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Hey guys, did anybody have any experiences with smoking DMT?

What are your impressions, maybe some tips or advice on smoking DMT, cause I ordered it from the Silk Road and it has to come in a couple of days.
first time smoker.


I think you are better off  to do things with out the drugs .  To any one using any kind of drug know what you are doing , its easy to hurt or kill your self . 


QuoteI think you are better off  to do things with out the drugs .  To any one using any kind of drug know what you are doing , its easy to hurt or kill your self .

This is the best answer.

The other answer I would give in this situation, is that if you are going to experiment with DMT, there is a good time and place to do it, and that is under the guidance of the Ayahuasca tradition. The South American tribes themselves have allowed outsiders for years to come and experience their rituals with them, where shamans with decades of experience, who know the many ins and outs and safety checks watch over the ceremonies. Not everyone can go to South America obviously, but there are many of these men that come all over the West to practice the art in safety too. Be warned it isn't legal in some cases, but if you must be involved, it is by far the most meaningful and safe context to do it within. If you can't wait for a safe opportunity to practice with folks such as those, you are probably playing with fire anyhow, even with DMT.
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-Unattributed Zen monastic


As one who would never use supplements your choice of use is your own. As DMT isn't legal universally I'd recommend you read many pages of information on it. By doing this you will be able to answer questions as to its safety.
I can't condone its use and would prefer you to obtain some authoritarian help with this should you wish to continue.
As its well known that shamans etc use this as part of their rituals to effect a non physical experience you would be better seeking out such a person.
The Astral Pulse and its staff cannot accept responsibility for use of any supplements whatsoever.
We feel their use will not give the same resullts as practising the art unaided.
That said its within the subject matter we discuss on this forum.
Please read the forum rules again.
Please post your responses with our younger members at heart.
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.


I'd personally love to try it, only because I believe I have the experience to make the experience of using DMT useful.

You should watch the documentary, "DMT The Spirit Molecule".  It's *REALLY* good.



I extracted my own from Mimosa Hostilis.

It was amazing to say the least but very far removed from a natural OOBE. I would go as far as say it's like an OOBE but under the influence of DMT.  :-D

I experienced all the flat surfaces in my room expand out revealing another reality between the gaps. Everything was held together by tall ethereal light beings of some type. I was very embarrassed to be there and felt a bit intrusive. I also felt that I was part of that reality and they were holding me together... and that I'd rumbled them.

Compared to an OOBE the trip is very psychedelic... lots of very clear fractal patterns writhing around creating geometric shaped... beautiful. Then breaking through this it becomes something else and is another reality entirely.

I was always asked about the profound 'Ego death' one experiences on breakthrough trips... but I couldn't relate. It wasn't till it was described to me I had already experienced it early on in my 'natural' OOBEs.

I would like to add that if you insist on trying it.. that you have someone present to catch the red hot pipe from you as you become unconscious of your surroundings... that they are someone you can trust and who will look after you in the unlikely but possible event you temporarily lose your mind. Do your homework. Read all there is to know...

is a very good website.

Be responsible.


Thank you Bedeekin, that was really helpful


If i were to recommend any type of drug that someone should try once in there life, It would be DMT. Hands down, Best experiences iv ever had.

Most probably will not agree, But safety wise DMT would have to be one of if not THE safest drug to take IMO, Along with the phrase everything in moderation. I mean 1, Its in your body already, Large amounts are pumped through the body at birth and death and in deep REM. So i say if its in us already and in pretty much everything else on the planet, Then inducing it once or twice should be right.. (Aslong as your mentally stable)

Now, You dont want to burn it too fast, DO NOT hold the flame to the bowl, You want atleast a 5cm gap. This is why you need to do a HEAP of research prior to smoking it so you get it right the first time. DMT is hard to find (In OZ) You dont want to waste it, Trust me. It took us months of hunting to get some as its not a very sort after street drug here.

We almost resulted in making our own, We were hunting around for a certain type of eucalyptus tree thats meant to carry a heap in the bark, Searching for some of the other chemicals needed it was all looking slightly too much work, For us anyways.

Luckily a mate of a mate of a mate new a bloke and his mate new 1 bloke who had some. And finally we managed to get it, At a pretty hefty price might i add!

Going off what happened to me and 2 other mates that experimented with it a few months back, You wont be able to toke the pipe long enough too "brake through" it will start hitting you too hard after your second long toke and you will feel the need to lay back and close your eyes. You will still get a load of super clear geometric visuals and a sense of connection with a higher source but you WILL NOT get the blast off and find yourself fully conscious in a high definition uncomprehendable mind blowing different dimension with other beings there talking to you and creating geometrical patterns and showing you the makings of the universe.. <<< THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT!  :lol:

This is why we used the BEST method of smoking it to ensure a brake through, We didn't want to mess around, We tried with the pipe first to get a feel for it (which i recommend, Taking a small amount at first just to get the vibe for it) but we failed to blast off, It may seem a bit extreme but this other method gets the job done, Anyways after all the brake through is what you want! Trust :-D

All you need is: 2L coke bottle or one similar, Scissors, Aluminium foil, Sticky tape/ductape  Or anything else thats sticky and ends in tape.

Its similar to a gravity bong for marijuana but theres no gravity pulling, Simply burn the DMT and fill the bottle with smoke until you cant see your hand on the other side, You want to dutch it. This is whats great about this method too, As we did, Your mates can brew up your DMT for you while you lay there and get comfy and meditate, Slow the heart and get yourself at peace and ready to learn from what is about to be shown.

Then when they say its ready they unscrew the lid for you, All you do is lean over and inhale it all, You should be able to do it in one, If not take half and quickly exhale then take the last off it and Hold it if you can, You'll without trying just lay back as it basically knocks you out like morphine, And BLAST OFF.

Its also just as easy to do it all yourself if your going at it solo with this technique, Although i recommend to be supervised as its mainly good to have them there afterwards when you gain consciousness to remind you what you just did, I no when i came out i was a bit confused at to where i was for 30 seconds or so.

Another benefit from consuming it with this method is you don't have a do any work at all, No holding the pipe or slowly inhaling for long periods, You just brew it up and slam it all down, Done.

Heres a link below to a brief video on what you want. This is by far THE BEST way to smoke it if you want a definite brake through, Super easy.

Me and a mate still have a bit left we have been contemplating doing it again and may do, Im still at peace from my last experience though i dont really feel the need to do it again atm. Thats the wonderful thing about it. It really is mind opening and just shows you how much more is out there and how much more advanced things get.

Its the only drug i no of that you can take and after its all done and out of your system for the next few days even upto a week you feel 100 times better than you did before. Any other drug, Even other natural ones like Shrooms or weed will give you a headache or a slight gross not 100% good feeling for the next few days.

The ONLY bad thing about DMT is maybe the smell/taste of it as its like burnt plastic but thats easily fixed by eating a banana afterwards ;)

Oh and you will see the world slightly differently for a week or so, Whats the word... Dull ?  Haha, I just couldn't believe what i had been shown, For days i was in awe! I felt like i had been let in on a secret. The Love i felt while i was there with these other beings was so overwhelming words cant describe. It was complete and utter LOVE.

Afterwards i sore everyone going around there day to day lives, I watched deeper, I thought deeper, I just couldn't help but think to my self
"You people no nothing! None of this is important! There is SOOOO much more out there then this reality and your all just worried about how much money you can make to buy material things! And what will you do with it all when you leave this reality? Take it all with you? PFFFFF!

I couldn't even begin to describe what i was shown, It would take too long and would be so hard find the right words. Lots of 5D geometrical patterns and objects were only the basis to the whole show. I learnt so much else through connection with them on such a personally deep level. I will always cherish what i was shown and what i took from it.

Quote from: Bedeekin on July 26, 2013, 17:41:00
I would go as far as say it's like an OOBE but under the influence of DMT.  :-D

HAH, Ye that will do.

Like Bedeekin says, Seriously Read all there is to know. This is not a party drug, Its to be taking in a serious manner for personal growth and enlightenment.

David Warner

okay, so ultimately, what are you trying to achieve with this drug? OBE or to experiment with the symptoms it produces?

As I tell anyone that wants to project, drugs or alcohol are not the key to astral projection. Can it aid it "yes" but underneath the layers of your self, gotta find a natural way to project which only comes from consistency, hardwork
and training...

Be careful folks...
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Hey guys, I just wanted to report on my DMT experience. I've just smoked about 30-50 mg of DMT yellow powder. You were right desert-rat, I would be better off without it...

My roommate is gone to work and the envelope with DMT just came in the other day, I'm in my room alone, so I decide to try it. I put some peaceful music, get comfortable on my bad light up the powder and watch the bottle fill up with milk-white smoke. I open up the bottle and suck in all the smoke, hold it for about 8 seconds, exhale... and damn, this was probably the worst painful experience in my life, I felt something similar to when I was performed an operation upon without anesthesia.

I watched DMT The Spirit Molecule on utube and believe me, I really thought this was something incredible.

As soon as I exhaled the smoke my body instantly became 'lifeless', I mean every bit on energy left me, my muscles became like old ropes, I fell back on the pillow. I couldn't move when I tried, I was just twitching helplessly. It was not like mind altered state, but just feeling completely fu*d up while realizing everything and couldn't do anything about it. I saw the room obscurely with spinning geometrical shapes in my field of vision. I was completely wet from sweat, the taste of melting plastic in my mouth, my heart was pounding, there was that strange pain in my testicles. 'Am I suppose to enjoy this' thought playing again and again in my head. Then I remembered I heard somewhere that you have to let go to enjoy it, but I couldn't. The best analogy I can think of is a man on the electric chair with current running through his body isn't strong enough to kill him instantly but rather to put off death for as long as possible - he wants to die already to escape the pain but he can't. It literally felt like I was dying, so I was lying there asking for it to end. When it slowly began to subside I was literally thanking god for it to end. The whole experience lasted 5-10 minutes tops, but let me tell you I don't want this kind of 'trip' anymore.

I don't want to scare anybody. Don't get me wrong.  Maybe it's just me and my body that cannot handle drugs well. I remember smoking weed and thinking it was unpleasant - the feeling of when the hell is this stuff going to wear off. I' m pretty sensitive to the alcohol too, so the big factor in this was probably my body peculiarities.

I still have about 200 mg of it I want to smoke it again... no, I won't probably do any kind of drugs again for that matter
What am I going to do with leftovers? Probably through it away.

So that was my subjective, but completely honest perspective on DMT


Thanks for having the courage to relay your experience for what it was.

A couple things stick out in my mind:

1) There is probably no way of knowing that what you smoked was actually DMT, unless it came from a highly reputable source (for your sake and your source's sake, do not list them here or anywhere). It is a fairly difficult to acquire substance, and is often a name attached to other substances to market them, such as Salvia Divonorum.

2) I have not experienced this for myself, but I know from countless discussions that without the inhibitors of DMT breakdown present in some South American plants, the experience of DMT is very short-lived and very violent. People partaking in DMT alone (usually smoked) relate much less meaningful experiences than those had with the inhibitor present, as in ceremonial Ayahuasca preparations. They are entirely separate classes.

None of this is advice mind you- just thoughts that came to me based on your experiences.

As always, be safe!
"The Gardener is but a dream of the Garden."

-Unattributed Zen monastic


Quote from: Stillwater on July 31, 2013, 19:47:49

1) There is probably no way of knowing that what you smoked was actually DMT

Exactly, Do you no that DMT is classed as the most illegal and the most hardcore hallucinogen in the world? Ayahuascas affects are very much like DMT but longer lasting and more subtle, Many "hardcore trippers" who have done ceremonial Ayahuasca have stated that the DMT trip still triumphs over the Ayahuasca trip.

For this reason above I would HIGHLY doubt that pure DMT would be able to be ordered online and come sent in the mail...

I would say what you had was not pure DMT, Or may have not even had any DMT at all, Probably a sythetic version, Could be a reason for your bad experience.

Also you say you dont take well to drugs in general.. :| IMO If i were you, I would not be trying the most hardcorest of the hallucinogens.

Really drugs are not the right way to spiritual enlightenment and they do only sit well with certain people, They can aid, They have helped me slightly, But that wasn't my aim, I was simply interested in the experience.

These days i find much greater enjoyment through deep meditation and astral travel.

Thanks for your honesty.


Thank you for the honest reply.
These experiences are best done in accordance with those of knowledge.
A point if interest you've made perfectly clear is you DON'T actually know what's in the substance you obtained. Be safe, you only have one life in the physical.
It also brings into perspective that hard work pays dividends.

I hope this deters anyone from wanting to try this.
A passion for the art is one thing, as is well known, if you force the issue it isn't the same.

There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.


It sounds like you had the much more easily obtainable version called 5-MeO-DMT. It's horrible apparently and its main symptoms are rapid heartbeat sweating and dysphoria. That definitely didn't sound like normal DMT.

Never buy it off anyone... unless it is a very high class reputable source.

Salvia Divinorum is the twin to DMT.


I'm glad that you got to have the experience and suffered no lasting ill effects.

It's my personal belief that "hallucinogens" only remove the veil that our brains serve to keep us safely focused on this physical reality while we are interfaced for it. The brain is just a computer that runs many programs simultaneously and like anything that can be programmed, it can be deprogrammed or prompted to run another program. Meditation and lots of self reflection are one way to do this and hallucinogens are another.

One way compliments the systems that are running while the other can cause a crash.

It takes hard work to reprogram our brains that have been systematically programmed since our birth though culture, misinterpreted experiences, and intentional disinformation but the payoff is a computer that runs much smoother and has less error messages. Keep in mind that less does not mean infrequent, it just means less. :-D
It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.
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