Kinda of looking forward to it :D

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majour ka

Im quite looking forward to "the end of the world"

Not because I believe anything will happen. Far from it.

But I am looking forward to seeing if there is any human reaction to the hype.

No doubt lots of "New Age" people will say they have felt a massive shift etc.
I hope we will see some parties in the street.
Maybe lots of people gathering and praying.

And who knows it may get some people thinking about whats most important to them...and who knows that might by default cause a collective shift in human consciousness ?

I know one thing if (god forbid) there by coincidence happens to be a natural disasters on or close to that day, allot of people are gonna freak out! LOL  :lol:


I am intrigued to see what reactions the 21st will bring also.

It might be like the night before the 1st of january 1999.. .where it was just like a normal and was a massive anticlimax the day after. People were expecting planes to randomly fall out of the sky. Glad they didn't.

I live in a little village in the south of england of which the demographic are mainly old folk... who probably aren't even aware of the 'PROPHECY!!!!!'  :-D

I know that I will be going onto 2012 based Youtube videos and websites just to see what they are saying.... and the day after... I will have to try to stop myself from 'PHHAHAAAAHAHAHA HAHA AHA AHAing' the people who were soooo sure something was going to happen.

Of course if something does happen that's nasty.. I will probably spontaneously defecate.


Bring it on! lol.. I don't believe anything will happen.. but I'm excited for their new excuses!.. I'm sure there will be another date! lol


My bachelorette party will be that day... :3

hehe, I'm interested to see what will happen, as well.
Take to the sky, feeling so alive! Past the clouds to the Milky Way, share our secrets with the starry brigade. The stars surround us like a million fireflies. For once I see infinity... it's in your eyes.


Ya know... I'm looking forward to it to in a way too.  Dec. 21st, 2012 has been talked by so many, worried about by some and eagerly awaited by others, for so long now.  I'm certainly not one to think the world will end, and I'm far from hiding underground in a bunker somewhere.  But I must admit, I'm curious to see what the world might look like on that day.  Will we find people praying on the sidewalks of cities?  Partying in the streets?  Jumping for joy at being alive, or just laughing their butts off at other people?  I work in a small store,and I would hardly be shocked if some yahoo ran inside sometime, screaming about how doomsday is upon us or something. Yeah, it's actually getting pretty interesting I think, just to imagine what if anything might go on. 


Giant anti-climax it is! haha. The rules of the game remain the same. We have to be the one to make the change, we can't expect some external force to do it for us. Get comfy.
for what shall it profit a man if he is to gain the world and lose his own soul?



I can now add one more date to my list of end of the world days .   On 7/7/77 they said all the planets were lining up and there gravity would tear the earth apart .  I remember maps ( mid 80 s) of the 90s with most of North America flooded . On 1/1/2000 the computers were to chrash .   5/5/2000 , something ( my 43 b day )  Now 12/21/2012 is in the reccord books .