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Cool 16-Bit Inspired Game - Free Download, Limited Time Only!

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I stumbled across this game and I really like it and want to support the developers, so I'm trying to spread the word.

The game is called Anodyne and the developers are temporarily offering a promo through The Pirate Bay to download the game for free.  The promo ends February 18, 2013 at 5:00am Central Standard Time, so if you like Zelda-esque action/adventure rpgs, ACT NOW!

I've made a post on my blog with all of the instructions to get your free copy.  Just go here -->  Anodyne - A 16-bit Inspired Adventure! and follow the instructions.  It's worth it.

I hate to keep linking my blog, but there are a bunch of links in that post and I didn't want to litter the forum with links to BitTorrent clients and Torrent sites (even though everyone here probably already has uTorrent and visits The Pirate Bay often enough as it is). 

Nevertheless, check it out.

be awesome.


It seems like an amazing. I am going to install it. Thanks for sharing this wonderful game.


There is no such thing as a limited time down load    once its on a file sharing site .  I see a file on KAT       It does state that it will run on Linux , so I may down load it and see .  I did not see that file on   desert rat