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Right, so I have a few blogs out there.  But I just started a new one that deals specifically with my writing.  I've recently started working on a novel that I will be independently publishing as soon as I finish it.  My new blog is the home of my writings, progress reports, updates, teasers and free downloads.

I am working on a short story now, the first chapter of which I just posted.  So read it if you'd like.

I'm planning to publish it and sell it on Amazon and some other places as an ebook for somewhere between $1-$5 (depending on how long it ends up being).  But I may put it up for free download on my blog, so check it out if you got the time and feel like reading some sci-fi.

Shades.Of.Consciousness deals with all things metaphysical, spiritual, ontological, philosophical, who are we, where do we come from, why are we here type stuff.

The AlterEgo is my personal introspection blog where I talk about myself, my life, my messed up mind and anything else I feel like discussing. 

be awesome.


Hey man!

Nice to see you're still around!  :)

Love the new blog!  Looking forward to more posts!


 Welcome back!  :-)

I hope things are going good with you. I see you are getting back to writing again. That's always a positive sign.

We are here for you my friend!  :-)


Nice blog Personalreality. It seems like this blog will be very beneficial for all of us to learn new things.


Hey Personalreality... nice beginning to your short. ;)