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Food. I did a test... I wanted to share with the pulse.

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Hey friends.

I did a test for about 3 days and wanted to see what results I came up with. What I found was astonishing to say the least. After all the advice I was given I took a hard look at what I had been eating over the past months, even years. Let's just say I was not even drinking water. I did to take medicine and that was about it. I consumed mostly sodas (diet) and some other drinks like lemonade. If I did have water I did not drink enough, and the cokes that I had totally got rid of the water that I did consume. So I was still eating like garbage... Chocolate, sodas, (I went out pretty much everynight somewhere) It was always burgers, fries, pizza, mexican food with a big pile of sour cream, you know... All that stuff. I been doing this for years. My symptoms over the years have been horrible anxiety, and also to add on top of that horrible stomach problems. Anxiety and stomach issues kind of go hand in hand. When you get nervous your stomach tends to get upset as well. The foods I were consuming were giving me heartburn as well which just made things worse. I thought I would try medical marijuana. I did... It landed me in the ER everytime because it made my paranoia go off the charts. I actually even felt like I wasn't on earth anymore. Everything seemed kind of slow motion... The nurses even had to pin me down to give me an ativan shot.

After a few weeks passed I got off the marijuana and thought alright... I am gonna do a test on my diet. Many people on the pulse have told me this as well as a few doctors too.

Here is a list of symptoms I was having while eating like this (for years literally)
-Panic attacks (daily)
-Aches and pains for no reason (they would come and go)
-Drowsiness/dizziness/ near syncope episodes
-Dizziness upon standing
-heart palpitations/irregular heartbeat (This would set off my anxiety like no other)
-No motivation at all (depression?)
-Very shaky
-Acid reflex so bad I would choke on my acid at night
-Constant stomach issues
and so much more I can't list them all.

So I thought... There is no way a normal human being should ever live like this. I am going to try eating healthier for two days... see what happens. I will break my food out more instead of eating HUGE meals at once. I will stay away from preservatives and msg when I buy things. I will buy all organic. (more expensive yeah..) I will eat six times a day in smaller quantities... not two huge meals a day stuffing myself until it's hard to breathe and snacking on chocolate in between.

I applied this for two days. If I did go out I went to subway and I loaded up on all the veggies that were there. I got wheat bread and made sure I got the light mayo. I make sure I got extra spinach and lettuce (focused on green veggies a lot.) I bought organic carrots and ranch dressing. I made sure the dressing had no preservatives or msg. It actually taste better than hidden valley. It's called lighthouse. I bought natural protein drinks with no preservatives (they are chocolate) but had tons of good vitamins in them. I bought organic raspberries and snack on them. I made sure I was drinking close to a gallon of water a day. I don't exceed that though. You can actually drink to much water. I did go to subway everyday for lunch and got a 12 inch. I saved the other part (six inch later for around dinner time)

I applied this for two days and I will say that all of my symptoms except for anxiety and paranoia have vanished. I am now motivated to walk on the treadmill for 30 mins a day, and want to start hiking. Walking does wonders for me as well. The water has made my acne pretty much disappear and has made my skin much more soft and natural feeling.

After two days of this I said my god... I am no longer having palpation's or any of that. Now I am gonna go to denny's... I am going to eat chicken strips with BBQ sauce and ranch. Fries with ketchup, and then have a chocolate cake for desert. I went home... I felt okay. Until about 3 hours later. I had horrible acid reflex again and felt sick. I did get some sleep... I woke up feeling nauseated and just sick in general. The rapid heart beat also started up again.

This summed it up for me. It's been my diet. I hope someone reads this and at least tries this. It's very real and I think the msg and other things I were eating on a daily basis played havoc with my body. It feels so good... I actually went to the police dept last night and asked for ride along forms. I used to would have not even have wanted to walk in the building so my anxiety must be slowly getting better as well. I am on medication, and I WILL NOT stop unless I talk to a doctor. I just wanted to make this topic. It's quite important to me and it's a big step for me too.

I feel bad because my grandma eats out everynight and that used to be our thing. We would talk and laugh. I am going to miss that but my god I wish she would try too. She is always feeling faint, stomach issues just like me... Always tired... But nobody wants to give it a go. I will just get some subway on the nights she goes out and she can have her food and I can have mine I guess. It's a life changer. Eating at denny's and feeling like crap again confirmed that.

I hope this helps people! It's hard to stay away from all msg and preservatives etc... but I eat mostly veggies, about 80% 10% meat or even less now. I make sure to get my wheat, and fruits and just more "natural" stuff. Not a big mac. It's helped me SO MUCH. Also water is essential. Your body actually craves it after a while too of drinking it.

Namaste  :-)


Well done. You eat sensibly and you body reacts sensibly.
If you liked it, do some research on superfoods. Eat these and clean out the poisons you've stored within you.  Give it a month and see the massive differences from a junk food diet.
Your mind will work better too and this is the help it requires.
Give it a good shot, youll never look back.
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.


That... is... awesome!!!  :-D

Well done.

I had a helping hand from myself to transform.. but it all boiled down to my diet. I personally shouldn't eat red meat and birds or foods high in sugar. I can eat fish... just not land animals. I can eat as much fruit as I like but not sucrose or glucose. I pretty eat what I want now... because what I WANT is good.

Just a small word of advice... try to stay clear of Aspartame and other artificial sweeteners. They aren't a good replacement for sugar... that's another thread.

Keep it up.  :-D

Soon as you start feeling better and stronger your anxiety will diminish. Before you know it you will suddenly realise you don't get panic attacks like you used to.. .then it'll be that you just don't get panic attacks anymore. Then you will the the one dealing out advice.

majour ka

Hey Cody, good work for taking action and well done.

YOU WOULD BE AMAZED just how many (even small) adjustments in our diet can change our health, energy and mood for the better !

Keep going and keep reading up on healthy living and find healthy stuff you enjoy. Feeling better will help fix your mental and emotional state big time, which in turn will further heal your body.

Sending you power and positivity  :-)



I used to eat garbage too, thanks to pop culture propaganda ("Everything that isn't made by our factories is boring and tasteless and only hippies eat it."). I can't even look at that stuff anymore without gagging a bit. The people who eat it think it's normal to have daily headaches and insomnia and sickness and to always feel antsy and tired at the same time.

I found that it really does improve psychic ability too. Thought people here would like to know. Processed foods - and too much salt - shut out the mind facilities that are needed. I still haven't figured out how, but it's the same way they cause insomnia - your mind becomes locked away from outside signals and ends up in silence, so it fills space by thinking about stupid things like arguments and movies.

I will note that starches and sugary foods are sometimes handy when your stomach feels a bit clogged (when you feel tired and have a slight headache, but you don't feel acidy, and you haven't burped in a while). It happens sometimes when you switch to normal high-fiber food. The acid/sugar/salt crash is replaced by a base/fiber crash. A small bit of candy raises the acid level in your system and moves things along.

Also a quick way to purify your water: Just leave it in a big glass bottle for a day. I use those big juice bottles from the store. The metals in the water sink and poisons such as chlorine evaporate. (You can actually smell the chlorine after a day if you put a lid on it - but don't normally use a lid) The store-bought filters put more poisons in the water.


Congratulations! You will probably feel that its better to put some energy on this matter and live and feel good, then to not care and feel crap each day. Myself I'm a vegetarian, or sort of (not entirely) but I think about that stuff pretty often, and I work out.
I had heart palpitations for 3 - 4 years every day (give or take a few) due to severe anxiety. I was smoking and drinking to much coffee. I was also unhappilly in love with someone.
Its amazing what one can endure when one lives in the "wrong" way. I hope you will feel better and better every day. Cheers!


Thank you all for your replies! It was a big step for me.  :-) I had to go to the basics when every doctor I saw kept saying "Cody you are fine" I was thinking yeah well I feel like I am going to die! :|Had to find out for myself what was going on and started with diet. Sure glad I did. :-D


In your thread two months ago, I think I had warned you about medical marijuana! Well you tried it, it's fine, now you know it doesn't help for anxiety. I am really concerned about your symptoms... it makes me wonder what sort of medication you are taking, which dosage and for how long. Are you on benzodiazepines (Ativan, Klonopin, Valium etc.)?

Well if eating more healthily is making a huge difference, that is really cool! I love to cook meals and to eat new and different things! It takes my mind off my intellectual activities! I am really fond of veggies potages. They are easy to make and so yummy! It's good to make changes in your diet, but don't hit on your head because you don't follow it all the time, being too strict will takes you off your diet, some sugar and fat and a little excess sometimes is legitimate! You also need other kind of proper nutriments: intellectual and emotional food, some light, fresh air and prana, exercices, etc.


Congrats Cody!

Contrary to popular belief, eating healthy and organic is not more expensive than eating junk food. The most difficult part is taking the time to prepare decent meals, but once you get into the habit, it's very enjoyable.

And I don't know if you've considered it, but regular exercise on top of a good diet will extend the benefits 4 fold... and then with mediation on top of that, you can't go wrong. :)


Congrats, well done! You seem on a great path!

Many chronically ill people pay too little attention to their diet in our society. Orthodox medicine then pumps pharma into them, but that alone makes things worse sometimes. Good food is essential for a healthy living.

As regards drinks, I am on tea and coffee (mostly caffeine-free) for hot drinks, and only non-carbonated (still) water for normally tempered (not cold!) drinks. I've been doing this for years now -haven't had any coke or lemo since I was a child actually, but other unhealthy stuff. Actually water is the only fluid you're body really would need as drink diet. All other essential vitamins, proteins, minerals etc come from (mostly) organic and light food for me. I haven't been ill for many years now. Not even a little cold, stomach ache or cough. Nothing. I was often ill before my drastic change. Diet is the key, I believe, for many things, not just health, but also life attitude, feelings, the psyche, and last not least.... spirituality.


Wow that's an insane amount of junk food.

Quote from: AstralCody on January 17, 2013, 07:20:36
Thank you all for your replies! It was a big step for me.  :-) I had to go to the basics when every doctor I saw kept saying "Cody you are fine" I was thinking yeah well I feel like I am going to die! :|Had to find out for myself what was going on and started with diet. Sure glad I did. :-D
watch this video. and

you should also watch these


Quote from: M4RT1N on January 17, 2013, 18:13:24
Wow that's an insane amount of junk food.
watch this video. and

you should also watch these

I've been watching one of her YT vids before (other topics, iirc it was on ET channellings). Actually I find it hard to concentrate on what she says as her looks fascinate me so.  8-)


I can vouch for that. She is definitely interesting to look at.  :-)


Well done, keep it up.  There is a saying, you are what you eat.  My family has home cooked meals every night of the week  We occasionally buy meals every few months or so.  When I do buy it, I do not like it much.  Home cooked meals are a lot better.  It is a lot healthier and you feel a lot better.  It is also a lot cheaper when you make it yourself.