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beyond 2012

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Hey guys, google: "mayans beyond 2012"

they've found calendars that go way past the date of 2012 dec 21 :lol:

I guees now i don't have to hide under the table and say the sky is falling

Seeking ET

The Mayan calendar does not END on Dec. 21.  The Mayan calendar is cyclical, not linear.  2012 is the end of a cycle just as December 31 is the end of a year.  The next day, a new year simply starts.  The Maya never believed the world would end on this date, only that the Zodiac cycle would start anew.  So, "they've found calendars that go way past 2012"?  Ya, that's what experts have been saying all along.  Nothing bad will happen.  Christmas will still be enjoyed.