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Dont read if youve not seen "Waking Life"

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Euphoric Sunrise

I don't think we ever really found out. I think that was just an illustration of the main point of the movie - that reality is a dream (i don't mean we're literally asleep somewhere) and through dreams we can discover the secrets of universe etc. Well that's what i got from it anyway [8D]
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lucid dancer

the writer of the story wasn't sure how to end the movie. He wanted us to question what was really going on, just like we listened to every story, questioning reality. The way it ended was a full circle (hovering beside the car) except this time there was a release. To me, that symbolizes a change in events. Perhaps he woke up, perhaps he died. How do you want the movie to end?


ahhh that makes sense.  thanks you two.. well here's another question I had on the movie.  I thought maybe he was dead because of the car accident scene where he was hit by the car.


Saw the movie a while back and liked it. There is a nice interview with the writer/director at the following website:
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Soo.. was the guy actually dead or what?

That was never all the way clear to me.