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1  Magic / Welcome to Magic! / Sigils on: December 24, 2003, 00:37:27
Has anyone here experimented on presenting a sigil on a web site so that visitors of a high traffic site can see it?

This in theory would seed the sigil into the universal unconsciousnesses which would manifest the intent the sigil was constructed for...

Has anyone tried this? This intrigues me alot in that it becomes relatively easy to seed and manifest a sigil just by having a few people look at it.

Any thoughts?

A place for people of all fields to converse and share Ideas, Techniques and Secret Discoveries in Radionics,Psionics, Psychotronics, Metaphysics, Magick, and much more
2  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / on Radionics - Magick - Psychotronics - Psionics on: December 24, 2003, 00:31:23
I have been actively practicing the above things with great results and anyone can tell you using Radionics/Psychotronics/Psionics greatly speeds up any form of Magick..

I love to use Sigils and I charge the Sigils with the Devices or the Software...I then broadcast that charged sigil towards myself..which would of course put it directly into my subconscious.

I have always had success with this joke..

Gone are the days where I have to masturbate to charge a Sigil...I just put it on the device...let the device charge it..check with my pendulum if it is charged..and then broadcast the sigil directly to my target!!

How easier can magick be?

There is a discussion group that I subscribe to that discusses these things in details. Alot of experts in there on Magick/Psionics/Radionics/Psychotronics..

I'd urge all of you to join up and spread the word about it..

They also discuss every possible sort of mystical things known to us humans.. I wonder if I can paste the group description here....I hope it does not anger anyone:

A place for people of all fields to converse and share Ideas, Techniques and Secret Discoveries in Radionics,Psionics, Psychotronics, Metaphysics, Magick, Mind Control, Remote Viewing, Remote Influence, Manifesting, Reality Bending, Sorcery, Astral Travel, Time Travel, Brainwave Entertainment, ESP, Zero Point Energy, Tesla’s Inventions, Sacred Geometry, Thoughtforms, Constructs, Servitors, Familar Spirits, Pyramids, Invisibility, Levitation, Telepathy, Entities, Sigils, Runes, Devices, Numerology and Number Systems, Field-Harmony, Orgone Energy Generators, Orgone Energy Theory Techniques, Scalar Waves, Personal Magnetism, Psychic Seduction, Psychic Powers, Psychic Influence, Psychic Attack and Self-Defense, Conversational Hypnosis, Teleportation, Zappers, New Age, Alternative Health, Alchemy, The Occult, Lucid Dreaming Machines, Dowsing, Vibrational Energy Patterns, Meridians, Magnets, Pendulum, Crystals, Wands, Cloud Busting, Dimesions, Portals, Vortex, Quantum Physics,Etheric Planes, Transhumanism, Electrogravitics, Aliens, Extropy, Mental Healing, Mental Power, Mental Plane, Mental Influence, Mind Expansion, Abundance, Subtle Body, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Lines, Fluidic Body, Energy Healing, Time Distortion, Size Distortion, Auto-Suggestion, Electronic Warfare Technology, Brain Training, Out-of-Body, Mana Charging, Diagnostic Methods, Intuition, ESP Brain Wave Secrets, Distance Influence, Guarding Mana, Theta Training, Bio-Plasma, Bio-Energy, Psi Secrets, Dowsing, Telepathic Hypnosis, Thought Power, Odic Force, The Subconscious and much more..

Also the discussion group for all amazing Mystical Devices, Products and Software..

This is the #1 group in the world that encompasses so many various fields at one forum with so many discussions and so many members growing all the time!..

Open Yourself Up to All the Many Realities in Existance, Other than What We Have Been Taught and Told to Only Know/See

So without further is the link:

It's the best place i've joined on the to astral pulse of course.. I think mystical wonders and astral pulse should be partners of some sort..

This group admin should email that group owner there..He does seem to be a decent guy.

Anyway laters guys and girls
3  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / on Radionics - Magick - Psychotronics - Psionics on: January 06, 2004, 02:18:30
A Sigil is a statement of Intent condensed into a Glyph or Symbol.
Psionics / Radionics / Psychotronics / Magick all are forms of the same manifestation.
This group hosts tons of people who are into the above fields..Check it out now:
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