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Dream and Projection Journals / Re: shineling’s APs
Last post by Tak - Today at 18:38:41
Shineling, I would like to ask you, why are you so afraid of the darkness? Do you think is it the Void itself, the threshold that we all get into when we are making the transition in awareness? Or do you consider all this at a different level? If so, why? I am also curious to know why you distrust these shadows, have they ever done you real harm? 

If you are simply entering the Void, this state is also thought response, if one is afraid there, you will surely start to feel things that threaten you, but they are just a product of your own mind. Many years ago, when I still did not know of the existence of the Void, I considered this state the lower astral plane, and feeling fear and all kinds of negative emotions, many times they manifested themselves in unpleasant sensations, even attacks, but created by myself, now I realize. 

Remember that there is no good or evil as such, as this is just a human distinction, it is all part of the same thing to different degrees, the two poles, both sides of the same coin, a swinging pendulum between two faces of the same energy. That's why I like so much what Lumaza said, that in darkness there is also light. We also have to stop thinking what looks dark is bad and remove that symbology from our belief system. Immerse yourself in the darkness, open yourself to it, face it and you will see that you are invincible! That no one can hurt you. That you can transmute fear into love and darkness into light, you have the power to do that.

Many years ago, I had a non-physical experience with Master Plants, where I was outside of my body, completely aware and lucid, in a horrible place. In this place I could not return to my physical body even if I wanted to, and I was in a room completely surrounded by all kinds of vermin, snakes, lizards, frogs, insects walking on my skin and above all a huge toad over me, crushing me. I never felt so much suffering in my life, they stripped me of my body and also my will, since I felt I had no control over the situation. After who knows how long, two humanoid-shaped beings of light appeared holding a golden disc in their hands and told me that they would help me get out of there, only if I gave them permission, because they cannot help without consent, and with just a touch I would be back to the physical plane. I told them that I thanked them for their help, but that I wanted to take this as a challenge. 
They told me so, that then they would give me some advice, FEEL LOVE, LOVE would take me out of that horrible state of being and return me home. The solution was so simple and yet so powerful! Which was hard to believe. When I started to focus on feeling Love and not fear and suffering, everything faded away and I get into infinite ecstasy, where a huge golden snake returned me to my body. 

That experience was one of the most important and powerful for me so far, because I understood that we are the great transmuters of energy. Instead of being controlled by fear, take the reins and focus on feeling Love, transforming your world and not being affected by environment. Always carry the torch of Love very high and be yourself the light you want to find. It's my humble advice! My two cents. 

Thanks for sharing, Shineling. Always nice to read your writings.  :-)
Congratulations on your wonderful achievement Jen, and for your excellent video. I am very happy that you were motivated to accomplish this notwithstanding your situation. I hope your video can inspire others to follow your great example. As mentioned before, I have visited Wales several times and it is a wonderful country with wonderful people. I am sure you will visit Wales more in the future.
I don't talk about this a lot here, I have a brain disease with no cure. Without going into details, my specialist thinks it was caused by repeated emotional and physical trauma. In Sept 2020, while hospitalised I saw a viral video where weather presenter Liam Dutton said the name of a town in Wales. After hearing the sounds of the language, I was instantly hooked, determined to learn Welsh. I started practicing every day. Almost four years later, I went to that town in Wales on my first proper holiday in over two decades and sat for my exam at the university just across the bridge.

Learning to speak Welsh was my breakthrough in coping with my physical and mental pain. It even showed on the biofeedback screen.

Here I made a video demonstrating it, and dedicated it to the weather presenter from the viral video. Surprisingly he commented! I was so happy I could let him know how much a difference his video made to me, bringing me joy in a time of darkness.

Last night I had a dream that I was showing a guy something from my collection of metal objects. I am autistic and collect certain textured metal things that are some of my special interests (things we love that we get hyper-fixated on). I collect mechanical electricity meters and I love the little rotating discs. He asked to see the disc up close and extended his hand in excitement. I handed him the disc and he held it, expressing joy as he had a look at it. I had a similar dream the day before. I woke up feeling happy.

When I have happy dreams instead of nightmares, that means to me that I am improving physically and mentally.
Dream and Projection Journals / Re: shineling’s APs
Last post by shineling - July 09, 2024, 17:33:38
Now I understand what you meant.

Thanks Lumaza!  :-D
Dream and Projection Journals / Re: shineling’s APs
Last post by Lumaza - July 09, 2024, 17:24:28
Quote from: shineling on July 09, 2024, 17:09:44The true definition of "NPR evolution"!


Yeah... I'll just skip the lower planes for now. I just don't like it... it's such a depressing state.
There seems to be a kind of "transition" in the practice of NPR experiences. Many people I have spoken to, and my own experiences show this to be somewhat true. The initial sneak peek comes through an OBE, many times with full sleep paralysis. The wish to learn more moves into more of a transition to "Phasing". At this point, the physical body has become an afterthought, with no more need for a classic physical "OBE", climbing out to the body. Lastly comes almost nightly lucid dreams and other "gifts", I guess you could call them. (An extremely strong case of "knowing"). Hence the term "NPR (non-physical reality/realms) evolution".
Dream and Projection Journals / Re: shineling’s APs
Last post by shineling - July 09, 2024, 17:09:44
The true definition of "NPR evolution"!


Yeah... I'll just skip the lower planes for now. I just don't like it... it's such a depressing state.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Seeing someone you've neve...
Last post by Lumaza - July 09, 2024, 13:17:06
 Every dream "means something. If you are dreaming and conscious of it, there is a purpose for it.

 You are correct though, those repeating dream scenarios are occurring because you have not yet discerned the message they are attempting to give you. I have found that sometimes, it takes many dreams of the same situations or scenarios to really drive that message home. That and the fact that sometimes a lesson must be taught in steps (breadcrumbs), that may take time for you to understand. What we know of our projections and experiences today may not have been fully understood when we were new to this practice. At least that is the way it works for me.
Dream and Projection Journals / Re: shineling’s APs
Last post by Lumaza - July 09, 2024, 13:09:54
Quote from: shineling on July 09, 2024, 01:52:17So, while the temptation to separate may still whisper in my ear from time to time, I know that the true path to enlightenment lies within the depths of my own dreams. There, guided by the wisdom of my astral self, I shall continue to explore, to heal, and to unravel the mysteries of the universe, one lucid dream at a time.
The true definition of "NPR evolution"!

 You still have not fully learned to embrace the fear factor though. There is a lot of light to be found in those dark spaces. You just need to see it through. Move into that darkness before you with full faith that there is nothing there that will hurt you. At that point, you are a single point of consciousness!
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Biological Children
Last post by Kodemaster - July 09, 2024, 03:05:06
Quote from: Volgerle on December 05, 2023, 10:48:16No wife, no kids. Yep. I fit the pattern and I see there's one for sure.

I resonate a lot with what has been written here and actually am amazed how many of the 'core' members' lives here are 'the same' like me or at least similar.  :-o 

Thanks, Nameless, for making this thread. Nice to meet and talk to some 'similar souls' at least online because I had and have a hard time finding them in physicality.
Certainly I have been a 'loner' (hate that word) for most of my life. Especially regarding my inner being and state of mind. Yes, periods with 'relationships' and some friends (not many) I had but it never went too deep. Now I actually have only 1 friend left, well, better than nothing.

I seem to be also (although by mere self-diagnosis) a slight case of aspergers, or at least I am a very focussed introvert who needs a lot of 'me-time', but I'm not 'shy', there is a difference.

Unlike most here, however, I often in my life and also at this time suffer from my 'lonely' situation. I do not have depression but all my life I am 'melancholic' and sometimes it is hard for me to be so alone although I also need it. There's sadness for sure. Sometime anger why I came here and chose this life. Then again I love it because I do a lot of creative and productive things I could not do as a family man or not as 'effective'. So altogether a real dilemma it is.

I really wonder how many are INFJs here, too? Would love to know if anyone did the test too. I would assume a few more INFJs round here.
(And here's a test if you are interested: )

I am also autistic. A lot of adults on the spectrum self-diagnose because it can be hard as heck to find someone to test us. I got diagnosed at age 36 I think? Relationships have always been hard for me because I don't understand how people operate. The unwritten "rule book" that neurotypicals were given, we neurodiverse weren't. We have to manually learn how to socially interact. I find it frustrating, but at the end of the day, I accept that my brain works a little differently.

Oh, and I took the "16 personalities" test awhile back and I came up as "The Campaigner." ENFP-T