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Name definitions

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here is a website that says what your name means in the language it came from.

fell free to post the results  :D

mine is: sea god


I have 2 middle names. Together with my first name they are pure/virginal, life and compassionate friend :D


Mitch: 'Who is like God?'

and my last name isnt in there..
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my name is "sea god", and it only does first names


First and last names together mean Warrior Christ-bearer.
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first-chaste, maiden (already knew that one) middle-victory for the people and my last isn't on there. I like that, thank you! Very interesting.


Michael - "who is like God," Thomas - "twin"

Twin? I think I knew that before, but I never realized the meaninglessness of that meaning until now. ;)


Katherine- "Pure"
Danielle- "God is My Judge"
Russ- "Red-haired/fox-like"

The last name was changed from "Oros" (when my father's parents immigrated to the US from Romania)  and I've really been trying to learn more about the origins and meanings of this name, but have had no luck.


Jenia="kind"(not there,but I know that one anyways!)

BTW,I saw 2 names with obvious hebrew origin...
I feel the need to detail!
"Mee"(who) "ka/ha"(like,isn't really a word,but an add-one to words) "el"-god
there is no "is" in hebrew :P

"Dani"(a combination of "Dan"[judge] and "Ani"[me]) "el"(as stated above,that's god)

P.S.Hebrew is the complicated language of chaos  :P  and I happen to know it!
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My name means "victorious people" it said it was Greek in origin, so does it come from the name of the Greek goddess of victory, Nike? (Also a shoe brand named after that paricular goddess, not the other way around) My name has the same origins as the name of a sweat-shop shoe manufacturer, sigh.


Sergio, Latin, Attendant.


Jonathon=Gift from God, God has Given

Billing(Son of Bill, Bill=William)=Valiant Protector

So it looks like God sent me here to protect you people, but from what.....................


My names means "A rock".  :(



my first and last name together mean: sea God, and The mountian, a bit of contradiction eh?


I only found my first name, Antonio meaning worthy of praise and flourishing. I changed my first name in the past from antonie to antonio, but it means the same.



Igor, Norse, hero :).
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The name I usse on this forum has no meaning . I find that cool considering I have a nickname no one really knows about.
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first name: Stephan = "Crowned One"

middle names: Johann = "God's gracious gift", Michael = "who is like God"
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