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Dear goingslow,

Definitely scary.  

Man! I even question my guide when he warns me not to do something.  Just barely avoided an accident because of it.  But you know what!  I will always question.  THIS is MY life.[:P]  No one elses.  

Deepest Respect,


whew.. timeless apparently there was nothing to be alarmed about.  I was very pleased and relieved to see on that topic Adrian said there was no cult activity happening and that it was wrong to even suggest it.

Course I went to go post my response and it said I couldnt.  The topic was gone.. Dont know if it is someplace else but apparently it doesn't deserve sticky status anymore.

All that worry for nothing.  Turns out they are just telling the truth to further humanity.  The lies and unfortunately stories like silentwitness apparently are not worth being concerned about.

Celebrate with me?


see you in a few weeks timeless. Gonna be busy for the next few.


What is the definition of a cult?  Does every cult need a leader?  Why are cults so associated with metaphysical persuits?  

Is the the completely suspension of disbelief so many think is required? IE "Why are you here talking about OBE if you're sceptical about alien entities that are being channeled through our leader".

Im seriously wondering about this and it isn't a slam on anything.  Is a cult simply a group of people gathering together who believe in something + (AN important plus) One person who claims they have all the answers and you must now follow their way.

If RB suddenly claimed he was the incarnate of some being on the astral would most of you find another site ...if we stuck around and listened what the incarnate version of Robnikbub would we then qualify as a cult?

This is something i cant get a grasp on.. what separates a cult from a gathering of like minds on a regular basis to each of you?