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Fun OBE Related Comic

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This is a comic strip called "Psychonauts"


For those unfamiliar with the term "psychonaut", these are people who explore the other realm with the assistance of hallucinogens.  Now, we DO NOT promote the use of the substances for OBEs.  The official reason is because this is a global forum and in many countries these substances are illegal.  However, in truth, the biggest problem is that these substances lead to unstable experiences.  You don't gain the control and subsequently the personal growth this way.  It's a short cut and you really can't truly become an OBE master by using short cuts.  The analogy that I have always liked is that becoming a master of OBEs and ultimately yourself is like climbing a mountain.  When you do this through dedicated practice, it takes longer, but you learn the topography of the mountain and carve your own path, which you can follow back down.  The same trip on hallucinogens is like strapping on a jet pack and hoping you hit the mountain, but you can easily overshoot the mountain, and you won't know you way back down.  The trip back down the mountain symbolizes assimilation of the knowledge learned at the top of the mountain. 

So I and the forum itself cannot condone the use of these substances to achieve OBEs and self knowledge.  I might say that were you to partake in a ceremony in the presence of a trained "shaman" or guide that will go on the journey with you and teach you the way back down along the way, that could be acceptable because it's essentially religious in nature which makes it exempt from most laws (like the right to religious freedom in the USA). 

Nevertheless, the comic is neat and explores the other realm from the prospective of the author (who you can follow on twitter @PlaidKlaus) and is worth checking out.

I think it's pretty neat.  You might too.
be awesome.