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what's happining??

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kurai kokoro

sorry didn't know where to put this, for those of you who know me, I've been away, I've grown and learned quite a bit, unfortunately my spelling and grammar still needs serious work lol. anyway to the topic.
     I've notice quite a bit around the world, in news, on websites, focusing on the weather, and unfortunately through word of mouth, the one thing I've noticed was on 2012 i couldn't see specific star constellations and it really freaked me out, I've been looking at them all everyday since i was a child and, i know some stars are missing, don't ask me which ones i don't know their names, any who, i have definitely noticed that the weather is getting more violent.
    in the summer drought, in the winter a blizzard, and in the spring we've been losing crops to rain. i have no idea whats going on but it is definitely wrong, i know my town very well and this is absolutely strange. 
"I am the Phoenix that engulfed the dragon."


Change is coming!   :wink:

We can either welcome it or fear it. I choose to welcome it!   :-)

But the news media of course would rather have us running in fear. They make such a big deal out of it, actually they make a big deal out of everything now. Any storm these days now gets a name. It used to be only Hurricanes and Typhoons. But now they name winter storms too.

There's a storm coming, well don't go outside, lol then. That worked for us years ago. You can't stop it, so ride it out and quit complaining.

Their constant warnings are making us into "weather wimps". I remember growing up outside of Buffalo, New York and seeing 6-7 feet of snow on the ground. It would start snowing on Tuesday and stop the following Tuesday, lol.

We are becoming more aware of that that has been happening since the dawn of man. I can't stand to hear the news anymore. MJ watches it everyday and I have to put my headphones on. They find issues with everything now. Everything that has been happening for as long as we can remember has all of a sudden become something to complain or protest about.

As for the stars missing. Well the Planet tilts on it's axis, so we get to see the constellations from a different angle per say. They are all still there though!  :wink:


The stars don't change unless you're referring to Hollywood. Lol.
Their apparent magnitude does change, its a signal to noise ratio thing.
Look again on a frosty moonless night away from civilisation.
They'll be there.
Don't forget that the planets do move around. These could be the missing parts you've seen before
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.


I am a storm chaser so if the storms start coming down I am going to embrace it.  :lol: I'll be driving toward the destruction! Yeah, but it's best not to fear this stuff. You know.... back in the day I used to be worried the sun would die out... etc. Now that I know I am eternal none of that bothers me.  :-D

If you croke here... Whelp.. off to the next place.


Wasn't there another 700 year calander found in a different room that supposily is a continuation of this longer calander that ended in 2012? Could it be 700 years of wonky weather changes before the next ice age? (tropical age is next in line, current is or was interglacial)


Wow Lionheart....I so agree with you about how the media is trying to turn us into 'weather wimps ' !
I grew up a bit south of you, in Westchester Co, N.Y....And I recall snow up over the door ! Mounds along
the road we had a blast playing in and on. My sister says its all relative..."You were shorter then !"
But I know what I remember....
And now...they freak out over a few inches !

And as for things changing....I've lived here, were I am for 19 years now. And I notice stuff...
The sun used to set in the same spot every year on the equinox....Now it sets there two weeks earlier.
Some one said its because the planet shifted 9 degrees when Fukashima happened.
But a few yaers ago I noticed something else weird...
On the winter solstice....the moon set in one place on one side of the inlet I live on. The NEXT day,
it set on the other side ! Thats a big jump, and definatly NOT normal.

Crazy...but I kind of like it you know ?