Losing grip on reality

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 Have you ever lost grip on reality?

For me I lost trust in everybody in the world because I let fear carry me through. I seen everybodies souls leave their bodies. I then seen their soulless bodies spouting out random nonsense about negative things. It was scary seeing soulless bodies driving cars. As I was walking away from the zombie like creatures the cops were after me but I thought the zombie apocalypse was happening, I guess I was living in two worlds. It was scary how evil the world really is. I seen the world for what it is, we act on animal instincts when it comes to fear. Our bodies let negative speech come out like as if it was a muscle reflex. Thats scary.

I was totally disconnected from reality, I seen true evil because I seen true good. I seen heaven for a day then I had to battle my way directionless back to this reality. I was in the icu at a hospital but I'm back to normal now. 

I helped make a computer chip out of my clothing, it was crazy. I seen the fabric of the universe. I think I was awakened for a day or two then came back to this reality a better man. I died in one reality then came back to this one. I think it's a dawn of a new age where we don't hurt anyone's feelings.

In heaven nobody ever complained about anything because we had no physical bodies. When I seen hell, every thing there was to complained about was complained about. My neck hurts, I feel tired etc, man I was mad when I realized I was in heaven for a day or two then I dived deeper into hell with no direction.

Heavens gone, the battles won. I had to say goodbye.


Quote from: slipknot0129 on May 30, 2015, 19:22:49
Have you ever lost grip on reality?
Yup.  When you realize the truth about reality, consciousness and existence... you tend to go through that wondering exactly what your place in it all is.  Eventually you process it and that answer becomes clear.


I remember from the beginning that the cops told me that life is what you make of it and it's suppose to get better after each life. It's recommended. It can go worse but it's recommended that life gets better. What I get from that is I earned the gift of knowing that life continues on and everything carries from this life to the next if you want it to. It's up to us to live the life we choose.


Life is what is it...
There is no "good" or "bad" life... just a life with experiences which either increases the spiritual growth of your consciousness, or impedes it.



Yes.  nice response Xanth.. also don't let the people in your life or around you tell you how to live your life. Its your life, not theirs.. make what you want to make of life..one day the heart will beat its last beat and when you look back at your life, are you going to be happy or have regrets? Yup life goes on when we die.. and knowing that makes this life worth living. I think I may have lost touch with reality writing this post..LOL