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1  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Astral Games on: June 03, 2002, 22:40:59
Does anyone know any games to play in the astral.  Seeing that through the astral one travels at the speed of thought, one could play an array of games!!  I've tried playing tennis by myself, with myself, but find it someone difficult after a several seconds of play.  Mybe I should just concentrate on playing catch with myself..  

Anyways this kind of triggered a kid like palyfullness within me, and I am quite curious if anyone has any knowledge of this kind of stuff.  

Even in school you get reccesses!


2  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / A safe haven for YOU. on: May 28, 2002, 02:10:20
Dear People,

I would like to offer you a safe place, a safe haven, for you to go to anytime that you feel threatened or are under attack.  In this safe place you are protected by the highest order of entities and are brought into the light of knowledge and understanding.  This place of course is within the very hight of your soul, just outside of your physiological body.  I cannot take you there, but I can with great help show you where the door is and how to open it.

I have from my very first post on this board gone out of my way to try and shed some light on some of these people that post here.  Most of my writing has been misinterpreted and sent off in the wrong direction.  You see, we are entering a time in which great change is comming.  The border between the good and bad is separating, and sides are being chosen.  As one side rises up and gains strength, the other rises up to meet it, its the earthbound balance that we so experience in our lives.  This is not a secret nor is it anything new, every prophet from every corner of the world states and describes the next decade that we will live through.  It will be the most wondrous time, a time of great change, yet a time of brief chaos.  Within this time of brief chaos, will come about a new way of life, one which answers and utilizes and calls on the nomadic human nature.  All the great ancient civilizations have had these tools all their lives, and the knowledge of the other side.  We in our modernization and in our 'civilized' way of life, have become the cancer of our kind.  Just look at how society is functioning, the level of anxiety, the level of drug abuse, and the coruption of most organized groups.  Look at how drastically this attitude of people has changed in the last couple of years, just look at the road rage.  How much further do you think this can go?  Do you think people are stable enough to withstand this level of deterioration for another 20 years?  How about another 5?  We need to start relying more on the human essence and the "what is that without we would not be".  In all of our advancement doctors still cannot explain why a physiological body lasts as long as it does.  There is so much more out there, that we can all reach and that we can all tap.  

I would like to help those that are now caught inbetween the sides.  As the gap is growing, so is your void and confusion.  If you have found your way to this knowledge then your seat is firmly placed within the good, never to be retracted.  If you are of different soul orientation, then you have not even read to this point.  If you don't know what to make of anything, but still you search these posts for answers, then I am addressing you.  You read here about all this evil, and then you go outside of you home or work, and you live it.  Without even knowing you attack and you hurt people around you.  What most people don't realize that all these black darts and slings and arrows that you throw only come around and hit you right back.

The only thing I ask of anyone is to be completely objective, and please to just THINK, but think for yourself.  This type of truth is not seeked out by the non-thinkers.  If you are  a person who does not need anyone to run or rule your life with religious dogma of brimstone, hellfire, and damnation and you have not been able to find it near where you are, you can be remotely guided.  There is all the help in the universe around you trying the get through, trying to guide you, its just that with our routines and busy lives we have turned a 'blind eye'.  I just want to re-introduce it, and re-affirm it to you.  We all have our strengths and weaknesses, as well as our own specific and individual roles here in this lifetime, what we must do now is use those, for they are being called upon.

Why I want to do this.  To my surprise after several of my posts in which I really just tried to explain, I have been attacked.  You see there are amongst us those that do not want to help, and, well, try to keep others from helping others.  I know who, but I will not say, has tried to call some negative attention to me.  However, all my concious life I have been batling the negativity that surounded me.  I have had many genuinely bad encounters with all sorts of things.  I have been bludgeoned and beat everytime I closed my eyes.  For the longest time I searched and searched for away to battle this type of 'stuff'.  It seemed too great, it surounded me in life, in my dreams, and in my travels.  This led me through all sorts of directions in life from a national level full contact fighter to a steroid abused body builder, to an aerospace engineer enthusiast...  It seemed that I really had exhausted everything that I came upon, and everything only led me further from the truth.  There came a time of great despair and depression, until one day I found it, well I simply cried out for help.  It came like a thief in the night and changed my life forever.  From that day on I have been able to help and see through most of peoples ailments and problems.  The biggest part of this realization, was realizing that I always had that within me.  It always was a part of me, this help, this safe haven, as it is a part of all of you.  I just never knew how to reach it, and how to listen to its advice.  I know I had to go through what I have for a reason, but I am a survivor and I will not sink, as non of you will either.  You can pulled down and hammered, but you cannot be sunk and damaged.  

So how I think I can do this, is if there is enough of an interest, I will write certain portions and aspects, moreso just descriptions and knowledgable ideas that have been passed down to open and stimulate your knowledge of the beyond.  We can then tear it appart right down to the core and see what its worth and see weather it holds water.  I welcome everyone to join and contribute their own personal imput, and together we may enter into the light of knowledge.

So if anyone has anything to say about this one way or another, please do so now.

until the next time, bless your hearts!


"the fun is in the journey"

3  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Tools for inducing OOBE? on: April 23, 2002, 21:43:28
In my studies I have come accross two tools that are said to have a defenite impact on your OOBE's.  

The first being a negative ion purator.  ITs like an air purifier that dispenses negative ions into the air and neutralizes odours.  This if placed into your room from which you project is suppsed to help you relax through releasing your fears and its supposed to help keep memory intact.  

The second is supposed to be a quarts crystal, when placed under your pillow it should provide similar aid.

I have tried the Ionizer, and I have found that the vibration state dose set in quicker, but its still in its infancy with me.  Anybody have any experience to share one way or another?


4  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / You guys can't be serious! on: April 22, 2002, 01:24:11
I've stumbled unto this forum through my searching for newer and more improved astral body releasing techniques.  I've been conciously projecting since or about the age of 10, so please don't pass judgement by my first post, as indifferent as it will be.

I have physically wrestled with myself, wink wink, weather or not to press forward with what I have to say, but I'm sorry the last topic "...greys" blew me away.  I know that there are some indeed evolved projectors on board here, while others are not.  Those that are advanced and truelly know what happens behind the veil should be somewhat obliged to end this fear factor.  The reason I bring this up is that there are many readers and browsers who indeed try to gather some usefull information on this elitist topic.  Anyone who has found their way here can atleast begin to fathom the creative force behind the sub/super concious mind, remebering that thoughts are things.  Therefore one must admit that fear breads on its self, to further, negativity breads on it self, a vicious cycle that can sometimes only be pierced by a more elevated entity.

There is NO DEVIL, there are NO DEMONS.  If there was a devil, do you think for a second that in all his negative glory he has nothing better to do then to bother concious astral travellers?!   There is a great amount of negativity that surounds earth, true.  The only strength and power it has, is what you give to it, and what you allow your creative force to create under its stimuli.   If in your travels you feel that there is nothing better to do then to hand around earth.. well..  Again, for those experienced travellers do hold back in sharing your coweled entity stories,  "Discretion is the better part of valour".

Second, those of you that have truelly released, do you not see the help that surounds you??  Do you think for a second that your guides would allow you to wonder somewhere where you could be in danger?  What danger would that even be?  There is NOTHING that can hurt you, only your fear can scar you.  A certain level of levity should be exercised at all times.  

Third, if one is so privy to actually encounter a "grey"...  Wow, people, do you have any idea of the level that these entities function at?  What would they want with you?  Put their probe in your poopper??  If they want to know about us why dont they just abduct our docotors, or telemarketers? Honestly, those that have been taken away and stayed away, asked for it.  There are many that have been taken away, and brought back, and the sights they have seen cannot even begin to approach your highest, or our highest conglomerate view of what a 'heaven' could be.  Don't believe me.. ASK  ASK and ASK, ask your guide, if you cannot see your guide, ask that you can, then ask your guide to take you to one of these or to clense you and prepare you to meet the others..  But please stop this hate for the unknown, there is nothing to fear, your conciousness is entering their realm, not the other way around.  So before you go raising your hands and shooting fire out of your palm, ~sigh~ , find out where you really belong in all of this, and why you have this ability that other so envy.  The weakness is in your flesh, don't project this with your astral body, please.

"Thoughts are things, you don't have the right to be negative."


do not hesitate to tear my post appart, I will explain that what you ask.

5  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Needing hel on: June 19, 2002, 22:55:27
Nita; That has to be the most beautiful thing that I have read on this board yet!  That is exactly it.  To further your scenerio where you left off is where the cultural thing comes into effect.  That happening to an average 35 year old male, would simply mean a midlife crisis type of thing, perhaps some antidepresants.  Not the solution, just the analysis of.  Now for someone to furthur that, whos friend had a similar experience, well, they would probably have paint coming off of the walls in a couple of weeks, and darkness comes into full bloom.  That is very well put Nita, however that is not a curse that is just a heavy negative attack, wich if you ignore, pierce through with spiritual awareness, or simply 'give it to God', will surely subside.  Maybe not within a day, but sooner than you may think. .... Nita, you are one of the true lights on this board, I really wish you would post more!

I really have been through that cycle so many times!  I have had friends who had to repaint their rooms each week, sell all of their posessions, go to church 5 days a week, and still live in absolute terror.  My personal involvement led me through some of the most horific experiences that are virtually unheard of.  I have been literarly thrown around like a rag doll, but not just me.  I have some hair that turned white at the tender age of 21...  I can only say that I do know how these things exponantiate, and what you can do to effectively stop it.  Further more I really have learned that it really is you that feeds this through your fear!  Its a disgusting cycle that needs to be stopped asap.  If you cannot handle it, you may need an elevated entity to pierce through this shroud.  That is when say, "God, I cannot handle it anymore, please take it, please take it now!".

ides; Retalitation if its through righteous anger is fine, and a must.  However to refer to dark ways is only a trap that will further and deepen and darken what you are experiencing now.  Trust in poetic justice, because sometimes, not only what goes around comes around, but sometimes it gaines a little momentum!  I wish you the best of luck in your journey, you really are not far off from real awareness!

karrot; Your last post is the worst thing I heard you say yet! smiley  I get dizzy just re-reading it..  I hope your recreational activities aren't clouding your posts.  wink  Your explanation sounds more of a caveman ranting.  They too would say "oh well. ideas are far more complex than text-based communication tools will allow to be conveyed."  <--  Afraid not, this is the age of education, learning and knowledge.  If you cannot write with eloquence, you should read Plato and study a little more.  Only knowledge expands the soul, knowledge through learning... isn't that why we are hear? should guard more against spiritual ostentatiousness


This will be my last post.  Several days ago I've had quite the eye openning experience, I should say more of a meeting with some of my friends.. who are always watching, of course.  End result is that there is no real point in overdoing what I inteded to do...  This board is simply infected with darkness.  I have been told that there were a few people that I could have reached, but the dark overcoat of all these posts sent them running, so most of the information I have posted has fallen on deaf ears..  No big deal, my intent and motive was pure so I will move on.  Its like Robert Bruce said in one of his projection 'things'.  If you take a picture and paste some stuff onto it as you would like, then when you project enter that picture, and it will be a reality for that brief time.  Now all these posts about demons only causes your mind to create these empty shells, now the darkness that does move amongst, will simply enter and robot those shells... and then you are in big trouble, and it snowballs from there.  

Robert Bruce goes out and experiences these things and writes about it, thats what he does, that is not what you have to do.  He provides real solutions for such instances for people in the pits of despair, the only problem is that most people who read about it become emotionally overwhelmed and begin creating, on any level.  Robert Bruce has done much in research, and his beautiful writing style has inspired and helped many, but, then of course there is that balance thing.  Robert, I fear that you may have spent too much time with this and are in need of some higher level 'refreshment'.  Its like the old adage, "If you lay with the dogs, you get fleas.".

At the very most I just hope that I may have introduced the idea of a 'lighter' place that all can enter.  The only way though, is through yourself!

bless all your hearts.


-if you don't listen, you will have to learn-

6  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Needing hel on: June 18, 2002, 01:39:23
triss; if I may, I think what karot is trying to explain is that on the physical level we are the same as a tree, yes, we are one of the universe and the universe is one of us.  We have the same molecular forces holding our cells together.  However on the higher levels, where one goes after this lifetime, we have a different essence than an animal.  All animals are already fully evolved species, it is us humans that are still evolving and learning and experiencing.  Everything else is here to aid, color, and bring some joy to our everyday life.

'did I get that right?

Every wonder why most (if not) only humans cry so hard when they are first born?


7  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Needing hel on: June 14, 2002, 19:31:36
ides; What I moreso tried to explain was that each and everyone of us is just as special, and has just as good of a connection to the beyond.  Some people negate it, some people use and practice it, and some people simply through striving for power turn towards the dark.  If you sift down to the lowest denominator of evil, you will always find greed at its heart.  In other words, there is no pope or no holyman that has a greater or stronger potential for enlightenment.  That is what all of the great prophets tried to teach, to drop everything and follow their way to enlightenment.  Not to drop physical belongings, no, to drop their everyday mundaedness and clutter.  Once anyone quiets their mind, infusion will begin.  That I promis you.

Nita;  I like your objective view, however I still disagree with some parts.   However in what you mentioned you do support my view.  The so called curses are very very very much tradition and culture bound.  Your view may be coming from one of those backgrounds, and I am not challenging that at all.  I'm just trying to point out that if enough people believe in it, then they really will manifest it amongst themselves.  Particulairly in the latin american cultures they hold those closer to their heart then most things..  Think about it, if someone left that dead chicken (or whatever they symbolize the curse with) at someones door here in Canada, they would anger them at most.  However if that was done to someone who's friend of a friend had that done and... well they would abviously now be experiencing a whole aray of things.. right?  

There is nothing that can hurt you as much as you.  Only you can truelly hurt or scar your essence.  Darkness can only manipulate you and scare you to this point, that is all the power it has.  


-to thine own self be true-  Shakespeare

8  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Needing hel on: June 13, 2002, 21:21:17
karot; You are seemingly becoming frustrated, just keep in mind that we are not sparring, we are mearly exchanging ideas and hopefully those around that are watching take something from this.  

Everyone came here with everything they need, it is inside of them, it can be stimulated by certain catalystic events or even people.  It can come on all of the sudden or it can cumulitavely add up through knowledge.  

Nonetheless, you are forgetting one major thing.  We are in the now.

Everything that is going to happen, already has.  

Everything that you are learning, you already know. etc.


live and learn,
die and know.

9  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Needing hel on: June 13, 2002, 02:39:05
ides; Man carries within himself Heaven or Hell; sometimes both.  I think that entities should be taught at a very early age that they do have the power to create a very happy life or a very disastrous life.  That is the reason why some poeple can go through a traumatic situations and come out whole.  Another can have the slightest thing happen, and they crumble.  They have never found within themselves the control factor or the supremacy of their own God center to know that no matter what is sent to them, that they will survive it.  Also being in control of the aspect that they will not be given anything that they cannot handle by themselves.  

The world can be quite a humorous place to be if you can observe it from behind the eyes of your soul that cannot be harmed..Just remember, you are not a target, because you are spiritually evolved.  You are more aware of it, because you are spiritually evolved.  Spiritual evolvement should make you understand, that you are perfecting.  If someone wants to put you on a cross you do not have to hang there...

To me, you seem like someone who has found a fair bit of truth within the metaphysical universe.  However I also feel that there is still some blockage somewhere along the line, something is not flowing, almost as if you are trying to swin ahead of the curent, in doing this you may just complicate things.  I belive that you are crediting and discrediting the wrong things.  I have also been told that this is your perfection and part of your trial and tribulation, my involvement would only postpone this test.  Its one of those rules of thumb, you have to deal with things, or they do not go away.  Just know that this is happening to you only because you can handle it!

One more thing, the most powerful form of communication or for recieving reciprocation is simply a light relaxed state where you are fully concious. Simple as that.  No real time oobe.  Just even if you voice it aloud.


~The flow of life is a cardinal rule in the Universe, "If you do not buck the way, the way will carry you."~

10  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / A safe haven for YOU. on: June 12, 2002, 22:38:08
chromed; good point!  Our evolution theories through physics are battered and bruised enough, one must be quite carefull to take the 'laws of physics' and apply them eslewhere.  

This brings up a little point which I wanted to mention earlier, people have a huge tendency to become overly attached to their bodies, however they have even a greater tendency to become attached to this earth.  I blame sci-fi movies for their supposed quests to 'save mankind'.  We are here only for a short time, within that time we must learn and accept why we are here.  For some people its easier then others, as some people have been around a few more times.  Thats not negating anyone who hasn't been around many times, its just to point out the familiarity of this place now 'not being home.'

When one passes on, he goes to the other side, the higher vibrational levels.  Each inhabited planet, and there are millions upon millions, has its own other side that is indigenous to that planet.  That other side is an absolute perfect replica, well I should say that this place now is a replica that was made to be.. well worn out.  Kind of like making a perfect replica of a Queen Anne chair and giving it over to a child.  In time that replica will be destroyed, while the original is in still perfect condition, untouched.  So when one crosses over and the veil is lifted, one partakes in the most beautiful sight that could be imagined, this place except untouched by man.  Its not wilderness, no, there is a lot of activity, but not like here.  

Why I mention this, our laws of physics only apply here to this planet, to our solar system that is in motion around the sun.  Our supposed time is only acurate (not that it is) again here.  If another inhabited planet would have a little different sun/planet ratio, then their time would be completely different!  What if they had several suns at different distances??  That is why the other side does not follow a time line.  There is no beginning nor an end, its like a circle, ad infinitum.  We experience time here for the same reason that our bodies grow old, we are not ment to stay here.  Just like your cars don't last for ever, because you are not your cars..

So with this in mind, physics as valuable as they are [spent many years studying Sad ], they only really apply here, earth.  So it is kind of touchy scenerio to try and explain all of creation through physics and science.  One must learn to trust himself and really rely on what one came here with, trust that intuition, and explore YOURSELF.


'the perfection of life is sevice and so many times without applause'

11  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Needing hel on: June 12, 2002, 22:37:55
ides; I just really want to make sure you understand that I am coming from an experienced point of view.  I have been through this stuff for the better part of my life, and tried everything imaginable.  I can't stress the fact that the curse is only what you make it, sort of synergistacaly speaking through a negative affirmation.  I have helped several people around me, and I have learned a few things from it.  The first thing is is that people like to cary it around like a pet, almost an addiction.  (Its almost like those people who introduce them selves as "hi, I'm the guy with the bad leg..")  People have a tendency to hang on to these things, thus feeding what it needs to burn.  This is however near impossible to explain to the person suffering from this 'chronic metaphysical pain'.  The second thing I learned, even tougher to explain to people, is there are no curses.  There is no satan that has you in his black book.  There are tons of attacks, which are most horrific at best, but there is nothing that centers you out or gives you a greater disposition for this attention from an ordinary person, no karmic dept.  You may have chosen prior to this life to rid your fears of it, but you are not locked in by another entities doing.

I am again not negating anything you've experienced, this is just what I have learned, and trust me I had lots of attacks on myself from helping people with these.  I won't mention the worse ones, but for example one time I awoke fully concious, fully me, in some redish cave laying on a stone table surounded by these 'things'.  There was such a murky dank atmoshere that is so characteristic of the dark side, when I looked down at my body, I had these enormeous metal 'pins' sticking out of me, probably near a hundred, that these 'things' were putting in.  There was obviously no pain associated with this, as it wasn't really real, but it was awaiting my reaction..  Now had I panicked and screamed and awoke, and whatever, I would be blugeoned until I'd realize better (been there a few times too!).  At first I became enraged as I knew instantly who was doing this voodoo crap to me, then I called on the white light and I light up that room so bright that everything disappeared.  I had a few more attempts at me after that, but affter 'white lighting' everytime, it was the end of it, for good.

You have to realize that this white light is that absolute most powerful tool that we have while incarnate here, the White Light of The Holy Spirit.  What do you think those halo drawings were on the ancient saints??  The kamakazie way is a trap, ty alchimiste, when you call on the Angels and the hierarchy of divinities such as Archtypes your problems are soon over.  They are there to help, however so many times they can't see the attacks as of this whole lower vibration, that is why you need to call them.  Tell them what is happening, and what you want done.

karot; you are wrong, everyone knows or has the ability to know and tap every channel of knowledge that there is (all the code is within you).  Its not a select few, thats where organized religion failled.  Everyone can find this truth out, and of how things work, now if after that you chose to change things from the way they work, then you separate from what it is to be man.


"I will go against a tank with a shank for my beliefs, and thats my...word" DP

12  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Needing hel on: June 11, 2002, 23:25:19
karrot; by creation I did mean Mother Nature.  Let me know once you are ready, I'm really excited about this.

Ides, Your tale sounds credible, however it is also known as a curse.  This is really the same thing, an attack that one caries with him day to day.  I don't doubt that you have some eerie stuff going on, you just need to neutralize it, not defeat it, it will leave once it has no more power over you or your loved ones.  There is nothing wrong with wishing and daydreaming about inflicting harm on someone who has caused you so much 'stuff', however when one begins to act on this, this is the trap.  Fire will not put out fire, nor fire will not hurt fire.

I had a fellow team mate who had a serious curse which started in that same manor as someone trying to help someone rid themselves of this darkness.  They had some heavy stuff going on that I wont even mention, and I too became effected for a short time for my involvement in.  I mentioned this before, but it can only do what you let it.  It will manipulate minor things in an attempt for you to lash out or simply feed it by being scared (not saying you are).

 Be brave, and ask for help.  There are legions upon legions of white nights waiting to go into battle for you, a real army, you just need to blow the trumpet!  Its that easy, I promise you.  When things get so out of hand, there is a help that dose come when called.  

Ask for the Angels to attent to thee!


13  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / A safe haven for YOU. on: June 11, 2002, 23:22:32
cainam; I would DEFENITELY not attempt to utilize chakras outside of the body.  There are several, however these have only been used for black magic, nothing else.  There is absolutely no need that you could ever think of where you would need to utilize those.  Anyone who has suggested this to you, I would be very very weary of.    I would greatly caution you with this type of involvement, once you take the plunge you will be fighting with it for the rest of your time.  What I was refering to was you actual 'soul' centre.  As you know your soul is not really bound to shape, so it is extremely dangerous attempting to manipulate these points ourside of the body.  You need to only concentrate on the glandular chakras, thus stating that the heart chakra is not as important, however it does rest near the thalumus, but not the heart.

pwarior; Ofcourse the body is important, its the temple which houses your soul!  My direction was that when people become much too attached to the body they lose focus off of other things.  Ofcourse you must take exceptional care of your body, just not to the point of derangement.  Also knowing that your body is not you, makes it remarkably easy to get over any illnesses or ailments, since many times its your very own self that is worsening it.  



14  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Needing hel on: June 10, 2002, 23:15:56
okey, points well taken.  Now if weather is so easily manipulated for good or bad, then why do we need weapons?  Why have there been weapons in the past, in ancient civilizations.. the same people who were closest to what it meant to be man.  How hard would it have been for them to 'cast a spell' and have a windstorm erupt when someone threatened their camp...  Slight precipitation can be called on, or certain extremes can be aleviated, but not through casting a spell.  I'm sorry, I do not accept any of the wiccan/warlock theories, but thats just me and who am I anyways.

Now, I want you to get all your spell casters together, call up all your army of psychic thugs, and I want you to change the weather in Ontario against what the forcast shows.  Its that simple.  You guys make it sound like its an everyday occurence, so show me.   Lets set something up!  If you are paranoid of posting such matter, then message me.  

But seriously, there are no hard feelings, I just need to see this happen, then I will bow.

now karot; You want to talk about knowing the rules of nature and mankind when you mention calling on weather to harm another?!  You cannot be serious!  You are saying that 'creation' can turn and maliciously attack another simply because someone willed it??  Honestly.

There really is more of an order to things than meets the eye.


-whatever thou lovest, lovest thou.-

15  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / A safe haven for YOU. on: June 10, 2002, 23:14:40
cainam; still you are reffering to the physiological vessel, but even still why do we not have more undeveloped beings?  Why no half breeds?  There are many people who are less evolved, or more then some, but there are never ever any refferences to any of these 'inbetweens'?  Either way, thats your view, and there is nothing wrong with that.  I'm not trying to change it or challenge you, I'm just trying to challenge your ideas.

There needs to be a balance.  The emotion and intellect must be balanced in order for you to function properly.  The right and left side of the brain must both be used evenly.  Now in knowing how your mind works, you may be able to control it better.  This knowledge is more feasible to aid you, it is not complicated.

Your brain is a physiological organ.  Let us from now on, refer to the mind, as the Mind-Soul. [the Mind-Soul, Etheric Body, Atman, Over-Soul, etc. refer to the same thing]  The Mind-Soul fits like a cap over the brain... Always address it as the Guardianship of the Mind; I mean this over-capping effect.  

You do not reside in your body.  You reside outside your body in the Over-Soul.  You may think that you are inside.  There is a spark inside, yes.  But you, like a shadow figure, like a guide to the body that you are in, manipulate the body.  Let us refer to it as the Mind-Soul being the parasite, and the body being the host.  The brain regulates the Autonomic Nervous System, and usually keeps all the systems in the body in fairly good health.

What happens in illness?  You become so attached to the body, feeling it is the only home you will ever have, becoming overly self-concious (and I mean conscious of self), that a derangement does occur.  Let us go even farther and state that the Mind-Soul is the itellect that regulates you, and the emotion really resides in the body.  The body is geared towards emotion.  That does not mean that when you come over to the other side you do not have emotions, but not the emotions that are negative; the the emotions that can be bruised or sensitive to other people's emotions.  When you address the Gueardianship of the Mind, you keep that stabilized by knowing that it is there, and the map that leads you to that place.  It actually resides about three and one-half inches outside your cranium.  That is where your mind resides, giving signals to the brain continuously.  So we are talking about a physical organ with a metaphysical controller, which is you.

The Mind-Soul puts pressure upon the brain which creates the loss of weight (a little less than one ounce) when the body dies.  In illness, this continual communication between Mind-Soul and brain has been blocked or cut off.  Going back to the original premise, the body can only rely on its higher self, the Mind-Soul.  In that sense, we are talking about even a new level or dimension that coincides with the body.  If you continuasly think of yourself as being almost a guide to this physical mechanism, it will be easier for you to function.


-whatever thou lovest, lovest thou.-

16  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / A safe haven for YOU. on: June 10, 2002, 03:30:46

I think I didn't stress one point enough which seems to be the missing link in this entire evolution theorytism.  That is that we are not our bodies.  We do not look like we do now, unless ofcourse you were  particulairly happy with this vissage and you choose it later..after.  How our bodies were created, and how WE were created is a bit different.  Only because our bodies are not made to last, if they were we would never want to leave and would never feel the need to procreate.  That is why our physiological shells will change from time to time, simply to aclimate to the changing atmosphere, I don't mean drastically but enough to stun you.  ie vikings, malaysians..
Those that conciously travel know this for a fact.  How happy are you with your body??  Honestly, you are saying that we have evolved for billions of years only to feel like poop when we wake up or look in the mirror?  

So where is this primortal ooze now?  How come there aren't little amobea crawling out now?  Or how about half apes/man walking around, or better yet, why if we came from apes do we still have apes?

Our body is a shell, somewhat inanimate, but its still the temple which houses your spark of the divine and should/must be respected and cared for.  It is nothing more then a vehicle in which we are able to negotiate around this slugish atmosphere.  We are almost renting it so that we may do what we came here to do.  That is nothing more then to experience our knowledge.  We have to learn through adversity, and we have to learn without our memory of back home.  What is knowledge without experience?  You can read all the books on neurological surgery, but until you held the scalpel or whatever, it really means very little.

So my big point, we wanted knowledge, well, we have to go down and learn and experience it. JUST like Adam and Eve who got kicked our of the garden of eden.    They bit into knowledge, signifying their wanting to learn, so they were put in school to gain the experience and the completion of their knowledge.  They lost theat blissful euphoria and life for them began.  So did we get kicked out of from where we were to come here, by our own choice, by biting into our own apple.  That story is nothing more then a parable.  You have to realize when Christ spoke he addressed an illiterate crowd so he had to use exapmles and analogies and stories to get the point accross.  

Its all about experience, and ofcourse you learn the most through the greatest adversety and hearache, thats why we are here (earth).  This is one of the toughest/darkest planets of them all.

cainam; I have a hard time following your points as you conflict with yourself.  You do not believe in the big bang, but you believe,  "..rather it just happened one day."??  Of course there was no silly big bang, there just always was, no one point of creation.  Its our finite minds, its not our fault.  I sence that where you have gathered(ing) your information you have exhausted that channel.  This causes you to feel quite elated on yourself, not in a negating way, it happens to all on the spiritual journey.  You find a small truth and rise up above everyone soaring high with ego under your wings.  ..but thats a false sensation and it will discipitate shortly if you do not realize.  As once before, I urge you to look further into yourself, for their you will find it.  

peaceful warrior;  You strike me as a person whos humilty runs quite deep.  Forgive me if I sounded like I was trying to enlighten 'your' minds, I mean only to show you where the door is, the journey is yours.  Surely my physiological overcoat is not that important.  I'm just some guy who is only happy when he is doing something spiritual.  To aid me, I have to admit I do have a great reciprocation from the other side, and I do listen but all the time.  If you want to meet, perhaps we can try the astral.


~God is Love~

17  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Needing hel on: June 10, 2002, 03:28:25
I do believe that the ancient civilizations, weather shammans or tibetans or the natives etc., did successfuly petition for rain and minor weather changes, but I will not accept that it was manipulated in any harmful way.  Absolutely not!  The weather is not controlled by the darkness, not way, the weather has its course and that it will follow.  It can be aleviated, and lessened some, but for someone to ask or 'cast a spell??' that the weather be changed in a way to harm someone..  C'mon.  Thats the same as holy wars, saying that there is one side that is better.  IT'S ALL ONE of the same thing!!  

I'm going to take a stand on this, and say nobody, nobody, nobody at all is even remotely close to being 'powerful' enough to manipulate Mother Nature against Her will.

Do you want to know a place you can travel to and find out more about our weather situation?  I suggest some of you try this, it is one of the most beautiful wondrous places you can go.  Go, or ask to be guided to the centre of the earth.


18  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / A safe haven for YOU. on: June 06, 2002, 23:22:07
cainam; I just want to clearify a couple of things.  Organized religion failled because it became organized...  When you organize something you take it away from the people, and it becomes a business.

When I mentioned creation I really had to be delicate with it, as there was no beginning, there was just an alwaysness.  Only the finite mind needs to cling to the idea that there was a beginning, but there was not.  People will believe in infinity from now on, but they cannot accept to have allways been.  

So if you do not believe in a creator(s), do you believe in a static omnipotent force that holds everything together? part, where does your energy come from, or the energy force within your pencil?  If you believe that there is some major force holding us static and together (whats to keep our molecules from flying apart?) then just dig a little deeper..

*did you know, that this is the only planet that has organized religion??


19  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Needing hel on: June 06, 2002, 23:21:52
karot; I understand where you are coming from and why you feel so alienated from people, and this place.  There is a great prevalent force within nature, and to indulge in that becomes reminiscent of where you come from, sort of like being 'home sick.'  

I guess the only problem I have with this weather idea is that there is/was no real reason for you to adjust anything.  I mean if you life depended on it, through being stranded, I whole heartedly believe that if you asked something could be aleviated, but there was no real reason for you to disrupt the snow fall for a radius of 500km (310.7 miles).  These types of phenomena do not happen just for the sake of happening, you see there is such a complex order of interworking relationships that to disrupt the minutest thing, would surely cause somewhat of ripple effect throughout the atmosphere.  If this was the case why do people not have the ability to help the agricultural production? ..why the droughts and famine?

Not trying to take anything away from you, just make me believe.  wink


20  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Needing hel on: June 06, 2002, 04:23:06
Honestly, I know if you petition and plead your case to the higher phylum of entities one can change all sorts of things that are thought impossible.  As this is not reality..  However I really do have my doubts in terms of weather, as that has its own order of things.  

The weather is quite unpredictable at this time, but that is no one elses fault but man's.  With our trucks and our rockets tearing holes in the ozone, how far can it go?  What will start happening once it has gone too far??  

*Did you know that the ozone is also responsible for keeping earths magnetic polarity in place and keeping the poles properly aligned, the same type of magnetics that holds the solar system together...

...think about it.  B-|


21  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Astral Games on: June 06, 2002, 04:22:57
thank you for the positive feedback, yhea, maybe it is a little silly, but it is rather 'light'.  I think we always have to look towards the kids to see how we should be, as they have the strongest memory of where we really are from.  

Remeber what it was like to be a kid, to love to run?  Play, eat, and sleep whenever and whatever you wanted?  Look how happy they are, so primally contempt.  Once  you get older and you become laden down with depts and all its responsibilities, you further yourself from what it is to be here.  Not to mention the overcomplications we sift through everyday, its not right.  We have such a short stay here, we really should utilize it to its fullest.  To do that we have to be mentaly stable and healthy.  

..just trying to have some fun, and trying to learn from other people having fun.  So if anyone knows something good, please do share!

Not to mention if everyone realized the creative potentian within the astral, then maybe people would start to chase around the shadows that once chased them!!


22  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Needing hel on: June 03, 2002, 22:35:10
lol,  karot; I'll do anything for you to make it snow in ontario.  We had a small snow squall about two weeks ago, that wasn't you was it??  wink  also.. when you feel peaceful and tranquil, does euphoria not follow??

Physiological life earthbout life resides in a fairly lower vibrational level.  Throughout the universe we are known as the insane asylum, and the as the marshes.  This is where the darkness resides and moves about quite freely.  Now when someone has negative thoughts about about someone, weather at work, or via internet this travells ALOT more quickly and 'freely' then a burts of 'goodness' would.  That's just one of those things here.  That is also why it is hard for most people to get reciprocation from the other side, as they have a hard time getting through.  

My point was that when someone projects hate at you, you (pending on your sensitivity) are much more apt to recieve this then the opposite.  This is many times enough to have adverse effects on your mood and general mental tranquility.

Nita; I find you to be very much aware of this, and you are doing a great job of filltering through some of the nonsence!   I very much do agree with you on using the herbs and scents to call on for protection.  There are many many avenues one can use to call attention to our spirit guides and spirit friends and protectorates, the use of scents is quite powerfull, as many of them like to enter our murky atmosphere with a scent of their own.  I don't really use this, but I really really do like it!

-he who walks with the light is free of darkness-


23  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / A safe haven for YOU. on: June 03, 2002, 02:32:16
I believe that one of the largest hurdles for man is to simply think and act for himself.  Nobody really wants to trust and believe in themselves anymore.  People simply want their lives rulled.  Its easier.  Its too easy to go out and 'sin' all week long, then go to church on sunday and repent.  You think saying the hail Mary five times will wipe that slate clean??  Just like with most of the physiological nature, things tend to take the path of least resistance.  

I completely salute those that go out and think for themselves, and do and act in what they belive in.  Even if you don't find the ultimate truth around the first corner, you still find a truth, and this truth will be your stepping stone..  

Bitsmart; I know exactly what you are about.  I really do.  Most people here do not realize that spirituality=psychi, which of course is nothing more then the ability to discern the truth.  To find and seek the truth, and to gear your life towards acting your truth, not living a hypocrisy, is really the path towards the recognition of your own soul.  To realize and recognize what you are and where you are from, and what you are here to do...  everything else such as projecting, and straight psychi seems to almost be like a plesant side effect that accompanies that knowledge.  Robert Bruce said it best when he was spoke of the chakra development and this higher knowledge attainment, he said paraphrased "You will just seem to know things..".  That is exactly it.

 Everyone resonates and posses an electrical emanation.  (just like an electric motor would produce this..)  However this particular emanation speaks and projects everything about you.  It shows little spurts of moods and feelings and emotions that flick through, and it shows the troubled areas, as in health issues.  The so called 'healers' that are, are nothing more than people able to feel this, and patch up your particular energy spot that is depleated or weakend with their own.  Nobody can see this, but you can feel it, taste it, and even smell it.  Bitsmart, I think you are tunning in to this, and at times are able to get a good reading even via internet.  The thing with the early stages of this development, is to simply trust and take it as it comes, sometimes is doesn't, and sometimes it comes like a ton of bricks.  Its too bad, but that is something that is nearly impossible to control.  So if someone is chanting blue, and are looking at a green type poster by their computer, then its hard to figure it out...

I would very much like to take a moment to warn a few people.  There seems to be an awful lot of ritualistic type of belief surfacing.  Going back several thousand years, there were what were called Wiccas, deriving from white, ie white magic.  They spoke and proffessed the femenine principle and the duality of creation.  They used the power within themseves, and the ability to call upon a higher order of 'goodness' to create miracles.  However with the other gnostic groups and followers they were persecuted and thrown into lions dens for their simplistic, logical, and very powerful beliefs.  This of course was due to the patriarchal rule coming into full bloom.  Now someone wanting to eliminate the femenine principle could only due so by turning most everyone else against it.  With this, they proffessed the wiccas to be nothing more then witches who had sex with the devil..?!  Can you imagine that?  What mental midgets would slurr out such profanity.  Nonetheless hundreds upon thousands of herbalists and holistic healers were burned at the stake for their knowledge of the divine.

Since that time there were several other groups that tried to follow in those same footsteps, and bring forth the ultimate truth.  However this knowledge seemed to be so esoteric that it was hidden and kept from the main populace.  Weather it was through tibetan monks hidding these writting in their jars and caves, or through the hidden dead sea scrolls, this knowledge was fairly inaccessible to the commoner.   Now what happened is this information of course fell on several different ears, some not having the same pure goals as the others.  Just like there are bad apples in every bushel, there are entities that are not the 'purest of heart'.  Once this belief is sprung into action there is a certain type of almost strength or power that accompanies it.  That is why, you must always audit yourself to see if your ego is not out of whack.  

To shorten this story, like most earthbounds, give them a little power, and they will show you how strong they are.  Well so went the spiritualism, to the darkness.  Certain groups were formed that openly proffessed to be witches and warlocks, all in the name of their poor ancestors that were so wrongfully persecuted.  What a pickle, because these new groups, really have no conotation to be at all pertaining to the white side of things.  Can you see their sales pitch?  They follow that same esoterionism except in the form of an occult group.  Most people who join these types of 'wiccans' have little knowledge of the main stem that this sprung forth from.  The main fault with following anything of this sort is that of going and 'blindly believing' in something that is outside of yourself.  Everything is within you, all your questions and answers, everything.  You need to look no where and to no one to find your answers.  That and the attitude of 'hurting' people, meaning and intending them harm.  They will ofcourse justify this somehow amongst themselves, but absolutely NO ONE can ever act out any harm on anyone.  That is wrong.  The INTENT of your actions is to be judged.  That is a very particular point that more people should realize.  The actions themselves cannot be judged, but intent.. always.


-spontaneous acts of kindness-

24  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Needing hel on: June 02, 2002, 22:36:22
distant bell;  I just want to mention a couple of things.  Psychic attacks happen as simply as someone being jellous of you at work..  bang, your in negative attention.  This isn't a demonic evil attack, it is a psychic attack.  Most people who project and find themselves here, are sensitive enough to pick that up.  However these people are also so sensitive that if they do not really understand the weapons and the type of strength that something or someone can use against them, then they will actually ascimilate a true attack from little provocation.  Its true there are very few 'black magicians' but most people hurt other people and they do not even know it.  To have ways of protecting yourself doesn't denote you paranoid, actually I would tend to think it would ease you.  There is a certain euphoria that accompanies some defenses that you put up, and that initself is a reason to do it and stick with it.  Its like going up north, and wearing extra clothes.

lets not forget where we are.. "hell on earth.."


25  Psychic and Paranormal / Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / A safe haven for YOU. on: May 30, 2002, 22:32:15
grenade;  Sorry if it seems like I'm preaching, thats the last thing in the world that I believe in, so stop me if I do.  To me it just seemed as though there was some good information being exchanged and alot of people really had some valuable imput.  However it seemed to have no beginning, and very few people took the time to explain it in more detail, as so more people could catch on to what was being said.  My whole idea was just to introduce a topic or two and have more people contributing, a completely open ended discussion, no rights no wrongs, just a main direction.  I'm not taking charge whatsoever, just trying to introduce an idea to some inspired thinkers.

adam;  you hit the mark exactly.  All the greatest people that graced this earth (Mohammad, Sidhartha, Christ, ..) have all shared that same message, simplicity is beautiful, and if you are like children you will understand.  As a society living in the 'modern' age we really tend to overcomplicate our views and explanations, and have thus fallen into great straits.  Just look at the 'antidepressant' market..  All my life I was trying to tell people, look at the bigger picture, then go bigger, and bigger... What happens is you begin to slightly separate and elevate above this earthly plane.  You become less attached to materialistic possessions, as you realize they are oh so transient!  Its only the loved ones that you never lose.   Its kind of like when you are driving and you are sitting shotgun with someone, and you see the whole story, you hear the swearing, you see the little things people do to tick each other off, you see the hostile exchanges.  Now if you are in highrise and you are watching traffic going by, it seems so quiet, so simple, so like it has its own little place in the city...  then you zoom out some more, and you see...  You see the bigger the picture, the bigger the understanding.

The idea of us being part of God, is/was the idea behind my first topic.  As I explained our physiological body has genetics and ancestors through which certain characteristics are passed down, pointy nose, blue eyes...  However we only occupy that body for a short time, so we are not that body.  If we are not that body, then we have different genetics then our body.  If our soul goes beyond this plane/world after the exit, then that means  that we truelly are from another plane/world to begin with.  

With this we are made in the image of God.  Being made in His image, means that we have His genetics.  Now, think about this, to have divine genetics, means that we really are little parts of the great God.  Right?  As your son is not you, but is defenitely from you, so you could say he's a little you...  Same thing.  That is the most wondrous and beautiful thing that one can ever come upon.  It means we are a complete and finished little part and parcels of the Great creator.    

However this is only half the story, there needs to be a duality in order for a birthing proccess.  Right?  Why is it that in the last couple of thousand years we have gotten so disconnected with this idea?  You see it in nature everywhere, not to mention every other ancient civilization gave worship to some form of deity??  Is it perhaps the patriarchal rule that was instilled since that time..  Have we lost the female principle, or is it still poking through somewhere..  Mother Earth, Mother Nature, how about Mother Mary...  could these be any indication of a matriarch??  Isn't the ultimate law of nature and physics and human nature as simple as the idea behind balance?  

Any ideas, anyone?


-live and learn, die and know.-

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