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Hi my friends.

I've just been thinking about family lately and wondering how all of your families are doing. It was brought to my attention that 'far as we could tell' I might be the only one amongst us, at least the core group, that has children. So I wonder, is that true or is that a misconception.

I am not asking anyone to put their families on the line here, that wouldn't be right and might infringe on their privacy. I'm primarily interested in children, we all have parents and grands dead or alive somewhere.

I know I have talked about my children from time to time without mentioning their names or personal info but I don't see much or anyone else doing so.

My bigger question is; if you do have children how do they fit in with your astral travels. Do you and your kids share any abilities and so on? Do you see any family or genetic traits, per astral travel, among them?

I'll start simply because it isn't fair to start a topic and not share.

I have 4 children (3 of which I gave birth).
#1 I birthed (his dad and I divorced soon after)
#2 I did not birth but raised (his parents divorced before he was a year old)
      I married #2s dad which gave us two children combined
#3 I birthed 13 years after we married
#4 I birthed 2 years after #3

So in effect I have 2 sets of children. 2 are around their 40s while 2 are in their 20s.

I've had a psychical connection with all my birth children. My first child began playing around in my dreams around the age of puberty and continues to do so. I don't have this relation with no 2 but we have a tight waking connection so we both know when the other is in need.

The last 2 and I often connect on a dream level and have shared a number of psychical/astral experiences. The coincidences and timing are amazing. We connect both on a subconscious (sleep) level and on a conscious (wake level) in many ways. I see a strong connection in our family genetics and if I think too much about it it almost gives me the willies. But it has opened me up to searching for our family make-up on and astral/other level. It's mind blowing really.

So it's those connections and seeing or at least beginning to see and understand these things that has brought me to asking about your families. I could go on but this is enough for now, just want to see if this type conversation has a resonance with my fellow travelers.

Hugs to you All
"Men (and women) need to be humiliated fairly regularly to keep their souls pure... Tucker Carlson"


Hugs to you as well, Nameless  :-)

That's an interesting topic! I don't have children, as I am beginning to think that if I had any, my path would have taken me into a different direction, and I guess in this life I was meant to focus on other things. I feel like in other lifetimes I have done it all many times with family and spouses, so I got plenty of experience and learned lessons in that regard.
But I love my 2 little nieces like my own children. I have frequent dreams about them. My sister told me that they have very vivid dreams and they talk in their sleep. They also see things that others cant. I don't know if they will outgrow this as they get older. I didn't have any dreams or APs about them before they were born, maybe in forms of symbols that I did not understand at the time. But I am seeing similarities in their behavior with my own behavior as a child. The older one even looks like me, exact copy at that age. I compared photos from the same age and we look like twins.
Genetics are very intriguing indeed, as similarities of personality also passes down.


Yes, I've been very intrigued by your dreams involving your nieces. It made me think that even though you don't have children in a way you do as they really seem to carry your (astral) genetic inheritance very strongly. Of course they carry your physical code as well. Seems you have a little Mini-Me in the making. I just know you are going to get a huge kick out of watching those two grow. Prepare yourself though because my friend you are in for some big surprises that will be revealed to you as time goes by. Watch, listen and learn, they have a lot to teach you and you them. ;-)
"Men (and women) need to be humiliated fairly regularly to keep their souls pure... Tucker Carlson"


I'm sure they will amaze me as they grow up and their personalities develop. My sister, her husband and I have the same ideas about how they should be raised. We are teaching them to eb compassionate and to help each other and other people, and to treat everyone equally. The their week the 5 year old told my sister that one of the girls from school is very nice but a little ugly lol. My sister was very surprised, but you know how is at school, kids learn what they hear from gown ups and TV and they have no filter. They may not really understand the meaning of certain grown up behavior or conversations, but they start mimicking them.
So, my sister explained to her that beauty comes from within, and every person has unique spiritual and physical beauty that we have to recognize.

Nameless I wonder if your children feel equally the strength of connection you feel with them. I think that the love of parents towards children is greater than children to parents, but I wonder what do you think. And I think the hardest job in the world is to be a parent, because the constant worry about your children's well being never stops and they take absolute priority above your own needs. It is a sacrifice in a way, but the reward of feeling the strongest love there is, makes it worth it.


The 5 year old is very honest as most are. Being very honest back is required.

That's actually a very good question LB. I am sure they do but what is different is that quite frankly I am not their priority. Two of them have kids of their own, one has one on the way and one is way more interested in his fiance, lol.

I've come to see that love is a strange thing. Even at its strongest it can and often does go into hiding which can make us appear uncaring at times. I remember times when I rarely thought of my parents, much as I loved them. I've seen the same with my own kids. But one thing sure, especially in a strong and supportive family it always come back to you. And sometimes we don't miss things till they are gone.

I am not touting my own horn here but i do agree parenting is the hardest job ever. I say this after having had a number of jobs in my life, lol. There is no wonder to me as to why so many parents would rather run away from their parenting job to spend in overtime at their salaried jobs. Some would even rather go to prison than go home and raise their children. So sad.

I will confess here that there were many times I wondered if I had lost my mind. Most of the time I knew I had in fact lost it. Children challenge you in ways nothing else on this earth will but OMG the end results... I'm only left wondering 'did I do enough', 'did I do it right', 'did I ruin them' and 'scar them for life'.

But in the end you may be right, children only want to grow up and fly the coop. Parents have a hard time letting go. So children may run away hard and fast but as they live and mature they tend to see the parents wisdom. If I could pass any advice on to future parents it would be this.

You have children, but you are not raising children. You are in fact supposed to be raising self-efficient adults. Never forget that, children already know how to be children.
"Men (and women) need to be humiliated fairly regularly to keep their souls pure... Tucker Carlson"


QuoteI've just been thinking about family lately and wondering how all of your families are doing. It was brought to my attention that 'far as we could tell' I might be the only one amongst us, at least the core group, that has children. So I wonder, is that true or is that a misconception.

It may indeed be that you are carrying the load for us all. lol

How funny, is it really true that you are the only one of us here ( who has been around for some time ) who has children. How extraordinary. I know that many of us were not meant in this life to have children but the odds of being the only one in a group such as this defies the odds, wouldn't you say?

I am one of six children my parents brought to the planet; 3 boys 3 girls. I am the youngest, by a single year, and the only remaining of the girls, both my sisters passed in their 50s ( a common trait in my family ) -- and the middle-most of the lot, one brother being a half brother by my mom, and another being a half sister by my dad. All of them had children and live a "normal" human life, two of them had extraordinarily large families. I have more nieces than I can count on my hands and toes, lol, and two nephews. The are all my family, but I am what the group of them sees as an odd duck.

My life has involved very few, at the inner circle, it is common for me to have only 1-3 friends at a given time; one who I may see weekly, another perhaps quarterly, and another annually. Most my time on the Earth has been spent alone. Aside, of course, from time at work, yet even here most time spent is also alone.

Not a lot of interaction, and not a lot of distraction........unless I myself have for a time have created it. <--very rare.

This said, it is the time now ( for me ) for interaction. I am Told I conceptually have "children" and moreso "grandchildren" out there.

But I get the feeling this is not a part of what you are currently most curious about.

Can you say more about the particular curiosity?


OmCasey "This said, it is the time now ( for me ) for interaction. I am Told I conceptually have "children" and moreso "grandchildren" out there."

Hey Casey, you don't know how that intrigues me, I think you are talking about non-physical children or at least not a part of this current earth line. I have those too but admit I don't really know how that works, lol. What I am aware of is the connection between all of 'them" and my current family going back generations. Some of 'them' are total puzzles to me but the rest are so obviously genetically tied with us. Just don't ask how I know that although I'm sure you are one of the ones that doesn't even need to ask.

OmCasey "Can you say more about the particular curiosity?"

I think in part it has to do with the fact that I would love to see this forum step it up a notch. Seems we've gotten stuck on one subject; How to AP? How to Project? and so on.

There are so many members here who are quite accomplished. I would love to hear more about what we've all learned and what it means or what it may mean whether individually or on a larger scale. We are not having these experiences simply for the hell of it or just to relieve boredom within our lives. So what IS the next step?

Lately I've been learning about the family (physical and other) connections and how they work. I mean to say I have been learning on the subconscious/astral level. I haven't studied anything here in the physical. Why though? I figure there must be a reason and I feel what I learn needs to be shared. I wouldn't be much good at answering straightforward questions at this time but simple conversation really helps me get all this info into perspective and just may help some others as well.

So this is what I am being taught from the great beyond and I reckon it's only natural to wonder what you guys are being taught. And why.
"Men (and women) need to be humiliated fairly regularly to keep their souls pure... Tucker Carlson"


Ooohh!......yes, I see, ( sorry for not seeing that sooner ), what you are learning spiritually about the subject of family.

In that case, I think what I said may be relevant, or related. It is not non-physical family I was meaning, but, rather, also...what I am told from the spiritual side of things about others here in the physical who my soul is like a "mother" and even moreso "grandmother" to. Something more like this. It works out age-wise in physical space, also, these "children/grandchildren" are of an age now that would match the age I myself am. I am a bit computer tired, I hope this is making sense. I am told these young people will find me and that I will be here for them. Not unlike a parent in the more direct physical sense. I will be here to serve as an example, and to help guide.

I know what you mean about the boards possibly falling behind. It is active dialogue that draws the newcomers in. This said, The Pulse has a great and vast array of independent topics and avenues through which to dive in. I have always appreciated its focus, but agree it is helpful also when its participants are open to sharing at least some personal data. It is not that it has to be to any great degree, only that the openness to do so IS there. Sharing what it is we are learning when "out and about" seems harmless enough. Sergio's recent experience(s) come to mind. It is, of course, the bulk of what I think I personally dive into ( on my own platforms ).

If not here, do know everyone is welcome to dive into this type of talk over there with me. You've got our digits.

All said, I am always here in the periphery as well. - until one of you call me out onto the boards.

As you yourself did just today.


I have made more spiritual realizations in the past one year, than in all of my earthly years in this life brought together. I feel more connected to all consciousness than ever before. This is a very empowering feeling. I think the global challenges triggered within me the strong desire to gain enormous power to be able to help on a mass scale. This desire triggered multiple back to back events (APs, dreams, synchronicity, etc) that initiated series of information "download". That type of special connection that we feel towards family members as human characters, I now feel on a multiverse level. We ALL are ONE family. ALL THAT IS is ONE.