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1  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Uses of The 4th Dimension (New Discovery by The Human Race!) on: May 11, 2006, 15:53:32
Hi there Frank, errr Donnie?

I don't like people telling me what the 4th dimention is when I already define it as time. I think you have some good ideas, but I think they need to be thrown past some of the major spiritual theories floating around here.
2  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / A million dollar question about LOVE on: December 20, 2005, 15:35:41
You've come close to finding answers about this, but you set everything at a higher standard than currently provided, so...

What constitutes "cold hard facts" for you, Hannah?

For me, the cold hard reality of this subject is; whatever I feel is right for me is the truth, and that truth is that everyone's truth is correct, so it's a mishmash of 1. no such thing as true love, 2. one individual soulmate, 3. many soulmates, and 4. everyone is your soulmate including yourself. I like number 4 the most because in the end it would bring me closer to the people I hate, and it's the sappiest answer. Sappy turns me on.

If you need more concrete answers than just ramblings by an individual, you may want to seek out the most revered books out there on spirituality, even a biblical answer may help. I think before you look for evidence for the concept of true love, I think you should be able to define love in your own words. You should seek out as much cold hard info as you can find, especially involving societies that are created based on the love concept, such as Turris Eburnea.

Essentially, I'm saying I think you should master the subject and through mastery you will know or can at least find the path to the cold hard answer. Q: Do you believe the path is more important than the final answer? I don't think so, because the next path you create will be even more brilliant. Oh one last thing, I personally prefer the greys to the black and white.
3  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Astral Projection & The Bible... on: December 01, 2005, 07:33:13
I have a theory that I don't fully believe yet, but it definitely applies here. No name for it, so give it a read and comment?

1a. The stories and instructions in the Bible are strictly a test in misguidance, to see if you'll follow them blindly. This would explain why several verses conflict with each other, while others don't.

1b. Maybe where things conflict and where they don't are keys to a bigger puzzle that's currently over our heads. In my opinion this is really similar to what the Bible Code was doing.
4  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: FOCUS 12 and 15!!!!!!!!!! on: December 01, 2005, 06:59:03
Quote from: NickJW
What is the difference? I have asked this many times and get a straight answer.

Extra exclamations generally won't help you come any closer to an answer either.

Anyways, the basis of your research on the difference between these two focus levels should be Monroe's work, or websites dedicated to promoting his work. Most of the websites that sell hemi-sync products give you this quote

Quote from:

...In Wave V, you will be reacquainted with Focus 12, the state of expanded awareness.  You will then have the opportunity to enhance your intuitive abilities with two additional Focus 12 exercises.  These exercises will help you connect to the feeling or feelings associated with an intuitive knowing.  They can assist you in identifying and overcoming limiting beliefs or obstacles which may prevent you from knowing and trusting your intuitive self.

Focus 12 is an ideal springboard for exploring higher states of consciousness.  From this now familiar state, you will be introduced to Focus 15, the "no time" state - the state of simply being.  Hemi-Sync signals will assist you as you expand your consciousness far beyond the limitations of your five physical senses and connect with the source of your intuition.  Following your introduction, you will have the opportunity to experience Focus 15 as a powerful state of creation and manifestation before moving on to the culmination of Wave V, a free flow Focus 15 exercise.  This free flow experience will provide you with an ideal inner landscape for further exploration of this extraordinary state...

-Wave V Gateway Series Documentation
5  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / very sad on: November 30, 2005, 08:15:53
Are you sad that the tree was cut down, or that you believe you cowarded out (letting an old friend down)?

I suggest you forgive yourself and make things right. How? Well, you'll have to ask yourself that one. I will not speak for you, even if you want me to.

If I were in the same situation, I would go out and find a birchling and plant it beside the stump of the old one and pray that the spirit of the old birch teach this new one to be just as beautiful, so that you can be inspired and helped by it in your times of need. I'm fairly sure that any innocent tree would be more than happy to feel so loved. If planting it next to it isn't an option, then plant it on your property as close to it as you can get. But then again this isn't my situation, so I can only fantasize.
6  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / The False-gods of astral pulse on: November 15, 2005, 19:38:19
Quote from: Blackstream
Demanding we give proof for the existance of what we believe, while you don't have to give proof of what you believe because you think your side is obviously true is completely unfair.

The concept of fair and unfair is for another topic. Unfortunately, I think focusing on them is only useful if you can convince others to their guidelines.

Cliche #028974326: Life is unfair. Deal with it.
7  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Spongecake! Hahahahaha... on: November 08, 2005, 17:49:22
Best. Thread. Ever. Seriously.

Ruined by your double post.
8  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Abbreviations on: November 07, 2005, 17:55:08
TY == Thank You
YW == You're Welcome
NW? == Now What?
KIT == Keep In Touch
GLHF == Good Luck Have Fun
RTFM == Read The Fking Manual (don't overuse this)
WYSIWYG == What You See Is What You Get
9  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / astral video games and computer on: November 04, 2005, 15:01:31
everquest via telepathy. yum.
10  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Anyone ever heard of this? on: November 04, 2005, 14:54:32
Quote from: TheDarkChakra
Ybom: I was saying you're acting like one a lot. Sorry if i insulted you.

You know James has a point.

No, I'm sorry. If I seem to act like a psychiatrist to you, then I've failed unless you can see me in a different way. You didn't insult me, but it could be seen as one if you look at it right. I agree with etherik, you've seemed to have lost your composure quite a few times. Can you try to avoid calling people who are trying to contribute names? Please please please please?

James always has a point, even though I like to challenge it half the time.
11  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Anyone ever heard of this? on: November 04, 2005, 04:57:26
Calling me someone who perscribes medicine for all of my patients to get them addicted on a quick fix is pretty much an insult. Therapist would have been better, however you also called me dude which is a form of a cowboy. Which is it?

Look, I was just offering advice. You most definitely shouldn't take it based on how your reacting. Sorry for being detrimental.
12  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Anyone ever heard of this? on: November 03, 2005, 15:23:52
Quote from: TheDarkChakra
You still dont comprehend what i mean. I mean just releasing it through scream just release while in controlled state. I cant explain it like that...

People! I am not under any circumstances taking anything i said from an anime! I'm taking this from a friend and a website i saw. Something about his talk makes me want to believe it. Lying to me for months is too retarted for a guy like him. Even a 13 would stop after a week. But hes not 13.

By the way (nothing to do with chi, just normal human limits), Bruce Lee was considered one of the the strongest man in the world yet his style of workouts were those within human limits. I have his book on workouts and the ones he did, he limits his sets and reps and makes rules like add 5 reps every week to
  • amount of sets you're up to right now. But i once tried to surpass his teachings and way of workout, i did as many reps as i could with more sets than he would use for himself and that probably makes people stronger faster. He was the strongest man in the world within the limits but you can surpass them. The people who did keep a very low profile. So unless you read every persons mind in the whole world all over 6 billion of them or talked to God about this than you cannot be definitely sure of the real limits of human being.

Wow Wronski Feint is the only one here who isn't against me. Wronski Feint is saying that it could be possible like me (i think so).

It sucks so much being hates and ignored for just saying something very impossible like Sad.

I respect what you have posted here more than any other of your posts, however you have opened yourself up so in a way you have made yourself more vulnerable to others here, but it doesn't matter because the emotions you have put into your words seem to truly speak how you feel on the surface.

One of the issues I'd like to discuss with you though is your feelings of others. You state that there is only one person here on your side, but you forgot me. I am also completely against you though, but not for the reasons you probably expect. Given that... I challenge and urge you to go back through this entire thread and read each post as if they were whole heartedly in favor of you pulling off everything you say. I expect if you can do that, and eliminate the feelings you get from each post and replace them with positives, you will find much more truth in what you seek from what has been said, instead of dwelling on the painful side of it. Dealing with pain is an important part of the growing process, but becoming a master of that doesn't seem in line with the goals you currently seek, so STOP IT lol.

Another issue that bothers me a bit is that you seem to be a very emotional person underneath, who focuses on a particular truth whether it is honest or not. Some may call this naive, but they don't realize that this path can lead to manipulation of reality if you master it. Learn to make things happen whether they are true or not, because I think with patience and practice you probably can, and you're already on your way! Good luck, but please try to keep out of my realities for now unless you intend to help me.

I would like to additionally speak of two more things that combined hold quite a bit of power in most things: patience and perceverance. They are extremely hard to explain to those with ADHD, however I have an example for those of them who like stories and is based on something that happens every day in reality but goes unheard. In bridge construction, contractors are required by permit to drive the pileons (the big poles holding it up) by a compactor down to bedrock and then pounded again to see if it's stable at that point. Several times in history it has been known that these pileons sometimes break through the bedrock due to the amount of weight of vehicles going over them over time. Sometimes this weight can be added up and calculated to be the energy value equal or less than the energy value of one more strike by the pounding compressor. The morals; if you want to give up just give it one more strike; or avoid bridges whenever possible!
13  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: without philosophizing about non-eating, inedia, breatha on: October 30, 2005, 09:48:06
Quote from: scianto
One of the most important articles from the book "Life Style Without Food" by Joachim M Werdin, downloadable for free from or direct link .


For a long time I have been going to write this, but how to describe something that cannot be described with words and the intellect doesn't comprehend. This can be understood only by feeling it, at least telepathically. Any try to describe it would be ... philosophizing (wasn't it supposed to be without philosophizing ...).

Nevertheless, as you can see, I have decided to describe this. Let this text to be a contribution which brings closer the understanding of what is the source of life for your mind and body.

When I am asked what I nourish the body with during inedia, my truest answer is that I nourish it with ... nothing. I know, because I clearly see and feel this, that during inedia I maintain the body in perfect condition only by being conscious that IAM is the creator of the Life. Do you understand? — the creator of the Life. By simply being aware that I create the Life, I can maintain the mind and the body (which I am using as tools) in any state I wish. I feel this. At the same time as I turn my focus inward myself (my spiritual center), I feel IAM which creates (gives) the Life and maintains it's creation.

I know that until you don't feel IAM, that is what you really are, you wont be able to understand my explanation, although this is the simplest one I can write. I know what I am, I feel this thing and I can see how I am creating the Life by just being aware about this fact.

Once you know what you are, you see and feel what you would describe as “IAM is consciously creating life”, then you need noting more any more. You inner spiritual and feeling awareness of this fact causes that you do not ask any more, because you know that they will not answer, advice, show or explain better than the thing you feel shows you.

Then you also know that when a person says: “I am nourish by prana”, “I live on Light”, “God gives me this grace”, the person either can't explain better, don't understand this or don't feel what he/she really is in his/her essence.

This or that way, why would you want to limit yourself? Why would you want to be dependent on prana, Light or God? Of course, you can nourish yourself with these if you decide so. You can also leave these things once you feel IAM, that is what you really are in your essence. Then not only food and water but also God, Light and prana will not be needed by you for living. You wont be limited by “living on Light”, “nourishing the body with prana”, “God's love or grace” because you will have the choice. You will have the choice not only: eat or not, breath or not; you will be also able to choose between: to nourish yourself with prana, Light or not, to live on God's love or not.

What you make yourself dependent on, that nourish you; and what you free yourself from, that becomes unnecessary for your life. This or that way, whether you are aware of this or not, you always create the world in which you live according to principles and beliefs also created by you.
IAM the creator of the Life, Light, Love, prana, breathing and food. I also created and I constantly modify these mind and body which serve me as tools for experiencing (or playing a game).

I can enjoy whatever I have created, that is food, water, air, prana, Light, Love, God. I can nourish my mind and body. I can also throw it away as not needed for my further playing and, simply, live just by being aware that IAM is the creator of the Life.

So do you now understand more how this is possible that human can live without food? Do you also understand why the real Masters leave and don't teach people? How can they teach about something that the intellect is not able to understand? How to explain something that a person doesn't feel yet.

The clearer you will feel what you are in your essence, the more inedia and other “impossible” things will be something natural for you. At the same time you will  less and less often try to find something outside yourself, because you will feel more and more that all things always have been in you, actually, you've been always the source of these all.

“The truth will set you free.”

I really like this quote, since it applies to so much more than the topic. Replace non-eating with a topic of choice, and you have a true self help document in your hands. Summed up in one line:

"Focus on something, anything, and follow it through no matter what it takes, including sacrifice!"
14  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Harming people on: October 28, 2005, 17:30:06
Quote from: TheDarkChakra
But many people dont even know what astral projection is and i doubt the government knows about it.

Doubt is a very useful concept isn't it? Protects you from any info that may be lurking around the corner of Govt Ave and Psychic St.

I doubt pigs can fly, but give me a rocket and some duct tape...
15  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / ADULTRY/CHEATING on: October 28, 2005, 17:19:23
Quote from: jilola
Adultery as it is defined implies ownership.

You are wrong. There is no ownership, but there is a [generally silent] promise between two parties to not do certain things.

My problem isn't about the actual cheating, but the concept that most likely if your "loved one" gets involved with someone willing to do something like that, then most likely the person playing you has a habit of doing that with many others as well, increasing the risks for diseases and such. This thought alone makes me feel that if my shnookems is willing to do that then there's a more than likely chance that she'll come back with a random std to give to me. I trust that the person I love won't do that, but I'm sure there's more than a handful in the world who would cheat on someone like that, risk or not.

The question we need to answer is; looking at all aspects of this, where do we put the boundaries? I'm sure we're going to disagree on some of them, but we should still figure out what works best for all people.
16  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Major tom on: October 26, 2005, 21:44:57
Quote from: Major Tom
...a world of anti-matter outside of the spacetime continuum...

I used to think about what a world would look like if it was made of antimatter. Can you describe this experience a bit?

My experience back then was a daydream. It involved the waste portion of paper cutouts of people walking around as if everything was normal. Quite an odd experience, but I found it amusing at the time. I bet this experience is very different from yours though.
17  Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences / Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / "Focus" what are the levels? on: October 25, 2005, 03:28:16
Is there any information on the area beyond focus 27m though?
18  Astral Chat / Welcome to Astral Chat! / Getting more girls? on: October 24, 2005, 05:06:45
Quote from: mactombs
I agree with James - it's not a good idea to try to make something happen that isn't good for either of you.

allow the universe a say in the matter by casting a spell that will have the right person for you brought into your life.

Do you need a spell for this, or is that the natural order of things? I'm really curious about that one.

The most important thing is to be yourself. It wouldn't be a worn-out axiom without a good reason. If you don't want to be yourself, then being co-dependent or using someone else to validate yourself is not a good way to go.

The best magic is to focus on yourself. Focus on becoming the kind of person that would really impress you. You'll always find that once you are doing your thing, totally confident in yourself, that you will attract people. And when you meet the right person, you'll be two independent people sharing and building instead of two half-people in a denigrating co-dependency.

No you and James both state something that limits people. Go ahead and try to cast it on others, but be warned that most or all people are not strong enough to handle the huge consequences, at least not right now.

Now for having the right person brought into your life via a spell or something, I believe this is what happened to me. I kept asking for someone a couple of years ago; kept focusing on it, and then about half a year later I end up with someone that makes me feel special even to this day. I'm not sure if it will last even though I feel like I'm sure it will, but as we stay together and keep working life out, I become more confident in this theory.

By the way, don't focus on being yourself. I started screwing up what I was doing when I focused on this; made me nervous. Instead I suggest first finding someone you can confide in and then just keep looking. The person you confide in will most likely help you on your path to what you want in the long run. Again, don't think about being yourself, you'll just screw it up more. Another important point is if you're at the brink of trying anything, this rule won't apply.

Focusing on yourself is fine, but you leave out the other 6-7 billion people that indirectly affect your life. Also be careful what you wish for, because if you ask for yourself to be smarter than everyone else, a side effect may be that the others around you become dumber. Look for what you need to reach your goals and start focusing your thoughts on them, just as any good guidance councelor would say, but instead of just nodding your head, try wishing for it to come true and maybe it just might.
19  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Non-sense on: October 22, 2005, 20:22:29
Quote from: Neutrino4344
Can I please have a straight answer...

Be sure to create a sentence with one of those special question marks first, then you shall recieve an answer, maybe :think: Let me go out on a limb here and guess your question based on your first post. Did you mean to ask...

Is the soul made up of a person's will, intellect, and motivation?

Why's it always gotta be me? Moo!
20  Astral Chat / Welcome to Members Introductions! / Hey all! on: October 22, 2005, 20:05:17
You must sell your soul to yourself in order to progress here. Bartering is allowed too, as long as your subconscious thinks it comes out ahead.
21  Integral Philosophy / Welcome to Integral Philosophy! / Meaning of Life on: October 22, 2005, 18:46:50
Quote from: MindFreak
There is no meaning to life. And searching for meaning will only confuse the mind and lead you further away from the truth.

Don't you mean that it will lead you to more truth options?
22  Astral Chat / Welcome to Members Introductions! / Hi, how's it going? on: October 22, 2005, 17:59:52
I doubt you really believe what it says in your sig if you are disputing your friend putting up a pot farm.
23  Spiritual Evolution / Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Karmas grip, marijuana cultivation on: October 22, 2005, 17:57:29
Quote from: EtheriK
I didn't post this in order to dispute it as being real or not. The heading for this particular format includes Karma related issues. This is a Karma related issue. Your entitled to your opinion, but if you have nothing constructive to offer other than "it's not real", don't post anything at all. At least provide your views on why it's not real. That would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Thanks for giving us permission to challenge you as well wink Do you just want convincing arguments to get him to change his ways immediately, or do you have the time and desire to learn why you feel so strongly against his future goals?

First, I would like to present the argument that NickJW was trying to provide, being that karma is mystical thinking with a bit more depth. According to this website, karma is a bhuddist concept. Does bhuddism sit well in your gut, or is it just a bunch of mystical fluff? Based on how you form your posts, I assume it doesn't sit well with you so you need to find another path to explain your views, in my humble-ish opinion. Another good point is you never really explained to us why you believe karma is real in the first place.

A better path for you would be the Dogmatic path, stating that if you go against a specific set of principles, then you are doomed. A few good ones would be; friendship, morals, and local laws. Put him in his box and maybe he'll get skeerd.
24  Metaphysics / Welcome to Quantum Physics! / Dark Matter use for Craft Propulsion on: October 22, 2005, 17:40:02
"Now if you'll excuse me, I have a beam of light to catch." -Prot

Dragons and Chariots: An Explanation of Extraterrestrial Spacecraft and Their Propulsion Systems is the book you're referring to I assume. I have a brief overview of it provided to me via Seeker Books;

"This data was obtained over a period of 28 years by way of telepathic communication with extraterrestrials who have been visiting our planet in craft we have come to call "flying saucers" or, as they are generally referred to, unidentified flying objects (UFOs)."

I just wanted to say that concepts of telepathic communication are not new to the AP, just like using light to travel at extremely high speeds are not new to fantasy novels and tv series.
25  Metaphysics / Welcome to Metaphysics! / Re: Anyone ever heard of this? on: October 22, 2005, 17:27:19
Quote from: TheDarkChakra
My friend did it and i hard on some sites u can do it too. My friend said there are 200 super human forms he made 2 mystic and theres a form to transform into an angel or devil. Anyone ever done any of transformations? This is real im not lieing.

You need to (re)learn how to properly design and post topics. You don't give good enough sources to provide valid substance. It may be a good start for a fantasy novel though, but based on your writing abilities...meh.

These are really good tips on how to properly form posts for any bulletin board.
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