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This is a track I just wrapped up called Cydonia.

I am posting the lyrics and the story that the song is telling.  It was a lot of fun coming up with this story and I really like it.


flying over your salted plains
flying over your salted plains
your salted plains

[never before had so many people been attuned to one event at one time]

on my own
on my own

travelling over your windswept plains
looking for another brother under the cover
with a sweet smile gleaming and i wanna discover
another underground town looking for
subtle wonders on your salted plains
pining for your better days
spyin on your hidden ways

on my own

shutter bug, artifical fuzz on the compound
physical anomalies abound in the down town
eons are bound to the sound of the naysay
vacate once they've had their way

space station alpha, do you copy?
they told me i'd be on my own
so why am i not alone?


Ok, so this story is about the first manned mission to Mars (thus the title, Cydonia).  The crew is in orbit around Mars and one astronaut goes out on a solo mission to set the "anchor" for a space elevator type device to send the equipment down to the surface.

This is where the song starts, with our solo astronaut flying over Mars in his lander.  What we don't know is that while our astronaut is flying over the surface he sees artificial structures all over the so-called "salted earth" of Mars (so he sings to himself to try and convince himself that Mars really is dead).  Then the isolation hits him, he suddenly realizes how far from Earth and any kind of rescue that he is.  That, combined with the cabin fever from the trip there  and the artificial structures he sees is beginning to drive him insane.  His muscle memory takes control of the lander and his mind spins off into oblivion just as he passes to the far side of Mars and out of communication range.  At this point he is singing to himself "On my own", in an effort to reassure himself that everything humans have learned about Mars says it's a dead planet and he is definitely alone.  But the reassurance only lasts a moment because that also reminds him of how isolated he is from humanity.  Now that he is out of communication with his crew his psyche is literally being torn apart by what he is experiencing.  Suddenly a transmission comes over his radio.  Which is obviously impossible since he's out of communications range.......

This is where the Martian starts rapping.  He is taunting the astronaut because he knows how unstable a human mind can be when subjected to the stress of space travel and the revelation that there is life on other planets in our solar system.  The Martian is essentially telling him that his people always knew that the martians were there and kept it a secret from him.  They sent him out of sheer curiosity, to see what the Martians would do.  He is expendable.

For a moment our astronaut regains his awareness, he returns to the reality of where he is and what is happening right now.  He makes a desperate plea to his crew to tell him why he's not alone when they told him he would be.

The transmission ends.  All that was recovered was this recording that had been relayed from somewhere on Mars to Space Station Alpha (the orbiting space station with the rest of our astronaut's crew).

The End.
be awesome.



be awesome.


It's a sweet track - good production! The percussion sounds really good.


It's actually not even mastered yet.  I was just excited.

my friend is gonna master it for me.
be awesome.