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Hello I just recently seen the new trailer for the latest instalment of the insidious movies.

The part where the witch/demon thing with pointy fingers penetrates the woman chest is nearly identical to an experience i have had during the night.

What is the being and what is happening when i experienced this?

EDIT: Here is the scene im talking about


It's a movie.  Just because it's similar to something you've experienced, in the end, it's "just a movie". 
It's not a being.  It's a character in a movie. 


To speak generally, lots of Hollywood movies contain easter eggs or pieces of secret information. Suppose you had insider knowledge of suppressed technology such as teleportation machines. You can't make an announcement about it and be safe, or taken seriously. Instead you put the technology in a movie like The Prestige as a "fictitious" invention by Tesla. We don't give it a second thought necessarily, yet it subliminally enters the consciousness of the public and primes us to learn about these things.

It doesn't just apply to science fiction inventions. It is common for paranormal entities to be portrayed in movies that are based on true myths or experiences. The old Star Trek series depicted many entities like this and sometimes exploited alleged real weaknesses of these entities, such as EMP blasts and AI.

The witch from the scene looks like a generic horror entity, maybe there is a real family of bad entities out there which we tend to perceive like a witch. There are entities that we tend to perceive as jesters or similar on a consistent basis such as the machine elves, so why not. So, I don't think the movie and the experience you had necessarily depict the same being, but it could depict a family of common entities and the construct experiences people have with them.


Science-Fiction and Fantasy can be a form of Channeling.

Thus many "fictional" beings can have a nonphysical and nonfictional basis indeed.


If each one of us creates our own reality, and every thought, fear, hidden belief matters, then we create our own monsters.
"Read not to contradict and confute, nor to believe and take for granted, but to weigh and consider."
- Sir Francis Bacon


We all find nonsenses to believe in; it's part of being alive.


The image impressed you.  You were processing it in astral.  You just recalled it and scared yourself twice over.