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Is it possible to attain knowledge through astral projection?

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I was thinking, what's the laziest way to learn programming. Because I hate programming, you need a computer with a really good CPU for the soul-sucking development kits required to learn programming, it's boring as anything, sometimes you have to study with complete nerds who are ten times more arrogant and clever than you.. Anyway lmao, so I got thinking, is it possible to learn stuff like that through astral projection?


I doubt you could stay out long enough in order to "learn" something physically complicated such as programming.

HOWEVER, you can use your non-physical time to use your knowledge in order to do things.  Tom Campbell, in the past, used his time in the void to debug the programs he used to write in university.  Now *THAT* is cool.

I have first hand experience of practicing the martial art I train in, but I already "knew" it to begin with.



I use it to construct massive sculptures.

I run the job in the nonphysical to see the outcome.

Or see the article in the nonphysical... create it as an object.. then investigate it to see how it was built. Like back engineering something that one has to yet make in physical reality.

I feel I wouldn't be able to do my work if it wasn't for OOBEs.


Oh my God that's so inspiring! I want to astral project even more now xD