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Battles? Who said anything about battles? I pretty much just wanted to make a point, and hoped for a rational, clear explanation on the whole thing. Of course, you certainly don't have to explain your actions, and we cannot do anything about it. But *shrugs* as palehorse said, it'd be nice.

I am not so much a fan, but more of a friend of his, and i do keep up with his postings. He is currently posting over on the prophecies forums. I also talk to him a little on MSN, and occasionally by e-mail too.

In the end, because I'm a friend of his and don't reject his writings/posts out of hand in an emotional way, does not mean I automatically side with him and agree with his actions. But Oazaki is a big boy, and he is responsible for the path he walks... and am I in a position to judge?

MajorTom: you mightn't think Oazaki is talking from a rational place, but at least he does it in a rational, clear way. Which I must admit, a lot of people seem to be lacking in replying to his posts :P

Ultimately I'd just hoped for a more rational explantion/discussion on this whole thing. Which'd be nice.   8)


QuoteSo, I'm hearing a B-flat.

B-flat is actually a very agreeable tonal base for most traditional instruments. As far as orchestral writing goes, most transposing brass and woodwind instruments are in the key of Bb or a very closely related key, such as F or Eb. Therefore when the tonal center is Bb, more pleasing timbres generally resonate much more easily than they would in a key foreign to the construction of the instrument, such as E or B.

As far as strings go, it really doesn't make that much of a difference for the traditional instruments, such as the violin, viola, cello, contrabass, provided the players are experienced enough. I've read that flat keys should still be preferred over sharp ones even when it comes to strings but personally I don't see why that's the case, except for maybe the fact that most string players are more familiar with the flat keys?

For example, F, the first flat key, would leave the two open E strings on a guitar on an awkward major 7th, and B-flat would make them tritones. Most sharp keys, on the other hand, wouldn't place the open strings in such awkward positions. C, G, D, A, and E all work great on such instruments without having to resort to alternative tunings.

So yeah. B-flat's alright in my book. I think it means well, at least. I mean it's no Eb, and certainly no E minor or D major (ah! the sheer force of D major!), but so what? It tries. And hey - the Germans love B-flat. In fact, B-flat doesn't even exist for them. They just call it 'B', because what's B-natural in our system? Some slime that simply serves as a leading tone into that whore of a key signature C? I mean seriously - who writes in the key of B? It's just C's little [edit]. What about B-natural in German you ask? They call it 'H'. How degrading! But at least it gives them the opportunity to spell out 'BACH' with note names in their compositions, and quite a few German composers have done just that, including Old Bach himself! All because of their fondness with jolly old B-flat. So what's up Nay? All these death threats are one thing - but please don't resort to using B-flat in a context which may suggest you are trying to drum up negative connotations. That isn't B-flat's business. It wouldn't know. Might as well say you hear hungry babies wailing. That's just sick.

Less importantly, certainly, and maybe I misread something somewhere, I was just surprised that we normal members should consider it a privelege to be informed as to why posts are deleted or moderated in other such forms. I must have missed it when such activities became such lofty duties. Especially recently I've been quite susceptible to paranoia due to private social issues, and though Frank's post much reassured me that all is well, sometimes I still can't help but wonder how open we all are to the mysterious disappearances of threads and how justifiable this is on a public internet forum. Maybe it's just the paranoia kicking in again, but I never did hear what happened to the Fictional Worlds thread. It's starting to sound like it would make a good ghost story.
What is the sound of no leaves cloving?


Quoteadmit he offered up some "healing" and I heard of some people being "healed" but I think they did that ALL on their own

Actually, that could be aimed straight back at belief systems again.  If they believed they'd be healed, then it probably happened.  Phantom illness is another thing on belief systems, convince yourself you're sick and your body will most likely present the symptons (kind of stupid really)

If they believed they'd be healed (something  I don't currently believe in during this day and age, aside from doctors :D ), beleiving in it, is enough to bring it about.

Healing over the net, u could start up a business!
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Watch out folks that this fellows influence doesn't create a battle where there wasn't one before. Because that's what it feels like is happening, nice and subtle-or not that subtle but a fight is sort of slowly brewing here in pages 5 and 6.  Now that's clever influence...isn't it?
May your [insert choice of deity/higher power etc here] guide you and not deceive you!


Wooo, are we still having fun!?
I know it's always amusing to me when mods get likened to the Bush administration. LOL, now THAT put a smile on my face.  :P


Me, i've just read everything myself and i have to say i feel pretty bad. All you mod's are gonna die on my birthday! It's very upsetting when you think about it.
Size doesn't matter in the real world, cause one day it's real the rest is just your imagination . . .


Quote from: karnautrahlWatch out folks that this fellows influencedoesn't create a battle where there wasn't one before. Because that'swhat it feels like is happening, nice and subtle-or not that subtle buta fight is sort of slowly brewing here in pages 5 and 6. Now that'sclever influence...isn't it?

I should probably say now that starting or being involved in a "battle" is not my intent.  Just because I take issue with the way things are done in some cases and have no problem saying so, doesn't mean I necessarily have anything personal against the people involved.  I don't know Nay personally, so I'm in no position to judge.  At the same time, I have a thing about wanting to see people live up to their full potential, or not keep others from doing so at the very least.  Thus, when I see things like bullying, censorship, evasion and projection going on, yeah, I'll probably say something, and everyone else is of course free to consider what I have to say, or tell me I'm full of shyte.  That's what being a free human being is all about.  

In answer to one of Nay's questions that will inevitably be raised again in response to this -- I didn't consider Oazaki's original offense "intimidation" since it came in the form of a choice that the other party was free not to even participate in at all.  As for this latest one, if you want to take it at face value, then yes, I'll acknowledge that it is.  However, obviously no one here is much intimidated by it, and I have a hunch Oazaki knew that'd be the case when he posted, for whatever else his intention might've been.  So in that sense, it's really not.  That doesn't mean I necessarily condone anything that's going on here.  It also doesn't necessarily mean that it matters either way what I think.  You've already proven that much with your responses.

Quote from: NosticI know it's always amusing to me when mods get likened to the Bush administration. LOL, now THAT put a smile on my face.  

Eh, you're taking me far too literally there.  Nay might've exhibited the same coping mechanism they have on more than one occasion, but then, so do a lot of people... it's not exactly uncommon.  The Bush quote was just the most well recognized example that came to mind.

I'll also say that I find the moderating here to be generally well done, and the staff here has a lot of good people.  I just find the occasional censorship without explanation... troubling, especially in a forum that otensibly prides itself on freedom and openmindedness.
Jesus said, "I have cast fire upon the world, and look, I'm guarding it until it blazes."
    --Gospel of Thomas, saying 10


Well, the proof is in the pudding innit? So we shall see whether or not this shall come to pass. I would imagine it would be setup so Nay's death could serve as a warning to the mod's... and that this would come to pass before the time is up for them. So I think we've got ourselves a firm time frame here. Next ... five days, lets say? We'll see what happens...


Oh yeah... does anyone on this forum keep in contact with Nay offline? Just in case something DOES happen... ;)


LOL..why do I always get to be the whipping post?

QuoteJust because I take issue with the way things are done in some cases and have no problem saying so, doesn't mean I necessarily have anything personal against the people involved. I don't know Nay personally, so I'm in no position to judge. At the same time, I have a thing about wanting to see people live up to their full potential, or not keep others from doing so at the very least. Thus, when I see things like bullying, censorship, evasion and projection going on, yeah, I'll probably say something, and everyone else is of course free to consider what I have to say, or tell me I'm full of shyte. That's what being a free human being is all about

:shock:  Talk about calling the kettle black!  I'M the ONE doing the bullying?

It is quite obvious, that you and Adam hold Oazaki in high regards and that is all fine and good, but I don't care how much you whine, kick and scream he will not be coming back to these forums to spew his hate.

Adam, so you talk to him on Messenger huh? That certaintly explains a lot.

How does it feel to rub shoulders with someone that is filled with such power?  Do you think some of it has rubbed off onto you?   I mean, Messenger, that is big time... I'm sure everything he says to you is from his giant honest heart....:roll:  GIVE ME A BREAK!!

it is unbelievable how some people think they rule the you honestly think he can change Karma, or what ever it is he thinks he can do..?????  Hahahahahaha, don't you remember, that I was suppose to have died already from this last death threat towards me..

I'm so sorry you two have nothing better in your lives then this silly arse character, Oazaki.  There is still hope for you though.. come to the bright side.......coooooooome to the bright side,  cast out your demon!  COOOOOOOme to the bright side!........

No leaf...dang, I picked the wrong note.  *hits self in forhead*  stupid, stupid, stupid..

Nay ;)


QuoteIt seems you both take offense that you weren't privy to the private going ons

I take offense too! Anytime there's a soap opera and I don't get to amuse myself with someone else's drama, I have to wonder why. The answer's pretty clear though: Nay. We all know that she's the secret power behind this (and many other boards), kinda like that council in X-Files. She has the supreme power and exerts all kind of influences and even experiments on lowly persons without their knowing.

The hand of Nay has grown long...

But seriously, I find it amusing how often Nay gets blamed for things, when to me it just seems that she likes to be honest about her opinions. And a public forum is not a function of government, or a service offered by a business, so I think it's rather irrelevant what mods do until I have to pay them to be mods. I'm not going to be idealisitc about how a forum should be. I know if I were a mod on my own forum, I'd be positively draconian.

Furthermore, it absolutely astounds me that anyone would be swayed by anything Oasaki says. I could understand him influencing some people if he was drugging them and starving them reguarly, but people buying into him of their own free will? This isn't a marvel of Oasaki's power, this is a marvel of the power of stupidity.

As far as infighting is concerned, my suggestion is mod with a heavy hand. I think a lot of people don't understand the difference between an open mind and showing discretion. I guess you could call a gardner pulling out weeds a garden censor. Personally, I'd rather spend time enjoying a tended garden than wade through something choked with weeds because I entertain the notion that somehow weeds have a right to be there.
A certain degree of neurosis is of inestimable value as a drive, especially to a psychologist - Sigmund Freud


Well, there is a lot of action up here!! I just want to bring my opinion and it is not to say that ''this person'' or ''another person'' is ''bad''; it is just related to the particular action of using threats, particularly death threats is not something to joke with since the consequences might not be nice even if it is a joke. And this makes me remember of something I read recently.

There is a particular case that I have read in a book where small kids were visiting a castle and they saw an object that could  make the voice louder (i don't know how to say that in English but it is used to speak in front of crowds). They took it and, looking outside through the window, they saw that a peasant was working the field. They asked a janitor working in the castle what was the name of this peasant (ex: Bobby). They wanted to make a joke and one of the kids said in the object: ''Bobby, go home and go see your wife because you will die tomorrow''. The peasant was looking everywhere and did not knew where the heck the voice was coming from and became extremely scared and ran home immediately..... Even if they hurried someone to tell him that it was a kid who did that as a joke; the next morning he died.

The author of the book was trying to show how your own mind  is really something powerful.  But, in the context here, you never know how a person will react to something (especially threats) and this is why it should not be used. You may think it is a stupid example but anyway, if you want to try it for yourself, just take the plane and say: ''I have a big knife and a bomb!!''...... ''Ha Ha it's only a joke!''. You know that you will end up in jail for that.... There are some things that we really need to think of before we act. I don't know if the threats were used as jokes but, from my point of view, it is not the best way to get what you want in life.... And all of you in this discussion probably know the reason why. I don't think we need to debate if it is legal to use threats in this forum discussion: the answer is a clear ''no''.  It would be stupid to permit such things as: ''I'm gonna use black magic on you!''. Think of how this forum will become.... Not really pleasant for all of us.

At least, we can clearly see that Frank is not really affected by this at all.
(By the way, your train should go in E Bay; highest bidder takes all!)

So let's boogie,    :D

Peace for all folks and take care,


Quote from: NayI'M the ONE doing the bullying?

No, now you seem to have shifted gears over to ridicule, with a few straw men thrown in for good measure.
Jesus said, "I have cast fire upon the world, and look, I'm guarding it until it blazes."
    --Gospel of Thomas, saying 10


Quote from: Palehorse
Quote from: NosticI know it's always amusing to me when mods get likened to the Bush administration. LOL, now THAT put a smile on my face.  

Eh, you're taking me far too literally there.  Nay might've exhibited the same coping mechanism they have on more than one occasion, but then, so do a lot of people... it's not exactly uncommon.  The Bush quote was just the most well recognized example that came to mind.

I'll also say that I find the moderating here to be generally well done, and the staff here has a lot of good people.  I just find the occasional censorship without explanation... troubling, especially in a forum that otensibly prides itself on freedom and openmindedness.

I was just playing around buddy.  :D


Why not just pass this thread on to the local authorities where Oazaki lives and see what they think of it in Nicosia, Cyprus?


If the moderators do snuff it (which I believe is highly unlikely), then the forum will end up being the source of a police investigation anyway but hand the thread over to authorities now, would just be a reason for O to think "great, I've freaked them out with my almighty wrath! Mwa ha ha (*evil laugh*)"  The only benefit out of doing that, would be the possability of him being Psyco analyized which would probably explain a lot.  Anyway, keep up the diary Frank, it's rather amusing and I think your posts against him are fine Nay.  If I was in the same position, do the same thing.  Good work!

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It seems to me that threatening to kill several people around the world is a lot of heavy bad karma. By comparison, deleting a few lines of chat seems too light to bother with. It only takes 2 adults to have someone committed here in Iowa. I helped to do it once a few years ago.


Diary of Frank, condemned moderator: day minus 4

I nearly didn't make it today. It's rather late, I know. But I was arrested by the police earlier for Jaywalking in my pyjamas and I have only just been released. But like I said before, what is the point of getting dressed? I haven't shaven for days so they looked at me a tad suspiciously. I was bundled into the back of the police car. It caused a bit of a rumpus in such a confined space as I haven't changed my socks either, and beans on toast has been the only thing I managed to get down me the past couple of days.

The desk sergeant was kind to me and offered me a cigarette. I'd normally refuse on health grounds, but found the freedom to indulge in such a wanton oral activity a blessing. Certainly, a welcome relief from the fate that is set to befall me in just a few days. I have never smoked before but puffed on it wholeheartedly for several minutes before realising it wasn't lit. As I was attempting to find a solution to this dilemma, the doctor came and began asking me questions. Do I have any next of kin? Have I been having dizzy spells recently? Why am I not wearing any shoes?

I admit I found the doctors questions difficult to answer. I mean, how could I tell him my fate was set to be sealed in just 4 days time? Who would believe me? I tried to explain that I had lost my glasses and it was all an unfortunate misunderstanding. He would not have believed me I guess if it weren't for the fact that my string vest had an arm missing and my pyjama bottoms were on back to front. They kept me locked in a small room for several hours. Then the door opened and it was the kindly desk sergeant.

I scrabbled to try and find my cigarette thinking maybe he'd come to light it for me. But no, it turns out they had been to my home to check, so to speak, and they had seen the sign in the front window, "Train Set, Free to Good Home" and he was very interested. He was an avid enthusiast and was very attracted by my Hornby OO gauge Mallard engine with six Royal Scottish livery coaches.

Before I could say, "and electric points and flexi-track, complete with dual control transformer" they were letting me go. The nice desk sergeant arranged for a constable to give me a lift home and he said he would call me tomorrow. So here I am, staring at the wall again. Dreading closing my eyes fearing what the dark may bring...


PMSL!! I dont know what else to say.



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Astral Pulse Moderators and Customers, I revealed myself in the assembly at the 11th hour thread, let it now be re-known, only the son and farther know of the hour! And anyone else the son chooses to reveal himself to.

Hear Redman-Blow Your Horns


My original quote was

"Its called a changeover, the movie keeps going and nobody has any idea"

I have spoke truth with every breath here on AP, and how many choose to hear my words? Many of you have chosen falsehood, over truth, this can be demonstrated just by examining this thread, look how many views and replies it has already had. This reminds me of a south park episode, the one were Jesus Has to fight Satan, everyone in south park places money on Satan, and Satan is the only one to place bets on Jesus. Its funny how things turn out.      

Oazaki Here Me And Then HEAR Yourself!

Oazaki I daily and nightly walk through the Valley Of The Shadow Of Death, I fear no evil, neither Man Nor Beast. I stand naked before you, my enemies surround me, even those I call brother unknowingly raise their swords against me. I have been handed over to bloodthirsty lions, my inheritance has been flogged my robes torn from me, scattered amongst the living dead. Yet I fear not, for I ware the armour of the Lord, armour Light as a feather, with my tongue the lord instructs me with double-edged sword, I now look directly into your soul. You are nothing, your words are nothing, I am myself, I am light I am thought, I reflect!

Attack Me Everything You Have!

Oazaki do you still wish to spill the blood of the innocent? Do you seek to destroy me? Do you seek to destroy yourself? Do you seek to cut off my head? Do you seek to cut off your own head with your own blade? Oazaki I seriously, humbly beg you to rethink what you are doing, your head is on the plate. Who are you doing this for?

Oazaki, You are not "the way" you may believe your name translates as "the way" but this certainly doesn't mean that you can translate this into your reality to mean that you actually are the way, this understanding can be related to the Earthly Mind, an Earthly Mind over excited by its own three Basic Instincts. I have explained these three basic instincts in terms comprehensible to the Earthly Mind. Your name may translate as "The Way" yet in our reality the light and thought that you radiate most certainly doesn't decode "The Way", as you may believe "The Way" will pan out. I myself decode it a very different way, and I am quite sure that many moderators would agree with me, Oazaki remember things aren't always as they might at first seem.

Oazaki please explain something for me and anyone else who chooses to hear, what significance does a name have? What possible reason would make you believe that you are the king of kings? Just because your name translates as "The Way" surely one as great as yourself, would understand that every cause has an infinite number of effects? If you understood this then you would certainly understand that time is only relevant to the viewer. The viewer is one who operates via the use of the Earthly Mind, The Individual Mind is "The Watcher" or what is sometimes referred to as the "Watcher Of Ways" The Watcher is The Mind projecting behind the Earthly Mind, The Watcher projects the Unmanifested Thoughts into The Earthly Mind, The Watcher, remembers and records the manifested thoughts of the EM. These manifested thoughts are arranged into events or instances, these incidences are recognised by the watcher and are automatically decoded and translated by the Light of the Individual And The Reflective Thought of the Individual, it is then that these so called powerful incidences, these so called powerful Karmic forces that you believe you are dealing with become Relatively simple co-incidences.

Brothers and Sisters the EM Manifests the Unmanifest in a manner in which it can best comprehend, this manner is often nonsensical and is almost always based upon "A False Image Of Oneself" in extreme cases those under the influence of the Earthly Mind will make rash decisions, for example ones real name may be Steven, then one day for no reason one might start calling themselves Oazaki, perhaps the word just came to him and just stuck, then again perhaps it was implanted, we will never know why these individuals, or rather, why these Dumi's willing choose falsehood instead of The light of truth, the fact is we all have free will, and we all make choices, either consciously unconsciously.            

Oazaki you are living in the fog, your understanding is clouded by the false Image constructed of yourself, your own words are your worst enemy, They have created a false presumptuous warped misunderstanding of the present moment brought about by the uncontrolled conditioned reflex of the EM.

Oazaki, if that is the name you willingly choose to go by, out of all the possible situations, all the infinite possibilities of the infinite you actually believe you are the king of kings? Your name isn't even Oazaki, Oazaki is a name created by the EM of yourself, you just called yourself Oazaki, then one day the name grew on you, then out of all the infinite possibilities you made the connection that you were the king of kings, Oazaki you know, as well as I, that anyone who understands and maintains an awareness of the unmanifest, is always aware that a word is quite simply just a word, everyone understands the thought behind a word is all that really matters, fortunately for all of us you have unconsciously demonstrated that the watcher themselves decides the outcome of  co-incidences, you have unknowingly testified and demonstrated that the Individual Mind can hide things from the Earthly Mind, therefore you have demonstrated perfectly for all to see that you are deluded, you have willingly and brilliantly demonstrated that you can lie perfectly to yourself.

So Oazaki you only see what you want to see, you are Dumi and that's your real problem.        

Oazaki, my brother, I'll quote your own words, or rather the words of the Unmanifested Thought (Holy Spirit) which you, yourself willingly allowed take possession of your body.

Oazaki , A little Birdie told me you are an Unconscious-Light Decoder  

"At any rate, I have caused the motions to reinstate those threads, through God's hand itself. And I have also caused, and here's the fun and interesting part, the death of every single moderator on this board, to be effected through the karmic mechanisms, and at an accelerated rate."  

Oazaki Possessed by the Holy Spirit said: "I, Oazaki, do hereby formally place the forums, and all its members, under the protection of The Zhedhi Order, today 15th April 2004,

Decoded By A Light And Thought Decoder Translates as follows: The Holy Spirit (The Unmanifested) Says to all who hear.

"Be cool everything is fine, the Karma as some of the believing moderators are aware of has already been intercepted and eliminated by a now non existent entity, Oazaki has wielded great power which has confused him, he unknowingly mismanages and projects a distorted Image of the Earthly Mind and is confused with himself he flies around in circles, via the use of the earthly mind he seeks his own destruction, he talks of returning to source yet doesn't understand what it means to actually return to source, this is because like you and me he is what he is, he is more happy to burn out then he is to fade away

The Unmanifest Says: Oazaki and anyone else who chooses to hear

Hear This!: Phat Planet-leftfield: Taken from The Album leftism.

A Light And Thought Decoder says: Oazaki! HEAR THIS: FAITHLESS- BECOME ONE
Gza-Bible (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth)  

Smoke and Mirrors anyone?   [/b]

Oazaki You Say

"Einsteinian physics has pointed out, planets do not "orbit" the sun, nor even does the sun and its planets orbit each other. Rather, both move through curved space-time. And the greater the mass of an object, the greater the gravity which it possesses, and consequently the greater the extent to which it curves space-time. Hence, the Sun, having a very large mass in proportion to the planets which orbit it, will curve space-time far more than those planets do. And consequently, the planets will appear to "orbit" the Sun far more so than the Sun appears to "orbit" the planets."

I myself look at you and Say Nothing

"Ether keeps us in orbit. Earth is attracted by the magnetic center of the system and repelled by the light of the sun. This light repels the magnetic field of the earth the same way as a ray of light from a star is repelled and deflected on approaching the magnetic center of our system, via the element make of our solar system which creates a electromagnetic force.
The movement of earth in its orbit is the result of its speed of rotation and the extent of the etheric covering, which acts as a supporting medium enabling it to revolve under the action of two simultaneous opposing forces.

Its orbit round the magnetic center is not eccentric because the earth takes to move round the sun. Thus the orbits of the planets are affected whenever they come into conjuration with or pass through opposition to the sun and the magnetic center, causing both their speed of rotation and velocity in orbit to increase or decrease.  

The greater deflection of light near the poles causes a drop in temperature, whereas at the equator a strong concentration of light gives more heat. The elliptical orbits of planets are yet another consequence of the interaction of two forces. If the magnetic center lies between a planet and the sun, the force of attraction is predominant and the planet is drawn in. However if the sun is between the planet and the center, the force of repulsion predominates and the planets move out, its path disturbed. As the position of the sun changes in relation to the 'point zero' center, each successive aphelion and perihelion of a planet occurs in a different position."


It is a shame Oazaki didn't read my challenge as if it were a real challenge had he done so his thread would still be here. I stated a challenge for Oazaki to state his true motives, for I knew his true motives. Instead of coming clean he referred me to page something or another it was assumed that I were knew nothing and that I hadn't even studied his work he also added in Oazaki fashion a few needles insults. Due to the way in which he responded to my post he chose his path, which leads us to this one moment right now.  

When Oazaki mentioned Starwars as a symbolic reference to the Zhedhi Order he was either bending the truth or outright lying. For it is a reference to the White loge and the Black loge, the white brotherhood and the Dark brotherhood. It should be kept in mind that a Dark brother often claims to be a messenger of the gods. If a man lets him into his heart it shows that he has a weakness in his character that let him in for a Dark brother can't force his way in. A dark brother seeks to preserve what is material and they are the forces of form and crystallisation. The Dark brother seeks to bring blindness to people and foster their hidden seeds of hatred, criticism and cruelty they cloak there effort with fair words and work with the energies of hate, separation, fear and pride. I think this describes somebody we know about. Now I don't mean to say Oazaki is a dark brother, he could just be and probably is, deluded by illusions of his own grandeur.      

This post has been ready to post since my challenge. I wanted to post the reply immediately and had it all written out. I tried to post the message but astralpulse messed up I considered this is sign that I was not to post the message. My heart told me that Oazaki was manipulating intelligent people and I began to think about how I would expose him. I showed my farther some of his posts and I told him that I was considering that I might challenge him to kill me. I put a lot of thought into this and a lot of thought into the thread being closed down. I decided that if on the slight chance I was to die I would be no use to man for I have a lot to say.

Now I understand why I was not to post the message. I also know there are no coincidences.

If anyone has the full thread they can look up my simple challenge and also take note how people really began to turn on Oazaki after the post this was and is no coincidence. Below is my response to Oazaki after he gave me permission to speak my mind.  

Very well Oazaki if you say so, I shall now speak using the Mind.  

I stated a serious straightforward challenge. I worded it so to evoke the desired response.

Oazaki KNOW you are an open book, your actions predictable. You have played right into my hand.

I have excited you and through this I have revealed you and you have revealed yourself. It will take time to sink in but will be a valuable lesson for us all.       I

I have known of your little thought experiment since my first read of the thread

We shall speak of the instincts

Mans basic instincts. Due to man being one with the all he inherits instincts from the all. These basic instincts are as follows. The instinct of self-preservation, the instinct to create and the instinct to destroy. There are many more sub instincts however they are connected via the three basics.

If one knows the key to mans instincts he knows that the instincts can be excited. If you look in the dictionary excite is described somewhat as follows "Arouse to strong emotion; arouse or evoke an emotion, arouse sexually" When we are excited we loose are sense of reasoning and are more likely to be ruled by instinct. Drunkenness, intoxication, rash decisions and wars are examples of exciting the instincts. When a man is drunk, in rage or stoned his reasoning is unbalanced.

If man by his free will is willingly persuaded to install his will/belief/hope into a receiving agent his instinct may be excited by the command of the receiving agent.

Keeping The Faith  

What is faith? Faith in the dictionary is described as a strong belief or hope regardless of evidence, this has some truth in it. As the old saying says keep the faith I interpret that this really means you should keep your hope/will don't give your hope/will to anyone apart from the self, have hope in thyself.

Oazaki Originally posted

"Faith is the greatest force within this universe. With it, ye may do all that is possible and even that which is not. Yet ye must channel this energy within thine own soul: keep faith in thy hopes, faith in thy dreams, faith in thyself."

As regards to the do you have faith in Oazaki poll. Ask yourself what do you think he is up to there then?

I ask you all were do you place your faith?
Where does your faith at this one moment reside?

On Illusion

Everything is temporary and kept within its equilibrium. Day follows night and night follows day. At night man sleeps, in day he awakes. At night dark rules, in the day, light rules. Man is sleeping some awake early just before the dawn, some during the day. A new dawn is approaching.

Now is not the time to explain the nature of reality many know already. However if something is temporary does that make it an illusion? To live as if in illusion is reckless it excites the emotions and unbalances the mind rash decisions follow. Live as if reality is temporary because we are only here temporally.                
As regards to the Zhedi order being based on Starwars there is a ring of truth to this statement. However the White Brotherhood and the Dark brotherhood is were the truth of this statement lies.

Oazaiki and anyone reading this if you study with care all previous posts. It may dawn on you that Oazaiki has aroused you as I have aroused him by exciting the instincts. Many of you have emotions and thoughts that you kept to yourselves you thought yourselves to be alone with your thoughts and Oazaiki presented information that activated a release of your pent up emotions and thoughts. This released created excitement. Many of you I have read simply can't wait till the end, until the fun starts happening. Wherever Oazaki manipulated this way knowingly or unknowingly is up to you to decide.

However a careful examination of the Zhedi changes to be made one can see that the changes are designed to arouse emotion and instinct. There are many other example of this sort of word manipulation contained within Oazaki's wording you can seek them yourselves.  

Oazaki Originally posted

As regards what plans The Zhedhi Order has for the future of this planet and humanity, well here's a few of them:

1. Restructuring of the world's political organisation such that anybody can live anywhere they choose. Each state will be able to decide it's own policies and governmental structure provided certain guidelines are adhered to (eg no taxation, minimal beurocracy, government must be in accord with justice, freedom, pleasantness, etc). Also there will be different states for different purposes / pursuits / people, eg warrior's states, theocratic states, pleasure states etc, as well as more mixed states.

2. Advanced technologies will be released, eg AIDS and cancer cures and vaccines, free energy sources, cars that run on water, etc. Also off-planet technologies will be introduced, most notable amongst which, I'd say, will be lightsabres and teleportation gates. But then again I'm biased, especially about the lightsabres!

3. The environment will be repaired, cleaned-up and improved.

4. Education will be radically overhauled to actually make it interesting and useful, eg the classes will be on things like meditation, combat, astral projection, etc.

5. The nature of economics will be redefined such that you'll do what you enjoy and the physical realisation of each person's dreams and desires will be far easier, the necessary knowledge, structures and institutions being put into place such that whosoever is willing to do the requisite work can easily see how his/ her dream can be realised and be able to actually go about effectively and relatively easily so realising it.

6. Interplanetary travel and communication will become the norm.

7. People's needs will be provided for, but each and every person will be expected to work for themselves and walk their own path, stand on their own two feet. That having been said, the nature of such work will not be in the mold of today's economic structure. Rather it will be along the lines of the development and use, expression of your talents and full potential.

8. People won't have a choice as to who they're governed by. One way or another it will be The Zhedhi Order. But it will be a very relaxed form of governance with much freedom to do as you please. And people will be able to suggest and vote on which laws / structures are to exist within their own state. provided such suggestions are just, pleasant, conducive of freedom, etc. In this context I'd also add that under the current systems of government people can in reality choose neither their laws NOR who governs them. The apparent choice regarding the latter is, in fact, an illusion as all candidates in the "race" are on the same side, supporting the same system and controlled by the same strings.

9. Well, life will be a lot more fun. Drugs, sex and more sex will be freely available. Hey, I believe that each should be free to choose for themselves what they do with their own body. Personal development will be a lot easier to pursue, the relevant knowledge and techniques being made freely available along with the necessary supporting structures, eg meditation centres, the "financial" and free time side of things covered, etc. I put financial in inverted commas because the financial / economic system will be overhauled so radically it won't be recognisable anymore.

To give you a timescale on all of that, ie *when* the things detailed above, and some others also, will actually happen:

1. War in USA against US govt in 2004. Result of which will be end of current system of US govt by end of 2004.

2. The Zhedhi Order will OVERTLY take over and control all world govts over course of 2004. Though, as I've already pointed out, that war will not be fought by conventional means. Rather, it will take the form of judgement from above, the expression of divine wrath by means of the operation of natural forces (eg earthquakes, tidal waves, comets and divers other plagues).

3. The Zhedhi Order will OVERTLY take over all economic and financial systems over course of 2005, though some such systems (and some companies also) we will take over before then.

4. The gates to other planets and dimensions will be fully opened and operational by February 26th 2006. Again this will be done by The Zhedhi Order. You will also be able to use the same gates to teleport between various points on the Earth's surface.

5. Both the cure and the vaccine for AIDS will be distributed worldwide by the middle / end of 2005 (on such dimensional levels where this will be a relevant consideration, that is to say on those levels where disease, sickness etc can still exist).

6. Cannabis will be legal, untaxed and freely available worldwide over the course of 2005. It would be 2004 but a year's needed to gather the first big harvest... Cannabis will however be fully legalised over the course of 2004. And I'm sure some enterprising individuals will sort out something re: some sort of supply...

7. By 2006/7 there will be Temples of Venus worldwide with highly skilled priests and priestesses for the sexual pleasure and education of the public.

8. In 2006 off-planet entities will OVERTLY AND PUBLICLY enter Earth's evolutionary path.[/

A Message

Along time ago a messenger came to earth. Note the messenger is not important only the message. The people alive at that time knew of a coming of the called Messiah they had visions of the messenger being a tall powerful skilled warrior who would free their people from Roman occupation.  

When the messenger awoke all he had were words. Due to the built up expectancy of the messenger and the unbalanced instinct of men in power the messenger was cast aside. The message still survives.

We shall now speak of the Dove and the Raven

The Raven

It is said that the raven used to walk normally as other birds however he wanted to step gracefully as the dove. The Raven gave up his normal way of walking and tried to imitate the dove he almost broke his bones in the attempt, the other birds mocked him. The Raven tried to revert back to his original way of walking, but he had forgotten.

The Raven appears first in the bible and was sent out of the Ark and doesn't return he circles the ark until the water is completely gone. Ravens are regarded as birds of destiny and omen. In Hebrew legend the raven was cursed by Noah for refusing at the first request to leave the ark. The raven has a reputation of being cruel to its young this is why god takes them under his special protection. During the first three days after birth when the parents neglect them, maggots grow forth from the parents dung so that they have food until their feathers turn black and their parents return.                

The raven not happy with his lot in life tried to take that which was not its own consequently the other birds mocked him.

The above explains the raven.

The Dove

The Dove has thirty-one references in the Bible the pigeon eleven. It is the most important bird in the Bible. The words Pigeon and Dove are synonymous in Hebrew the same word is found variously as Pigeon or Dove.

The Dove is sent out of the Ark three times firstly to return having found no place to rest. Seven days later it was sent out again the Dove returns in the evening with a fresh Olive branch. Noah waited seven more days then released the Dove for a third time the Dove didn't return.

It is said that the Dove is beautiful and pure it is also said that the spirit of god descends upon Jesus in the shape of a Dove (New Testament Matt 3:16)
The Dove was never worshiped by the Hebrews, although it is a clean animal it is not mentioned in the old testament as food for diet. It is also said that the Dove is Monogamous and points the way for mankind. If a dove looses his mate he doesn't seek company of another he has memory of the fellowship that was lost. Instead he chooses to be alone and without the company of man.

The dove is a messenger not unlike to the first messenger discussed. He brought Noah Word. Despite this how much religious teaching is based around the Dove?

The above explains the Dove.

As to the meaning of Noah and the Ark this is not up for discussion.  

Treatment of others

As of the treatment of others who challenged you, you should not only listen but also hear what is said. Tests and lessons come from the most unusual sources. Keep in mind everything you have thought said and done brings us to this moment. You out of your own free will started this thread, you again out of your own free will elevated yourself higher then others and survived by treating others as ignorant. You, again out of your own free will have brought destruction and humiliation upon yourself all this by your own hand!

Not only this but you have kindly set an example of yourself. If we consider the three basic instincts of the all. We have the instinct to create
you created this thread. We have the instinct of Self-Preservation by stating your claim as king of kings you knew that people would question your kingship and consequently you would have to try and survive these claims. Then we have the instinct to destroy, your words speak of destruction your goal was to cause destruction and your thread is destroyed. On this you have brought destruction to only one, yourself. All this brought about by your own free will those who seek destruction find it!

 This thought experiment of yours in some ways has succeeded. Even a fool as you and I well know has within words of wisdom.

Oazaki Dove Or Raven?

Oazaki I encourage you to seriously study the final passage of revelation with great care.

If any of you feel a bit down after reading to fully understand this post I suggest you download a tune wrote by the streets its called Stay positive having heard this download  "Queen of the crime council dialogue." The meaning of which should be obvious

Words are the language of the soul

May you be as wise as Serpents
And harmless as Doves

I speak truth I see clearly my eye is


End Quote
Words are the language of our soul

May You Be As Wise As Serpents
And Harmless As Doves

Now Oazaki I want you to really listen to me, do you really want to slice off your own head, it's not just your head Oazaki its OUR head. Now Oazaki Look At Me In Awe And hear My Silence

My Eyes Are Open

If you allowed yourself to hear me, I Would have already shown you something that nobody has ever shown you, something that you yourself refuse to acknowledge as a deadly force, look at me! I have shown you True Mercy True Compassion, True Love. To demonstrate this I given you the respect and honour you deserved. So now let it now be known, whatever a Man sows he shall Reap, and Oazaki now it is your time to Reap. You yourself are aware of how long you have remaining, I suggest you loose the false ego and put on some new old Robes, Oazaki this is instant Karma, I myself with a little help from my friends overcame it within one day, as if it were nothing.

Ladies and Gentlemen: If this Dumi were the King Of Kings then I myself would be The King of France!            

Oazaki I suggest you Read the Dumi's Writings so your reality changeover will be quick easy and painless. Resistance is Futile Feel The Full Force Of The Pure Source and Dare to believe!  
I Equal MC2!
I Equal Nothing!
I Equal Myself!
I Believe In Light, I Believe In Thought, I Believe In Nothing!
I Believe In A Thing Called Love

The Emperor wares no cloths!  

Music To Hear:

Dr. Dre 2001- The Watcher
Dr. Dre 2001- Still Dre
Dr. Dre 2001- Big Egos
Dr. Dre 2001- What's The Difference
Dr. Dre 2001- Forgot About Dre
Dr. Dre 2001- The Next Episode
Dr. Dre 2001- Light Speed  
Eminem- My Name Is
Eminem- The Real Slim Shady

I Humbly Suggest That All Who Are Interested In Hearing Truth Re-Read Corinthians and Hear The New Old Word, Its called a time slip

Oh and Moderators, don't kick me again, I'm your only hope and you're my only hope, pray for me and pray for yourselves. It's called a time slip.

May The Lord Rebuke You  



QuoteI have never smoked before but puffed on it wholeheartedly for several minutes before realising it wasn't lit.




QuoteOh and Moderators, don't kick me again, I'm your only hope and you're my only hope, pray for me and pray for yourselves. It's called a time slip.

also priceless

notice the princess Leia like "you're my only hope" melodrama


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Quote from: MJ-12
QuoteI have never smoked before but puffed on it wholeheartedly for several minutes before realising it wasn't lit.




QuoteOh and Moderators, don't kick me again, I'm your only hope and you're my only hope, pray for me and pray for yourselves. It's called a time slip.

also priceless

notice the princess Leia like "you're my only hope" melodrama

ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear I'm literally laughing it off!!!!!  

"notice the princess leia...."  omg that was too, too funny..thanks so much for the hardy laugh.  I'll have to come back in a few minutes to continue with my thoughts...I've lost them for right now, plus I can't stop hearing her say that over, and over..:D



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