Why is this happening to me?

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 I keep hearing this from people I speak to all over the country and I see it all over the World now as well.

Some have either lost their job or are having problems finding a job. Some are having problems in their relationships with others and still others have had some kind of recent tragedy, disaster or event that has taken everything they once valued.

Why is this happening to me?

I feel that people are being "primed" for something wonderful. But to get there, they need to first be "broken down", before they can build themselves up again.

They need to lose what they "thought" in the past was valued to them so they can learn anew.

This video explains that exact point.

If you get a chance, go back and watch the entire thing from the beginning, it really  is a fantastic speech!  :-)

But if you just want to know "why me, why now?", your answers are there.


Snow Ekkos

Thank you for this. I now don't feel as alone in my most recent experience. It has been the most difficult struggle of my life these last 2 years, especially this last year. I learned what it was like to care only about a safe place to sleep and the next meal. And now I am free of the burden of survival. Things may change of course, but now I am much more ready for what life may bring me.

Perhaps you should look into why it is happening now. What is to be expected in the near future that would need people to break down their life and be brought up to genuine strength again?
"So to those who have none, I give them a heart, a mind, a will, a soul"