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Meditating in a computer chair

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I know it sounds daft, but is it feasible to meditate on a computer chair? You know, the spinney chairs with armrests? I was only thinking because, if you lean too far back you feel like you're going to fall off, and surely having your head leaning forward unconsciously can't be good..


 Yes and it is great practice. When you meditate you should learn to meditate from all different means. If you always meditate in the the same position, from the same area, etc. you will find that that is the only way you can have any success at all. It's better to get familiar with meditation in all different methods, aspects, areas and positions.  :-)


You can meditate anywhere you wish.

I meditate sitting in a bumpy train on the way to and from work.

From time to time I find myself leaning all over the place.  LoL

I've got a lot better at balancing myself over the months I've been doing it.  :)

I used to meditate standing, while I was waiting outside my old job to get picked up from work.
But yeah... you can meditate anywhere, in any position, so long as you can ignore your surrounding... and if you can't, the I do highly suggest practicing until you can.  hehe


Cool! Thanks for the replies guys, it's helped


You can meditate everywhere because of my anxieties I meditate a lot I do it while I am walking, I do it on my morning and afternoon train, I do it when I am trying to sleep and yes I do it while I am sitting on my computer chair. You can do it everywhere it just takes time and patience when you first start. If I am doing it on my computer chair I normally dim/switch off the screen just to make sure it doesn't distract me.

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meditating on a chair... double entandra :wink: I think as good a place as any as long as your comfortable & well balanced :-D



The old masters at this say that the best place to meditate is sitting on the floor, because the muscles required to keep you in posture will develop fastest, and ultimately you will be able to do it longer. It also take a bit more balance, and when I do that, I tend to use a cushion.

A chair is not a much worse alternative. When using a chair, it is best not to lean on the back of the chair, for the same reasons of posture and muscle development.
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I used to do meditation at different places and I know its beneficial for me.


I meditate in a computer chair at times.  So, sure it works to do so, at least from my own experience.  I like to listen to and use guided meditations on the computer so began my tendency to meditate in the computer chair.  Do make sure your chair is steady and not likely to require a difficult balancing act to stay in it though, lol.  How can someone enjoy a meditation if you are constantly panicked, thinking you are falling over.  In my case, as long as my feet are on the floor, or resting on the bottom of my desk, and I am sitting up properly in my computer chair, it would be very difficult to fall backward or anything else.      


Meditation happens wherever it happens...
Meditation happens everywhere... always...