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Are you crazy??

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why not BOTH :D

~kakkarot ^_^


Yes, I am completely crazy !  When will science realize that spirit cannot be quantified by experiments designed to obtain hard data.  All the theories about mental illness and spiritual awakenings need to be re-assessed from the perspective of knowing nothing, otherwise the risk of making irrelevant statements increases.

"I have found that borderlines can have "split graphics." They may see an angel and the devil at the same time. It's a function of the split - the inability to integrate "good" and "bad" - inside their personality."........"A psychotic hallucination is a projection from one's unconscious mind into the outside world"

Given that these judgements come from a one-eyed view they cannot be balanced.  It cannot be balanced out until the researchers come from the perspective of not seeing their theories as stateable fact.  While the mechanice of mental illness can be as described here, it is not the only possibility.  Perhaps the kinds of experiences described here are actually REAL Realities these patients experience.  Who truly knows otherwise ?

"Her contact with the spiritual world made her better prepared to work in the "real" material world"..... "The saints, however, have all learned how to live with one foot in each world."

Here are the most important and relevant statements from that article !

If all my spiritual experience is actually wrong as mental illness fabrications then it only means I am crazy, and I can live with that. LOL.[:P]

Love Always.[:)]


I got a completely different read on the various excerpts from this book Tay.  Of course, this doesn't change the fact that you ARE completely crazy.  [:P]  

What I find so wonderful about this book is that Dr. Gersten is a certified psychiatrist and neurologist, having been the Chief Resident in Psychiatry in San Diego, and also has a Medical Doctorate! On top of this, he has amassed a body of knowledge and technique on mind-body and metaphysics that I would call superior.  Here, he has created a graphic of his view of consciousness:

I see him as a man who truly has aspired to have a 'foot in both worlds'.  I have actually conversed with him on another board, and he has a regular spiritual practice and is a very nice fellow.  He has experienced many of the things that you and I have experienced, but at the same time he seeks to keep one foot planted firmly in the empirical as a reference in seperating the often conflicting and confusing experiences that can assault the unaware.  I find his ideas refreshing, and very reassuring.  [:)]

Perhaps this excerpt will give you a bit of a different perspective:
Non semper ea sunt quae videntur.


It's about time someone wrote a book like this:
Are You Getting Enlightened or Losing Your Mind? by Dr. Dennis Gersten

Excerpt from Are You Getting Enlightened or Losing Your Mind?;

Link to book;

Non semper ea sunt quae videntur.