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1  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Visiting a "euphoric" place when I sleep on: February 02, 2020, 19:00:39
Quite an intetesting post Icey! Such places are the reason I want to experiment OBE's in the first place. Hope I get to find my happy place soon enough myself!
2  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Sleep Paralysis state on: February 02, 2020, 15:12:49
I'm the one thanking you Lumaza and EV! Those are great advices that make a lot of sense, it would be total ignorance not to follow them. Sadly I might not get as much time as I'd like to practice starting from next week since I will get home around 8-9 pm some days, but I'll keep digging as soon as I can in my free time!
3  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Sleep Paralysis state on: February 02, 2020, 04:12:24
Just like Lumaza said, the first scenes you get, you have to passively observe. If I can picture it for you, it feels a little as if you are in your couch at home watching tv (yourself in the couch being your point of awareness, from which you perceive, and the tv being the scenarios). At first they are not quite "clear" in your head, you see them without much details, from a distance. But as you deepen the state (let your point of awareness sink, just stay in an observer point of view) the scenarios get clearer and bear more details, as if you were getting closer and closer to the screen. You will know you have phased when they don't feel like you are watching them through a screen, but you are literally in the scenario. Exactly like during a dream. The only difference is you got there from a total awakened state and you can come back and forth to it without (or almost) any loss in your awareness. The moment right before phasing, it's as if you were inches away from the screen and then you just get in the scene. That's where I lose my awareness usually. If you try to change some things, modify the scene or think too much you won't be able to let go enough to get in the scene (at first). You have to keep just the right amount of interest to stay awake and lucid, but not too much or it will keep you from getting in those scenarios and you will stay far from the screen, in your couch. I think we have to learn and gauge how to let go just enough, not too much nor too little. Try and keep an interested mindset. When images or scenarios arise in your mind, think things like: " How curious, how interesting!". Learn to let go progressively and most importantly, slowly. If you let go too quickly, you will fall asleep. If you don't let go enough, you stay awake, far from the scene. Hope it helps!

I tried Lumaza's tip, and it went wonderfully well! I succeeded in keeping my awareness to a point where I usually lose it. The scenarios went on, and they got clear but I was still perfectly aware of being in my bed, trying to phase. Usually for me to get such a good level of detail in the scenarios I have to let go of my awareness. When I felt like I was losing my awareness I was stopping the "let go of the mind", I stabilised a little and started watching the scenarios again. This is a good step for me! I realise I only have to push the point progressively where I lose the awareness and I'll be there soon enough.
4  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Sleep Paralysis state on: February 02, 2020, 01:38:43
Woah, I did not think for an instant that I'd get such amazing replies with as many details. Escape Velocity, your message made a lot of sense and I now realise like you said that I must have been in the wrong since phasing is the most natural way to succeed and I have been doing it for a while. Everything you said kind of rang a bell in my head, thanks a lot! I am lucky of getting such a good support from you guys! So yeah when I wrote "traditional OBE", I meant the kind when you float out of the body with physical sensations and all. I figured it could be a better way to keep a good level of awareness, but I understand it would be starting all over, almost from scratch, and I am way closer with phasing. The reasons you gave me as to why I did not succeed up until now make a lot of sense too, and I think I only have to keep experimenting and learning through it. I never really thought about the fact that I may be past a RTZ OBE with my practice, and I never was really interested in having one in the first place. My goal is to see some beautiful, out-of-the-ordinary landscapes, to experiment wonderful moments that leave you that nostalgic impression throughout the day, making you want to go back like some dreams I used to have in the past. I read a lot of people who had a hard time getting farther from the body in the RTZ (I only see it as a label by the way, like Xanth used to put it) or even out of the room. Phasing is more appropriate to the goal I have set for myself, since there is no messing around with all of that and is closer I think to the creative part of the experience. I wish to see fantastic things, to experiment worlds filled with fantasy and imagination. Such is what I desire to accomplish through AP at first for the most basic part of it. Later would come goals with a deeper signification. For all those reasons, I agree with everything you said and will keep it in mind 100%! Thanks again, your reply was a real enlightenment!

Lumaza, what a good input you gave me! Thanks for giving me a path to follow, I didn't know how to get further in my practice of phasing and that's why I got stuck years ago and maybe stopped practicing. Seems a pretty good step-up point in my opinion, I will make sure to practice that and come back with news if everything goes according to plan!

Thank you too for your input DarknChildlike. The fact that you are a recent member doesn't mean we won't value and accept your opinion. You seem to have a good experience of OBE's and I am glad you shared it with us.

Each and every time that I come back to this forum, I get surprised how its members are devoted to helping each other and giving freely some of their time. I really appreciate it! Thanks again.
5  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Sleep Paralysis state on: January 31, 2020, 21:20:45
Thanks for your answer! In my case, I just end up falling asleep or coming back like you say. I never gain full awareness, maybe do I have to try more!
6  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Sleep Paralysis state on: January 31, 2020, 15:40:41
Hello guys, it's been (once again) quite a while since I posted or practiced seriously. I'm getting back to it, and I already got some nice results after only one week of tryouts (1 hour daily after work). I used to practice phasing, which seems to be the most natural way for me to succeed. The thing is, I never quite succeeded in obtaining a good level of awareness during my experiences. So I am focusing on having a more "traditional OBE" experience, and getting the feel of an exit from sleep paralysis. I wanted to discuss with you guys how that SP feels, since I am never convinced that I am in that state, and what to do when you are stuck there.

So for me, SP feels a bit like everyone describes. I will lay down and let my awareness sink in, same as if I would be sinking in water (let's say). It can feel as if I would close "my inner eyes", my awareness is not situated between my eyes anymore, I cannot pinpoint exactly where it gets to but it feels deeper inside myself, in a place that could be leveled up with my belly (but not in the physical reality). Once I get stabilised (my awareness is not trying to come back up from that same point in space), I get to the state that I identify as SP. The only thing is, I know that if will it I can still move my body. This is the part whick makes me doubt a little about my experience, but I can hear my breathing and I get a strong feeling that my body is asleep. In such a state, if I let go of just a little (my awareness,) I get sucked into mini dream scenarios. Such was the phasing I used to practice in my old OBEing days. My body is numb, I sometimes get those vibrations in my feet and then in my body, realise that I'm in a scenario and snap out of it to come back to my body, hear myself making strange noises, reacting to what is going on in those scenarios. And I am back in the state, before I phase again in another scenario if I maintain it. Lately I try to not let go of my awareness, and I tell myself affirmations like "I'm out of body now". I try to still deepen my point of awareness. But up to now, I'm stuck there. If I deepen the state too much, I end up phasing in those dream-like scenarios. I really want to experience it with a good level of awareness so I was wondering, what do you guys do when you get there? How does SP feel for you?  
7  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Does anyone had constant success with phasing? on: February 13, 2018, 22:51:08
Phasing is the only way of projecting that really worked for me. Lately it's harder than it was for me to succeed since I had taken a break and I'm a lot busier than I used to be, which keeps me from practicing as much as I'd like. It feels more natural than any other technique for me and I enjoy doing it.

Edit: Oh and in order to answer to the title of this topic, when I was at my best I would phase more than once each session I was doing. I could phase, come back the PR and then go again 5 times in a session (though I was less successful if I would try again the same day). The only thing is I never got to have a good awareness in those experiences. Since I had to let myself go in order to "get into" (take part in, focus on) the scenarios, it made me succeed while having a dream-like awareness. I was working on that and never really got to keep my waking awareness while phasing. I want to work on that now, I think all I need is to find the balance between letting go and keeping a tiny thread of focus as I phase, to be able to stabilize myself in my new environment afterward.
8  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Looking for an opinion. on: February 06, 2018, 22:59:53
That's exactly it! And you're welcome  smiley
9  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Looking for an opinion. on: February 06, 2018, 00:04:34
See when you say you were feeling your legs, when you say you tried to separate, well you were doing the wrong thing. Trying to separate from your body makes you think about... Your body! And physical sensations! Which will kepp you from succeeding. If you wanted to "separate" from your body the only thing you had to do was to let go. Instead you focused on feeling a separation happening between something you believed being kind of an energy body and your physical one (watch out, everything you feel might not be the reality, keep that in mind). So you focused on feeling. On sensations. Got it? You are the one who stopped everything. You are the one that will decide when to succeed. It's not always an easy thing to do, but the action is all yours.
10  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Looking for an opinion. on: February 05, 2018, 23:56:32
Don't worry it's all very normal. You are not used to having those sensations so you still get surprised. They get less intense as you advance in your practice! The way to go past that point is to KEEP FOCUSING ON WHAT YOU WERE DOING. I put it in capital letters so that you understand that this is the key. Staying focused on whatever you were doing that brought the sensations is the key. Ignore the sensations. You've got to be willing to let go. It's like giving yourself up to something bigger. As if you would dive into something unknown. You will know what I mean once you do it. It's a mental movement, a decision you are making that forces your consciousness to dive in the unknown. You will learn that your will is your most important tool. Every action starts with will. If you will to experience the non-physical reality once you're in the good state (which is the one you told me about in your last post) then it will happen by itself. Let the process go. You wont be able to control much in the beginning and it's normal.

You can get the "sensations" after many situations. You can wake up during the night and suddenly feel you're boiling, you're hot, you're buzzing, vibrating, floating, expanding, shaking etc etc etc. You can start from a conscious state and get the sensations after some meditation, after listening to music, or anything that is your practice in order to be able to AP. Everyone has their own way to getting there and what works best for them. But here is the thing, and now it is the same for everyone: once you get in the good state, the one which once you're in, brings all the sensations we are talking about (including the energy body seperating from you're physical one), you've got to keep doing what brought you in that state or else, you will get out of that state. Logical right? If you focus on the sensations, you are not focusing on what brought them, you're not focusing on the good thing. As I said the sensations are only a hint to tell you you're doing well so keep doing what you were doing. You could see them as a trap, the very last obstacle before having a successful AP. You are really close, just keep experiencing with that state. You will get used to those sensations and it will become so much easier to ignore them once it becomes normal and you're not surprised anymore. To facilitate this, try to let go. Just give up your being to what you are experiencing. The process will occur by itself!

And it is a pleasure to help you as much as I can!
11  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Projection Experiences! / Re: Looking for an opinion. on: February 04, 2018, 23:15:15
Those are nice experiences! You're on the right path to having many more keep working on it! Try to ignore the sensations that arise when you get in the good state. You wanna forget everything that makes your thoughts go back to your physical sensations. In order to be able to focus on another reality ("the Astral" or whatever people call it) you've got to totally ignore everything coming from this one, and physical sensations are part of it. If you focus on them, you will get surprised sometimes and it's gonna put you out of the good state. Everything will stop and you will have to start all over again (or almost). Be calm and realize that everything happening is normal. Don't get surprised by anything. Keep focusing on what you were doing that brought the sensations, not the sensations themselves. They're not important at all in the whole process and you don't even need to experience then to have a successful AP. I don't have those "exit symptoms" (there's no exit in my opinion we project inside our minds, inside ourselves) so just keep on focusing on your visualisations.

And most importantly, do not forget to let go!
12  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: A Curious Case of Tinnitus on: February 01, 2018, 11:06:49
I used to be on a forum about LD's and some of its members were discussing about that sound. Some had successful AP's by concentrating on it so I tried myself by following their instructions. If you manage to fully concentrate on the sound, it will grow stronger which will make it louder. As it gets louder it will draw more and more of your attention until you forget you are in your room. It's the same as watching the light flashes in your inner vision like Frank Kepple talks about. You are actively drawing your attention towards yourself (or inside). I never had a successful AP this way, I rely on the scenes that appear in my head in order to have one. But I know it's possible to do it!
13  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Phasing By Relaxing Physical Body Question on: March 20, 2016, 00:53:16
Good job! Keep it going! But watch out though it could be a bad thing trying to wait for the sensation you get when close to being out of body. Many people fail their attempts because they wait for something to happen and it breaks up the good state of mind. Don't wait for something to happen, you'll know when you're ready. Congrats!
14  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Phasing By Relaxing Physical Body Question on: March 16, 2016, 21:37:42
You are really close! When you get those mental scenes (like the hand), just relax and stay interested in noticing them, but no more! Just notice, that is the key to be able to let go. Keep your interest in them but I would suggest not trying to alter the process since you are not used to experiment all of it for now. As you will get more relaxed while watching those scenarios, they will get clearer and clearer until it really is as if you were watching the scene on a hd television. Then relax a little more, don't think too much, just keep enough awareness to stay interested in the scenes. You should soon be a part of them and they'll become your new environment.
15  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Phasing By Relaxing Physical Body Question on: March 15, 2016, 19:59:46
Some group say while laying still you need to move your attention away from feeling the physical body to make the transition happen
Some other group offers methods that make you still feel the physical system such as relaxing every inch of your body, feel the warmth, the comfort...
(if the point is to move awareness away from this physical reality, won't the latter be counterproductive, since feeling your physical body, such as hands, feet, breath, head, neck, or wherever on your body your attention jumps to, just make you stay in physical reality?)

When people talk about relaxing every inch of your body, or feeling warmth in your limbs, they want to show you how to relax. Those are not techniques, they are what comes before using one. It's only used in order to relax your body at first, nothing more. It can be good to use those the first 5 or 10 minutes max at the beginning of your session in order to achieve a relaxed mental state and then from there, deepen it. You HAVE to move your awareness away from your physical body, whether by using sounds like Szaxx says, or use your mental imagery (those images or scenarios you see in your head). In other words, use anything that suits you in order to relax your body. It can be feeling the sun on your skin, feeling you are tangled by waves or you are falling backwards. Those are all ways some people use to relax and that's it. Yes it focuses on your body, thus it can't be used as a proper technique. Once you are in a relaxed state,you can begin using a technique that will DRAG YOUR AWARENESS AWAY FROM YOUR PHYSICAL BODY. You must forget you are in the room trying to AP. You'll notice as the mind drifts away (from the body), you won't be able to tell in which position your limbs are. You won't feel them the way you usually do. That is losing awareness of your body. You'll know when you get there don't worry, and it's not hard. Keep practicing.

If both groups are correct... why to use any method at all? why not just lay still with being aware of whatever arises including feeling your physical body and that's it? how can this go wrong assuming you are not tired and there is no chance of falling asleep either?

Think it will be a little more clarified in your mind now. To make it a little clearer I'll try and explain what comes from my practice but these are only thoughts and my opinion following what I experienced and should be taken as such. First, if you are not tired at all you will be able to achieve AP but it will be difficult. Because in order to get there, your body HAS TO GO TO SLEEP while your mind stays awake. The reality you want to ''reach'', or better said ''focus on'', is the dream reality. Dreams, lucid dreams, AP etc. Those are all the same for me. They're all part of the same reality, the non-physical. And when do you get to experience that reality without even trying? Each and every night when you are sleeping. Even if you don't remember, you dream every night, it's a natural process of the brain. Having a good dream memory is important in order to remember your non-physical experiences. Dreams are part of the same reality as AP, that is why when you practice phasing or whatever you wanna call it, your dream memory gets better and better. You get more connected with that reality if you will. That's why you can read people stating that they are having more dreams as they improve their practice.

So, if you want to experience the non-physical reality, the same that you experience in your dreams when you sleep, what should you do? Well, go to sleep. The only difference here is that you want to experience it while being aware, from the beginning until the end. You'll have to go through the same sleep process you go through every night to have dreams, but consciously. Then you would be in the non-physical, but with your waking awareness, right? That is the reason you want your body to go sleep (get to the dream state), and your mind to stay awake (experience it while having your waking awareness). You won't be able to do so if you focus on your physical senses.

Hope it helps with what follows for you. There's a lot of information on how to get your mind to stay awake while your body goes to sleep on the forum. Now that you probably understand more about it, find a technique you are comfortable with, and practice. Get used to all the subtleties you will encounter in the states you get into while relaxing into the non-physical. The more you experience about it, the closer you get to your goals. Good continuation and keep us posted!
16  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: ET Cartoon (HIPNAGOGYC) on: March 14, 2016, 23:09:02
Hi Ramala. These scenarios you experience are normal and usual to anyone who practice phasing (astral projection). I myself observe them each time I try to phase. They appear when your brain is pretty close to the sleep state but is still awake. I think this is the basic mechanism of dreams, and if you want to be a part of theses scenarios you have to let go. Like you said, it will get more vivid as you keep watching them while drifting towards sleep. If you manage to keep enough awareness while letting go, you will be in those scenes and they'll becomme your reality. This is what people define as a phasing experience. Those scenarios can be anything you can't even imagine, and as you keep experiencing them you will be surprised at how your brain can create things out of its own will, without you interfering with it. You're really close to having an OBE so see for yourself what works best for you and don't worry, there's nothing wrong with what you see.
17  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Arms have a mind of their own..! on: February 17, 2016, 22:59:22
Hello Jabuna!

I also experiment now and then some jerking of the limbs though it seems to be a little different than what you experiment. When I get relaxed enough,  sometimes and quite often, one of my arms or legs will raise in a second as if I had been electrocuted and comes back to its place. It feels as if it is my physical limb moving, but each time I'm sure my body didn't really move. The trick is to simply ignore it. With time you will gey better at it. Simply continue what you were doing while ignoring it. At the beginning you won't be able to do so properly, but don't worry you'lle get better at it. You're on the good path keep on doing what you do, and don't stress yourself or it will result in failures. I do practice more than once a day but I don't get tensed mentally while doing so. Try to let yourself to go to sleep, even if you end up really falling asleep. I think you're staying awake too much because you're too obsessed with succeeding. I understand the feeling but try to LET GO and that really is the secret,  the key. Just do whatever you do but let go at the same time, will yourself to go to sleep while maintaining just a little bit of awareness. Release your tension and it will happen. The way you're talking your way too much tensed to succeed. Wanting it to happen is a good thing but when it's too much it becomes the only thing you can think about while trying to get there. And you're in fact doing the opposite thing you wanna do with your mind, which keeps you from going deeper into your meditation. Try letting go and I'm a hundred percent sure you'll make a step further and you will give us some good news about it. Learning to AP is a long process, don't will it to happen too soon or eventually you risk to become discouraged. Know that it takes time, and it is normal if you don't succeed right away. Your mind will learn with each experience even if you don't notice it don't worry about it. Be patient, relax,  and LET GO. Hope to have some of your news soon!
18  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: The Doorway on: February 05, 2016, 06:30:07
My approah is really close to yours Lumaza! I always let the scenario come to me and I never try to interfere with it (it would prevent me from going further at some point). I always end up in a different scenario on which I have absolutely no control over. Most of them, at least the most interesting ones are listed in my AP journal and I like to read them over and over again since i end up forgetting some of them or some details. I think it is the easiest way to reach the NP, everything is so fluid. I'll try the doorway technique, it will probably help me focus my intent instead of waiting for things to happen. I can succeed to phase in 15 minutes sometimes but I think this technique can lead to even better results. Thank you for your sharing your experiences, it's always nice to read people's AP's. There should be a pinned subject on people's most memorable experiences or a personal journal section for motivation. Nice technique for sure!
19  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Beginner Astral Projector on: February 05, 2016, 05:28:05
I agree with Lumaza and Thaomas, while I also think at the same time that it can be a way to relax faster AT THE STARTING POINT of your session. Doing conscious breathing (feeling the air going in and out of your nose, how the whole action feels like) can help to focus towards yourself and forget your ''spatial feeling'' (thinking about being in your room, or in your bed). But as you go further in the process, you have to get rid of your body sensation and focus your awareness somewhere else that feels like being inside of you. It can sometimes feel as if you were looking at yourself from the inside, and I think that's one of the reasons Frank Kepple is talking about a 180 degrees shift towards the NP. So it can be a good focusing exercise for beginners, but if you wanna AP you've gotta stop focusing on your breath 5-10 minutes after you begin your session since you'll have reached the deeper state possible with this technique if you do it well (according to my own experiences).
20  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Most interesting explanation of our reality, consciousness and OBE's- T. Campell on: January 28, 2016, 06:48:54
Here's a video of Tom Campell at OBE France 2015. It's a recent video that was added on youtube on december 13th, and it explains Tom's theory, his reality model (MBT or My Big Toe). It gives sense to everything in our reality, time, space, consciousness, evolution, and he explains how OBE would be possible (after watching it you just end up asking yourself how it would not exist). I'll save the rest of the video for tomorrow, only watched close to the first half before going to sleep. Had to share this it really is amazing. Most of you that are used with Tom's model of reality and like to listen to his conferences will probably be familiar with everything in the video, but I was amazed at how he sees things, and explains them. So for everyone not familiar with it (and even for those who know much about MBT), here it is:
21  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Came so close on: January 27, 2016, 07:09:36
I used to get the vibes but now I don't. I never got out with them, I also do more of a phasing technique. As my awareness slips towards the sleep barrier I focus on the scenarios or images that are playing in my head and I eventually just am there. It lasts only a couple of seconds for me up until now, and I am back directly in my bed or couch. Think it's the easiest way to do it since that the thing pulling your attention (the images and scenarios) are what gets you to have an experience. In the opposite for most people (except for some) the vibes (that are getting your attention once again) will nullify your efforts to get out. It's all about how you feel comfortable with what you're doing that's all.
22  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Beginner Astral Projector on: January 27, 2016, 06:58:46
I think the same as you or Xanth about LD's and AP. You're living a conscious spiritual experience and that's what really is important. I figured out the same thing, I have to keep on going to get better at it. I think I have to grasp the exact moment where my awareness lets go towards sleep and when my consciousness shifts to a different state where I am ''somewhere else''. In my opinion, I lack the control of that little slip of awareness, I let go too fast so I end up phasing without keeping my whole awareness. Got to watch it a little, will keep experimenting on that.

The reason that make me think the same as you and Xanth about the whole LD and AP subject and them being the same (or labels) is because I succeeded doing all the steps towards what is called or labelled ''phasing''. People consider it as APing, but when I get there it feels more like a dream kind of state, because I have no control over the experience as if I was dreaming at night and remembering all once I wake up. It is the exact same thing, but when I phase I do it from an awake state. I'm gone there in a second and I come back as fast as I went. It's all the same, the only changing factor is the level of awareness of the practitionner. THAT is what is really gonna influence your experience. Not the way you get ''there'' nor the fact it's labelled LD because you gained consciousness from a dream state or AP because it was straight from the waking state. I think people need to understand this since it can help a lot to understand how it all works. Thanks for your help always love to read about others practices! Good continuation in your journey my friend
23  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Beginner Astral Projector on: January 19, 2016, 19:54:17
Well this turned out to be a pretty interesting topic! I used to do as you say personalreality. The shower is a good place for me to do that. I will get somewhere else than wehre I am at that moment, whether it be in the shower or doing something else. I love the feeling of being so empty-minded that you don't even feel like being in your physical body, as if you exist somewhere else. It's a natural process of the body,from there come many expressions like ''to have one's head in the clouds'' or to be ''absent-minded''. ''To be far far away''. It happens naturally when one is gazing upon something without actually looking at it, or noticing it more precisely. It's relaxing and yes it helps being able to do the same with your eyes closed which leads to an altered state of mind.

I started my practice of AP once again now that I've got more time for it and I took it back to where I was. I can get to phase in a scenario on which I have no control, and once I am ''there'' I forget that I was trying to phase so I am not conscious at all. I don't know how to keep my awareness since I got to let it go in order to successfully phase. I might write a topic on that soon enough to get help from more experienced people even if I think I'm gonna have to solve the problem by myself in order to get past it.
24  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: My OBE attempts... And a few questions! :) on: May 20, 2015, 18:49:53
Good to see it's working well for you! Lucid dreaming and AP are the same thing. It's all the same experience, you're in the non-physical reality. The only thing that differs is your level of awareness. A non-physical experience is a non-physical experience it's as simple as that!

To answer to what you said up above, I don't watch the amount of sleep I have at night. I do AP sessions when I have the time and when I feel like it. For sure there are times when it's easier, but I phased many times in non-optimizing situations, in which I was not tired at all. I think the best is being able to do it whenever you want in all kinds of situations. I never really tried waking up earlier to get less hours of sleep and give it a go.

Good work, keep on going!
25  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Noticing on: May 15, 2015, 20:38:47
The way to keep an image for long is to let go any thought you could have. The first images will always fade quickly, when you succeed in maintaining one for like 5 seconds you're supposed to be in phase. Well that's what happens with me. As you let go your awareness (focus as you say), you'll get closer to the images. Here's a link to a post I made that explains the phasing process in my case. Since you seem to be better at visualising like me (and I really think it's the most easiest and interesting way to phase), it should help you out. If you need any further information I'll be happy to help:

What is so nice with this technique is that even without succeding to phase, I always get interesting images in my inner vision. I really love it and the closest I am to sleep, the more realistic these images get. I see beautiful landscapes, forests, mountains, rivers. Sometimes I see a scenario getting formed and if I let go off my awareness then I phase into that same scenario. It is a wondeful meditation by itself too, and you'll notice you can by will choose what the theme of these images will be with practice. And it will get clearer and clearer. Keep on going that way, when you get those images you are really close to having phased!!! You'll feel nothing, you just will be there. At first it will feel like a dream, you forget you're in your bed, you even forget you're trying to phase. Then you will be totally involved in the sceneries you first saw. You will come right back in your bed after just a few seconds probably, and you'll be impressed by the smooth transition. No feel at all. I had my first re-entry feelings this week. I felt this familiar falling sensation you often wake up to. I always thought it was becase I was OBE and I was coming back in my body. This proved me right. But it rarely happens while phasing. Good luck, hope to read a succes post with this technique written by you soon!
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