see that yourself when you encounter someone from the astral plane?

I think you're very right that sex isn't our main concern.
That there are more important things in life.
But sex is also a part of life also of our spiritual life.
Being aware of myself also means being aware of my sexual identity.
Now it feels like my spirit guide helps me to find my real self,
including my sexual self.

But I notice that the more balanced I get the more my view on life expands.
The more I'm aware about what's important or not.
So maybe I once get a grip about what's going on right now.
17  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Spirituality & Sexuality on: June 23, 2006, 22:54:19
Well, and what would you do if a flying saucer would crash into your living room right now?
Or with other words, how all this theoretic stuff works in our "daily" reality?
How sane it is to have an astral lover?
What's the use of it?
How to handle it?
Is what feels good really good?
How to stay realistic, where to draw the line?
Etc. etc.

That's what keeps me busy.
Because it's effecting my life.
Not necessary in a negative way.
But it's confusing.

I'm not really looking for "romantic" answers.
But more for workalble answers.
I could try to handle this relationship like all of my relationships.
But having an astral lover is like having an on-line affair.
You feel so close but you're never ever together.
That sort of things...
18  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Spirituality & Sexuality on: June 23, 2006, 14:30:07
It's comfortable as long we "see" each other from time to time.
But it's less comfortable when it gets too intense.
I've always learned a lot from the conversations and the therapeutic sessions with my spirit guide.
We pick a certain issues, talk about it, analyze it, work it out.
He supports me, while I do the hard working.
It's the best therapy I've ever had.

The loving part of this "relationship" has both its healing and romantic aspects.
And to be honest I don't want the romantic part to become too intense.
I don't want that this astral relationship becomes a substitute of a real relationship.
He isn't jealous when I meet men in real life, he hasn't been judgmental about my sex life so far.
But having an astral love affair is much more easier than having a real life love affair.
There are no boundaries and my spirit guide doesn't seem to have any emotional blocks.
So everything runs smoothly and very natural.
I never experienced that in a real relationship.
I've also noticed that I find real guys not interesting enough,
they're not in touch with their emotions, they're not willing to express themselves, that sorts of things.
But I also had (and partly have) these problems myself, so I can't blame human guys for being human  wink

I'm a little bit worried that this astral affair might absorb me too much.
I'm still in charge and I always can say no, but real life seems sometimes so far away.
I can feel very good about myself, about the things I do and learn, with or without my spirit guide,
but sometimes I feel like an alien when I'm back again in the real world.
And that's something I don't like.
I don't look like an alien, I also don't behave like one, but my way of thinking
and my approach to life have changed, which it's totally different than from the people I know.

I wish my inner world and the experiences I have with my spirit guide were more integrated in daily life.
Now it's like a live two different lives at the same time and that makes me feel a bit out of place in the real world.

Perhaps it's only a temporary thing, but it's something I tend to worry about.
19  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Spirituality & Sexuality on: June 23, 2006, 01:39:44
Thanks Beth Smiley
20  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Spirituality & Sexuality on: June 23, 2006, 01:24:31
Thanks for all the replies  grin

When it's about spiritual experiences, I always keep this rule in mind: if it feels good and does good, it is good.
If it feels uncomfortable, if it hurts or gets on my nerves, I'm on the wrong path.

Because these experiences are so intense, because they change so much in my inner world,  
I wish I could share them with others sometimes.
But as soon as spirituality and sexuality come together, people go nuts, start laughing or become judgmental.
That doesn't make it easy for me to talk about it.

In general I feel good about these experiences.
And it's not just sex, the main part of this "relationship" is quite philosophic,
we have conversations about almost everything that keeps me busy.
That's how we've spend most of the time before our first sexual experiment.
Because we spent so much time together, we started to feel each other's energy.
We were now able to feel each other's presence and that was new.
We also could feel each other's emotions and thoughts almost physically.
We could feel our hearts open up, and feel each other's love.

I was reading something about Tantra at the time.
Because I was interested in having a loving relationship (and not a fighting relationship like with my ex)
the next time I should fall in love.
I also was interested (and I still am) in another approach of sexuality,
more from the heart.
I was reading the book and did some of the meditation exercises (which can be done alone)
and I was thrilled, this was good stuff.
At the time I wasn't thinking about my spirit guide at all.
But all of a sudden he was there and he said: we can do these exercises together.
Because it's all about getting in touch with each other's energy and opening our hearts.
We meditated for a while and wow, that was really good.
It's he was like he knows everything about Tantra, he perfectly knows to explain how it works,
although we never talked about it before.

I wanted to know my own sexuality better and I wanted to find out what I really want in the next relationship.
I wanted to save tantric love and sex for the man who's worth it.
But strangely enough it was my spirit guide who became my tantric lover and teacher.
It was his idea, he invited me to this world and I accepted his invitation.

I call him my spirit guide, but that is only a word.
I can't really tell who he is.
He isn't just a ghost who hides in my bedroom and who's only hungry for wild sex.
But he also isn't an angel (no wings included  wink ) who teaches me how to become a saint.
One could say that he's just a guy, but he's just a guy with a special aura.
He radiates positive energy.
He's smart, he's bright and he has some sense of humor too.
He also knows that I'm looking for some kind of "validation" about what is happening between us.
He says: you know what you know and you know that it's alright,
and you're not insecure because of our relationship, but because of some aspects with tin yourself.
That's right, but I already know his opinion, I sometimes also like to hear the opinion of others.

Beth wrote:
Second, while it is certainly not the case in every situation, this masculine entity may well be the masculine part of yourself seeking integration into a balanced whole of both genders.

That is what the Sacred Marriage is all about. Becoming ONE with all aspects of yourself, both masculine and feminine--both physical and divine--is a goal that dedicated practitioners have been working towards for centuries.

I like this point of view, because what I notice is that the male and female aspects in me really change,
I'm becoming more softer, more receptive, more feminine.
But he also has changed, his energy also has become smoother.

Paker7 wrote:
Everything is real - some things are materially real and some are astrally real. You can read my posts about "real experiences" in this thread.

Thanks for the link, I shall read it.

I have to admit that I don't know much about astral experiences.
I only have to concentrate to talk to my spirit guide.
It's not necessary to dream, to meditate or to have an out of body experience.
Sometimes a very light trance might help, but that's most of all something that happens,
I don't need to do anything for that.
I also don't meditate to prepare to meet him or to have sex with him.
Sex happens most of all spontaneously and certainly not all the time.
That depends on our mood.
He's also the only spirit I have sex with and I'm also not looking for other astral lovers.
I also have no idea what kind of astral beings and lovers might be around,
but I think that I'm in good company, so I try not to worry too much.
But sometimes I just want to know who he is, where he comes from,
and why he picked me.
And how things like this work in general.

That's about it  grin
21  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Spirituality & Sexuality on: June 22, 2006, 19:41:36
Sex with a spirit guide

I was a teenager when I first met him, my spirit guide.
He was in his late twenties, so far too old for me at the time.
At first I didn't know what or who he was.
But he was just there, it felt comfortable.
And soon I started talking to him, he didn't really answered me,
but I felt that I could trust him.
A few years later I noticed that I could talk to him and that he answered me.
We've had lots and lots of interesting conversations.
Mainly about things that kept me busy when I was younger.
He was my therapist and friend at the same time.
We never talked about sex actually, yes we did, but more in general.
We didn't talk about my sex life nor about his.
That was absolutely not done, I thought,
spirit guides are higher beings, they don't have a physical body,
so how could they ever have sex?
I didn't even think about such things.
I was shy, timid, prudish, scared, traumatized, when it was about sex.

A few years ago I learned to channel my spirit guide.
He talked and I wrote down what he said.
Our conversations got more intense.
We didn't skip any issue that was important in my life.
When I wrote about myself in my journal I didn't mind to talk about sex,
about my boyfriends and sexual experiences.
But I just couldn't talk about this with my spirit guide.
He started nagging me: don't play so foolish, if you explore all the depths of your soul,
you also have to explore the sexual depths of your soul.
Get rid of this narrow minded stupidity, write down all the things you want to write about,
don't skip anything, name it, say it , do it.
And not to please me, but finally to open up, totally.

He was right, I was skipping certain subjects, I was hiding things from him,
because I thought that our bond had to be purely spiritual.
That the things we talked about had to have some sense and some profound meaning.
But that's how I also limited myself and kept on avoiding certain issues that were still hidden somewhere.

I decided to listen to what my spirit guide said: no more taboos, no more boundaries or restraints.
I should write down exactly what I felt and how I felt, what I wanted and what needed to change in my life.
It was a cascade of words that never seemed to stop.
But it was something good and it felt good, I started to feeling free,
more open, more communicative, more honest in daily life.
And also my sex life got more spicy because I dared to show my real self and my real passions
for the first time in my life.

About two years ago I was writing in my journal, my spirit guide came by and he said: write about us.
So I just started writing.
But it turned out to be quite an erotic story.
I stopped writing and didn't want to think about it.
Because this wasn't the way it should be.
It reminded me somehow of my teenage crushes, making up the most fantastic stories
about the guy I could never have.
So how stupid it would be to fall in love with a spirit guide?

But a few nights later I dreamt this dream.
I met my spirit guide and we made love.
Well, it wasn't just making love.
It was one of the most intense erotic dreams I've ever had.
And it was a spiritual encounter at the same time.
It was beautiful and I enjoyed it,
but soon after I was awake I started pondering again: how sane is this?
What if we do this more often and what if I fall in love?
And what does he actually feel, does he really participate, or is it only my imagination?

I've had more dreams like this, most of them where normal dreams, some of them were lucid.
And I noticed that the relationship I had with my spirit guide until now, started to change.
I felt him closer, his energy was softer, it really felt like someone loved me and wanted me.
Our conversations changed and became more personal, they touched my heart directly.
Before I had these dreams he was like a friend, like my older brother,
but now he was also my lover.
We were communicating more at the same level, like I wasn't guided anymore,
but like we were working together on the same project, with the same ideas, with this huge energy drive.

When I was writing in my journal, he was always there, he always had something to say.
We were still working on the same issues, but the intensity increased,
and sex, sexuality and love were also things we talked about.
And while I was writing, I could feel him, a soft loving energy around me.
Sometimes it was like he tried to seduce me while I was writing.
Sometimes he said: let's go to bed and dream with me.
But I didn't have to dream about him anymore to make love to him,
it could be anywhere, anytime.
As long as my mind was set upon him or his mind was set upon me.
And although I enjoyed these experiences, I still didn't feel comfortable.
So I said to myself: I feel attracted to him, it's okay I fantasize about him,
but it's NOT real.
But this didn't work, he still was around, in my dreams and in my writings,
and I wasn't sure if I wanted this.

I asked a friend carefully, who also has an intensive bond with her spirit guide,
about her feelings for her spirit guide.
She always had a lot to tell about him, how sweet he was, how cute he was,
how much she learned from him.
And she did admit that she was for a while "sort of in love" with him.
I thought, fine, I'm not the only one.
But I didn't dare to ask her if she also had sex with him, because sex isn't something she easily talks about.

And to be honest, I still don't know what to think about having sex with someone invisible.
Someone who's made of energy, but doesn't have a physical body.
Someone I can never meet for real.

I've read about astral projection on this forum, but that's not a technique I use.
I've read about out-of-body-experiences and lucid dreams where such things might happen.
But I'm most of all fully awake but relaxed when I feel him around me,
when he starts talking to me or when he's getting romantic.
He actually behaves like a normal boyfriend would behave.
He doesn't want to have sex all the time, and his vision on sex is far more spiritual,
it's not just about getting laid.
It's also about feeling each other's energy, getting closer to one another,
reading each other's mind.
It's also about freeing myself from sexual inhibitions, from fears, from things that block me emotionally.
It's a full package of love, therapy, spiritual insights and sexual healing.

And believe me, it means a lot, it gives me a lot, but it also makes me nervous.
Because how far can this go, how healthy is this, how much I'm still in control?
No matter how sweet, lovable and patient my spirit guide is.

And that's why I want to share some of my experiences on this forum,
just to let of steam and perhaps to learn from the experiences and insights from others.
Because that's exactly what I need right now.

Thanks for reading  grin
22  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Spirituality & Sexuality on: June 22, 2006, 19:17:54
It are more "astral" experiences, although I'm not sure if that's the right word.
I shall post one of my experiences.
I can use some insightful replies.
23  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Spirituality & Sexuality on: June 22, 2006, 18:33:46
I don't want to prove anything.
I want to share something which is both very precious and hard for me.
It's for me serious stuff, something I can't talk about with anyone.
Because most "normal" people would say I need a psychiatrist,
people who see sex as a nice waste of time think I just need to get laid.
And spiritual people think I'm immoral, confusing spirituality with sexuality.

I was hoping to find more open minded people on this message board.
24  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Spirituality & Sexuality on: June 22, 2006, 18:21:53
Well, if I only wanted to talk about sex I wouldn't be on this forum...

I'm not so sure now if I can share my experiences here who are pretty intense,
and who cover a much larger range than just sex.
25  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Spirituality & Sexuality on: June 22, 2006, 17:07:04
Hello everyone  grin

I'm new to this forum and there's something that keeps me busy for a while.
It's the link between spiritual development and sexual experiences.
(Or one could also say spiritual healing and sexual healing).

When it's about sexuality, I'm quite open-minded, at least I try to, especially to myself.
This openness at least means that I'm aware of my feelings, that I know what I want and don't want,
and that I also express myself freely when in a relationship.

When it's about spirituality and my own spiritual experiences, I also have an open mind,
but I also check from time to time what could be real and what might be imagination.

But it's very hard to find people who share my openness when it's about these two subjects.
Sex on an astral plane for instance is something that freaks out the spiritually balanced people.
Sex and tantra are for them only okay if it's sacred enough and balanced enough.
But don't talk with them about orgasms or one night stands, they can't stand that  wink
And the more sexually oriented folks don't understand a thing from spirituality.
"You mean the Kama Sutra or what, and getting laid in 1001 ways?"
Not really  rolleyes

In my life both sex and spirituality play an important role,
for me they're more like brother and sister, than like something sacral and something sinful.

I still feel a bit shy and fragile to talk about this.
But taboos are there to be broken, right  cheesy

More from me soon...
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